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BRECONSHIRE CHARITIES. From the Commissioners' Report of 1836. PARISH OF HAY. HARLEY'S ALMSHOUSES. By indentures of lease and release, dated re- spectively, 7th and 8th April, 1833, and enrolled in Chancery 16th July, 1833, Francis Harley conveyed to Charles Augustus Morgan, clerk, rector of the parish church of Machen, in the county of Mon- mouth, Thomas James, clerk, rector of Llandevally, in the same county, and William Bowen, clerk, vicar of Hay, in the county of Brecon, in fee, an enclosed piece of land in the parish and town of Hay, in the county of Brecon, bounded on the west by the Loggan Brook, and on the east by the turn- pike-road leading from the town of Hay to the town of Brecon, together with six almshouses lately erected thereon, on trust, to permit the same at all times to be used as an asylum for poor but re- spectable women, according to the regulations thereafter mentioned, and also to keep in repair and insure the same from fire, and do all such other acts as by the said Frances Harley and the said trustees should be deemed necessary for keep- ing the same premises in a condition fit for fulfil- ing the purposes aforesaid and it is declared by the same deed, that the said Frances Harley should, daring her life, have the exclusive right of nominating the almswomen and managing the charity according to the regulations thereafter con- tained, and that after her decease such right and power should vest in the trustees for the time being of the said ground and almshouses. That six women should forthwith be nominated to reside in the said almshouses, and that as often as any vacancy should happen such vacancy should be forthwith supplied. That the said charity should at all times be governed by and subject to the rules and regulations thereinafter contained, and such other regulations as the said Frances Harley should thereafter frame under the power in that behalf thereinafter contained. That the said Frances Harley, and after her decease the trustees for the time being of the said ground and premises, should have power to remove from the said almshouses any of the inmates who should offend against any of the said regulations, or who should cease to be an object of the said charity. The said Frances Harley, in order to make a competent endowment upon the said almshouses, did by the same indentures convey to Charles Harrison, in fee, a messuage or tenement and farm, situated in the several parishes of Llandevailog Tref-y-Graig, and Llanvillo, in the county of Bre- con, called Glandwr Farm, and comprising several closes of land, called respectively Wain nessa Llandevailog, Wain maes-yron, Cae sumpsit, Close Cae'r-home, Cae'r-hydybyne, Cae Cennol, y-Gelynen, Close-y-maellllyd, Cae Scybor, Brot- field, Eithen, Brotfied Bach, Y Wern, Close Madock, Cae dan y Stockwood, Stockwood, Cae Pwll, Cae'r Odin, Caedidde, Caeffynnon bach, Caeffynnon mawr, Caerychen, Worlodd dan y Heol; Worlodd nessa yr velin, and Worlodd tu hwut i'r velin, containing in the whole, by estimation, 197 acres also a messuage or tenement and farm, sit- uated in the parishes of Talgarth and Llantlieu, in the county of Brecon, called Baillie bach, containing, by estimation, 67 acres, and comprising the several closes following viz., Cae Skybor Draw, Cae Ffynnon, Worlodd, Skybor Draw, Cae Glase, Cae Patchesbach, Cae Gwynne, Wrlodd vach dan-y-ty, Cae Tyle, Gwrlodd bach, Cae Quarrell, Cae Kennol, Y Cyfer bach, Cae pwllyf, Cae yr Ardd l; se, Cae Clawdd newydd, Cae Cyfammod, Cae pwll, Cae rhyn-y-dewy glwyd, Wrlodd vawr and Cae saith Cyfer: To the intent and. purpose that the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, their heirs and assigns, should yearly receive an annual rent-charge of £100, pay- able quarterly out of the said messuages, farms, and hereditaments, free from all deductions, with power of entry and distress to the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, if rent-charge in arrear 21 days, and power tc enter and receive rents if rent cha)ge in arrear 40 days and it is further declared that the said Charles Augustus Morgan, Thomas James, and William Bowen, and other the trustees for the time being of the said ground and almshouses, should be seised of the said rent-charge of SICO, on trust, to set apart thereout the annual sum of £10, or if insufficient, a sum not exceeding SEO as a fund for repairing and insuring the said alms- houses, and defraying all other expenses incurred about the management of the said premises, and to apply the residue in paying to the inmates of the said almshouses the yearly sums of £15 each, according to the rules thereinafter contained, and should there be a surplus in any year, by reason of any vacancy, then that such surplus should be added to the fund mentioned above and it is further declared, that if any year the said rent- charge of £ 100 should prove insufficient for all the purposes above mentioned, the said sum of £ 1 or increased annual sum, should be paid in full, ,and the stipends of X15 to each of the almsworile," should abate in equal proportions and fiirtherp that in case the said fund should not be exhausted in any one year, the said trustees should be at liberty, by the direction of the said Frances Harley during her life, and after her decease at their own discretion, either to apply such surplus fund in making up to the almswomen, or any of them, anY sum of money by which the stipends paid to theO1 in any preceding year or years may have failed short, or to invest the same in their names in thO Parliamentary stocks or public funds, or on Govern- ment or real security, and again to convert the same into money at their discretion, and to apply ,the same or the interest or dividends thereof the purposes for which the said fund was to be set apart as aforesaid, or towards rebuildi^?% the said almshouses, in case the same should | fallen to decay. It was further directed that the in' cumbents for the time being of the parish Church^ j of Merthyr, Hay, aud Llandevalle, should (if wilH11^' be the trustees of the said ahftshouses and preUliset « so long as they respectively continued incumbent of the said parish churches, but no longer i J when any vacancy in the trusteeship' should occw by death or resignation of any of the said trustee8' J the trust premises should be conveyed to the ? ceeding incumbent by such conveyances as show* be deemed necessary and*1 that if any of the s0,} g trustees should be beyond seas, the consent of tb Ñi", majority of those who should be in England j Wales should be sufficient for any act necessary W j be done by the said trustees in execution of l trusts thereby in them reposed, and also thafc^jf] Should be lawful for the said Frances Harley My writing under her hand, attested 1 y tu0, more credible witnesses, to make such fart"? I orders and regulations relating to the managerne'A of the said almshouses and premises as she sho1' i think fit, provided that such orders and regnlati0^ did not alter the nature of the institution, aV' were not directly or indirectly for the benefit the said Frances Harley, her heiis or assigns. (This Charity to be Continued.) f Printed and Published by DAVID WILLIAM? A, his residence on the Bulwark, in the Ch»pp', 0 of Saint Mary, in the Parish of Sftint John Evangelist, in the Coaxvty ofBrecon.— SATOB^ JUNE 17, 1865.