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POSTSCRIPT. LONDON, WEDNESDAY NIGHT. ( From our Correspondent.) accounts received tiy Government this eve- i| «i"g from Bristol, by special Messenger, entire- Iv confirm the information obtained earlier in the day of tranquility, having been merely res- tored there, but add that so efficient a force was in pos- session of the whole city and its suburbs that any fur- ther considerable outrages were not at all expected. Keiuriis have been furnished as correcttv as they could he made out of the number killed and wounded, and the destruction of property, but the contents of these dis- patches have not transpired. It is understood also that such a chain regarding the commencements of the riots has Iwen furnisltt-d as may lead to the apprehension of more than one individual of responsibility in Bristol in connection with tlwte outrages, His Majesty came to town this afternoon to hold a Council for taking the most active measure, pot onlv to prevent any further outrages at Bristol, but to prepare such plans as may be considered adviseable to arrest any similar breaches of the peace, in other parts of this country a tetter is we are told to be addressed to the Lord Lieutenants and other principal officers, in differ- ent parts of the kingdom, with instructions how they are to proceed in case of need. At the Council held this afternoon, it is stated, his Majesty expressed his sincere sorrow at the occurrences in Bristol, and it is understood orders were given for a large body of troops to he collected in the vicinity of Manchester, where fears are entertained that the appearance of Mr. Hunt, M. P. in that place may produce norne rioting. An Extraordinary Gazette is expected to be issued bt-fore the mails leave town, offering' a considerable sum, from XIOOO to £ 2,000, for the apprehension of the parties who commenced the Bristol riots. ELECTION OF LORD MAYOR.—The poll finally closed this afternoon when the following numbers were exhibited,— For t!«e I,ord Mayor 2557 For Alderman Kelly .2315 For Alderman Farebrother. 684 On Friday afternoon the return will he made to the Court of Aldermen, and they will have to make their choice who shall serve the office. It is confidently said that they will return Sir J. Key. The late occur- rences at Bristol, it is hoped, will tend to influence the niinds of the Aldermen not to pursue any longer a course w. ich may lead to disturbances in the city. STOCK EXCHANGE, Tuts DAY (Three o'Clock.) S per Cent Con 82 £ | India Stock 196 197 Con. for Ac. 8VJ | Bank Stock 192 193 Sjper Cent Red. 8gB K*. Bills 7 g S per Cent Red. India Bonds 2 1 (lis New 3.5 1) er Cent. 90. New Ann. 16 9-16 4 exdi. 4 per Cent 99^ Scrip THE COURT FOR RELIEF OF INSOLVENT DEBTORS. 2V. It, See the Notice at the end of this Advertisement. T11HE Matter of the Petition and Schedule of the M. Prisoner hereinafter named (the same ha>4ng been filed in the Court) is a ppointed to he heard as follows: At the Stiire-liall the County of Carmar- then, on the I wenty-fifth diy of November, 1831, at eleven o'clock in the morning precisely. FRANCIS FRANCIS, late of the Village of L'ande- veilog, in the County of Carmarthen, Shopkeeper. TAKE NOTICE. J. If nny creditor intends to oppose a prisoner's discharge, notice ohuch intention must begiven to the said prisoner in writing, three clear days before the dav of hearing, exclu. sive of Sunday, and exclusive both of the day of givine such notice and of the said day of hearing. 2 But in the case of a prisoner, wlnm |,is creditors have removed, by an order of the Court, from a gaol in or near London, for hearing in the country, such notice of oppose lion will be suiffcient, if given one clear day before the day of hearing, 3. The petition and schedule will be produced by the prower iftlfjfcef far inspection and examination at the Office of the Court in London, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between the hours of ten and four: and copies of the petition and schedule, or such part thereof as shall be required, will be provided by the proper officer according to the Act T Geo. 4, c {57t sec. 76. N.B. Entrance to the Office, in Portugal-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. 