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EPITOME OF NEWS. Colonel M'Murdo has been gazetted Honorary Colonel of the Inns of Court Volunteers. Lobsters boiled in champagne is the latest cnlinary novelty in Paris. Hurst Castle, on the Solent, is now completely isolated at high water, owing to a breach of the sea during the late gale. The Duke of Sutherland is about to extend the railway to his most northern estates, at a personal cost of 4100,000. An increase of pay of Regimental Sergeant- Majors is to take place from the 1st day o January, 1865, from 3s. 2d. to 3s. 4d. a day. The Federals, on evacuating Atlanta, burn 4,000 tenements, and stole silver coffin-plates from tht church vaults. Our readers will, perhaps, be interested to learn that in one, at least, of her Majesty's ships now in the Mediterranean, choral service is performed every Sunday. There has been a church-rate contest at Wethers- field, Essex. The result of the poll was as follows :—For the rate, 177; against it, 77 majority for the rate, 100. It is pretty certain that the western line of the Mont Cenis Railway will very shortly be thrown open to the public. The Rev. Charles Benet Calley, curate of Hawarden, Flintshire, has been presented by the Lord Chancellor to the living of Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, value £ 400. The proposed branch of the Great Northern Railway Company's system from Lincoln to Honiagton has been commenced. It is expected to be completed in twelve months. It has been ascertained that the Dyce Sombre family are entitled to a yearly sum of seventy or eighty thousand pounds, and to arrears amounting to two millions sterling. There are now 264 post towns in the United Kingdom, which send a day mail to London; 73 towns which send three day mails to London; 15 towns which send four day mails; and 6 which send five day mails. By the death of his mother, the Dowager Marchioness of Londonderry, the Earl Vane will inherit extensive and valuable property in the North of England, formerly belonging to the Vane and Tempest family. The canonry in Winchester Cathedral, which became vacant some days since by the death of the Ven. Archdeacon Hoare, will not be filled up. The number of canons will now be reduced to six. An English seaman named Bennett has been committed for trial, at Liverpool, for the murder of a negro. The murder took place on board the ship Raymond. whilst on her passage from New York to Liverpool. By her Majesty's command, the rates of per- sonal allowance for officers of the army travelling on duty without troops have been fixed as follows:—For general officers, 20s. a day; for field officers, 15s. a day; and for captains and subalterns, 10s. a day. A man was killed the other day in the Hotel Dieu, in Paris, by an overdose of chloroform. A celebrated professor amputated his arm without perceiving that the patient was dead, and all the spectators were equally mis- taken. Bombay has determined upon having an In- ternational Exhibition, and a (ompany has already been formed with a capital of £ 500,000. The promoters have -applied to Government for a grant of land and a concession to carry out the undertaking. The following is a list of the preachers at the special services at fit. Paul's Cathedral for the present month:—Feb. 5, Rev. G. C. Harris, minister of St. Luke's, Torquay; Feb. 12, the Lord Bishop of Ripon; Feb. 19, the Lord Bishop of Carlisle; Feb., 26, the Very Rev. Dr. Hook, Dean of Chichester. The "Gazette du Sen at," of St. Petersburgh, announces that a privilege has been granted for ten years to the Marquis de la Rochejaquelein, for a new mode of lighting with mineral oil, by means of a lamp adapted for the purpose. A very awkward mistake was made by the Paris Patrie, on Sunday, in the announcement of the death of M. Thouvenel, late Foreign Minister of France. The Monitettr of Monday corrects the error. It was a relative, and not the M. Thouvenel with whose name Europe is familiar. According to a letter from Berlin, the island of Rugen, on the Pomeranian coast, and not Kiel, in Holstein, will be the naval arsenal of Prussia. The sum of four million dollars is said to be put down in the estimates of 1865, for the purpose of improving this port. The captain's good service pension placed at the disposal of the First Lord of the Admiralty by the death of Captain Robert Harris, R.N., has been conferred on Captain M. De Courcy. A general officers distinguished service" pension of 9100 per annum is vacant by the death of Major-General R. S. Armstrong. The report of the accountant appointed by the Judge of the Liverpool County Court to investigate the .accounts of the St. Patrick's Burial Society has just been delivered. The report states that the books were kept so badly as to be totally incomprehensible, although it was seen that there was a sum of £ 7,740 not accounted for since 1858. The Earl of Carlisle has bequeathed a legacy of a hundre'd a year to the Rev. Walter Creyke, his late second-assistant secretary and private chaplain, and fifty pounds a year to Walling Everard, Esq., late 'Captain 60th Riflc s, and assistant to his secretaries during his Viceroyalty of Ireland. A rumour is current at New York that General Sherman has become insane; two years ago he had a similar attack, and was removed from a command in the West. A similar story was related of General Wolfe, and it being told to George II., the monarch replied, "I wish he would bite all my other generals." The trains running into Leicester last week were in many instances delayed by the unusual quantity of snow which had fallen. In one cutting the snow had drifted to a depth of between six and eight feet. It is also reported that several shocks of earthquake were felt in Leicester during the week. The members of the Royal College of Surgeons and the medical profession generally, will regret to hear that Mr. Edmund Balfour, who for upwards of half a century filled the situation of secretary to the above insti- stution, expired last week at his residence in Lincoln's-inn- fields, in the seventy-sixth year of his age. During the past week the visitors to the South Kensington Museum have been as follows:-On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., 