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lo tne Editor of tite Carmarthen Journal. t'm.- A coi-resi)ordert of yours, under Hie appellation of A Constant lie irer." i);iv!n>r il;(,tight proper to address ■\011 "'I I lie subject of the late meeting of the Carmarthen w ?|Co-V<! 0I1, ,a"d (he rpsol«!!ons adopted relative to WelMi (* ilioejrapliv, I beg \ou u ill allow me to offer a few remarks on the same. Your correspondent insinuates that the meeting was un- authorised, and that the members had no right to derive 0,j sueli important questions, without previous notice be:n<j- Slyen in all the members. Such expressions, Sir, .-ire onlv calculated to mislead vmir leaders, and partiei)l¡nJy If) prejudice (lie Weish Prelates against (he Memorial agreed upoti in favour of Mr. Jones's S.xstem of Orihography" hrt at the same time, (hey prove the author of them to b°'verv deficient in knowl_edge_nf the affairs of the Soriefv, or ii,n't ie is guilty of willul misrepresentation. I assure'him rh?!t the meeting alluHed tf> did not assume any authority u irh w,i:ch It was not l;iufu]l\ invested. In the fir. place ihe question was discussed at a regular monthly meeting, when it was the duty of every member to be present, v, Jihont ;inv notice. « bat ever the importanc? of the transactions might u\tiin £ (uaf some ill-nafU'cd absentee mitrhi cavil at the tlec.sionsof the meeting, especiaily.if the MemotiaS would ue atioplcd, a meet i: ;?f tiu* (npinb^rs con^tiiatini the committee, (residing in the toxvn and reighb-urhood who alone have the direction and management ot the alYir* of the Society, was regularlv convened pieviou-lv wbo'iu" thorised the Secretary it) send notices to all )h,.nF!her!t .tating that their presence was pat ticnlarl\ requested as the Skit) ji-et of Welsh Orthography wouid b "tJh( iinder tne consiuerat ion of the meeting. These not ices were con- -equen;Iy sell! to all, except non-roirieni members to vvhon tt would be very inconvenient, if not imno sibte to send, except through tiie medium of a pnblicadvert sement acd IIMJ that been adop(« D. is it likely that persons living at the distance of 2d or 30 miles, and w ho only trouble the society w ith their presence sometimes at the annual meetin" vvou.d have attended at that monthly meetin«? i'tit n<lt legaids tiie Rev. James CnilBth, he was con-ulted with before ain step was taken 5 the meeting; and the resolutions aad ins full concurrence, although he could not make it convenient 10 attend on that particular night and. folly convinced of the superiority of the sss etn advocated by irti. he was the first to sign the Memorial in its fa. voiir. — Hoping thai these remarks will give entire satisfac- tion to your" Constant Header," I remain, Sir, yours itulv, r,0 "A MEMBER. IS. Vliat occasion has Constant Header" lobe alarmed j at (lie nee sum of the meeting alinded to If he is a ber, he has contributed to reward Mr..lone* for his st>c- cessrul i.bsav on Wel>!i Orlliography t if not. I cannot ner- eelve that ne has any reason for interfering iu the matter.

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