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»■■]< 4 'i" POSTSCRIPT.. LONDON, WEDNESDAY NIC.KT. THE ClrY ADD'RK'SS TO T[It" MAJJiS. TY'S ANSWER. ,|RS|HE Lord Mayor accompanied by the Corpoi-it- §| tion Officers, and a large body of the Common Council, '.vent up this afternoon, to St. James'S Palace, to present the address agreed to by the Common Council, on Saturday last. His Majesty received the Lord Mayor and Common Council, with much apparent gratification, and the Recorder having sent the address, expressive OF the ardent wishes of the Common Council,that his Majesty WOULD have measures. to ensure the passing of the Re- form Dill, of confidence in Ministers, Sic. the King- delivered the following reply:-— I receive with satisfaction theexpression of jour loyalty and attachment to my person and government, and of) out confidence in my Constitutional advisers. You may he assured of my sineeie desire to uphold and to implore securities afforded bv the Constitution, for the maintenance of the just rights of mv people; and you mux- rely on my continued disposition to further the adoption of such measures, a? may seem calculated for that puipo;e. For the safe and successful accomplishment of sllrh measures, it is above ail things necessary that they should ))e discns>ed u iih calmness and deliberation; and 1 ear- nestly recommend to vou to u<e all the influence you justly possess with your fcj(ow citizens, for the purpose of preser- ving the public peace from any interruption "by acts of violence and co;nmo¡ioo." His Majesty at the conclusion of the answer, bowed to the Lord Mayor, and the deputation, then retired. His illajestv Oil paragraph liis Majesty expressed himself with great emphasis. The multltnde of people which were assembled to day in the vicinstyof St. James's Palace were estimated AT 150,000.—All has yet passed o'f quietly. The day appointed for the election of a Lord Mayor, in consequence of Alderman Thorpe's refusal to accept the office, is Friday next. I STOCK EXCHANGE, THIS DAY (Three o'Clock.) S per Cent Con S0t| Iiidit Stot-k COH. fur Ac. SOH Bank Stock ISO 190 S^per Cent Red. 86H Ev. Bills 5 7 3 per Cent Red. 7&#± India Bonds 4? din New 3$per CRHT.-SLIF NEW Ann. 1(U- 3 16 e.V. div 4 per Cent 96* Scrip Important Sale of Thorough- Bred Horses. Œo bt SolU by tttttott, Oil the Preiiiise.4, at UZMASTON, near Haverfordwest, on Tuesday, the 18(h day of October, 1831, By Mr. GEO. GOO DK, F SLHE follaiviti'F HORSES IN -Training,'BROOD -FT. MARES, \OUNG STOCK, &c. with their En- giigeiiients STALLION. 1. Cain, by Ptt)li,iv:tz.- one of Cain's Stock has yet started, viz., Sensitive, who-won (be two-year old Stakes !)Hiiy<-ar,ntHixtt)ft,andthf-!n«year.oidS)akcs:ff({t)r- ton-on-Trent, beating;, at the latter place, Mr. Beard worth's celebrated Colt, Ludlow, &c. IJORSES IN TIZAINING. 2. Doctor Prllls/ltg, aged, by Filho, out of the Maid of Lorn, by Cast ret. 3. Brussels, old, by Waterloo, out of Sprite, by Phantom. BROOD Nl k n I'tS AND FOALS. 4. Mary, by Friday, out of Luna, by Volunteer, grandma -Stargazer, by Higlll er, srreat-^iandam Miss West, by Mat- by Ed. mund. 5. Bay Colt Foal, at her foot, by Cain. 6. Lyilia, by Poul'ton out of Variety, hv Hyacinlhns, grandain sister to Swordsman, by Weasel—Turk,—Locust Changeling—Cade—Little John, &c.