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BRECONSHIRE CHARITIES. From the Commissioners' Report of 1836. PARISH OF HAY. HARLEY'S ALMSHOUSES. (Continued from No. 93.) The following are the rules referred to:— 1. No person, being a Papist, or denying the .doctrine of the Holy Trinity, as laid down in the Articles of the Church of England, nor any one ex- cept members of the Church of England shall be eligible. 2. All candidates for admission must be poor but respectable widows or spinsters, of 60 vears of age at the least at the time of their election, and must have been, for the space of five years at the least immediately prior to the time of their election inhabitants of the town of Hay, or of some other place within the county of Brecon. 3. The inmate of each house to receive an annuity of £ 15,' clear of deduction, by quarterly pay- ments, on the 25th day of March, the 24th day of June, the 29th day of September, and the 25th day of December, in every year to commence on the quarterly day next after her admission. And upon the death of any such inmate on any_ other than one of the said quarterly days, a proportionate part of the annuity, from the last quarterly day up to the time of her death, shall be applied towards defraying the expenses of her funeral. But, if any such inmate shall marry, or leave the almshouses, or be dismissed for misconduct, she shall forfeit the accruing payment of her annuity. And if, from any cause, the annual income of the said charity shall not, after paying the expenses of repairs and the other expenses by the trust-deed directed to be paid thereout, be sufficient to pay the said annuities in full, then the inmates shall abate equally. 4. No. inniate shall receive .pj^oohial relief., 5. Each inniate, on admission, shall bring the following articles of furniture, &c.; that is to 'say, one good bed, one bolster, one pillow, two pair of sheets, three blankets, one counterpane,.four chairs, one tableland good and sufficient utensils for cooking and other purposes. Such articles to be- long to and be taken away by inmate in case s"!j> ln her lifetime, cease to be an obiect of the said charity; or, upon her decease, to belong to her personal representative, on paying the ex- pense of her funeral. But if no such representa- tive shall pay such expense, then the same to be paid out of the produce of such articles, which shall be sold for the purpose and the surplus, if any, alone to go to. such personal representative and, if not sufficient, the deficiency to be supplied out of the funds of the said charity. 6. No inmate shall be absent from her dwelling during the night without permission, to be given in chat behalf by the person or persons who, by virtue of the trust-deed, shall for the time being be entitled to hve tQ. ordering awl managing of the aid charity. 0 7. No inmate except in cases of severe illness, shall have any person to sleep with her, without permission as aforesaid. 8. Each inmate shall keep her dwelling in cleanly and decent order, and shall have the chimney swept once in every six months, and shall cause to be mended and put into proper repair, at her own cost, any windows which shall be broken, or any damage which shall be done to the hearths or stoves by her own wilful neglect or default. 9. No inmate shall open a shop in her dwelling. 10 Any inmate offending against the above reg- ulations, or any of them, or being guilty of any misconduct whatsoever, shall be liable to be dis- missed from the said almshouses, and from all the benefits of the said charity, at the discretion of the said Frances Harley, during her life, and after- wards at the discretion of the trustees or trustee for the time being. 11. Any inmate who shall marry shall thereupon cease to be an inmate of the said almshouses, and shall be no longer entitled to any of the benefits of the said charity. > By indentures of lease and release, dated 12th and 13th July, 1836, and inrolled in Chancery 23rd July, 1836, the said Frances Harley conveyed to the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, in fee, a piece of meadow land, situate in the parish of Hay, and parcel of a piece of land called Cae Furn, abutting on the high road leading from the town of Hay to the town of Brecon, together with the several almshouses erected thereon, on the same trusts, and subject to the like provisoes in every respect as are declared by the above-abstracted deed of 8th April, 1833. It is, by the now-abstracting indenture, further witnessed that the said Frances Harley conveyed to the said Charles Harrison, in fee, Glandwr Farm and Baillie Bach Farm, above particularly described, and also a messuage or tenement and farm, situate in the parish of