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The Corn Trade


The Corn Trade MABK-LANE, JAN. 16.-There was not a large amount of English Wheat on offer at this day's market, and a good demand prevailing, the currency ruled firm, white realising 39s to 46s, and red 35s to 41s per quarter, a clearance being nearly made. Foreign met a fair sale; there is less on offer, and rates full up, ruling at 35s to 44s, and prime, 45s to 48s. Many contracts in American, red at 38s to 41s, and white, 41s to 44s per qr., with a less amount at market.-Flour still firm: best town-made selling at 38s to 40s; seconds, 33s to 35s; country-made, 283 to 32s; French, 82s to 33s; Spanish,.34s to 35s per sack; and American, 20e to 25s per barrel.—Prices for Barley are steady, a good de- mand prevailing. Supply, however, again plentiful: malting brings 28s to 35s; distilling and grinding, 24s to 26s per quarter.—Prices for Malt again easier pale stlling at 56s to 60s; and brown, 48s to 52s.—Of Oats large quantities were again offering for sale; but there being a good demand full prices were obtained: English and hiEh potato selling 21s to 25s; feed and black, 19s to 21s Gd; Scotch, 19s to 26s 6d; and foreign, 18s 6d to 25s.Peas met a fair sale: white and maple, ;15s to 39s; blue 40s to 46s and grey, 32s to 31s.—Beans a slow sale, English, 36s to 40s; midd. size, 31s to 36s; and large 31s to 33s.—Maize in fair request at 2913 to 30s. -A quiet market for Linseed, Odessa, 58s to 5Ss 6d, and East India, 58s to 60s. Linseed Cakes less wanted sellers of town-made attIO 10s to tll; American, £ 9 10s to £11 and Marseilles, t9 to de9 5s per ton. LIVERPOOL, JAN. 17.—Market moderately attended wheat firm at Friday's decline, fair inquiry. Flour steady in price, with a limited sale. Indian corn 6d per qr. lower, Galatz 26s 6d. Beans fiat. Oats and oatmeal very flat,

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Cattle Market.

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