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GOFALWCH am EICH LLYGAID Eich llygaid ydyw rhodd werthfawrocaf Natur, gan y byddai haoner prydferthwch y ddaiar ar goll i ddyn oni bai am y Llygaid. J Hawdd ydyw gwella m&n anhwylderau y golygon, ond 08 esgeulusir hwy, ant yn bery'glus yn fuan. Ai nid ydych yn meddwl ei bod yn well i chwi dalu-sylw iddynt YN AWR, cyn yr elont yn waeth, ac yn fwy anhawda au gwella ? There is no extra charge for sight testing. I supply a 14c. Gold Filled Frame, with Lenses and Case, for 10/6, guaranteed to retain its colour for a life time. x D. KING MORGAN, M.P.S., Qualified Chemist and Optician, KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. public notices. 208th Year of the SUN jsL FOUNDED 1710. The Oldest Inauranoe Office in the World Infuranoea effected on the following risks: FIRE DAMAGE: Resultant Loos of Rent and Profits. Employers' Liability Sickness & Disease, and Workmen's Compensation, urg ary. Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, Plate Glass, Fidelity Guarantee, Domeatio Servants, I Personal Accident. For partioalars apply to the following Agents:- New Quay-Mr. D. Meredith Jones. Pantyffynnon-Mr. David Francis. Sarnau—Mr. J. Nicholas. Taisam-Mr. Llewelyn Davies, J.P. Ammanford—Mr. A. S. Jonce. Carmarthen—Messrs. John Francis & Son. Dolfallt-Mr. David Thomas. Garriajit—Mr. Rees Davies, Fryateg. Llandilo—Mr. W. D. Jenkins, George Street. Uandovery—Mr. D. T. M. Jones. Llanstephan-Mr. D. M. Davies. Llanybyther-Mr. David Thomas, Blaen- hirbant. Llandyssul—Mr. T. M. Jones. Lampeter—Mr. W Davies, 26 Eryn Road. -Mr. H. W. HowelL Fruit Trees. Fruit Trees. ALL the best sorts—all agea—right prioea—one quality—Best. Large Stock of good clean Apple, Pear and Plum Trees grown in endless varietiee, 1/8 to 2/3 each, 18/- to 25/- do7en. For Gooseberry and Currant Buanea I claim I got the finest clean stook in Wales. Gooseberry bushes extra strong, of Whinbam's industry and Keepsake, 9d. each, 8/- doz.; smaller, I 6d. each, 5/6 doz. (Currant bushes, extra strong, Boskoop Grant and Carter's Black Champion, largest varieties grown, 8d. each, 7/6 dozen. Also larg9 stock of Roses, Ornamental Trees, and Shrubs. Brivets li to 2 ft., per 5/6 100; Thorns for hedging, li to 2 ft., 3/9 per 100. All the stook is hardy and well acclimatized. Save your carriage bill by buying from a Glamorgamfuir nursery Early planting means success to every tree. It will be a good investment. A small sum expended in the purchase of Fruit Trees will produce each year an increasing return, enabling you to economise and increase the home Food Supply. Packing free. Cash with Order. ,W EWART THOMAS, F.R.H.S., The Nurseries Waun Road, Loughor, Glam. f Education Carmarthen County Schools. THB GRAMMAR SCHOOL. ELBADKABTXZ-R. 8. ALLEN, M.A. ((I&Vfthl. BIACHITUM—M18S B. A. fl(3;,WL. M.A. Late Open 15cholar of Girton Collego, Cambridge. Feet, £1 h per term. Reduction when there are two or more ohildren from the tamf f mily. The Term began January 9th. Boarders can be received at the Grammar SohooL The Grammar School, PENOADER, CARMARTHEN. