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CARMARTHEN MARKETS: I vV.ieat ,.5s, 9 i. to 6s. 6d. per 'winch. oFfi lib Barley..3s. 61. to 4s. Od. per do. imperial Oats-Is, 4 1. to 2s. 01. tier do. do. Tuesday List, there was a meeting of the Rtna Deans, for tiie Archdeaconry of Carmarthen, at li Ivy Bush Inn, to report on the state of the Churc' es, in their respec ivj Deaneries, &c. aucl we were sorry o' find-that tiie .venerable Archdeacon was unable to at- tend, in eons quence of debility, resulting from reeen illness: we are h iwevr, lianpy to hear that the ve- nerable gentleman is gradually recovering. After the business of tile (lay hail been disposed of, the B s l- op honored the Clergy assembled with his company at dinner, and by his amenity and conversational powers contributed not a little to the gratification of the meet- ing. Tuesday-last, a meeting of the Reformers was h-ld in the '1 oun-il til, to address his Majesty on the rejec- tion of the,Reform hill. An address was adopted, ex- pressive of their confidence in his Majesty's M'ni ters, and embodying an application for the exertion of the Royal prerogative in the creation of a fresh body cf Peers to overbear the late mnjority, and to reverse tiie r decision. We have not heard whether they conns lied his Majesty as to the persons he should select for this dispensation of d gnity. If it is intended to include IVelstitijen in this new creation, we hope the claim* oi the Peripatetic orator who gambols our pubiic meet- ings, will not be forgotten. There might have been 1 a hundred to a hundred and fifty persons present at this meeting, the proceedings of which were very tame.— Placards were distributed announcing the mee'tinland the crier's bell was sent round the town to collect the friends of thee cause, in much the same manner as a frying-pan is beaten to collect bees into a hive, but not more than the numbei we have mentioned responded to the call. Fhe whole b.ll men tire obviously losing gronnd here..We understand that the address has been subsequently signed by upwards of I,CeÜ persons. The-Carmarthenshire Harriers will meet on Tuesday next, at Green Castle, on the Llanstephan road and on Friday, at Troedrhiw Bridge, on the Lkmpiiuipsaini toad,—each morning at 10 o'clock. A requisition, signed by some of the most re- spectable freeholders and others of the County of Car- marthen, lla been sent to the High Sheriff, retmestitier him to convene a Meeting at Llandilo, on the 21st inst. to address his Majesty in consequence of the rejection of the Reform Bill by the Mouse of Lords.—See Adv. PEJUIROKESIUHB ELECTION.-—Haverfordwest Oct 12th, two candidates for the repre.-en'tation of the county of Pembroke, have been actively engag-ed during the by gone weeks canvassing the frecho.'ders —Mr. Greville, hitherto, appears the most successful. He still seems to float along the stream of popularity, and is received in the different towns with waving' banners and with loud huzzas I" The tocsin of free- dom,-sounded on a late occasion, still echoes through thfc Welsh vales 'mid mountains high;" and num- bers, irresistible numbers, in right of th"il' elective franchise, are rushiug to the seat of war," anxious to display their feelings of liberty. By the time this pa- ragraph gets tin,ler the jurisdiction of the printer, the contest will have commenced, and f»reat uill be the struggle for the victory. One consolation, at all events, will be afforded the county, viz.:—that who- ever may he the successful candidate, men of and fortune have come forward to light for its inde- pendence. Iu this they have but done their duty, and like the explanation given by the jolly tar who con- pared the empty bottle to a marine officer, "are ready to do so again." Haverfordwest, Thursday night.~V\\Q election com- menced this evening at four o'clock, and at tie close of this day's poll there was a majority of 12 in favour of Sir John Owen; the numbers being- for Sir John, 64; Mr. Greville, 52.