-Covered by Ed- mund. 7. Bay Filly Foal, at her foot, by Cain. 8. Sprite, bv Phantom, out of Ralphina,'by Buzzard grandam by J)nn°;arinon great-grandam Heinel, by Squir- rel; great-great-wrandam Principcssa by Blank — CuHen Arahian-Grisewoot!'s Lady-Thigh, &c,—'Covered by Ed- mund. 9. Bay Colt Foal, at her foot, by Cain. 10. Brown Mare, bv Prime Minister, (the dam of Pedes.) trian) out of a Shaiile Mare, (tile dam of Consul, Cambyi j ses, Rein Deer, Sir.) gmqdnm by 'Highflyer (Scud's dam), j>reat-?randam August a-• by Eclipse—s'eat-great, J grand am. Hard w ic k V dam hy Herod — Bajazet —Regains—-| Lonsdale Arabian—J Jay BoUoo —Darley?s Arabian.—Co- vered by Edmund. II Brown Colt Fool, nl her (onl, by Cain, engaged inthe Produce Stakes at Bath, 1834, 50 Sovs. each, h. ft. 25 Sub- scribe's. 12, Prude,bv Phantom, out of a black Stamford Mare$ ralldam by Violet, liy Shark—great-great-grandam by Sypboii-great-great-great- g'andam Cha !otte, by Blank—Crab —D\er's' Dituple— Wily not- I Mare, &c.—-Covered by Edmund, YEARLINGS. 13 Uncle Toby, a chesnut Colt, by Cain, out of Marv engaged in the Derby, 1833 in the t'i):Il stakes at Balh, 1833; 50 Sovs. each, h. ft.; and in the foal stakes at Wal- wick, 1833; 50 Sovs. each, h. ft. 14. Bay Filly, by Cain, out of Lvdin. 15, Bay Filly, by Cain, out of Sprit e, by Phantom; en- gaged in a produceniatch at Cheltenham, iti 1S33 50 Sovs. each, h. ft. to carry 7st. 12lbs. against a Colt by Trnmp, out of Defiance, Sit, libs,; the Tramp Colt to carry-Slbs. extra, if he wins the. Bath produce stakes. 16. Pagoda, a bay Filly, by Poiygar, out of Pedestrian's dam. TWO YEARS OLD. 17. Father Barney, a bay Colt, by of Mary: engaged in the foal stakes at Warwick, in 1832; 50 Sovs. each, h. f'. 15 Subscribers. !8. Counterpart, a brown Filly, by Mr. Totnes's Dupli- i catc, out of Pedestrian's dam. Also, three superior Hunters, and a.Pair of handsome Grey Ponies, with Phoclon and Harness complete. To be viewed Two Days previous to (he Sale. a::T The Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. COSTIVENESS. THE newly invented, self-acting1 apparatus, for ad- ministering" LAVEMENTS, and medicated in- jections, recommended by Mr. Edward Jukes, Surgeon,the ■ ingenious inventor of the Chest Dilator, and of the Stomach Pttmp, &c. and the Author of a valuable little family work On Indigestion and Costiveness," is a beneficial remedy, and may be relied on for the temoval and perfect cure of all diseases arising from an impaired or faulty state of the s alimentary canal, without taking medicine, the habitual use of which weakens the coats of the stomach, and too fre. 'qnently increases, instead of removing tbedisease.—Sold by the only vender, T. Harroui-il 12, Carjfon Street, Waterloo- place, Regent street, at from 12s, 6d. (o 21. 2s.— Mr Jtikes' Book is published and sold by Simpkin anil Marshall, Sta- tioners' -Hall-court, Ludgate Street, and by all booksellers in town and country; also at Mr. Owen's, 9, Little Bell Alley, Tokenhouse Yard, near the Bank of England, and at T. Harcourt's as above, price 5s. in boards* —mmwaacBwmBPanryjgwspat———p——8 To be Letyfor a Tdfnz of Years* Olt SOLF), r S1HAT neat and picturesque Dwellin^-hoase, called F PETER WELL COTTAGE This Cottage is.situated one mile from the Town of Car. mrinlien. 011 the Milford Road, rotitaiuing two Sittiiig. Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry, Cellar, and fOil!" Bt>cI Cltamb"H, Pfre detached 'l>uildings consist of a 1» irk-Kitchen. Bathings, fionse, Cell;;r. and Coal H<ntse nhtt, a Two Slall-Stalile, •Store- Room, .Coacli-Ilouse. Can-Moiise, and a Lahllilrer's Cottage, coi)si;tniw of t« o Rooms.. There is ;t la: t' Flow er- g-trdeii in the front, and a productive Kiichen-girden be- Itirid wiih two Fields attached, containing upwards of three Acres of Meadow ground. For -further pai ticuSars. inquire (if by letfer post paid) of (he Rev. 1). C"t(;ki,.e or at Missrs, Bagnail and Son. Guild-hall Square, Carmarthen. Carmarthen,-Oct-. 