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TALLOW, JUNE 14.-The market is steady. Town tallow is quoted 39s net cash; Petersburg Y.C. on the spot, 40s 6d. to 40s 9d; all the month, 40s 6d; October to December. 42s; December, 42s 6d. HOPS, BOEOUGH, JUNE 14.—Messrs. Pattenden and Smith. report no alteration from Monday last. The accounts from the plantations continue favourable. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, JUNE 14—A good demand for cotton, at about td advance. Sales probably 15 000 b^e* or more. 0 Cattle Market. METROPOLITAN, JUNE 12.—We hirs c,i t beasts and the average quality is middliu Ther^ls a brisk demand for choice deserintion* ,f i ? „. tations. The number of sheep i» about tw higher quo- day last. Trade is not very i Sam-e aS 0n quotable alteration in price rhai'at1' ^ere i's scarcely a scarce, and command fall" ra* p f m^s calves were land there are 1,450 beast, 7 Y °m f1 20 rneq- Srmin Kn '.ISO sheep, and 336 calves, and Suffolk' 1 (M0 'a i -S Scotland, 720; Norfolk and Counties. 660 the Northern and Midland Per stone of 81b-s. g d. S. d. Best Scots, Hfds. 50 5 2 Best Short-horns 4 8 5 0 2ud. qual. beasts 3 0 4 0 Calves 8 5 6 3 0 4 11 0 0 0 0 Per stone of Sibs. s. d. s. d. Best Long-Wools 0 0 0 0 Do. do. shorn 5 6 5 8 Ewes & 2d. qual. 0 0 0 0 Do. do. shorn. 4 4 5 C Lambs 6 0 7 8 Beasts at market, 4,550: Sheep and Lambs, -0,13 .Calves. 370 j Pigs, 410 The Produce Market. MINCING-LANE, JUNE 12.—Sugar: Consumption very large, and many parcels were sold to-day at rather higher prices, ranging for Mauritius, low to fine brown, at 26s 6d to 32s; yellow, 32s 6d to 34s 6d; grainy, o i.s to 41s; Penan^- 27s to 34s; Porto Rico, brown, 30s to 32s; yellow, 33s to 37s- and clayed Manilla, 30s to 30s 6d per cwt. A more reariv sale for Refined Sugar: brown lumps bring 43s; ordirm» £ to fine grocery, 43s6dto 45s; and.Tittlers, 43s 6d to lcf Firmness in the Tea market, with an active demand for finP Congou, and stock m first hands greatly reduced C! a fair demand for green at previous prices: better l fn request-Demand larger for Spices, aid rate, S nang Cloves bring Is Id to Is 3d; Zanzabar, 3M toS^RwV Pepper, 2|d to 3ia; Pimento 2|d to 2?d n ?A7? A kck 171 41s! Sellers of Dried Fruit Provisions m large demand Cork Butter «.= ? brings 80s to 100s; fine Freiziand, 94s to n Bacon, 56s to /0s.—The value of East TnrM^ p f? • S to Is 2d; and of Egyptian, 9d to Is 8d. Cotton is 5J&