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EXTRACTS FSOM "PUICH" FUJP.' Concentrated Essence of Tlioug''iat. ARVEBSXTY.—Adversity is a sharp thimble that is never so near individuality as when it is bowled over by the thin thread of research. MATRIMONY.—Matrimony resembles spring peafi-- it puffs wildly for a century or two, and then settles down into a contemptuous committee of ways and means. HAPPINESS.—What is happiness but the charity of the many eliminated by the dandy-grey-russet of the few ? CONSOLATION.—The philosopher said that no one ever yet saw the inside of an adverb. How much more truly might he have remarked that no one ever yet beheld the outside of a preposition I BEAUTY.—Beauty is, after all, but a manly interior covered. by the gambroon cloak of contemptuous indi- viduality. Ministerial Baby Show. We are not, as a rule, partial to the exhibitions called Baby Shows, as we believe them beneficial neither to parents nor infants. A recent display of the kind may, however, be regarded as exceptional- It had been known for sometime that a not unnatural difference of opinion existed between the parents of two infants, of good birth, touching the comparative merits of their offspring, and it was finally agreed that both children should be exhibited in public. In accordance with a not uncommon custom in the sport- ing world, the competitors registered feigned names, but there was little secret as to the real position of Mrs. Thankful and Mrs. Threecourses. At the ap- pointed date they duly appeared with their interesting progeny, and the show took place at Leeds and at Chester. Both parents have reason to be proud of iu1 i0 Mrs. Thankful's infant, John," thoughamallfor his age, evinces greatliveliness andsomS precocity. At first there was a difficulty in inducing him to submit to examination, but at a hint from his parent he assumed confidence, took notice in a very decided way, and indeed surprised many persons by the loudness of his voice, and the peremptory way in which he signified his wishes. Mrs. Threecourses introduced, her child "William" very gracefully, disclaimed any merit in being the parent, and begged to submit bimto public judgment. He immediately created a, strong impression in his favour, was not in the least shy, and indeed has caught up some funny little words, such a3 put that in your pipe," which caused great amuse- ment among the spectators. He is evidently a child who has been most carefully reared, and he promises exceedingly well. His parent, with much tact, paid a beautiful compliment to her rival, which told well. upon the public. It was finally decided, and we think wisely, that a verdict should be postponed until the interesting young folks should have had an oppor- tunity of being seen in the metropolis, which, after all, is the great court of final appeal. At present they may be considered as feeling their feet. They were, therefore, withdrawn, Master John Thankful exclaim ing, Me turn again," Master William ThreeconrseS ejaculating something which was interpreted by his delighted parent to mean that he loved all the people- V/ithout prejudging the case, we may record that we consider them both very nice boys, and we shall watch their future career with the greatest interest. Pardon's the W'ord for All.'Oymidine. This paragraph, from the Star, it need not be said that Mr; Punch is only too happy to conserve for posterity;— "In the number Oi the Mgu-sta Sentinel of May 2nd was the last printed relic of slavery likely to bo seen in the South. It was the advertisement of 6 Savage Hayward, auctioneer,' who proposed to selh at the Lswer Market, on May 2nd, the colour^ man Peter, a finished waiter, and the negro worn'^ Laura, a good field hand.' General Upton rea^0Cj the city next day, and T. Savage Hayward WP'- to escape." Peter and Laura are free. But surel*3 ^l^erican3 will not spoil the satisfaction wit^ jI0A Punc-^ reflects that this man and worr-j' thousands1, e.; W women, fl ? x0r, ?, oh,Davis, who, having Qruahec., wfits forThe end0Shl a VS-y gC>od "nddb^d" waits loi the en< _an(j was m many a memorable q60' ^5ere is such a word in Jchnson't! Di'> held. fc>nreJ- (}ori "_we are certain Jhat it woii'd tionaryjk" ;n Webster's, had Daniel lived til] now • naye. ,i are equally sure that if Sheridai be consulted ,a$word will be found. Our cousins vill see that we are not interfering, but are referring Jhem to Ameri- can authorities only. In the old (&ys slaves weie sacrificed on the tomb of heroes, buflet not heroes be sacrificed on the tomb of slavery., p Fashionable Movements, (Prom the Zoohgizal rzcttc,) The elephants residing in the Agent's-park packed up their trunks last Saturday, ad started for their fa.- vourite watering-place, namely the big pond, at the back of their residence. Tie two seals have beea reeling companyiasfc WeaR: as usual, but in consequence T the heat, they have re- mained under water irore han usual while re nam- ing it. 1 r At the Cattle Showat.^ereiora, by order oj the judges, the pigs were s'.p^efl with a quantity of mire, and were all invited toa ^petition ivallow. The frog who wonlda^ooing go, having returned after Ms honeymoon^ip.oeen handsomely entertain- ing a select circle 4 rienas, who have joined the happy couple in a nh'fy game of Or oaky.