14th. 1831. MESSRS.MUSS A R, PARK, TUCKER, & Co respectfully solicit the attention of the Kohilin-, Gentrv, and Amateurs of CLARET WINE. that they haire ju-t received One Hundred Tuns of tire bes; growth of Pauiiiae. Mai v's, St. Julien, Vintage 1821, and 1828. which thev pledge to ho the verv reduced price of Thirty-five. Forty-five, and Fifty Pounds per Hog-heail; Kight J'oiitids Ten Shillings. Ten and Twelve G'uineas eitik Case, cont .ining Three Dozen. San>ples may be tasted on Wednesday, the l€ti« wist, at Air. Putter's, Haverfordwest. '■ MEDiCAIi EDUCATION. A G ETLgJl AN (.vsember of tlle Itoi-Il, (ollog, of Surgeons) has at present a VACANCY for an APPRENTICE, who will be treated ineverv respect a- one of the Family, and have a good Medical L'hrary, to- of and Plates at his command.. This will be found an advan- tageous situation for gaining a gootl Anatomical Education prior to attending Lectures in London, For particulars apply to Mr. Tardrew, King-street, Car- marthen. ■ • L'FORD Ca lif Sola tig sftwttstT, On Thursday, the 20rh day of October, 1831, on Milford Quay, at Eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, rr BE H ULL of the Brig 11 FOUP. BROTH ERS," I H. her Sp;trs» Sails, Boats, Standing and Running &c. The- Materials WiJlhe ptlt up illmall •Lo.(<, to suit the convenience of Purchasers. Surneof hef Sail- and Rigging nearly new. This Vrs-.ei was originally built in his Majesty's Dock- Yaid. Pi, mmuh, and i- fastened with Copper, 'and admea- 16' 'f'o sures 131 I oris carries I6f) Tons; draws 10 feet water only, when loaded. Sue i-? fitted with Lead Pumps, a complete Winch.-and steers with a Wheel she has two Chain' Ca- bles, 7-8 lrou, and one Mooriog Chain. 5-8 Iron. t II. M I'JR'R ITT, A uct ioneer. B.-For particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to G. Siurb'.K k, Milford. or to the Master 011 board. Notie is hereby Given., rfl"HAT there is now in my possession, a ARE of JHL the following description:-—dark brown, mid- dling-size, with a wine mark on the near hind foot, about eight years old left in my -possesion-on the morning-after .Abergwilly -Pair, by a person when taxed as where she was bought immediately absconded.— Any person claiming'the same, shall have heron paying for this Advertisement and the expense of keep. JOHN ROWLANDS, Jjinkeejjer, -fowy Oridge, near Llansmdock. I Oefober J 4 (h, 1831. CARDIGANSHIRE. Motive is iiearelby given, TflMAT the next (ieneral Quarter Sessions of the A Peace for this County, iyi 11 he held and kept at the Shirehall. in the town of Cardigan, in and for the said County, on Wednesday, the 19ih day of October instant, when the Magistrates will meet and proceed to business at 11 o'clock in the forenoon. I5EYNON, Clerk of the Peace. Alpar Hill, 4th October, 1831. CARMARTHENSHIRE. Notice is hereby Given, rip HAT the next General Quarter Sessions of the ji Peace for this County will be holden and kept on Wednesday, the 19111 day of October nejt, at the Shirehall in ilie 1 own of Carmarthen, in and for the said County of Carmarthen, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand- Jury will then be sworn, at which time all prosecutors and b; witnesses are to attend and prefer bills of indictment; and a:1 appeals and tiaversies intended to be i)tosccutoclit the same sessions, mast be entered that morning. MORGAN, Clcrk of the Peace. Sept. £ 2,1S3L ——— N.B. — As many inaccuracies frequently appear in the dupiicatees of the Lard Tax assessments, delivered into court by the Chief Constables,— the