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REMARKABLE ESCAPES FROM FIRE. On Saturday morning a fire broke out on the pre- mises belonging to Mr. Oouts, potato salesman, No. 30, James-street, Co vent-garden. The upper part of the house was let out in tenements, the lower portion being occupied as a warehouse. The men employed commenced business soon after four o'clock; about seven they noticed a strong smell of burning proceed- ing from the ba.k of the place, where a number of baskets, &o., were stored. In a very few minutes the flames rose high, and the lives "of the lodgers, who were in bed when the discovery was made, were in jeopardy. The adjoining market being full at the time, plenty of assistance was soon at hand. On the first floor lived Mr. and Mrs. M'Innes, vocalists, the latter of whom made her escape partially dressed, by means of the window ledge, to the adjoining house. Mr. M'Innes, however, before following the same course, was attracted by screams outside his door. He opened the door and found two children almost naked. He thereupon seized them both and dragged them through the window, handed them one at the time from the window to peeple stationed below, amidst the cheers of the spectators, and then effected his own escape. On the second floor lived a poor woman who had not been confined a fortnight, and who was, with much diffisulty, rescued from the back; both mother and child were burnt, and con- veyed to the hospital, where the former lies in a pre- carious condition, the shock to the system being very great. The cries of a young woman in the third floor are described as truly pitiable. The poor creature was met running through the names down the staircase, when two men forced her through a door and got her out at the back. She was much injured, and taken to the hospital. Several others were rescued by ladders before the arrival of the fire-escape. It was nearly nine o'clock before the firemen finished their work, the place being then a perfect wreck.


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