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WOODIN'S ENTERTAINMENT.—On Tuesday even- ing last, at the Town Hall in this town Mr. ^Woodin gave his highly popular entertainment o a cro ,,ded aiid' entitled the "Elopement B £ xtraorainary" and the "Bachelor's Box." Mr. John Oxenford wrote the first, Mr. T. W Robertson the second. By this time we imagine the plots of these pieces are so well know as the face of Mr. Woodm must in every town in the United, King- dom. t By the aid of dummies and some species of natural magic in his own voice and person, Mr. Woodin briligs a strong minded young lady—the heroine a week-minded young gentleman— the victim; the\girls uncle—the marplot;and a ticket- I poter—the adjunct to the story, before the audience at one and the same time—does duty for the g oup and makes them apparently all talk at once. In, "Batchelor's P)i)x a, ]I retreat—we" t \< acquaintance with the bachelor, a stock- jobber, a ball-going young lady in full toilette, a t hi nder, a 11 policeman, a lamplighter, and a Freneh officer. Of course all these beings were born to annov the harmless vegetating bachelor, aud they do so in a style most effectually to des- t.->> 'l.o '-yn'pathy of the audience for the i.e -so- rC ti d make itt<<T itvfi 1 to Mess-s, Wo-odin for their joint labour in exliib- i, the pia:_u< n of life 5n colours and si- .(.i • > -Li'king1 tT amusing.