clerks of the commis- sioners are requited to be particularly careful that no such mistake:¡ happen in future. It is also expected that regular returns, respecting luna- rirs, he made at the sessions, agreeably to the act in that case made and provided. Msflce Is t&sarelfy Given, ripeAT the TRUSTEES of the TURNPIKE JL ltOAL?S', iinder an Act passed in the 11th year of the Reign' of King George the Fourth, For impro'ving and maintaining the road from Merlin's Bridge to Pem- broke Ferry, in the County of Pembroke," wiil MEliTat Ithe MARINER'S INN, in H *VBRFOROWEST, on the 3!st day of j .OCTOBER instant, at the hour of l^ at noon, in order to con- sult about erecting a Toll Gate, Chain, or Bur, on the side of thesaid Turnpike Road, tit or'near a certain place called Puddle-lock, across a certaiu Highway there leading to Button. lYotice is also hereby Given, I That the Trustees will at the same time tn(i VLtce hold the General Annual Meeting for the said Trust, for the ptir- pose of auditing the Accounts, and for other purposes con- rtccled with the said Trust. TT J. PHILLIPS, Clerk to the Trustees. Haverfordwest, 8th October, 1831. Notice m Herehy Qiven.1 ^JIHAT a Meeting of the Owners of Lands, in the JL Parish of Llanellv, in the County of Carmarthen, will be held in the Town Hall, in Llanellv, on Friday, the Fourth day of November next. at t we)ve o'clock at noon, to etect and appoint a Person to act as a Commissioner, for assessing and apportioning the sums to be paid in respect of each and every of the Lands and Tenements, in the said parish, in pursuance of an Act of Parliament, made and' passed in the second year of the reign of his present Maji's-" ty, entitled, Ati Act for extinguishing Tithes, and cus-" tomary payments in lieu of Tithes, within the parish of Lbmelly, in the county of Cilrmarthen., and for making compensation in liett thereof;" and for otherwise carry- ing the provisions of the said Act.Into effect. Dated this 23d day of September, 1831. (Signedji W. CHAMBERS, R. J. JVEVTLL, R. J. N F, DAVID LEWIS. Those persons who may be desirous of being elected to the office above ineniioned, are requested to transmit their terms and testimonials to William Chambers, l:sq. Llanelly, by letter post paid, on or before the 3ht October next. N. B.-No person is to be elected, who shall reside in the county of Carmarthen, or who ,shall be directly or indirectly, whether as principal or agent, interested in, or connected with, any property situate io ilie said parish of llanelly. I TO THE Independent Freeholders OF THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. GENTLEJilEJV, ,r-— UPHE attacks of our opponents have for a moment prevailed, aad the accusers of the Sheriff have a temporary triumph. To those who are the Enemies nf all oppression.—To those Clilo who professing great personal regard for me, refused me their support at the late Election, solely as. they thei)- still greater attachment to tlte cause of Reform, I venture confidently to appeal. The Enemies of oppression will not permit those excellent and honourable individuals the Hi,gh S/¡f,rUl and Deputy Shvriff of yoitr County to he accused etv, they have been, with such c)-iteittl and injustice, with out marking tlte ({tte;npttitll their decided reproba* tioll and trusting that by the way in which I have ful- filled my I'ledge to the i ounty, I have proved to the friends of Reform the Sinceri'hj- of my promises and declarations, I anticipate from them in return a proof 'of the sincerity of theirs. If you are only true to yourselves the. Oiel" opponents witt be ofshoi-t duration. I