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EASTER QUARTER SESSIONS Carmarthenshire BOGUS LIEUTENANT: AMAZING MASQUERADE. The Carmarthenshire Quarter Sessions were held at the blare Hall on Friday, Mr. F. Dudley Drum- mond presiding. The chairman was supported on the bench at the opening of the court by Mr. li. Miiner Jones (vice-chairman), Lieut.-General bir James Hills-Johnes, Y.C., G.C.B.; Messrs. Mexyyn Peel, Danyrallt; Alfred Stephens, Kidwelly; Major T. H. Dowdeswell, Llanstephan; C. P. Lewis, Llan- dovery; A. E. DuBuisson, Glynhir; Thomas Lewis, Bryngla§; Joseph Roberts, Llanelly; Dd. Davies, Liandebie; Wm. Thomas, Trelech; Rev. Lewis, Llanddewi-brefi; W. Y. Neville, Llanelly; Thomas Griffiths, Frank Morgan, and Dr. Williams, Burry Port; Wm. Williams, Llandilo; Capt. Jeffreys, Cynghordy, and Sir Marteine Lloyd. BOGUS NA VAL LIEUTENANT. Alfred Llewellyn (30), fitter, Grange town, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to obtaining food and lodging, value 9s., by false pretences irom Margaret Harries, a widow, 19, Raby-street, Llanelly, and stealing from her the sum of lOs., and to obtaining by false pre- tences from Thomas Wise, confectioner, Llanelly, two boxes of chocolate, value 3s. Mr. Clark Wil- liams (instructed by Mr. Martin R. Richards, Llan- elly) appeared for the prosecution. Counsel explained that in February last prisoner called at Mrs. Harries' house in a uniform more or less resembling that of a naval lieutenant. He told her that he had been serving on H.M.S. Tiger, which was very much in the public mind at the time as the result of the part she took in the North Sea fight. Mrs. Harries had a son in the Army and was induced very readily to give the accused food and lodging. When he departed from the house he asked Mrs. Harries if she could change him half a sovereign. She put down the money and he took possession of it. Accused then confessed his in- ability to find the half sovereign, remarking, Never mind, I am going to the Post Office to change a cheque for JB70, as I have had my quarter's pay. I will come back to settle with you." He left the house, and appeared to have gone straight away to the shop of Thomas Wise, where he obtained the boxes of chocolate on the same false representations that he was going to the Post Office to cash a cheque for a large sum, and that he would be back shortly. Counsel added that there appeared to have been a certain lightheartedness in the man's proceedings. He masqueraded in uniform on the Sunday at Llanellv at the head of the Territorials who were parading through the town. (The prisoner smiled when counsel made this remark). Prisoner had a very bad record and was wanted in connection with other offences. It was in his favour that he volun- tarily disclosed a great deal that might be against him, and expressed a desire that should be taken into account. P.S. Pugsley, of the Cardiff City Police, submitted a long list of convictions against the accused at Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Birmingham for false pretences. He had been to a reformatory gchool and had served three years' penal servitude. Witness added that accused obtained food and lodgings from people who could ill afford it. Accused was at present wanted under a warrant at Cardiff for stealing from a man nanud Matthews. There was also another charge of larceny. Counsel said accused was also wanted at Swansea for obtaining J34 by false pretences, and also food and lodging and a pair of gloves. "It is through drink that I do ail these things," said prisoner in a written statement handed to the Bench; "when I am sober I don't do them. My companions ask me to have a drink, and then I fall. I have been to an asylum for eight months through drink. If you give me a chance I will join the army and lead a better life. I have been making 140 bags a week for the army while I was in prison. Will you give me a chance to avenge the Falaba that was sunk by the Germans? he pleaded. "I have plenty of grit. to avenge them, and I will do so if your lordship will give me a chance as I am strong enough." Prisoner pleaded guilty to the cases in regard to which he was wanted and asked that they should be dealt with at that court. The Chairman said prisoner's record was a sad one, for it represented 17 years' continuous crime. He had aggravated his offenoes very much by mas- querading and pretending that he was in the navy. It was no good his attempting to join any service— the army and navy would not take men of such a character. Prisoner was sentenced to 18 months' hard labour. