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The Corn Trade

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Cattle Market.


Cattle Market. METBOPOLITAN, JAN. 16.-The supply of beasts is not quite so large as on Manday last; however, the dem-nl^a smaller, and that day's quotations are not; reaH«n? ™ number of sheep is larger, and tde dead mark-+a if,l h<? sequently we have a reduction in prices wi th o °?n" Good calves are still scarce and dear. From fL e; Holland there are 1,071 beasts, 950 sheen Scotland, 440 beasts; Ireland, 400 • calves; 1,790; Western counties, 150 • and 560 f^ tv'11 and Midland counties. 560 from the Northern Per stone of 81bs, a. d. B. d. Best Soots, Rfds. 5 2 5 6 Best Short-horns 4 10 5 2 2nd. qual. beasts 3 0 4 6 Calves. 4 0 5 10 Pigs 3 4 5 0 BestDns&i-bdss. 5 8 6 0 Per stone of Slbo. a. d. s. d Best Long-wools 5 4 5 6 Do. do. shora 0 0 0 8 Ewes k 2d. qual, 4 2 4 8 Do. do. shorn. 0 0 0 0 L ambs o q q q ■85j Pi^^S4^EPAADL^15'930J Cai?9# The Produce Market. ab^^rarti^J-4^- 16. — Sugar/ although obtain- T Pre^10«s reduced terms, is cautiously Sas€fi'an<i offerefl for Salc; Mauritius, of brown t uahty, sells at 24s 6<3 to 30s; yellow and refining, 30s 6d to ■j4s grainy, 33s to 40s; Clayed Manilla, 28s to 29s • Tfo, vannah brown, 28s to 30s 6d; yellow, 31s to 37s; Florets I? 4,°3; whlfce» 41s to 43s; date Bengal, 23s to 34s • white, 353 to 38s, an<J grainy, 35s to 42s per cwt. Refiw Sugar cheaper and cautiously purchased; brown lmntfe 43s 6d; common to fine grocery, 44a to 46s tattlers, 44s to 47s. There are sellers nP 'w Molasses at 13s 6d to 15s 6d; and Df made Treacle at 15s to 18s.—Demand for Coffpo loo nished, and prices have rather given wav XdlMi" favourable deliveries, and stock not in „r'°?g3i year. The closing currency to-day last to superior Native Ceylon, {.-6s to 72s • ^o^nnoE ordinary to nucl. 7»s to Kls; better oni-f qk V /i"t Neilgherj-y and Tellicherry, 72a to 'p t-.° 9"s; dull of sale and lowering in value rea ^9°°^ still 57s to 90s,- grey, 52s to 56s and ftraml S f s„eAlhnfe' at though extensive public sales of Chim To, 60s.—Al- still rates sustained with a fair announced, Congou being most in demand ■ of^ lffef6™ superior reduced.-The Spice marketIs s«PPlyis greatly Friday's report, and mariv et a,* the terms qnoted in Eice continues to be exten^ivol'v -S are, anilouncecl.— prove, low to fine white 111 ,af, Prices to im- Madras, 9s 9d to lis 6i • to 14s 6d; Market strong for Provisi™* « ^la?n' 83 6d to 9s 9d.— 126s to 128s, and Irish fecon 5feB?tter brini?s cheaper, and oiv in to G3s.-Saltpetre is rather cutta, 31s to 32s 6d. demand; common to fine Cal- ♦——— —.

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