8,495; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students' days (admission to the public, 6d.), open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1.251; total, 9,746. From the opening of -the museum, in 1857, 5,085,434, The Press," of Vienna, states that the Jewish population of Kowno, in Western Russia, have established a loan society, which is distinguished from other institu- tions of the kind by the fact that no other guarantee is required from the borrower than his word of honour. Since the foundation of the association there has not been a single case of a debtor having failed to fulfil his engagements. In an application recently made before the Birmingham Bankruptcy Commissioners, it appeared that a trade assignee had realised the whole of the estate he had been appointed to guard, and afterwards bolted with the money. The bankrupts were colliery proprietors at Ashby- de-la-Zouch. The assignee belonged to Brigg, in Lincoln- shire. He managed to scrape £1,000 together, and for six weeks he has not been seen or heard of. The h Savannah Republican" says: In front of the court-house in this city there has been for many years a number of tables which were used by negro brokers as auction blocks for the display and sale of slaves. The stands have disappeared with the advance of civilisa- tion (Sherman's army), and have been used for firewood to warm abolition bodies." At the suggestion and through the mediation of Austria, negotiations have entered into at Athens on the subject of the claims of Otho, ex-King of Greece, for the restitution of his private fortune, which is still with- held from him. Two commissions are now occupied with this question—one to examine the legal value of the claims made, and the other to fix the amount of the indemnity. Mr. Sims beeves met with an odd accident last week, which might have been very serious in its results, and, as it was, prevented him from appearing at the Sacred Harmonic on Friday. The great tenor was idly twitching his eye-glass, which is suspended at the end of a piece of elastic, when the glass suddenly escaped his fingers, and, breaking, struck bim severely in the eye. We are happy in adding, however, that the mischief is now repaired, save and except a slight scar by way of souvenir. The number of wranglers at Cambridge, this year is 44, while in 1864 it was 43; of senior optimes, j 25, against 35 in 1864; and of junior optimes, 27, against 26 in 1864. The total number of honour men this year is con- sequently 96, against 104 in 1864. Of the 96 honour men this year, St. John's contributed 24; Trinity. 23; Caius, 6; St. Peter's, Clare, Jesus, and Sidney Sussex,5each; Corpus Christi, Queen's, St. Catherine's, and Christ's, 4 each; Em- manuel, 3; Magdalene and Downing,' 2 each; and Pem- broke, b Spain, it appears, is willing to acknowledge the kingdom of Italy, but only when the transfer ot the capital has been made and the stability of the Government thereby proved. W Albert Young, aged 32 years, cook on board the steam ship Young Albert, in Victoria. Docks, fell from tke rigging to the dei k of the vessel the other day, and died at the London Hospital a few hours afterwards. The number of visitors at the Patent Office Museum, South Kensington, for the week ending January 28, was 1,589; total number since the opening of the museum free daily (12th May, 1858), 892,186. The following estates, at the action of M'Fee v. Grant'and Another, was sold in the West India Incum- bered Estates CourtThe Penniston's estate, in the parish of St. Andrew, in the Island of St.. Yincent, containing 208 acres, 21,520; live and dead stock thereon, £ 225. The Escape estate, in the parish of St. George, in the same island, containing 200 acres, £ 2,000; live and dead stock thereon, £750. Messrs. Leafchild and Cheffins were the auctioneers. The National Choral Society will give a per- formance of "Jndas Maccabeus," under the direction of Mr. G. W. Martin, on Wednesday, the 8th inst. The principal artistes will he Madame Rudersdorff, Miss Palmer, Mr. Sims Reeves, and Mr. Weiss, with a band and chorus of 700 performers. The directors of the Midland Railway Company have decided to recommend to the proprietors a dividend on the ordinary stock, for the half year ending 31st of De- cember, at the rate of 7t per cent. per annum. A small building in front of St. Philip's Church, King's-cross-road, London, which was in course of removal, fell down on Tuesday morning, injuring a bricklayer named Thomas Searle rather severely. He was conveyed to the Royal Free Hospital, where his wounds were dressed by Mr. Busby, the house-surgeon, and he was afterwards taken to his home. The first batch of 337 Chinese emigrants sailed last month from Hong Kong for Tahiti, to be employed on the estates of the Tahiti Cotton and Coffee Plantation Com- pany. The managing director reports 250 acres cotton planted, which he considered equal to the very best Sea Island in quality, and was about at once to commence picking. The first meeting of the Department of Economy and Trade of the Mutual Association for the Pro- motion of Social Science, was held in Adam-street, Adelphi, the other evening, when a paper was read by Mr. Edwin Chadwick, C.B., president of the department, on "The Economical Principles of a Reform of the Legislation and Administration for the Conveyance of Goods and Passen- gers by Railways." A public meeting was recently held at the Town-hall of King's Lynn, Norfolk, to consider the pro- priety of repealing the malt tax. The meeting, which was presided over by the high sheriff of the county, was unani. mous in favour of total repeal, and resolutions to that effect were carried by acclamation. The principal speakers were Mr. Bentinck, M.P., Mr. Gordon, M.P., the Hon. W. de Grey, Lord Sondes, &c. It now appears to have been Captain Clarke, of the steamer Montagu, that saved the lives of the crew and passengers of the Armenian on the Wexford Coast, and not the commander of the Lady Eglinton. Captain Clarke has two medals already for similar services, and we believe he is the oldest commander of steam vessels on the line between the Bristol Channel and the Irish Coast.


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