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Thomas Thomas, Llandilo, was bound over in the pum of Elo to be of good behaviour for 12 months for attempted suicide on the 12th February. NOT GUILTY. James Davies (16), Benjamin Scourfield (191, and Dd. Shadrach Davies (16) pleaded not guilty to assaulting Francis Hughes, a farm servant, in the parish of Trelech. Mr. Clark Williams (instructed by Mr. W. D. Williams, Carmarthen) appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. Trevor Hunter (instructed by Mr. H. B. White) defended. Mr. Clark Williams said that on Sunday, 24th January, complainant left Penybont Chapel after service and went on her homeward journey in com- pany with one or two girl companions. They were followed by a number of boys and young men, of whom the three accused were the eldest. At a certain point Francis Hughes's companion left her. She then proceeded to the farm where she was in service, with a little girl as her sole companion. These young men followed her further, and overtook her. The jury returned a verdict of Not guilty, and the prisoners were discharged. SMASHING WINDOWS. Charles Corbett (34), labourer, pleaded guilty to two indictments charging him with committing damage to the extent of £ 10 by breaking a^ plate- glass window, the property of Cornelius Griffith, jeweller, Llanelly, and (2) with breaking a plate-glass window, the property of James W m. Mackrill, jeweller, Llanelly, causing damage to the extent of J612. Mr. Clark Williams for the prosecution said that about 11.30 a.m. on the 23rd February, the accused, for reasons only known to himself, threw a stone through a jeweller's window, and immediately pro- ceeded to another jeweller's shop and did the same thing there. Information was given to the police, and a constable accosted the defendant in the saitie street. The constable had no ground for arrest at that time, but he had hardly walked away a few paces when the accused threw a stone and smashed another window. Supt. Samuel Jones, Llanelly, said he did not know anything of the prisoner's past history only that he came to Llanelly on tramp and had committed this act immediately he was discharged from prison after two months' imprisonment for stealing a watch. Prisoner was sentenced to three months' hard labour. FALSE PRETENCES. Percy Charles Parker, formerly of Dafen, Llanelly, who appeared in the dock in military uniform, was charged with obtaining by false pretences from John Howells James, confectioner, Cowell-street, Llanelly, the sum of JB5. Mr. Trevor Hunter (in- structed by Mr. T. R. Ludford) appeared for the prosecution. J. H. James said the accused, who represented himself to be a traveller for a grocery 'firm at Swan- sea, called at his shop and gave an order for con- fectionary to the value of L7. For payment a cheque of JB12 was tendered and the accused, who represented himself as R. Williams, received R5 in change. At a later date prisoner called and made an apology for tendering the cheque and two days ago he paid back the j65. Further evidence showed that when the cheque was presented at the bank, payment was refused. In a written statement accused said he fully in- tended paying the money and did not intend to defraud. His wife and children were taken ill, and he was thrown out of work through the war. The jury found the prisoner guilty, and recom- mended him to mercy. He was bound over to be of good behaviour for 12 months in the sum of L5. PILFERING ON RAILWAY. Wm. Williams (60), High-street, Llanelly. surren- dered to his bail on a charge of stealing large quantities of goods in transit on the railway. Mr. Trevor Hunter (instructed by Mr. T. R. Ludford) for the prosecution said the accused was an em- ployee of the Llanelly and Mynydd Mawr Railway Company. For the last 10 months there had been a, very great disappearance of goods from the G.W.R. and L.N.W. Companies at Llanelly, which had been the result of suspicion being cast on a number of innocent men. Accused was the foreman on the Mynydd Mawr line at Llanelly, and it was his duty to check all goods collected and sent to the Mynyua Mawr siding. In cases where claims were made the Mynydd Mawr Company repudiated responsibility on the grounds that the pilfering must have taken place before the goods were handed over to their men. Accused was so trusted by his company that at last they put him on special detective service. Detectives from London and other places were subse- quently engaged and it was found out that it was Williams himself that committed the theft. Counsel said that this continued pilfering had involved a great deal of expense and had been the source of much worry to the company. Prisoner pleaded guilty to stealing several of the articles, and begged for leniency. He was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment.




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