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t THE ARTS, LITERATURE, &c. E. 'W. CAVE THOMAS has been commissioned to P^iot the Twelve Apostles for the HBW ohuroii of the Russian Embassy. —' tv ■» i sudden death of the artist William Dennolm .elatedy was recorded last week. The present ex- lbition of the Academy contains one of his pictures, "the Land of Poeay and Song." Mr. Kennedy was ? native of Dumfries, where he was born June 16th, 13. WE hear, says the Athcneewm, thatthe preparations holding an Eisteddfod in the ancient eastle of 'int are proceeding most satisfactorily, and that the ^angements are now pearly completed. Sir Johi fsnmer, Bart., M.P., is the president for the firs ,a. Mr. Hugh Jones, Maesmynan (ex. sheriff of Lor On), for the second; and Mr. P. Ellis Eyton (a gentb of high literary attainments), for the third. TEE portrait of the Prince of Wales, which hs t been plsoed in the Middle Temple-hall, "nil tn a fine addition to the collection of State pJ- es belonging to that Society, embracing te deigns from Charles 1. to George I. inclusie. leniost striking of these is the noble e(luestisn rtl.,it of Charles I., by Vandyke (one of the tfcee to be by his hand), which has hung in :he ■^Temple-hall since 1684, when it was aeqiied the Ujety. Charles II.'s portrait is reputed t be WOT&, £ Sir Godfrey Kneller. It represents-the 19 in robes wearing the Garter. Itis a vndly s work, though the flesh tints lave )pened. draperies are unrivalled, so nely i they and so brilliantly coloured. The ;trait oi .een _^nae wa8 painted froir life the soar Ifc appearB from their reords fv oi November, 17,02, the bechers ected tnei ,surer to put up her Maasty's £ ure at tne d q{ th(J haUj over theoench t.e, and j3rawn by Mr. Dahl, unks the ti^urer ■ e a make use of another .and. I fnrlr oV^en, and a rival of feller. Butjhe Y f0$B.y selected a Scottislurtist, TMw Murray, «y/worb> Ti}0 abJy.eseute4 portrait of KMlg William III. is also by Murray, who, according toii Bryan's Dictionary of Painters," vol. ii., p. 3, was one of the most eminent artists of his time, and was employed to paint the portraits of the Royal Family and many of the principal nobility. His pictures had the merit of a faithful^ resemblance, and were freshly and chastely coloured." HONOURS fall thickly on the "Homer of Earl Derby. It has reached a fifth edition. In its day the original was scarcely so renowned. THE Dowager Lady Combermera is now collecting and arranging materials for a memoir of her late gal- lant husband, which will be published in November. MR. BANTING, author of the "Letter on Corpu- lence," has, through Mr. Charles Dickens, contributed £50, part of the profits oi his pamphlet, to the Printers' Pension Society of London. MR. COLLIER'S newest illustration of Old English Literature is a reprint of the "First Booke of the Pr servation of King Henry tho Seventh when he was but Earle of Richmond, Grandfather to the Queen's Majesty." The tract was printed m 1599. MH. and Mas. S. C. HALL have just introduced to the public a delightful book, called "A Week at Killar- ney." If the authors were not mentioned any reader would eaailv discover that it was written by talented hands, and'would highly appreciate the work. THE "Life of Richard Cobden" is announced, by T. Mc'Gilchrist, in which the author quotes the fol- lowing lines of Eliza. Cook as applicable to the cha- racter of this great Corn Law agitator: s< A ■home-bredCaspar thou bast been; Whose bold and bright career Leaves on thy brow the wreath of green, On which no crimson drop is seen, No widow's bitter tear." The work will be illustrated with four photographs— a portrait of Mr. Cobden, of Dumford-house, of Mid- hurst, and ft West Livington Church. IDA CLIFFORD, or the Voice of God in a Dream," is the title of a very wholesome and interesting fiction recently published. Although betraying a certain crudeness belonging to a first essay, its author (Arthur Montgomery) proves his claim to thetitle of a novelist, by the power cf observation exhibited in the many original and well delineated characters who carry on the action of the story. It is a volume that may worthily be laid upon the family table. THE Emperor Islapoleon's I Lifeo f Cassar" has been brought out both in French and English (the latter being tha t-anslation of Mr. Wright) by Messrs. Harper, of New York. Csesar is accordingly a topic in the American preso, and one of the papers, turning the subject to account, recommends all who are for hanging Jefferson Davis to "read over and over again the Speech of Julius Caasar, who opposed Cioaro upon the hanging or the strangling of the followers of Catiline." HEADS and Hands in the Worla of Labour" is the work of a benevolent and intelligent man, Dr. Blaikie, th3 author of Better Days for Working People," bT the success of which he was astonished and almost alarmed." That the doctor will again ex- perience sich an agreeable kind of astonishment and alarm is nore than he can reasonably hope. Bat popularity among a certain class of well-intentioned and simpe readers may be confidently predicted for Heads md Hands," which describes the means whereby iertain great employers endeavour to ame- liorate tha moral and intellectual condition of their working )eople, and exhorts less conscientious capi- talists togive heed to their responsibilities.