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LONDON, MONDAY, OCT. 17. -I THE Belgian question is, we think, at last about to be settled. The just claims of Holland have at last prevailed with the conference, whose de- termination was, we doubt not, in a coiisideriti) I e, degree influenced by the different conduct of the two nations in the last contest. Half of Limburg, (includ- ing Maestricht) and almost all Luxemburg, must be. delivered to Holland-, and 13elgit3;ii is,to pay half ot the joint debt. These terms are no more than Holland ought to claim; bat we have no doubt that they will occasion a great ontcry in Belgium. The warlike tune of the Belgians has, however. considerably abated, and it may be seen, by the letter of our. Brussels Cor- respondent, that no small anxiety prevails throughout the country. It seems almost impossible to depend rrpon the Civic (iaards, who refuse to move when there I is any appearance of danger; and the troops of the line are inconsiderable in number, and we should sup- pose not very formidable in other respects. Unless France, therefore, interferes with a higher hand than she seams inclined to do, (and her interference cottld now be met by the northern powers, since the Polish revolution has left the Russian armies, and the Prus- sian cordon at liberty) Belgium will have no choice bnt to submit. 4t has, indeed, paid dearly for tltv-glo- rious revotution of September.—Standard. The Sun of Saturday says "There are rumotii s in the higher circles, that Ministers have had an intima- tion from various of those Noble Peers who have hi- therto violently opposed the Reform Bill, that pro- viding certain alterations are conceded in- the details of the Bill, they need not resort to the dernier measure of creating a batch of new Peers. We are assured that Lord Grey and his colleagues intend to accept the sup- port t'ms tendered, but on condition that all the great and leading principles of the measure remain entire; SJ ttnt on the commencement ofa new session, we may anticipate very little opposition to it. In support ot 'those rnmours, we can state, upon what we consider very good authority, that many of the leaders of each party, belonging to the House of Lords, havebeen seen in earnest conversation with each other. A few days a Lord Wharncliffe was engaged upwards of hair an "hour in close conversation with the Marquis of Lans- dowtre in a room adjoining the House of Lords, and Lord W. sending away his own carriage, accompanied the Noble Marquis home. On Friday night the Duke of Sussex left his seat, and crossing over to that of the Duke of Cumberland, t ok his Royal Relative by the hand ancl introduced him to the Duke of Richmond. These circumstances may indicate a desire, on the part of the opposition, to compromise and prevent the intro- duction of a great number of new Peers-a measure which they view with much alarm. The Kent and Essex Mercury savs :-As soon as the news arrived of the fate of the Reform Bill, a meeting t place of the Chiselhurst troop of Yeomanry Ca- valry, commanded by Viscount Sidney residing at Wool'wjch, and Greenwich, when they came to the re- solution of immediately sending in their resignatiom, j together with their arms & accoutrements, as they could not conscientiously continue under the command of an anti-r. former." We have also heard that another Ken- tish body of Yeomanry under the command of Lord Winchelsea, actuated by similar motives, have adopted precisely the same course. < It is supposed the delays to the progress of certain bills will prevent the prorogation of Parliament before Thursday or Friday. It xvtll I)t,, we understand, for the usual term—forty days. This will afford the go- vernment ample time to prepare the bill, which, what- ever may be the natural but unnecessary fears of one party and the vain hopes of another, will fully satisfy the jiist expectations of the people of England A silk-gown has been given to Mr. O'Connell, pre- paratory, it is expected, to his taking high office in Ireland.

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