4. The duplicate of the petition and schedule, and all books, papters, and Writings filed therewith will be pro- duced for inspection and examination by the Clerfc q? the Peace, Town Clerk, or other person with nttiwi tine same shall have been directed to be lodged for such purpose at theotfive of Mich Clerk of the Peace or other person, and copies of the petition }»rtd schedule, or snchpnrt thereof at ftiall be rmftttatel, gtfuiJ be there provided according to the Act 7 Gee. 4, c. 77, or the Act 5 Geo. 4, c. 61, rec. I I, as The case 113ay 1 •Carmarthenshire.. Militia. Notice is hereby Given, |TI A 1 all the Me-ri. enrolled to. serve in the IlEGU- J1 LA R ,M 1 LI 1 1A of the COUNTY of CARMARTHEN, (subsequent, to I he. First Day of January last.) are requ red to ASSEMBLE at the TOWN of ('ARMABTHKV, on WEDNESDAY, the NINTH Dav of VOVKMBER neif, at Ten of the 'Clock in the Foicnoon of the same Day, there to remain' to be Traint-d and Exercised for she Space or Period of T.vei)t eight DIMS. All Absentees will, be declared Debet let s, and rid punished accordingly. B Order of the Lieu'tenalicy.' .JOHN REES, Clerk of the (ieneral Meetings. Dated JIF I.lnndilo, in the said Ononis,? (lie 26th Day of Oi t itter, 1831. S ;1" i 1, 1,1 A 1-1 PH I LLI litte of A (irondre, in the County of Pembroke, Estjuire, deceased, are requested immediately to forward particu- lars of lhei.r.Claims TO WIN. and Thus. Evans, Solicitor,, HaverTurd west. RIM HE ANNUAL MEETING of the- PEiYI- M BROKESHIRE HUNT will commence on Monday, the 14th November next. Col. OWEN. M P. ) JAMES H1GGON, Esq.$Awards. POOR CUEiilES. several BENEFACTIONS of Mr. STOCK. Jl Mrs JOY, and Mrs. STAFFORD, to POOR CU. RATES will be distributed at Christmas next, hv the Cor- poration of the Sons of the Clergy. —Blank Petitions may be had at the Corporation House, No. 2, Bioomsbury Place, the hours of II and 3. To be Let, for a Term of Years, on SOLD, RGNHAT neat and picturesque DivellingvTionse, called JL PET Ell WELL COTTAGE This Cottage is situated one niile from the Town of Car- marthen. ON the Milford Road, contaiuing two Silting ltt)otris, Kitt-I)en, Ptritr v, Celfir,,iii(I four LIED Chambers. The detached hllilltin consist of a Back-Kitchen. Balhin-, Cellar, and Coal HOUSE.; also, a Two Stall-Stable; Store-Koom, Coach-House, Cart-House, and A LIL> > ITER'S^ Cottage, consi-ting of I wo Rooms. There i s I )aF ge Flower- garden in the frint. ind a productive Kitchen-garden he. hind; with two Fields attached, containing upwards of three Acres of Meadow ground. For further paitirulars, inquire: (if by letter poet-paid) oftheUev. D. Peter, Peter-well Cottage; or at Messrs. Bagnall and Son. Guild-hall qflare, Carmarthen. Oci. 14tli, 1831. KIDWELLY DISTRICT grnrtipfee grrngt THIS is to O-ive notice, That the next MEETING I -&- of the TRUSTEES will he holden at tin: PELI- CAN in KIDWELLY, on TUESDAY, the 15th day of NOVEMSKR instant, when it is proposed to/submit to their consideration the propriety of taking, from and after the 3¡J day of Feb. ruary next, the full amount of Tolls authorized by the hist Act of Pailiameut to be taken from that period. By Ol der of the Trustees, J. J. STACEY, Cieik. Dated the 4th day of November, 1831. CARDIGANSHIRE. Notice is herby given, FLLHA L the General Quarter Sessions of the peace FI for this County, stands adjourned, to be held at the Feathers' Inll, ai AberaMon, on Wednesday the 9ih day of November nexc, for the purpose of taking into con- sideration the propriety of fix ng an earlier dav in fit, week, lor holding the Qua 1 ter Sessions in ftiiiii-e and also for the purpose of taking tlw sene of the Magistrates, upon the most proper and convenient plates for holding such Sessions, for the General benefit of the inhabitants of the county, when IInd where the attendance of the Magistrates is requested. By Order of the Coio T. .fll,,Y,\ION, Clerk of the peice. Dated this 24th day of Oct. 1831. