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f Henry Thomas & Sons SPECIAL — Spring Show. We beg to inform you that our Buyers have just returned from London, and our Show Rooms are now replete with the I Newest Styles for Easter Trade. Important Display of Millinery and Mantles ready for inspection. 2, Guildhall Square, Agents for— Carmarthen. Burberrys and Achille Serre—Dyers and Dry Cleaners. A. H. STOODLEY Electrical Engineer and Contractor Barn Road, Carmarthen. Electric Lighting and Power, Private Plants, Bells and Telephone a speciality. 0 All business will receive personal and prompt attention. THE PRINCE OF WALES'S FUND OWN PATRIOTIC SONG, "The Homes they Leave Behind." Music by Walter Rubens. Words by Harold Begbie. The entire profits of this Song will be devoted to the National Relief Fund and the Variety Artistes' Benevolent Fund and Institution, the former receiving 75 per cent., the latter 25 per cent. THE HOMES THEY LEAVE BEHIND." Will you help them by purchasing the Sone ? Price 1/1 post free. Band parts are published at the nominal charge of 2/- net by the Publishers of tho Song, Enoch & Sons, 14 & 14a, Great Marlborough Street, London, W. A HALF-PINT Bottle of India Pale Ale costs 3d. or 3d 2 A CRATE (4 FLAGONS) OF HAYDN'S India Pale Ale. Brewed at Burton-on-Trent cost 2/9. 2d. per HALF-PINT! Light Bitter, 2/- Crate-less than 1td. per half-pint Strong Mild, 2/3 23 99 Ild. 77 „ ALL less I d. per Crate CASH. All Wines, Spirits and Mineral Waters at Store Prices. 7, King Street, Carmarthen. BLACKSMITHS. BLACKSMITHS are URGENTLY REQUIRED for service in the ROYAL ENGINEERS for the duration of the War. Men desiring to enlist as Blacksmiths in the Royal Engineers are put through a test at their trade, which is less difficult than the test for Shoeing-smiths. They might, for example, be required to cut off a length from J-irch sound bar-iron, bend into. ring of 5 inches diameter, and weld complete. For terms of pay and service apply to the nearest Recruiting Officer. FRESH GARDEN SEEDS —— 4§| Grow More Vegetables this Year. |§> —— With all foods advancing in price, it is recom- cjSu mended that greater attention be paid to the culti- La&fe ?Nf vation of vegetables. Most vegetables are, with jyijX a little care and attention, very easy to grow, and bm$j& as long as the seeds are FRESH and of good V51P germinating quality, the few pence-worth of seeds c&rl usually required to sow a garden is well worth e«*cy the outlay when compared with the value of 3MB vegetables grown. Besides, you can then be sure that your vegetables are fresh, whenever you want jjjfPl cjg* All seeds at Towy Pharmacy, the Noted Hfii House for Garden Seeds, are perfectly fresh and !8P> sound, and they are of high germinating quality, as experiments carried out before ordering have oKr proved. Buy them there, because you can be certain they are the best. rBS^ cttt* Special Low Prices to Wholesale Bityers. ¡ i m A. I. JONES, M. P.S. ^THREES? S' l|| Qualified Pharmacist, Optician & Seedsman, Ml ||| 16, LAMMAS STREET, CARMARTHEN. |j| 0 0U u 0 clIIIi qr qr u u C) 0 206th Year of the SUN FIRE OFFICE fOUNDED 17H). The Oldest inswanoo Office in the World. Copied from Policy dated 1796. Insurances effeoted on the following risks:- FIRE DAMAGE: Resultant Loss of Rent and Profits. Employers' Liability and ) Sickness and Disease, Workmen's Compensation, Burglary. Plate Glass. Fidelity Guarantee, Domestic Servants. Personal Accident, For particulars apply to the following Agents: New Quay—Mr. D. Meredith Jones. PaDtyffynnon-Mr. David Francis. Sarnau-Mr. J. Nicholas. Talsarn-Mr, Llewelyn Davies. Ammanford-Mr. David Arthur Fox. Carmarthen—Messrs. John Francis and Bon. Dolfallt-Mr. David Thomas. Garnant-Mr. Rees Davies, Brynteg. Llandilo-Mr. W. D. Jenkins, George Street. Llandovery-Mr. Thomas Phillips. Llanstephan-Mr. Henry Jones. Llanybyther-Mr. David Thomas, Blaenhirbant. Llandyssul-Mr. J. R. Harris. Lampeter—Mr. W. Davies, 26, Bryn Road. Mr. H. W. HowelL public notices SEASON 1915. CARMARTHENSHIRE SHIRE HORSE SOCIETY TTTBI undermentioned Shire Horses will travel Carmarthenshire, and will be available during the coming Season:— AMPORT SPARK (26975) Sire-Halstead Plantagenet (22412) by Nailstone Coeur-de-Lion IV. (11233) by Hitchin Con- queror (4458) by William the Conqueror (2343). Dam-4214 Brigstock Beauty by Eastoft Lad (14019). G Dam-Bonny by Dunsmore Forester (16129) by Dunsmore Forest King (13019). Third at the London Shire Horse Show, 1914. FEE JB2 10s. Od. ADMIRAL BOSCO (26958) Sire-Holker Laureate (22449) by Stolmine Premier (14877). Dam—46876 Annabella (Vol. xxvii.) by Warton Drayman (19223) by Royal Victor II. (16373). G Dam—40716 Annabel (Vol. xxv.) by Androcles (16489). « FEE JB2 10s. Od. For further particulars apply to JOHN FRANCIS, The Mount, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL ENTIRE HORSE SHOW WILL BE HELD AT CARMARTHEN PARK ON THURSDAY, 15th APRIL, 1915. CLASSES FOR CARTERS (2), HACKNEYS, COBS AND PONIES {2), AND THOROUGHBREDS. For further Particulars, Entry Forms, &o., apply JOHN FRANCIS, Hon. Sec., Carmarthen. SEASON 1915. CARMARTHENSHIRE STUD CO., LTD. TO travel Carmarthenshire during the ooming Season— ROYAL GLEN III. (28732) Sire-Glen Royal II. (21466) by Caldwioh Blend (17226) by Harold (3703). Dam-45328 Islip Maude (Vol. xxvi.). FEE 22 2s. Od. For further particulars and Cards, apply JOHN FRANCIS, The Mount, Carmarthen. LLAN DOVERY. THE ANNUAL ENTIRE HORSE SHOW Will be held in the CASTLE GROUNDS ON — Saturday (Fair Day), April 17, 1915. — For particulars apply to D. SAUNDERS THOMAS, Secretary. Belmont House, Llandovery, March 26, 1915. (3667 GOVERNMENT LIGHT HORSE BREEDING SCHEME SEASON 1915. TO SERVE THIS SEASON THAT THOROUGH- BRED STALLION, "SYSONBY" Winner of KING'S PREMIUM of B150 at Islington, 1915. OWNEBSI MEBSBB. J. F. REES and W. V. HOWELL THOMAS, CARMARTHEN. SYSONBY" will serve Half-bred Marea at 21 2s. 6d. Thoroughbred Mares at 6 Guineas. SYSONBY is by Melton (winner of the Derby and St. Leger) out of Go Swiftly by Orme out of Go Lightly by Galopin (winner of the Derby). Melton by Master Kildare out of Violet Melrose by Scottish Chief out of Violet by Thormanby (winner of the Derby). 'J SYSONBY is a powerful, short-legged bay horses, full of quality, with well-balanced shoulders, a very good back, and a deep barrel standing 16 hands 1 inch high on capital legs and feet. He is a beautiful mover, has a very good temper, and is absolutely sound. SYSONBY is a winner of races, including the Chaplin Stakes at Lincoln. "SYSONBY" will travel Carmarthenshire, and will attend Carmarthen, Whitland, St. Clears, Llan- dilo, etc., throughout the Season, and will attend Lampeter once a fortnight. The Owners will not be answerable for any injury or accident to Mares. Good Accommodation for Mares:—Mares in foal, 7/6; Barren Mares, 6/- per week. Hay and Corn if ordered. Nominations may be obtained from the following gt,ntlemen:-MR. R. H. HARRIES, The Croft, St. Clears; MR. E. JONES, Manoravon, Llandilo; MR. D. H. THOMAS, Starling Park, Carmarthen. AN TIVY SIDE HORSE SHOW At NEWCASTLE-EMLYN On FRIDAY, APRIL 30th, 1915. Cash Prizes and Five Silver Cups and Medals. CLASSES. ENTIRES. Class 1.—For the best Entire Cart Horse. 1st Prize, £ 2 2s.; 2nd do., £115. Entrance Fee, 5s. 6d. Class 2.—For the best Entire Hackney over 15 h.h. 1st Prize, £ 2 2s.; 2nd do., £ 1 Is. Entrance Fee, 3s. 6d. Class 3.-For the best Entire Cob or Pony not exceeding 15 h.h. 1st Prize, B2 2s.; 2nd do., J31 Is. Entrance Fee, 3s. 6d. 4.—For the best Entire Thoroughbred. First Prize, £1 Is. Entrance Fee, 3s. 6d. CARTER CLASSES. Class 5.—For the best Yearling Colt or Gelding or Filly not exceeding two years old. 1st Prize, £2; 2nd do., JB1; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 3s. 6d. Class 6.—For the best Mare or Gelding three years old and over. 1st Prize, JE2; 2nd do., £ 1; 3rd do., 10a. Entrance Fee, 3a. 6d. Class 7.—For the best Exhibit in Classes 5 and 6 SILVER CUP. Entrance Fee, Is. LIGHT HORSE CLASSES. Class 8.—For the best Mare or Gelding any age or height to be shown in hand. 1st Prize, £ 2; 2nd do., JBI; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 5s. 6d. Class 9.—For the best Mare or Gelding any age or height to be shown in harness. 1st Prize, £ 2; 2nd do., Ll; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 3s. 6d. Class 10.-For the best Exhibit in Classes 8 and 9, SILVER CUP. Entrance Fee, Is. Class 11.—For the best Hackney or Pony Mare, Filly or Filly Foal registered or eligible for regis- tration in the Hackney Stud Book, SILVER MEDAL. Class 12.