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Progress of the War.


Progress of the War. Friday. GOOD PROGRESS AT ST. MIHIEL. The Paris communique of yesterday afternoon was again chiefly concerned with the fighting between the Meuse »nd the Moselle. The French are Miking considerable efforts in this region, where the German dispositions seem particularly vulner- able, being a wedge driven into the country held by the Allies. The point of this wedge is at St. MiFnel on the Meuse. AH round this point French attacks, renewed day by day, have had constant success Further north, both west and east of the German lines, other attacks have had similar suc- cess:. Pane yesterday announced that all these gains have been held in spite of counter-attacks of extraordinary violence.. The German armed merhantman Prince Friedrich, which took refuge in the port of New- port News some time ago, has been interned by the United States administration. Saturday. THE ALLIES' OFFENSIVE. The French attacks on the German positions be- tween the Meuse and the Moselle and the Russian advance over the Carpathians constitute, says The Times" Military Correspondent, the opening the Allied offensive in the summer campaign of Sl5." The, must he considered ^not as isolated acts but as parts of a general plan. lhus co idered the opening ol^the the French attacks as night was very definite and defaced m its explana- tion of the progress made. Monday. FIGHTING IN THE WOEVRE. Paris amplified on Saturday and yesterday the m- formation as to the important ^'ance of French between the Meuse and Moselle furnisiiea ST FridS right, and added to it the news of further success in the same region. Les Eparges-the plateau dominating the plain of the Woevre, which was captured by the French on Thursdayt-had been turned by the enemy into ^S^^the^Fr^nch took Les Eparges the enemy, sa7s Paris has taken no action either with men <runa But further south he has had to sustain more French attacks. These have agam xon grcund both in the Wood of Mortmare due south of Thiaucourt, and, a few miles further East, m .he BoS-Pretre Paris last night said that rwlent counter-attacks had failed to shake the hold of the French on these gains. ■ The two Germans who escaped from the intern ment camp in Denbighshire last Monday have been recaptured near Barmouth. Tuesday. The principal news to-day referred to the con- tinued advance of the Russians in Hungary. Wednesday. No change has occurred on the British front, the incidents reported by Sir John French being mining activities. Thursday lengthy dispatch from Sir John French stated ttat the British losses at Nenre Chapelle «e» nearly 12,000, but the losses of the enemy were far ^The^ne district was raided by a Zeppelin on Wednesday, but little damage was done by the bombs that were dropped.













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