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Tr-IB ARTS, LITERATURE, &C. Is Ministry of the Imperial Household of France jtV^Paring a mag'nificent edition, with engravings, of L ^iary kept by the Emperor Napoleon during his in Algeria. ifa^THER work by a member of the Bonaparte j^ is mentioned. It is a collection of verses in i Corsica, from the pen of the Prineess Marie I ,0llaparte. •UM medical work has just appeared on Sea-air i a"bathing," translated from the French of Dr. *\f>0°"«ard by Dr. William Strange, and is likely to be- popular. The cautions and warnings in this 1 f<j\.» exceedingly valuable, and persons who care V Ti% J'r health should bestow on them an early atten- ''Kil 1 remarks on the effects of sea-bathing on A REN appear especially valuable. ) pj. ^tJExous vo'ame, whieh has been a long time m is ■"Ration, is now approaching completion. Its title Mtl, History of Signboards, Ancient a.nd Modern, ■Qi11 Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable Upwards of 400 pages of interesting !G'aTs and anecdotes have already been printed, 4 great many drawings of old signs have been a 6 for the work. i '^KANBLA'TIOTT into French of Mr. Wilkie Col. lins's Armadale," is announced for immediate publi- cation in the Paris Temps. MR. THOMAS BAINES, the author of "Travels in South-Western Africa," and well known as an artist- explorer of the interior of Africa, has just returned to England, bringing with him a great store of sketches of scenery and natives, the results of seven years' work. IN the Gallery of the Convent of Jesuits at Lisbon, there is a fine picture of Adam in Paradise, dressed in blae tights, with silver buckles, and Eve with a striped petticoat. SIGNOR REGALDI, "an Italian poet, has written a letter to the foreign minister of the kingdom of Greece, suggesting that a monument to Homer should be erected in Athens. MR. WILLIAM SALTER'S picture of "Queen Eliza- beth reproving Dean Noel," now exhibited at the Gallery of the Sooiety of British Artists, has been purchased by Mr. Thomas Brassey, the celebrated con- tractor, for the sum of 4350. A MEMORIAL to Dr. Jenner, the great Gloucester- shire physician and the discoverer of vaccination, is being erected in Gloucester Cathedral. The expense is defrayed by subscription— £ 100 # by the Dean and Chapter, the remainder by the Medical Society of the county, Dr. Evans, Mr. Ellis, solicitor, and a few others. WE understand that, by permission of the Chief Commissioner of Works, a select professional band, conducted by Mr. J. Moirato Davies, will give a series of performances in Kensington Gardens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from four to six o'clock. The first performance took place on Saturday in the vicinity of the refreshment-house. THE committee have decided upon the design for the memorial to the Prince Consort in Belfast. The design," a local paper says, suggests a combination of the great Campanile at Venice, in the Piazza San Marco, and the Great Clock Tower at Westminster. The shaft is in great part of its length very similar to that of the famous Venetian structure; and the clock- stage, though by no means identical with that at St. Stephen's, yet has a certain suggestive similarity." THE National Portrait Gallery, says the Athenceum, has been enriched with a fine portrait of Thomas Campbell, the poet, one of Lawrence's most effective heads, presented by the Duke of Buccleuch. It was painted for the poet's friend Mr. James Thompson, of Clitheroe, and is well known through various en- gravings. A portrait of Father Mathew, painted by Leahy, at Cork, in 1846, has been added to the col- lection, and also a very pleasing portrait of Queen Mary, the Consort of Wiiliam of Orange. She is not represented in the usual stiff and formal costume of coronation robes, with stomacher and shoulder-knots strapped over with diamonds, but in a graceful blue satin dress, with crimson and ermine mantle disposed round the figure in Wissing's best taste. The crown and sceptre at the bide denote the period to be that of her having attained sovereignty. A small ugly picture of Peter-Martyr Vermilins will also find interest with those who devote particular attention to the history of the Reformation in England during the reign of Edward the Sixth. The full-length portrait of Jeremy Bentham, although the acquisition has long been announced, has not yet been exhibited to the public. THE annual meeting and distribution of prizes to the students of the Female School of Art took place on Saturday, at the Museum of Geology, Jermyn- street. In the absence of Earl Granville, K.G., Lord President of the Privy Council of Education, the Hon. J. Bruce, Vice-President of the Council, occupied the chair. Mr. Harding read the report, which said that the present number of students on the books was 117, as compared with 89 last year. 115 drawings and paintings were sent to South Kensington on the 1st of March in competition for some medals; medals, were awarded, and three distinguished by honourable mention. Several of the students have obtained ap- pointments as teachers in schools, others for executing designs and drawings for house decoration. The bazaar held in June last year, at which H.R.H. the Prin- cess of Wales so graciously presided, produced a sum of X2,412 8s. 2d. A portion of this sum had to be paid to complete the final purchase of the premises. It was the intention of her Majesty to give a medal to be competed for annually by the students, and ZCIO towards the establishment of a Queen's scholarship. The chairman said he had heard the report road with very great pleasure, and it afforded them evidence of the success of the school, a success which was linked with a great national object-the diffusion throughout the country of art, of taste in our manufactures, and even in dress. He then presented the prizes to the successful candidates. The prizes consisted of medals, books, and cards. Mr. R. Westmacott, R.A., and the Rev. E. Bayley, rector of St. George's, Blooms- bury, addressed the students, and the committee for the present year having been appointed, a vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the proceedings.



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