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BRECON TOWN COUNCIL QUARTERLY MEETING. This meeting was held in the Town Hall on Thursday last, when the following gentlemen were present,-Geol'ge Cansick, Esq., mayor. Coun- cillors—Messrs. John Morris John Prothero, Tho- was Williams, John Griffiths, John Davies, Philip Bright, and Lewis Hughes. The Town Clerk having read the minutes of the three previous meetings, informed the Board that the time had arrived for the police to have their new clothing, and produced samples which the Superintendent had obtained from Messrs. Hib- bard & Co., of London. Several of the members enquired if any tradesmen of the town had tender- ed, and were told that they had not, in consequence of Messrs. Hibbard being so much lower in price, when it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Pro- thero, seconded by Mr. T. Williams, that the clothing be supplied by Messrs. Hibbard. The tender of Mr. John Jones, shoemaker, watton, was accepted for supplying the boots, at 13s. per pair that of Mr. Jones Draper, high street, for supply- ing the Hat&, at 10s each for the men's, and 13s. 6d. for the superintendent's and that of Mr. Dax, saddler, for supplying the leggings, at 17s per pair. The Town Clerk then read a communication re- lative to the valuation of the parishes of saint john's, saint Mary's, and saint David's, amounting altogether, according to the report of the surveyor, to S19,000, less S2,000, for calculations not avail- able, although there had been an increase of £93 and upwards in the new valuation list. A long discussion here took place in reference to the new rate, which had been formerly passed at 9d in the £1, and the question was whether it should remain the same or not. Mr. Griffiths proposed a rate of 8d in the £1, but after some further conversation withdrew it, and proposed that a rate be made at 9d in the £1, which was seconded by Mr. Prothero-carried. The surveyor here introduced the district rate, when Mr. Bright said that he thought previous to discussing the rate, that if there were any minutes on the book that they should be discussed first. Mr. Bright said that he hoped the Board would allow him to introduce the slaughter house ques- tion. It was a subject that demanded their at- tention, he had taken some trouble in the matter, and had made an appointment to meet a party, who had taken a warm interest to obtain a license, to discuss the matter pro and con, but the party had not fulfilled the engagement, and he hoped the Board would not allow the matter to remain quiet as it was at present, but at once go into the matter. Mr. Bright continued for some time and concluded by urging the Board to assist him in bringing this long pending question to a dose. Mr. Cobb having gone, in his opinion, entirely in opposition to the Board and the Act of Parlia- ment. Mr. Davies, in a lengthy address on this subject, said that he should like the question settled, and moved that the Town Clerk be instructed to take Counsel's opinion on the matter, and that the whole affair be left in his hands. Mr. Bright se- conded the motion,-carried. The Town Clerk said he should not alter the opinion he had formerly given, it appeared to him that the present slaughter house, was an infringe- ment of the local Act, in fact they had no power to erect a slaughter house in such a place and neighbourhood. With regard to himself, it could not be considered that he, as Town Clerk, could give that large opinion that may be expected from him. He would say the same as Mr. Bright, that the Board should take some notice of the transac- tion he had hoped that some settlement would -have been made, but the Board had a right of course to interfere further so long as that had not been done. Mr. Evans here read a resolution of the Board passed on the 22nd Nov., 1862, where Mr. Alderman Thomas moved and Mr. James Williams seconded that the cattle market be re- moved to Clawddygaer, Mr. Cobb complained in a letter to the Board in the meeting in December fol- lowing, that slaughter houses had not been also included. At a future meeting the slaughter house question was discussed and sanctioned, and the place pointed out for its erection, but not the pre- sent site. Before taking Counsel's advice the ma- gistrates should decide by a summons, that the present building was within the meaning of the Act. Mr. Bright introduced the water works question but it was left to stand over until there was a fuller Board. The Surveyor then produced the estimate of the district rate which would be required for the next twelve months. Mr. Bright moved and Mr. Hughes seconded the adoptioijl of the estimate, and that a rate be made of Is 3d in the XI for saint John's and saint Mary's and Is Id for the parish of saint -David.- This was most satisfactorily received, and the meeting adjourned until friday the 10th inst.