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TREATMENT OF JEFFERSON BAV1.&, The special correspondent of the Standard says r Jefferson Davis is now immured in the strongest celt of the most impregnible fortress on this continent chained, if we are to believe the statements cf cat- newspapers, to the floor of a dungeon, furnished with special horrors for his reception. We are told that when the menials of the Government began the wcik of manacling him he wept most bitter tears; and our magnanimous journals gloat with delight ovor every pang thus wrung from the soul of the Confederate President. It seems to me—although having lived go long among my countrymen I ma.y be mistsken-it seems to me that in other countries, and at other times, honesty of motiva, purity of heart, flawWie patriotism, stern integrity in and out of ofliee, unswerving fidelity to the precepts of Christiaa civilisation, have gone for something even in a defeated foeman; and that success has found ifcg most lustrous crovvn in the recognition of valour, Tiiken from slaip to shore, and marched to the gloom v fortress under heavy guard, Mr. Davis has been placed. in a casemate cell, which masons and carpenters lvasi exhausted their art to strengthen. Given neither books nor papers with which to solaca the wearv hours, forbidden to speak to the guards who kerrt constant ward over him, he wai at "last sr/9 i.L Inquirer, handcuffed and chained to the floor And it is added, he is to be allowed no lightg Q.fter night;.faH -ec no person is to be permitted to speak to him— ;8, in short, codsigned to a living tomb. I hope, for the sake of the American name, for the sake of 'all that men consider decent, that these direct statements are at least grossly exaggerated. But they are given with such attention to detail, they are told with such manifest delight, that I fear there is something besides imagination in them. Oae thing, however, I t&e responsibility of denying. We are tola that wnen the irons were put upon Mr. Davis's wrists and ankles he struggled desperately, fought the guards and blacksmiths, was only overpowered by sheer brute fores, and was finally held to the doer, while the gaoler's assistant fastened the chains. If Mr. Davis was pianacled, as reported, he mado BO attempt to resist this infamous insult, but submitted to the inevitable then, as theretofore, with a gvaee and dignity, of which his assailants havo no conception. Every wanton insult put upon .Te:ftarecl1 Da.vis will result to his benefit. Chain him and upon him as they will, these exultant Pawnees do bust make a martyr of him—the eminent folly cf which will some day be perceptible even to their obnubilated minds. If the Federal Administration, would de;trol Mr, Davis most effectually it can best do so by treat- ing him with contempt. Gmng, out of the way to enwrap his condition with peculiar honours, ifc navs him with the greatest of compliments. Some d3;Y, perhaps, our people will find out that to ignore thp palpable is not tne wisest policy, and that a *r< £ t- man will be a great man under any circumstanced The following from the New York Herald of the 27th ult. would seem to show that no great is to be placed on the above :-The public P?'°'ef ynf mffned agamst credit to tbe I l Q f fTimore newsmonger relative to tbe K?K Davis at stress Monroe. The ^.fcory u permiuted to circulate by telegraph, and we print it to show what is considered essential W for the prevailing vicious appetite for sensations. If the Government have found it necessary to adopt extra precautions in the case of the prisoner, we are satis- fled that no unnecessary harshness has marked the treatment he has received. And the story, in the shape, in which it appears, is either an emanation from some rebel sympathisers, intended to create a feeling of commiseration for Davis, or it has been con- cocted to supply the lack of truthful intelligence on the subject of that individual's incarceration. if a censorship is of use at all, surely this is a case wherein it might be applied with some advantage. The Memphis "negroplot" belongs to the same eafcegory. of mendacious sensation rumours. The invite summary and severe punishment.