rejoice thai iii )ztliitl, i,lie Sheriffs character you will assert the Independence ojl/ourmon, and I hail in the incen- tives to these exertions the certain foundations of f uture victory. I have the honwiv to be, Gentlemen, Your faithful Friend and Servant, d JOHJV Of f'EN. Orielfon, 2Sth September, 1831. TO THE Mm^epeiMSemS Mwrigemer* (IF CARMARTHEN. GENTLEMEN, -——— _F-f OR the honor of your suffrages at the late electiont which terminated in my appointment to the vaean office of Councilman, I tender you my ardent and heartfelt thanks. Believe me, the alacrity, zeitli you hastened to the poll to record your votes in my fa- vor, and the zeal you evinced iit my behalf, have sunk deeply into m.'lf heart, and have inspired me with a sen- timent of gratitude, which will ce-.t se oiZlywitlt myexis- tence. J'oit had to contend, Gentlemen, with, more than, ordinary efforts in the arduous struggle in which you were then engaged; but exertions"such as YOlt put forth on that occasion will ever -deserve and command success. To you, Gentlemen, belongs the merit of tint triumph and achieved,-as it WltS, by means as disin- terested as they were fair and honourable, you hare just■ causs to be proud of it. I shall endeavour, by a proper andltonest discharge of the duties of my o ffice, to evince my sense of the obligation your kindness has imposed on me, assured that by pursuing such a course alone, I can justify the propriety of your choice. I am, Gentlemen, (Pith great respect, 1 "our obedient and obliged Servant, ORISMUJVl) PHILIPFS. Cwmgwilly, Oct. 7, 1831. To the Editor oj' the Carmarthen Journal. Si a, ——— lJiV DER ordinary circumstances, should decline p iblic discussion, and treat with contempt an at- tack made on me in goter Journal, under the signature of IV. G. Hughes. Jls, however, pari of that attack is levelled against me ina public capacity as Mayor of this^ Town, I feel it incumbent on me to vindicate my- self. I reserve my right to do so, un tit a Gentleman If high legal eminence decides, whether it ought to be done in the Court of King's Bench, or througli the medium of the public press. In the meantime. lfcelassured the charge will not be supposed true because uncontra- dicted at present. I am, Sir, yours obediently, }) A KIEL PUYTHFJICIJ, Carmarthen, October, 8th, 1831. lo the High Sheriff of the COUlty of Catmarthen. SIR, W" E, tlie Undersigned, request you will have the V V goodness to call a Meeting of the Freeholders and Inltabiranls of yam-County, to he held at the Town of Llandrlo-fawr, upon theOlst instant, to take into considera- tion the propriety of voting a loyal and dutiful Address to his most gnrious Majesty 011 the stale of-the country, assur- irg our noble King of oiii- and loyalty to his Person and Govern-uenf, and earnesflyeiitreitinghi., Ma- jesty not to Dissolve the Parliament, or to remove the present Ministry and also to express to his Majesty the deep sense of regret felt by this County, that a Reform in the representation o'the Commons House of Parliament has not been agreed to, and our hope that a measure of that nn- ture will still be ad >pted. October 131h, 1831. Ed ward Picton Henry Lloyd Harries John ro!ii)eli Thos. Bishop, jun, S. Gw line Thos. Jones J. W liters Philipps .TolinL.Po.pkin lJavi I Prothero Rees Jones W. G. Hughes David Thomas J. H. Rees Thomas Evans T. M oris IV R. Rees T. Morris, jun. William Rees 'd iv Edward Jones JS'ath. Rees 1). Lewis Hugh livans M-Harries J. G. Williams L. 0. Lewis J, Lewis R. B. Williams W. Rees 11. La wrence Benj. Frenrh.



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