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COAL^ Trade.—The quantity of coals, cindcrs, AI1, culm shipped and carried coastwise from port to of the United Kingdom rope to 10,970,711 tons in the year 1864, an increase of 382,000 tons over the year. 3,116,703 tons of coal were brought coastwiS into the port of London, and 2,359,723 tons by I^^A navigation and land carriage, making in all 5,476,4^ tons—an increase of 349,000 tons over the previo^° year, but the increase was entirely in the QUANTW arriving by inland navigation and land carriage 8,809,908 tons of coal, cinders, aud culm, of the de- clared value of = £ 4.165,773 were exported from T" United Kingdom to foreign countnes and the colonIes in the year; this is an increase of 534,000 tons o-ver the previous year.. A MEW Steam-Carriage for Boads.—Another Species of steam-carriage for ordinary roads has been perfected by. M. Bondpierre, of Nevers, contractor for the service of the M^ssageries between tha.t town aDd Chateau Chinon. It has made several GNCCESS^1" trials, and is now submitted to the examination of eo committee appointed by the Prefect of the Nievre. It mounts or descends the steepest gradients, turns sharp angles, and revolves on itself. It has passed without difficulty through the streets of Nevers in every QII'EC* tion, and several times gone to Pouguea and back by the Paris road -ttsad v''et 0eei<kdly £ be fcesi preparation /or cie&osiac. aaa ^rswerviot tho 2F.AJIT2BT' FEUTWRI TIMERS A,TITI Satisfying; Strengthening. Soothing- for 11" dige8it>]ef flourishing for'Invalids* it I.'B. x i £ 00.keci) POOD. Prevent? acidity and wind. Tbe beet 32« cjiieapesr food. Of chjmists. in canisters. 4d., fed., and 2B. Himalaya Tea Oo.'& 'rase*, is moderate in and 01 excellent quality; being the purest Tea in use it istlie moat wholesomet the best and Sold onhi in facfoits* Tootfeacfce is the onlj preparation nstantlu relieves without injuring the teeth; tt eiveeterib the breath, ana is recommended by m*ny eminent dentists. Price 7 £ d. and le. post i'ree, 18 stamps. is infallible for$ ralda, Ague, Faeeact1e, JibfuniMtasnj, NervouMjeas, and Debility. In l>ot.t1e Is. ud.&2K.L: ofaH Chen-,1Sl8. or H. H O/Dlt' .Chmnist. HarncD Instant Cure of TooOiactie.— Bunter's 1\ ervme "h"es jIr'ln date and permanent retiet- fcold by all Chemists, Is. lid. per packet. Nothing1 Impossible.—The greatest and moat ase:^ invention of the clay, AGCA AMAIUOLLA. — Messrs. JOHN GOSNELL and Co.. Three Kmg-court, Lombard-street, perfumers to her Majesty, respectfully offer to the public this truly marvellous tluld" which gradually restores the human hair to its pristine hue—*10 matter\t what, age. The Agua AmareUa has nons of the propertied of dyes; it, on the contrary, is ,el1elww,l to the system* and when the hair is once restored one t'tppliontidn per month will keep it in perfect colour. Price one guinea per bottle; half bottles,- 08 f>d. Testimonial^" from artistes of the highest order, and from individuals of undoubted respectability, may be inspected. Messrs. John Gosnel) &.»d Co, bav# been appointed perfumers to H.R.H. the Princess of Wale* Agents wanted through out th e World, for the of BUTCHER'S PATENT l'E:NNY .KEyRn:a" CWARNIPPERS." In- ■valuable to every smoker, & w 11 find a ready sale aIllon g tobac- conists, stationers, publicans, &c.—Apply by letter, eLcloing stamped envelope, to H. C. Butcher, 3b4, Strand, London, W.C.