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l( of 8^ CQ,2^9mS U chemists nopOman H KILLS NITS M H For the Blood is the Life." IITM SUFFER u from any SKIN or BLOOD DISEASE Such as Eczema, Scrofula, Bad J&egs, Abscesses, Ulcers, Glandular Swel- lings, Boils, Pimples, Sores of any kind, Piles, Blood Poison, Rheuma- tism, Gout, &c.? If so don't waste your time and money on lotions and ointments which cannot get below the surface of the skin. What you want and what you must have is a medicine that will thoroughly free the blood of the poisonous matter which alone is the true cause of all your suffering. Clarke s Blood Mixture is just such a medicine. Itiscomposed of ingredients which quickly expel from the blood all impurities from whatever cause arising, and by rendering it clean and pure can be relied upon to effect a lasting cure. Over 50 years' success. Pleasaut to (Clarke's\ mV Blood II r\ Mixture#! Sold by all V ■ Chemists and X H Stores, 2/9 pef ■ bottle. M Refuae B Bubatitutee. HAS CURED THOUSANDS. ■ WILL CURE YOU. | 4: *<■> »<■ mm n | TDink Of WDat I 2 good health you might rcvil in if fl you paid that attention to your dt- « gestive powers which their immense a) importance undoubtedly calls for. <j Do not think that this will be too ■j much trouble, or that you must make «j a constant study of your diet, or that fl you need deny yourself much that you « enJoy. If your stomach and digestive ■ organs are brought into proper con. 1 dition you should be able to eat and ■ drink, within reason, whatever wholesome food comes along* A safe, reliable medicine for this purpose is Bccchams Pills They relieve and banish such troubles as biliousness, constipation, wind, heartburn, discomfort after eating and the longtrainof evils that fl accompany dyspepsia* They restore the appetite and maintain the general health. This has been the experience of countless thousands of j! people who for the past seventy years § have made use of this famous prepar- J ation. If you suffer from disorder or weakness of the digestive system, does it not strike you that what these Pills have done for othersi they ] map Do for you. < Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire. Sold everywhere in boxes, price t/li and 2/9. q- Can Rely On ™Tns8uS Remedy. ID either Sex. tor all Acouired or Constitutional Discharges from Crinary Organs. Gravel. Pains in the Back and kindred complaint?. Over 50 Years" Success. Of r I 9 P U A 6 allCheinists. 4/6 tier box. or 1 a C a sent dircct, post free, for Sixty Penny Stamps by the YjfllQ Proprietors — The Lincoln M-M A A and Midland Counties Drue Co.. Ltd.. Lincoln. (Free from Mercury) 7 f GET, YQÙRPWN BACK" WI'T'H A J\ Halves the Work. Doubles the BrlghtneaSi 011,49 jbl Sprinkler Tins 2d., SdL 6d. POilSH FROM A STORES. iSSS. JAMES HCDHAN. BRISTOL. tz