—There seems to be no doubt of Sir John's return. The hull and materia's of the barque Cherokee, wrecked at Fresh Water West, in the county of Pernl broke, were sold last week. The copper with which she was fastened, having the King's mark on it, is being delivered to the authorities at Pembroke Dock Yard. On the 2d inst. the Lord Bishop of Llandaff, was pleased to institute the Rev, Hugll Wiiii«mS. M. A. to the Vicarage House of Llanarth, Monmoflths}¡ire, and the Rev. Daniel Jones, M. A. to the Vicarage of Caer- leon, in the same county. The Lord Bishop of Llandaff held an Ordination in the Cathedral at Llandaff on Sunday last, when the following Candidates were ordained — Priest:J:—George fjore, M. A.. of Kminannel Col'e^e, Cambridge; Thnmas Da vies, B. A., of JesiN Collee- Ox- ford William Henry Tudor, B. A., of Trinity College Cambridge; Thomas Wall Lan^slri.w, li. A., of St, Johti-s College, Cambridge Thomas Beavan, of St. David's Coi- lege, L;iii)|)eter; William Price, of the same; Tlios. Jolill Grjmlh. iiijeuiti.. ;'Deacon* K.J wnrd Bosanquet, B. A., qF Trioiy College Cambridge'; Arthur Williams, Literati; David j'ames, Li- terati; [iUvfird Price, Literati. Nnw RACE COUPSB, BRECON.—It having' been as- certained t!;at the Abercunrig Course cotild' tiot be ng-ainused fur the Brecon-,hire Races, Sir Charles Morgan, during his late stay at Brecon, kindly grant- ed permission for the a I,a"i, cc)ursa over his meadows, called the Island, on the" Brecon side of tl/e Uslr. This new course will be much more convenient than the old one, inasmuch as the drive thither for carriages, &c. from the town of Brecon is only about a quarter of a mile, whereas vehicles of every description lVere ohlige.cl to go a round of about three and a half miles to get to the old course. We-understand that the other proprietors of land, over which part of the course will extend, have also consented to the course being made. A meeting was held at the Town Hall, Brecon, on Thursday se'hnighf, when Sir Charies Morgan, Bart. C. Morgan, M .F. for the Boro-hgh, and several other gentlemen of the town and neighbour- hood, attended. At this riieeting it was determined that the Breconshire Races should be kept up with spirit, and that stands should be erected on .the new course for the accommodation of the spectators. To effect this object a subscription was immediately enter- ed into to the amount of X200 in shares of £ 20 each From the lfattering encouragement thus held out-great expeCtiWfotis are entertained of the future races at Bre. con. We understand that one of the stewards for thP next races will bo Joseph Bailev, E-q. of Naotyglo. -v f The Pembrokeshire Fox-hounds meet on Mondar at Ijsndslnpping and on Thursday, at We&tu..d;l nioriiing at 10 o'c! tek. I The surprising quantity of 2 reeks of potatoes, weighing 2oiiis. was lately ting in the garden of J ,lj, -V<1 Williams, Esq. of Alderhronk HalLthe produce >t one single potatoe; of the Iiish cup kind, pLuted BRECKNOCKSHISE MtLi'rtA.—After 28 day's service at Brecknock, this corps -was oii Wednesday, the 5th instant. Too much praise cannot he given "to the officers for the -discipline of the regiment^during toe snort space of their continuing together, and to the men for t^heir- good conduct both in quarters and else • where. ■■ They are generally acknowledged to be a fine ina promising* hotly ot young'-nx;n* i he serjfants, according to a: c cut Ciistc: were, on Wednesday, chaired arouiid tiie town by their respective companies. The inhabitants of Haverfordwest were exc edin^ty Oil • •f a Mayer, Sheriff, -See. for that town for the ensuing year. The lids been attributed to the no; utendance of the nom.resident Couneilmen, who'Com- :jose the greater portion of its body, the Charter nq i r ng that the major part of l.iie Couneilmen should attend, to put the Mayor, &c. in nomination. A -very indignant address Iws appeared,addressed to the Burgesses generally, and we are rv(,n to under- stand that -a mandamus will he moved for, eariv next term, to compel tiie Corporation to-.proceed "to the usual election,

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