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BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. These Sessions were held on Monday last, at the Town Hall, before George Cansick, Esq., mayor. George Wall and Thomas Evans, were sum- moned, charged with fishing in the private waters of John Lloyd, Esq. Mr. Bishop appeared for the Association, and said that he did not wish to press the charge, that it was one of those eases where he was pressed to retain their right. Wall admitted holding the candle for Evans, who had a night line.—Fined Is. and costs. Edward Morris was summoned, charged with being drunk and fighting. The charge was admitted, and his Worship said that they were a disgrace to the town, wherever they went they took possession of the place, and seemed to bid defiance to the police and everybody else.—Fined 10s. and costs, or 14 days. Thomas Adams was summoned, charged with being drunk and indecent, on Wednesday night last, between 12 and 1 o'clock at night. Mr. Games appeared for the defendant. P.C. Davies, deposed that he was on duty on the night in question, when he saw the defendant go to his worship's front door and commit a nuisance, he' went up to him and asked him his name, he said his name was Warner, and went home.—Fined ls, and costs. Mary Hargest who did not appear, was sum- moned by Hannah Hargest, charged with assaulting her and calling her bad names. P.C. Williams, proved service of summons. Hannah Hargest said that the defendant was a sister-in-law of hers, and would not let her alone, she had threatened her with a knife on more than one occasion.—Bound over to keep the peace for 6 months, herself in £10, and two sureties in £5 each. Before the Mayor and Joseph Joseph, Esq. Margaret James, was brought up on remand, charged with feloniously stealing a quantity of goods, on the 2nd of May last, the property of Mr. Rhys Thomas Evans, Brecon. Mr. J. Williams prosecuted. Elizabeth Powell, Talacbddu, deposed that she had been in the employ of Mr. Evans, Ship-street, up to May last; the prisoner was also in his ser- vice the prisoner left before she did, on the morn- ing of the 2nd of May she went to the bedroom to make the beds and for her wrapper to put her dirty clothes in she found the wrapper under the bed with two shirts, two scarfs, three neckties pair of socks, and silk handkerchief, produced; she put them back under the bed she was in the room about ten minutes she went to her mistress's bedroom and saw the prisoner go to her bedroom the doors are opposite to each other when she went back to her own room she found the wrapper on the mantelpiece; there was nothing in it at that time the prisoner went out that evening about 8 o'clock, and was out about an hour on the next morning the prisoner and her mistress had a dipute about a pocket-handkerchief; her mistress had missed one her mistress asked her (witness) if she had seen it she told her to search her clothes, and told her what she saw under the bed on the previous day. Rhys T. Evans, tailor and draper, Brecon, de- posed that the prisoner, Margaret James, had been in his employ; on the 3rd of May he accused the prisoner of stealing some articles of wearing ap- parel, and at first she denied all knowledge of them he then went to the police Mr. Evans, having had some conversation with the girl, she afterwards told him where they were he then in- structed the police to go and look for them. Mr. Supt. Lee deposed that on Wednesday, the 3rd of May last, Mr. Rhys T. Evans sent for him in consequence of what Mr. Evans said, he went to the house of Mrs. Johnson, Heolrhyd, in this town, and found her there he asked her if a girl of the name of Margaret James had been there she said no, that she had not bought anything he described the goods she said he should search for them she said her head was so bad that she could not remember he was with her in the in- ner room she put her hand under the bed and drew out a small box containing the goods pro- duced, he told her he wanted a silk hand-kerchief, she said she had not got one, the articles produced are the same as he received of her, he took her into custody, and left Poyntz in charge that he knew the handkerchief was there. P.C. Poyntz deposed that on Wednesday the 3rd of May last, he accompanied Supt. Lee to the house of Mrs. Johnson, when the Superintendent went away, he left him in charge, stating that the hand- kerchief was sure to be there, in about ten minutes after they had gone the girl took the handkerchief out of a small box and said that by the description Mr. Lee gave, that must be the one,' tile one pro- duced is the same. Mr. R. T. Evans identified the articles as being his property. The prisoner, after the usual caution, said that she had nothing to say in answer to the charge, and was fully committed to take her trial at the next Quarter Sessions.


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