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itontat ani) CmxritrD gtaheis. Money Market CITY, 7AS IS.-The stock markets are again dull to-day. It would appear that the introductIOn of new securities is still causing sales of the old. In the other markets the ten- dency of prices is likewise slightly unfavourable, but there is no general change of importance. The discount market is rather quieter to-day, yet there is no disposition, to take the best bills below 5§- per cent. The supply of money is largo. The charge for loans on English Government Se- curities from day to day in the Stock Exchange is 4 to H per cent., with a moderate inquiry.—Consols are now quoted 89 to t, for money, and 89 to 90, for the account (Februarys). The official business report is as follows :—Three per Cent. Consols, for money, 8Ð, 1, f, f; ditto foi-account, 90; Three per Cents. Reduced, S8i,89, SSf; New Three per Cents., 88i, 89, 88; Bank Stock, 242; India Five 'per Cent. Stock, 103i-, 104,103J; ditto Four per Cent., 98§, J; Five-and-a-Half per Cent, "enfaced" rupee paper, 109 £ j and Exchequer Bills, par., 4s premium.— The railway market is inactive to-day. London and North- Western stock is now quoted 121-J to Great Western, SOl to 81-j; Midland, 138g to 139 £ Lancashire and Yorkshire, 116 to 4; South Eastern, 87 to Great Eastern, 47| to -J; Great Northern, 134 to 135; Caledonian, 13g to 132; London and South Western, 98i to t; and Metropolitan, 127 to i.

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