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SATURDAY, OCT. 15. We have received this morning, by special express, all the Paris papers of Thursday, and the late edition of the Messager des Chambres, dated yesterday. In the extracts which we have made from these papers, we find it stated that military preparations on rather a large scale are going on in Spain. What the object of these L% preparations may be is only conjectured: and the con- jecture is, that if Russia, as people imagine, will inter- fere against France in any approaching contest, Spain will be ready to co-operste on the south with the forces of the Emperor. An alliance offensive and defensive is said to be entered into between Ferdinand and Mi- guel, whose forces will we suppose, be promised in the same cause; but we think that tho internal affairs of their own kingdom will give these potentates quite enough to do, without meddling with those of their neighbours. The Messager, however, denies the truth of these statements, and says chat the Government has received no information of the kind. It adds, that the movement of large bodies of troops to the frontiers spoken of in the National, is nothing more than that some regiments have been ordered to march and relieve the garrisons in the frontier fortresses. Some 1talian journals mention that a new organised being has been discovered in the interior of Africa, which seems to form an intermediate link between ve- getable and animal life. This singular being has the I shape of a spotted serpent. It drags itself along on the ground, and, instead of a head, has a flower shaped like a bell, which contains a viscous liquor. The flies and other insects, attracted by the smell of this juice, enter into the flower, where they are caught by the ad- hesive matter. The flower then closes, and remains shut until the prisoners are bruised and transformed into chyle. The indigestible portions, such as the head and the wings, are thrown out by two lower spiral openings. This vegetable serpent has a skin resem- bling leaves, a white and soft flesh, and instead of a bony skeleton, a cartilaginous frame filled with yellow marrow. The natives consider it delicious food. WHOLESALE MURDER.—(From the Chambersburg (Pa.) Republican, Sept. 13.)—One of the editors was in company with a gentleman on Wednesday last direc from Halifax, whp stated that he had witnessed the trial of Henry Gambles, Capt of the Lady Sherbroke, from Londonderry, shipwrecked near Cipe Ray, on the 19th ult., by which 213 persons lost their lives, the particu- lars of which were given in our last. Capt. Gambles was convicted of intentionally wrecking the ship to get at the insurance, and sentenced to be hunij; arter which he confessed that he deserved the punishment. Our informant states that so heart-rending were the details of this horrible scene, in vvhich nfcarly 300 hu- man beings were consigned to a sudden and watery grave, that the whole Court, and apf arentlyall the spectators, shed tears. One of the witnesses, whose arm was broken, had lost his wife and a large family. DUBLIN.—The address moved at the Dulmn meeting contains the following passage :—"That if the Reform Bill did not pass, then the repeal of the union would be sought for, not by those alone who sought for that measure at present, bat by every individual in Ireland, no matter wh-it his former opinions might have been." The next resolution was—" I'Uat inasmuch gs on be late division in the Jlousje of Lords -on the Iteofrw I3»U. ;the balance was turned against the King, the Commons, and the people, by the Bishops of the established church, we will, in the calamitous event of a Tory Ad- ministration obtaining the reins of Government, call uponjhe people of the empire to follow a course with regard to taxation and tithes pursued bv the Society of 'Friends towards certain impositions of the church es- tablishment." Thanks were then voted to pari Grey and the rest of his Vaiesty s ;"u e for their ener-j ti I -getic conduct during the progress of the Bill.


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