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CHILD MURDER AND SUSPECTED POI- SONING OF A WIFE. On Monday afternoon Mr. C. J. Carttar, coroner for West Kent, held an inquest at the Royal Oak Inn, Woolwich, on the body of an infant found in the River Thames. Thomas Percival, a waterman, proved finding the body of the child on Friday last floating on the river off Nile-street, Woolwich. A flat-iron, weighing 41b., was tied round the neck with a piece of string, and the throat was cut. He took the body ashore, and it was removed to the dead-house. Dr. Stuart, the divisional police-surgeon at Wool- wich, proved making a post-mortem examination of the body. It was that of a male infant, and must have been about.a month in the water. There was a deep out, three or four inches long, done with a knife. Police-Inspector Brown said: From information I received from two women I went, this morning to the Royal Arsenal, and apprehended a young man at one of the factories named Thomas Jones. I took him to the town station, where the women identified the clothes and iron found upon the child as being his property. .<_ j. i. The coroner suggested the propriety of adjourning the inquest until the examination of the prisoner before the magistrate. The inquest was adjourned Examination at the Police-court. In the afternoon of the same day, Thomas Jones, twenty-five, of Raglan-road, Phimstead, was charged before Mr. Traill, at the Woolwich Police-court, on suspicion of murdering his wife and child. Maria Atkinson, a married woman, of 3, Raglan- road, Plumstead, identified the clothing found on the deceased child. It was a male infant and she had frequently dressed it. The flat-iron attached to the child was a peculiar one, which witness had borrowed of Mrs. Jones on several occasions, and which she could positively swear to. Mrs. Jones, the prisoner's wife, died about a fortnight after the infant was born, leaving the child alive. It was a healthy infant, and was placed by the prisoner in the care of his wife s sister. Louisa Bell said she w&s aunt to the deceased child, which was born on Good Friday last. The mother died on the 30th of April, and witness had charge of the infant, more or less, since the day Mrs. Jones was buried. The prisoner never seemed to care about the infant. On Thursday, the 8th June, he asked her to bring the child home to him, saying he was going to send it to London to be taken care of. She took it home, and at the prisoner's desire placed it on a bed, and she had never seen it after. The clothes now produced in court were the identical ones she had dressed the infant in when she took it to the prisoner on that day. On one oecasion she asked him if the baby was doing well, and he replied, It's a great deal better off than if you or any one else in Woolwich had it." He refused to say where the child was. Sarah Smith, a married woman, of 75, Burrage-road. Plumstead, said she attended the mother of the de- ceased in her confinement. She had a very favourable time, and no medical man was in attendance. She went on well until the fourth day, when she com- plained of' suffering from sickness and purging, with great thirst, a burning sensation of the stomach, and a convulsive action of the heart and face. She asked her what she had taken, and she replied nothing but what witness had ordered her. She felt uneasy about her, and went to Mr. Atkins, a chemist, who gave her a bottle ot medicine. She told Mr. Atkins she was not satisned about the case, and thought that something had been given to the woman. On Monday morning it was evi- dent she was fast sinking, and Mr. Wise, a surgeon, attended, and said there was something wrong in the bowels, and it was hard to say the cause of it. Mr. Traill said the case was one of great suspicion, and ordered Inspector Townsend to communicate with the coroner to issue his order to have the body of the woman exhumed, and the contents of the stomach sent to be analysed. The prisoner was remanded for a week; and subse- quently, when in the cell, eeid to the mspector, Well, they can only hang me."



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