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. HBADMASTER J. R. SAUNDERS, M.A. (Cantab), (Emmanuel College), Assisted by a highly qualified Staff of Resident and visiting Masters. Preparation for all Examinations. Special individual attention in single subjects. Pupils registered at any time. Charged pro rata. For terms and particulars, apply to the Headmaster. (L4 High School for Girls, CARMARTHEN. PRESIDENT OF THE Councit; THE LORD BISHOP OF ST, DAVID'S. HEAD MISTOEBP Miss E. L SUTTON, B.A., Honours London University (First Class in Classics). THh*. School gives an Excellent Education on very Moderate Terms. Admnrable Accommodation for Boarders. Admirable Accommodation for Boarders. Pupils prepared for LONDON MATRI- CULATION and other Publio Examinations. Boys as well as girls can be received in the Preparatory Class and the KINDER- GARTEN DEPARTMENT. Next Term begins Thursday, January 7th. Boarders return Wedneday, January '6th. For full particulars, apply to the Head- mistress, High School, Carmarthen. OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN Facing the beautiful Vale of Towy). Boarders Kept :o: Girls Admitted Pupils Registered at any time. Charged pro rata. TYPEWRITING, BOOK KEEPING, SHORTHAND, &c, TAUGHT. For Report of Grand Successes, apply to Head Master. REV. J. B. THOMAS, Undergrad. London University. Open Exhibitioner Cardiff University, 1st Prizeman Trevecoa College, Holder 10 Certificates South Kensington. The Term began January 8th. ROLL TICKETS worded Admission— 3d.. 6d., 9d., 1. 1/3 and 1/6 always in stock at the JOURNAL Office. Price 2/- per 1,000, or by post 2/4. Supplied ONLY HI thousands. Terms: Cash with order.— JOUBXAL Office, Carmarthen. JOUBXAL Office, Carmarthen. Mr. Harold Malkin, F.R.C.O.. A.R.C.M. L.Mus.T.C.L. (Organist St. Peter's Church]. LESSONS given in PIANOFORTE and ORGAN PLAYING, SINGING, HARMONY & COUNTERPOINT, &c. Resident Pupils Taken. Next Term begins on January 9th. 7, ESPLANADE, CARMARTHEN. X (L568-25 -:I financial. IONDON & PROVINCES DISCOUNT J Vv.. L.i'L>. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES. £10 to £ 1,000 are privately oompieteo as U hours' notice on )our simple promise to repay, without preliminary fees. Call or write to the Manager, W. SHIRLEY, 4J. BioW Droit, Bristol. IS499-23:2 Advances-65 to J £ 5,COO. ON YOUR WRITTEN PROMISE TO REPAY AT A MUTUALLY AGREED INTEREST. Bi for 1& monthly payments of 6s. 8d &is lit- d. £2& P, £1 6s. 8d tuid to on pro rata. Loans over a period of two years or more by arrangement. A gentleman will call if deeired and ad- vanoe oash at applicant's house. NO SURETIES REQUIRED. Promptness and Privaoy. NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND UNLESS BUSING0 DONE. Distance immaterial to the actual lenders. Write or call. « F. LAWRENCE, LTD. (The Oldest West of England Company), DON CHAMBERS, CHEESEM ARKi T, WIN): STREET, BRISTOL, Telephone 1781. Telegrama- Approved." Bristol. (N6 SWANSEA MERCANTILE CO., Ltd. Of 18, PARK ST., SWANSEA, Make Cash Advances troos £10 to £ l,000 ro Commeroial Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Respectable Householders on their own Note of Hand, at < low rate of Interest. ) STRICTLY PRIVATE. COHFIOEMDAl for further particulars appiv H. B. JONES, 18, Park Street, Swansea. (LTC a Manteb When replying to advertisments please mention Carmarthen Journal" SHORTHAND-TYPIST, &o.-There is a vacancy at the Journal Office for a lady pupil to learn shorthand, typewriting, and general office routine. Only applicants who have been well trained in an interme- diate school will be entertained. Wf ANTED, Elm, Ash and Poplar Trees, T ▼ quote price on rail nearest railway station to C. Jenkins and Son, Porth, Rhondda. (S556—25 1 WANTED, Smart Lad, Railway Re- freshment Rooms.