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Advo,syson for Sale. THE ADVOWSONof,or PERPETUAL RIGHT of PRESENTATION to, the VICARAGE of LANGQNOYT), in the cout-tv of There is a comfortable Parsonage-House, Garden, Sta- bling, Field of about two Acres, and four Cottages belong- ing thereto, and close to the paiish churfh. The situation of the Parsonage is reinawkibl.v liciltli,v, tbesurrounding scenery delightfully picturesque, command- ing an extensive view of the Bristol Channel, and the river Ogtnore (which is at nshort distance) atfurds very good FLV I fishing, 1 Distant from the town of Bridgend,ab titsix miles; from Neath, 8 miles. Apply In Mr. Thomas Thomas, Solicitor, Swansea, (if by letter, post paid). REGULAR COMMUNICATION BY STEAM, FROM Milford, to Bristol 8f Liverpool, With Passengers and Goods. rpHE superior'First Class, War-Office Steam Packet JL IiEF, Lieut. N. Chapman, R. N„ Cotnmander, -saHs: regularly between MILFORD, LIVERPOOL, and BRIITOL, with PASSENGERS and GOODS. The following Towns, to which there are excellent con- veyances, are but a short distance ftom Milford .-Haver- tordwest. 7 miles; Pembroke. 6 miles Pembroke Dock, 4 Narberth, 17 miles; Solva, 17 miles; St. David's, O miles Fishguard, 20 miles and Tenby, IS miles. Intended Times of Departure in November. PROM MILFORD FOR LIVMIIPOIIL. Sunday. 6th Nov at 6 morning. Wednesday. 16th 6 ditto. Saturday, 26th 4 ditto. FROM MILFORD TO BRISTOL. Friday, 11th Nov* at 4 afternoon. Monday, 21st 2ditto T'huridii.I-t Dec. ilooll. Carriages, Horses, and Live Stock, shipped with care at very low freights, the accommodation for the same being of thebeetdetcripHon. FARES. TO BRISTOL. TO LIVERPOOL. £ 8. D. £ S. D C«.BIN • I 1 0 CABIN.111 6 STEWARD'S FEE, A 2 6 STEWARD'S FEE; 0 2 6 DECK. 0 IT) 6 1 DECK. 0 15 Q CARRIAGE(4WHEEL'D) 2 0 0 CARRIAGES(4WHEELVNS 10 0 DO. (2DO.). 1 5 0 DO. (2DO.). I 15 0 I 5 0 HORSES 1 ]] 6' DOGS 0 3 0 DOGS. .0 5 .0;! REFRESHMENTS OF THE BEST DESCRIPTION PROVIDED ON BOARD ON MODERATE TERM*/ A ,I^EINT&|E;-AT^NDS'4IW'(^DV*F CHTIIII, J F«R further particulars apply to M,e#srsi:,Wntson, A.Piio* Clarence Dock,_ Liverpool, the General Steam Packpt Office, Quay, Bristol | or Mr. Walter W. Harries, Milford. To tlie Worshipful G. U. J. PRICE, Esq. 1 MAYOR OF CAUDtGAN. JJTR, the undersigned, being Burgesses tnd Inhu-1 bitants of the Town of Cardigan, rmjuest that I your Worship will be pleased to fix the earliest con- venient day to hold a Meeting of the said Burgesses and Inhabitants, to address His .Majesty, expressing their grief at the rejection of the Reform Bill by the House of Lords, to testify their confidence in His Ma- jesty's present administration, and to take such other steps as the crilical slate of affairs may render advis- able. as well to secure the ultimate success of the Great Measure of Barlia nentary Reform, as to guard against any possible violation of the public peace. n. TllfllIlas, Clerk William (ii iffiih John Piigh T. Bowen i'iios. l.undy Rich. Jones p, H, own (ohnl'Vrtier r. Davies Thoma, Davies John Evans J Jones W. Jone- Owen !ojd David Phillips John Mathias J Evan Evans Thomas LloyJ O. Mind David Thomas David Recs J. M.'Cord John Phillips W. Amloi Thomas J one* iienjamiii Evans S. Williams John Jarns Jone William Davies Morgan Jenkins John Jenkins W. Williams J. Moisc John Jones T.iotnus Jones I). Jenkins Thomas Jones iohn tlavard T. CJeorge Jonathan Jones 1'. Mitchell W. J. ISaynes Niiiii;iti R. Harris D. Mathias David Evans Thomas Oliver In parsuance of the above Requisition, appoint a i)Iei-tiiig, to be held; in the Town-Hall, Cardigan, on Monday, the Hth&f November, ntut, ut 42- o'clock qtt noon. (SignedJ G.B.J. PRICE. Pigeon'.v Ford, Oct I S3 1.

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