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Smx&m €MNIX% Money Market CITY, JUKE It.-The stock markets remain inactive, Two or three of the speculative foreign stocks are a. fraction better. The fGrtnightlysettlemcnt is in full progress, and will be completed to-morrow. There have been few trans- actions in the discount market to-day, but, as the discount establishments now allow 3 per cent, for a portion of their deposits, they are indisposed to take even the best bills below 3i per cent. In the Stock Exchange the supply of money has diminished, and the rate for short loans on English Govern- ment securities is iirm at. 3 to 31 per cent. Consols are now quoted 90 to -J, ex dir., for money, and 90i to -g, ex div., for- the account (July 6). The official business report is as follows:—Three per Cent. Consols, for money, 90j> i, 90; ditto, for account, 90J; Three per Cents Reduced, 89f, f; New Three per Cents.. 894, -I, t; India Five per Cent. Stock, 101-} Five-and-a-Hali' per Cent. en raced rupee paper, 108; and Exchequer Bills, 4s., Is. premium.— The railway market is firm to-day. London and North Western stock is now quoted 123f to 121; Great "Western. 72i to i; Midland, 135f to fj Lancashire and Yorkshire j 122 to -1, Caledonian, 134 to 1; South-Eastern, S5" to 86": Great Eastern, 4n to 48; London and South-Western, 99 to 100; Great Northern. 133 to 13-1; ditto A, 148t to 149; and Metropolitan, 143 to 144t. The Corn Trade -■ I^JL AItI £ -^AiN E, .J JIHE 12. Although only a limited supply cf English AV-eat:it this day's market, still previous prices- were not generally sustained, there being a dull demand and accounts very favourable for the crop. A clear- ance was not made, and the rates accepted for white; 41s to 47s red, 35s to 42s; and Talavera, 44s tv 52s per quarter. An abundant supply of foreign, purchases made with cautIOn, and prices rather gave way ruling at 353 to 50s, as to quality. The mark-et for Ainerlcan presented a dull appearance, and'the terms accepted were 40s to 4is.—Plenty of Flour on offer with only a moderate demand:, as to quality, 33s to 40s; country, 278 to 31s; French, 30s to 33s per sack; and American, 20s 6d to 25s per barrel. — Only a small supply of Barley, and prices steady; market, how- ever, dull: malting at 278 to 34s; grinding and distilling Bit 2ts to 27s; and foreign, 21a to 29s per quarter.-Malt was sparingly purchased: pale, at 54s to 61s; and brown, 46s to 51s.—Prices for Oats rather gave way, supply being large, and only a moderate demand. MARK-LANE, JUNE 14.—Coastwise and by land carriage rla the arrivals of English Wheat fresh up to our market to- day, both from Essex and Kent, were very moderate. In both red and white parcels sales progressed slowly," but Monday s currency was supported.-We were moderately supplied witu foreign Wheat. The trade for all deserip- tionsi ruled quiet, and the quotations remained unaltered.- f cargoes of Grain changed hands to a fair extent at lull prices.—Barley m tell supply and slow request, but quite late raues.—x'he demand for Malt inactive. No change in price.—There was a fair show of Oats on the stands. Nearly alldescriptions met a steady sale, and the late ad- vance m the quotations was maintained.—Beans firm, at lull late rates. Supply small.—Peas at previous quotations The transactions in Flour were some what restricted, on former terms. LIVERPOOL, June 13.—We have had only a small attend- ance of either town or country buyers at our Corn Exchange this morning, and Wheat is only saleable in retail at the quotations of last Tuesday.—Flour dull and nominally un- eh;;mged.-IudÜtu corn is offered sparingly, and is not to be bougiit excpt by paying an advance of fully 3d per quarter. — Oats and Oatmeal slow of sale.—Beans, Peas, and Barley may all be quoted the turn 10wer.-The market closes stubborn.

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