—Apply, Mana- Ws, Carmarthen, G.W.R. (S583—4:1 ANTED. Antique Crewel Work, Cur- tains!, Quilt, Odd Pieces; also Samplers and Wool Work. Also Antique Chinese Lacquer, Pole Fire Screens, Hand Screens, Boxes, etc.—Mrs. Benyon, Islip, Thrapston. (S'357 -25.1 TO POULTRY DEALERS.-Wanted, Weekly Supplies of Live Fowls; state price; cash weekly.—Apply, "Poultry," "Journal" Office, Carmarthen. (S561-12:1 WANTED, Experienced Cook-General;, two in family; two maids kept.— Apply, with references, stating wages, to Mrs. Elton, Glenview, Llandovery. (568—11:1 WANTED, Welsh Trapped Rabbits; any quantity f best price paid; and Eggs (together or separate).—Apply. 16, Duffrvn Street, Mountain Ash. <(8571—18:1 URGENTLY Wanted, 1,000 Qualified Wireless Operators; we can guarantee situations to our students immediatey they qualify; we can accept youths between the age of 15 and 18; owing W the new ship- ping laws we are extending our colleges to help us fill these vacancies; the re- muneration is from £ 100," rising to 2250 pen" annum; the operator ranks as 1m er.-Apply for prospectus, Wireless Training College, St. Mary Street, Cardiff, and Castle Street, Swansea. (S542—30:3 SITTING ROOM and Bedroom required by Twt# 'Lady Clerjks.i—Apply, Rooms," c/o The Journal" Offices, Carmarthen. (L569 WANTED, a capable General immedi- ately for Cardiff; Welsh-spoken pre- ferred; good wages given; no washing; good outings-Apply, by letter, Mrs. Owen, 5. Colchester Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff. IS579—9:2 WANTED, strong Pony, from 1'2 to 13 h.h., must be reliable in harness.— Apply, Evans, Glaspant, Newcastle-Emlvn. (S578-19-.1 WANTED, Straight and Clean Ash Butts, 1G" Qr. Girth Cup; also Oak Butts, 12" Qr Girth Cup.—Appiy, "X. "Carmarthen Journal." (580—25:1 WANTED immediately, Gardener; wil- ling to be useful; single; ineligible. —Hope, Pigeonsford. Llangranog. Henllan. (L571-25:1 W(ANTED, Apartments (Unfurnished or Furnished preferably) for Mar- ried Couple; or rental of 2 Roorn,Apply, B.D., JOURNAL Office. (L576 WANTED.—Mr. Colin Jenkins, M.P.S., Chemist. 6, Nott Square, Carmar- then, has a Vacancy for a well-educated Youth or Young- Lady as Apprentice. Thorough, practical training in all details of the business. (L575 WANTED, a Boilerman, permanent .work.—Apply, Wm. Isaac, Olcl Foun- dry, Carmarthen. (L576—25:1 WANTED, cheap second-hand Type- writer, condition immaterial. Need of overhauling or repairs no objection. Write describing machine and lowest price to "Typewriter," c/o "Journal" Office, Carmarthen. EXPERIENCED Wool-sorter requires J" employment. Disengaged immediately. —Apply, "Sorter," Journal Office, Car- marthen. (S591—11:1 for Sale COB FOR SALE, 13.2; 4 year-old; I guaranteed quiet in all harness.— Particulars on application to Evans, Glas- pant, Newcastle-Emlyn. (8549-14:2 PIANO BARGAINS.-Collard & Collard Up- right (when new, 75 guineas), £46.; Farrand Upright, £42: Weber Upright Grand in Rosewood case (when new. 75 guineas), ,655; Pleyel Upright, £ 38; Farrand "Pianola" Piano, j^8o. All instruments deli- vered carriage paid. Write for complete Catalogue and Bargain list. to C. MILSOM & SON, Ltd., The Great West of England Piano House. t5, Milsom Street. Bath. L 407 FOR SALE Cheap, a Thrashing Machine, in good working order, only been little in use.