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THE foreign intelligence conveyed to ns by the French papers of Saturday is oi more than ordinary interest. -"Tb?y*^nnounee, on tlie au- thxrity of letters from Trieste, received on Friday in Paris by express, that the Austrian govern- ment his issued for the disbanding of the great- er portion f if-s troops which were stationed in the Venetian provinces or Lombard v. This measure seems confirmatory of what the prime minister of France stated in the Chamber of Deputies, that Europe had now arrived at the point who) a genera! disarming might take place without disgrace or danger to any country. We have seen several letters from Rotterdam, which state that the Dutch were preparing to oppose the entrance of the English into the Scheldt. A 90 gun ship and several other brgcr vessels of war were off the mouth of that river, prepared to resist Admiral Warren's squadron. The Prince of Orange had issued an address to the soldiers and seamen, stating the con- fidence the King had, that they would repel any at- tack from whatever quarter it might coin.t-, itntl again 11 cover themselves with glory, as they had previously done. The squadron lately collected in the Downs, con- sisting of three ships of the line, four frigates, and two brigs, got under weig-h at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. There can be little doubt that the squa- ctron is destined for the Scheldt., The wind being tair, •' tivoii is ti(-stiiieti for t!ie it can easily reach Flushing hy the morning's tide. Count VValewski, who acted as the representative £ in this country) of tiie unfortunate Poles, broke up iiis.establishment in St. on Saturday, and has left town for Paris. A very affecting scene, took place on the domestics being toid to put aside the tri coloured cockade, the emblem of the nation now extinct. His Excellency, more fortunate titan many of his countrymen, possesses a large fortune, and has proceeded to Paris to arrange some public affairs he is expected to return to this country in about six weeks, when, it is said, he will lead to the altar the amiable and accomplished daughter of the Counte-ss of Sandwich. The enthronizit ion of the Rev. Dr. Mai thy, as Bi- shop of Chichester, took place at ten o'clock on Sa- turday morning, with the usual ceremonies in the Ca- thedral.

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