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RAPPINGS AND MEDIUMS. A correspondent of the Morning Star writes thus:- Your columns having been the means of exposing the Davenport impositions, I trust you will allow me to draw attention to the present mode in which certain so-called mediums practise on the credulity of believers in spiritualism. The mediums I allude to advertise under the names which I enclose, and are reputed to have great powei: in calling up the spirits of departed grandmothers, aunts, and other relations. A few of my friends having determined to visit these persons, I joined them, and the following is what occurred. The first medium we visited lives in a cottage some- where in Camden-town. In a few moments we were introduced to the medium, a person who reminded us of a greengrocer rigged out for an evening party. He said he would endeavour to obtain some spiritual communication for us as quickly as possible, and asked us to place our hands on a small table. We did so, requesting that he at the same time would take his feet from under his chair, and place them where we could see them. We waited patiently for half-an-hour without having a sign of any kind, at which some of us grumbled. The medium thereupon said he saw something on the top of the table which told him that it was necessary his wife should attend and sit next to him. She did so, and immediately we heard a knocking, and she said, The spirits are here," and would answer any questions we liked to ask, I then wrote on a piece of paper, "Was Caleb Plummer any relation to Queen Elizabeth?" We heard three knocks, which she said meant Yes." Are the spirits sure ? Three more kicks. This being so highly satisfactory, I wrote again, Is my brother dea-d r Yes." Are the spirits sure ? Yes." I simply remark on this that I never had a brother. I then tried the effect of a little kicking myself, and imitated the sounds so well that on asking the medium if the raps were those of a spirit, he answered, "Yes, most certainly," thinking, doubtless, that as he had not produced them his wife had. The next thing the spirits had to do was to move the small table at which we were sitting. Again placing our hands firmly on the table, we waited until the mediums had obtained a good pressure, when we suddenly withdrew our hands, and the result was that man and wife were capsised over the backs of their chairs. This was enough to satisfy us regarding the whole affair, and we therefore took our departure, rather vexed at having wasted so much time in the campany of two such clumsy performers. We next visited the other mediums, who live in the neighbourhood of Maida-hill, where we were received by' a fat old lady, who told us that her daughter would shortly join us. She related to us how she had seen sperrits," and talked to them; said that a gentle- man she knew eighty years ago suddenly appeared to her one night, that she knew him directly, and looked for him again, but he had gone. Here, too, every- thing, as in the former instance, went wrong. I was told my name was Peter, and that I was nearly related to Oliver Cromwell; my friends also received replies to their questions equally ridiculous, not one answer out of the many obtained being anywhere near the mark. The raps that answered the questions appear to have been produced by means of a battery, and in the clumsiest manner. On our telling the mediums that we had some knowledge of this manner of working, they admitted having a battery in the house, but said it was not us4 for that pur- pose. The knocks, however, pertinaciously stuck to one part of the room, where the magnet was probably fixed, and would not at our request sound elsewhere. The next part of the programme was to place a sheet of paper under the table, when the spirits would write a name on it. I did, and at the same time kept my foot on a corner of it. In a few minutes I felt a sen- sation. Immediately I conveyed a silent hint to a a friend to see to it; he, taking the hint, cautiously looked under the table, and what do you think he saw ? The bare toe of one of the mediums drawing the paper under her dress, Impulse would have said, Seize the toe," but we were restrained by a delicate considera- tion for the medium, and perhaps a wholesome dread of toe-mater" sauce from the fat old lady before mentioned. Thus ended visit No. 2.




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