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j BILLS. A man, who gave the name of John Armstrong, a tailor, residing at 5, Sun-street, Bishopssrate-street, was placed at the bar of the Mansion-house, on Tues- day, before the Lord Mayor, charged with having in his possession, in his house, a banker's bill case con- taining a quantity of bills of exchange, cheques, &c., o xe amount of £ 8,075, supposed to have been stolen, on the 19th of May last, from one of Messrs. Brown and Janson's clerks. Mr. Humphreys prosecuted. It appeared that on the 19th of May Mr. Styan, a collecting clerk to Messrs. Brown, Janson, and Co., of Abchurch-lana. bankers, had been his usual rounds, the last place he called at being in Copthall-court, and at that time he had nearly X9,000 in bills of exchange and cheques, together with about £ 40 in bank notes. After leaving Copthall-court he proceeded to the Swan's Nest to have some refreshment, and while- there he removed his case from his pocket. He was in the habit of carrying it in the breast pocket of his coat, without the chain usually worn by bankers' clerks, but he was not quite positive as whether he put the case in his pocket, or whether he might have placed it between his waistcoat and his coat. Infor- mation was given to the police; but nothing more was heard until one of the bills was presented by a man named Everett, a tailor's assistant, at the London and Westminster Bank. It was stopped, and in consequence of information which he gave, Palko-constable Packman proceeded to the house of the prisoner, who admitted that he gave Everett the bill to cash. Upon being fur- ther questioned he admitted that he had more of the same sort of papers, and that he ha.d them from a woman who bad picked them up. This account not being satisfactory, Packman took prisoner to the station. When at the station the prisoncsr said he sup- posed Packman must search his place, and on receiving an answer in the affirmative he said he might as well tell the truth. ¡1d then said the officer would find a pocket-boob, which contained the rest of the papers, in a box. Upon going back to the house the officers found the book in the box, which was the banker's bill case, and contained the bills and cheques which were in the case lost by Mr. Styan. The case when lost had the names "Brown, Janson, and Co." printed on it in gilt letters, which, however, had been out off when found by the officer. The prisoner was remanded. .,¡

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