-Apply. Mr. Evan Davies, Cwmsudan, Talley, Llandilo. (S574—18:1 for Sale. FOR SALE, a few Pure-bred Light Sussex OockerfjJs, 9s. each.—Apply to Mrs. Del me Davies-Evans, Penylan, Golden Grove. 6s. reward. (L564 NOTICE —Send for advice to Mr. and Mrs Stewart. The Herbalists, Guinea Street, Bristol. (S572—30:3 FOR SALE, Varnished Wood, 4 wheel, ^Dogcart, by Fuller, Bristol; splinter har for pair; good condition. -Methuen, Pumpsaint. (S584-25:1 FOR SALE, Milner's Fireproof Safe, 25 by 19; nearly new.—Lewis, Cefngor- noth, Llangadock. (S585—11:1 Buy POWELL'S BISCUITS. Sold every- where. Made by Powell's Biscuits, Ltd Preston. lS519— 23:2 PIANOS & ORGANS, New and Second- hand at bargain prices. Violins, Ao- cordians, Mouth-origans, etc. Particulars free.-D. J. Snell, 21-22, High Street Arcade, Swansea. GRAMAPHONES from £ 3. New Double-sided Records from Is. each. Welsh Records a speciality. Gramaphones repaired. List's free.—D. J. Snell, 21-22, High Street Arcade, Swansea. (N20—30:2 DO not throw your old Razors away; get a Tally-ho water hone, 1/1^ and 2/11, posrago 5d. extra.—A. E. Harries, Iron- monger, Llandilo KARSWOOD Poultry Spice DOUBLES egg output. Try it.—D. Williams, Chemist, Penlan, Llanginning, St. Clears. (S592-L1:1 GOOr> RATS are the rats that have been rationed with Rodino. It makes the final rat ration. Safe, sure and speedy. £ d., 1/ 2/ 3/ 5/ post 3d. — Harley, Chemists. Perth. Agcnts:- W. Lloyd, Chemist, Carmarthen; D. M. Davies, Chemist, Llandilo; J. Nicholas, Drug Stores, Llandovery; J. J. Davies, Llftiy- byther; D. Rojgers, Chemist, St. Clears; D. J. Lewis, Chemist, Llandebie. N25—21:12 Uo Zet. BANK HOUSE, LLANDILO. THIS Desirable and Commodious Resi dence, with G-ardcin lattached, TO LET on an Annual Tenancy. Rent, L20. Immediate possession. Apply, R. SHIPLEY LEWIS, Solicitor, Llandilo. January 7th, 1918. (572—11:1 TO LET, Front Sitting Room and Bwl- room, suit Two GJentlemen or Two Ladies; centre of Town, and close to Town Railway Station-For terms, apply X.Y.Z., JOTmAL, Carmarthen. Xost an jfounfc 5s. REWARD. LOST, on the 28th December, between Abergwili and Carmarthen, a Water- proof Tan-colored Canvas Rug, with strap and buckle.—Apply, Morris, Brynmyrddin, Abergwili. (L566 Sales bog auction CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF ABERNANT. IVTESSRS. BEN EVANS & EVANS are ITA instructed by L. A. L. Evans, Esq., to offer for SALE by AUCTION at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, January 12th, 1918, at 2 p.m., the following Valuable ITTWOOD and TIMBER, viz.:— Lot 1.—All that well-grown Plantation of Oak and Larch Pitwood, Ash, etc., all of about 50 years' growth, including the Timber on the hedges surrounding the wood, being Nos. 1112 and 1113 O.S., con- taining 2 acres 1 rood 34 perches, standing on Cwmflowrog Farm, in the Parish of A I..ernant Lot 2.-All that fine grown Plantation oi Larch Pitwood, Ash Poles (vefy suitable for tool handles, etc.) and other Tr all of about 5 years' growth, including the Timber on the liedgies surrounding the wood, being No. 1504 O.S., containing 1 acre 3 roods 22 perches, standing on Pen- rheol Farm. Lot 3.—A small Plantation of fine Ash Timber and other Trees standing on the lower part of field No. 1549 O.S. on Pen- rheol Farm, also about 70 Ash and other Timber, growing on the hedges and fields Nos. 1509 and 1549 below Penrheol Home- stead and on the Rickyard and Planta- tion hedge only on the roadside near Pen- rheol, together with about 34 Ash, Elm, etc.. already cut and lying on the field ad- joining Penrheol. All the oak trees in this Lot are reserved Lot 4.