— SILVER MEDAL and Illustrated Certifi- cate of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, for the best Stallion, Mare, Filly or Filly Foal registered or eligible for registration in the Society's Stud Book. Class 13.-Musical Chair Competition. 1st Prize, P,2 and SILVER Cup; 2nd do., JBI; 3rd do., 10s. En- trance Fee, 2s. 6d. Entry Forms on application to H. GRIFFITH, Laurels, Dinas Powis, or National Provincial Bank, Ltd., Newcastle- Emlyn, or Cardigan. Preliminary Notice. THE NEW QUAY AND DISTRICT Agricultural Show WILL BE HELD On THURSDAY, AUGUST 5th 1915. SHEEP DOG TRIALS WILL ALSO BE HELD. The next Meeting will be held on Thursday evening, May 6th, at 7.30 p.m. (3670 NOTICE. ANY person or persons found on the Tin-Works Premises after this date will be prosecuted. By Order, » T. REES DAVIES, Agent. Whitland Abbey Estate Office, Whitland. (3669 CARMARTHENSHIRE INTERMEDIATE AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION. LLANDILO COUNTY SCHOOL I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that the Managers of the Public Elementary (Non-Provided) Schools in the District of Llandilo are to nominate One Representative on the Local Governing Body of the above School on or before the 14th instant. Dated this 7th day of April, 1915. W. THOMAS, 3667) Clerk to the Governors. I RE WILLIAM THOMAS, LATE OF THE BUN. GALOW, LLANDDAROG, CARMARTHEN- SHIRE, DECEASED. A LL persons having any claims against the Estate of the above-named deceased are required to send full particulars thereof before the 21st day of April, 1915, to MORGAN GRIFFITHS, SON & PROSSER, St. Mary Street, Carmarthen, 3671) Solicitors for the Executors. LEGAL NOTICE. "DEN Howell, Tyrhos, Conwil, Carmarthenshire, deceased.—Persons having claims are requested to send same to me forthwith. -William Howell, Dangoilan, Conwil. (3674 Sales bp Huctlon COURT HENRY, GOLDEN CROVE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will LET by AUCTION at the above place on TUESDAY 13th April, 1915, about 74 Acres of Rich and Productive Land for Hay or Grazing Purposes. Letting to commence at 3 o'clock. PARC HENRI, GOLDEN GROVE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will LET by AUCTION at the above place on TUESDAY, 13th April, 1915. about 20 Acres of Rich and Productive Land for Grazing Purposes. Letting to commence at 4.30 p.m. GLANGWILI ESTATE, LLANLLAWDDOG, CARMARTHENSHIRE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will LET by AUC- TION, at the above place, on FRIDAY, 23rd April, 1915, about 60 Acres of very Rich and Pro- ductive LAND, which will be let in parcels to suit takers. Letting to commence at 3 p.m. HIGHLY IMPORTANT SALE OF PITWOOD. MR. T. L. HARRIES is favoured with instruc- tions from Mr. D. Griffiths to SELL by AUCTION, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, at 2 o'clock, on THURSDAY, April 15th 1915 (John Brown's Fair Day) in three lots, about 40 acres of Oak and other Pitwood, standing on the Farm of Penrallt-Trawscoed, near Talog, distant about miles from Conwil Station, G.W.R. Mr. D. Griffiths, at the farm, will show the Timber. Full particulars will duly appear. THE Sale of Standing Timber on the Farms of Maesgwrda, near St. Clears, and Berthllwyd, Llangunnock, will take place at the St. Mary's Auction Mart, Carmarthen, TO-MORROW (Satur- day), at 2 o'clook. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON. Auctioneers. CARMARTHEN. Sale of Freehold Business Premises and Private Dwelling-houses near Bridge. H ELLIS POOLE has been instructed by the • Owner to SELL by AUCTION, subject to Conditions of Sale to be produced, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on THURSDAY, April 15th, 1915, at 6 p.m., all those FOUR FREEHOLD COTTAGES, LAND and CORN STORES, Near the Railway Crossing at Llangunnor Road, Carmarthen, and let to John Davies, Mary Robin- son, Llewellyn Lewis, Mary Ann Thomas, and William Rees, producing a nett rental of JB46 10s. per annum. The Auctioneer begs respectfully to draw the attention of intending purchasers to the fact that the Properties are all well let and in good repair, and form a compact block for an investment. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer, at his Offices, Coldstream Villa, Llanelly, or to RODERICK & RICHARDS, Solicitors, Llanelly.

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