Llandevalle, in the county of Monmouth, and called Heol Mon Farm, containing the following closes of land, viz Waun dan y Ty, Waun Vane, Waun Cwm, Wern, Cae Mawr, Jumper Field, Cae, Cae Graig, Cae Cam, Cae Cwm, Cae Garthe, Cae Skybor, Cae Sayth Cyfir, Cae Cenol, Cae Cenol Uchaf, Cae Ffynon, Naul Cyfir, Waun Bwdwr, Cae dan Wall, Cae Haul Cy6r Uchaf, the whole comprising by esti- mation, 104 acres also a messuage and farm, called Pen Heol Mon Farm, comprising, by estimation, 24A. 2R., situate in the said parish of Llandevalle, and consisting of the following closes, viz: Cae Sky- bor, Barley Field, Wheat Field, Cae Mynydd, Cae Cenol, Cae Issaf, Cae Pwll, Cae dan y Ffordd, and two plocks and garden also a messuage, tene- ment, and lands, with the appurtenances, called Tir Pant Dovan and an old decayed water corn- grist mill, or site of a water corn-grist mill, called Felin Pant Dovan also several closes of land to the same messuages belonging; and a messuage, dwelling-house or cottag3, garden, and orchard, with the appurtenances all which said messuage, mill, lands, cottage, and hereditaments are known by the name of Pant Dovan Farm, and situate in the parishes of Llantilio, Cressenney, and Skenfreth, in the county of Monmouth also a messuage, farm, and lands, situate in the hamlets of Senny, iu the parish of Devynnock, called Tyley Garon, or Tir Kenol; on trust, that the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, their heirs and assigns, should yearly receive an annual rent-charge of X200, by quarterly payments, out of the said messuages, lands, and premises, clear of all deductions, with power of entry and distress to the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, if rent-charge in arrear 21 days, and further power to enter and take rents of the said premises if rent-charge in arrear 40 days and it is declared that the said trustees should hold the said rent-charge of X200 on trust to set apart thereout the annual sum of £20, or, if insuffi- cien', a sum not exceeding £40, as a fund for re- paii-ii g and insuring the said 12 almshouses. and all other expenses incurred about the management of the said premises, and to apply the residue in paying to the inmates of the said almhouses the yearly sums of S15 each, according to the rules thereinafter contained, with such further directions for the application of the said rent-charge of £ 200, in and about the trusts declared respecting the said 12 almshouses and the inmates thereof as are above abstracted from the deed of 8th April, 1833, relating to the six almshouses. Here follow provisions for maintaining the suc- cession of trustees, with like powers to the majority of the trustees resident in England to do all sets, in execution of the said trusts, as are contained in and declared by the said deed of 8th of April, 1833, and for the said Frances Harley to make such new orders and regulations, by writing under her hand, and signed by two or more credible witnesses, as she should think fit, relating to the management of the said almshouses and premises, and the inmates thereof, provided that such new orders and regulations did not alter the object or nature of the institution, and were not directly or indirectly for the benefit of the said Francis Har- ley, her heirs or assigns. The rules by which these 12 almshouses are governed are precisely the same as those instituted for the first six, with the exception that the inmates of the 12 houses are selected from the two counties of Brecon and Radnor. All the above-named trustees are yet living. The several farms and premises charged by the above-abstracted deeds are still the property of Miss Harley, who regularly pays the two annuities of X100 and £200, according to the provisions be- fore stated, The general management of the almshouses rests with herself, under the reservations to that effect contained in the foundation deeds; and in pur- suance of the trusts thereof, she has appointed in.. mates to all the almshouses, in strict conformity with the rules above abstracted, each of whom receives the appointed stipend of XI-5 per annum W 'ATIKIN'S CHARITY. It was recorded, in the old church of this parish, that Jamrs Watkins, of Tregoyd, by Will, left 13s. 4d. to the poor of Hay, for ever, payable from a house near the bull-ring, Hay town. These premises charged with this annuity are now Ahe post-office, and belong to the widow of James Price, formerly of this town, general dealer, to whom they were sold, about the year 1802, by the late Lady Hereford and her son, the present Viscount. We could further account of this charity, either as to. its foundation or the period during which it was paid.

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