-About li acres of Oak Pitwood and 1 acres of hetn-v and valuable Oak Timber, including some fine Ash and Syca- more, standing on Postyucha Farm, in the Parish of Abcrnant. The Timber on the upper part of the field from and including the oak tree marked with paint are re- served. Lot S.—All those 18 Ash Timber, 3 Sycamore, and 1 Beech standing1 on the hedge adjoining the road from Troed- rhiwmeirch Farm, leading towards the woods. Particulars and Conditions of Sale may be obtained from the Auctioneers at Pencader and Carmarthen. Auction Marts BY LLOYD & THOMAS AUCTIONEERS, CARMARTHEN. CARMARTHEN, WEDNESDAY NEXT. JANUARY 16th. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN, FRIDAY NEXT, JANUARY 11th. LLANDYSSUL, TUESDAY NEXT, JANUARY 15th. All Fat Cattle must be in the Mart at ten o'clock in the morning to be graded, weighed, and distributed before the Sale of Cows and Calves commences. Sale of Cows and Calves at 12 o'clock, and owners not required to bring them until that time, The Auctioneers will be glad if Entries are tent in as early as possible South Wales Horse Sales CARMARTHEN. —— THE NEXT —— HORSE SALE Will be held at CARMARTHEN On Friday, January 25th, 1918 Entries absolutey close on Thursday, January 17th. Schedules and Entry Forms can be ob- tained of th« Auctioneers- Caves & Messrs. Howell Thomas St. Mary's Auction Mart, Carmarthen. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN MART. — BY — Thomas Jones, Sons, and George, AUCTIONEERS. NEXT SALE FRIDAY, January 18th, 1918. Entries for all kinds of Stock should leaoh the Auctioneers. Garthowen. Llan- dyssul. (A276—11:1 Sales bs Buctioru BRYNMELYN, CRWBIN, LI.ANGENDE1RNE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON have received instructions from the Representatives of the late Mrs. M. King to SELL by AUCTION at the above place on FRIDAY, 11th January, 1918, the whole of the follow- ing valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, comprising:—Mahogany Draw- ing Room Suite upholstered in Horse Hair; Do. Chiffonier, Mahogany and Oak Tables, Chest of Drawers, Marble Top Washstand and Ware, Dressing Tables, Towel Rails, Commode. Mirrors and Overmantels. Large Deal Cupboard, Comer Cupboard, Hospital .Lied wiiii Spring and Hair Mattresses com- plete, Bed Chair, Brass and Iron Bedsteads. | 5 Feather Beds, Mattresses, Pillows, Bol- sters, &o., Kitohen Table, Benches, Settle, Window Poles, Brass Rods, Brass Candle- sticks, 6 Venetian Blinds, Fender and Fire .Irons, Brackets, Linoleum, Oilcloth, Stair Carpet, &c., Mangle, Washing Tubs, Clothes Horse, Ladder, &c.; and many other useful lots: also 5 cwts. Potatoes. Sale to commence at 2.30 p.m. TO BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS. COUNTY TOWN OF CARM ARTHEN. FOR SALE, as a going concern, High- JD class Bakery and Confectioner's Business with private Hotel attaohed, situate in centre of Town, comprising Shop with side entrance to Hotel, Tea Room, Private Room, Large Dining Room to seat 40, another large room to seat 60, 8 Bed- rooms, Bakehouse fitted with portable single Decker Steam Oven (80 loaves), Stables, Motor Garage, Large Yard, Elec- tric Light throughout; Stock and Fittings at valuation. Immediate possession. Rent, B52 per annum. For particulars, apply John Francis and Son, Estate Agents, Carmarthen. St. Clears Mart. TUESDAY, JANUARY 15th, 1918. 40 FAT CATTLE, 20 COWS and CALVES 000 SHEEP, PIGS, CALVES, etc. Sale at In.3D. J. HOWELL THOMAS k. SON, Auctioneers, Carmarthen. CWMCANOL FARM, PENCARREG, LAMPETER. Important Sale of Larch and Scotch Pit- wood. v MESSRS. DANIEL 1. REES & WIL- ItH. LIAMS have been instructed by Mr. Wm. Edwards to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION at the Castle Hotel, Lampeter, on FRIDAY, JANUARY 18th. 1918, at 2 o'clock prompt, about ó acres of excellent Larch and Scotch Pitwood, situate on Cwm- canol Farm. The timber is easy of access, being situate along the roadside. For further particulars apply to the owner. or to the Auctioneers at their Offices, Lam- peter. (L573—11:1 THE GREAT SKIN CURE. BUDDEN'S S.R. SKIN OINTMENT. It will curo Itching alter one application; destroys every form of Eczema; heals old Wounds and Sores; acts like a charm on Bad Legs; is infallible for Piles; prevents Cuts from f(-storing; will cure Ringworm; removes the most obstinate Eruptions and Scurvy. Box J. 7-i. Agents for Carm&r- then: Walter < <1, Chemist. l,ammas Street, and Mr. D K. Morgan, Chemist, 25 King Street IN17 THE CARNUrtiHEN PHARMACY. Mr. Colin Jenkins, M.P.S. CHEMIST, J>ESPECT FULLY begs to announce that he has purchased the well-known Chemist & Druggist's Business of A. ARTHUR, of this address. He desires to state that he is having a circular prepared explain- ing his credentials, and whilst great care will be taken to ensure every customer of Mr. Arthur's receiving a copy, he would ask their indulgence in any omissions which inadvertently may occur. In this event he would only be too happy to deliver one personally if the customer would kindly call on him 6, Nott-square,CARMARTHEN JANIARY, 1918. (L575 Concentrated Cattle Feeding Stuffs. PRIORITY FOR DAIRY COWS. FARMERS repuiring Concentrated Cattle Feeding Stuffs for Dairy Cows should make written application to the undersigned for ia Priority Certificate to obtain emergency supplies:- The Application should state:— (1) The number of cows in milk. (2) Whether the cows are kept under rural or urban conditions (3) The quantity :of conoent.rated cattle feeding stuffs the laplplicant has on hand. (4i Full particulars of the quantity and description of concentrated cattle feeding stuffs required for a period of four weeks. Only the amount abso- lutely nccessary shoud be asked for. NOTE. -Concentratred Cattle Feeding Stuffs includ(% -Cattle feeding cakes and meals, millers offals, barley offals, oat offals, malt culms, kiln dust, brewers and distillers grains, and maize by-products, but docs not include any of euch feeding stuffs which are suitable for human food. F. D. WILLIAMS-DRUMMOND, Area Live Stock Commissioner, Napier House, Carmarthen. 0-574-11:1 I EMPIRE THEATRE, Carmarthen. NtMNt THIS WEEK. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. Daughter of France NEXT WEEK. MONDAY. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY. The Village Blacksmith Suggested by Longfellow s Immortal Poem. Produced iky A. PA Colby and Arthur H. Rooke. The Forge, shown in the Film, is the origi;nal Forge which inspired Longfell. w to write his beautiful poem. THURSDAY. FRIDAY. & SATURDAY. A Man for all that Featuring ROBERT WARWICK. PEARL OF THE ARMY EPISODE ll.-TH,E SUSPECT

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