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TUESDAY, OCT. 11 QUARTER'S REVENUE. Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great .Britain, in the Years ended on the 10th Oct. 1830, ansl the 10th Oct. 1831, shewing the Increase or Decrease on each head thereof. Years ended Oct. 10, 1830 lb31 Increase Deer. Customs 16,425,742 15,577,687 848,055 Ksrise iS,933,577 14,9621 2,037,056 Si,-imps 6,578, 181 6.484 530 93,601 Po«t Office 1.349,006 1.393,01! 44005 — Taxes 4 968,450 4,945,110 — 23,340 Miscellaneous.. | 553,633 439,479 — 114,154 Total. 46,80S,5S9r 45,736,388 44,005 3,116,206 Deduct Increase 44,005 (Decrease on the Yeat 3,072,201 Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great I Britain, in the Quarters ended on the 10th of Oct. 1830, and the 10th. of Oct. 1831, sÏJowing the In- crease or Decrease on each head thereof. Qr?. ended Oct. 10, f 1S30 1S31 Increase Deer. £ £ £ .'•Customs. 5,069,349 4,339,741 — 729,608 5,118,635 4,370.597 — 748,03* Slarei.s 1,701,378 1,681,745 — 19,633 •Post Office 370,006 366,000 — 4,006 Taxes 531.175 540.576 9,40] — 14 itcellaueous •• 197,004 98,080 — 98,924 ¡-t-_I_, Total.. 12,987,547 11,396,739 9,401 1,600.202 T Deduct Increase 9,401 iDecrease on the Qr 1,590,808 Decreasi': 00 the Qr.. -I ¡ 1,590,808 MALT LiQuoR.-It is said that the malt duty this v?ar will amount to five millions. Last yeai- it iva-s <niiv three and a half millions. It is stated that the gin"trade is certainly falling off. This is attributed, its some measure, to the influence of the Temperance Societies. DISTRESSING SHíPíHŒCK NEAR LANCASTER.—On Societies. DISTRESSING Sii'iPwnECK NEAR LANCASTER.—On Friday night week, or early on Saturday morning, the ■smack Neptune (late of Liverpool, but now of port), Wilkinson, master, laden with grain from Dun-, dalk, for Mr. J. M. W»Im«iey as5d Mr. J. Whitesideof Lancaster, was upset by the run of the tide, having taken ground upon a baak betwixt the inner buoy and the Perch at Suaderiaud, on the ebb of Friday. The t captain was a stranger in the Luyie, and had a signal )1 for a. pH1.I! fifing aU day, but unfortunately none went to assistance, and it is supposed that when the tide "rase at night she apset. Tile inostpart is; that every oae on hoard perished, viz. the master, his. wife, and tiro daughters (who were-fitie young women) and three of the crew. The bodies of the captain and ins wife «vere washed op the nest day, and that of the daughters in the evening. The body of the mate was fcjtUfj oa Monday. The vessel has, from her rolling. wer arstl drifting* got a. hole iu her ;¡idc.; all the cargo I got adrift, and we understand rhine of it is insured. The of trc<tps of the line from Ireland, which has been more rarticiiiariv drawn, iota notice from tfie fact of Sir Edward Cikf- ringtail's Seei cruisicgoSthe was has created i good deal of at tUe west end of the town: and the importance .of lite cirajotstauce is i'&er&tsed hy a cotii- m3:UíatÎ4u wbidJ is said to have bpen made 431) the mnstersBg-s of several r^giasents of niIH&a. viz. that: tbev are t,4 belfl i readiaes* far active ser- ^rlce, -We are iofptmei. that en the meeting- of h ¡ cc- '(ikeeester^ira ditlitia.' at .Cswacester, an hàitlliit;on j wu jfwea that- tlwar services might be repaired very J shartir i» 1. danJ;) »Bd-aa.eitraoc«lfcMy aOatsseat of; wiffite cfotbtsg tea* (disfirilKSted, as it is added, m coa-. «f this -esmcMlmn. 1\* the Kan. C. rttvr&mg on Wedaes-' 4Jay ews'ffig fes «ea £ of &k veserable grj»4 £ iitis«!r, the. E*i>. "ear Sasksj « £ tape!, imw testa, t&adcdi Ù¡¡ i him. of a i^SS. acd j a. 5 liisak <s £ &agra«d Jii>"iitl his gaJd wate i Tie tf ssSi are £ <??3 £ on iadefesigably la I1Mki.g 01JUJ Dj( their :r-õj 6'IG1Z. TJwy h&ve lately' is tfoebt aaS; Lurd Strt. £1m of Earl €as £ le-; t«.ar £ tYk.;¡;" on tft$CæiVtSj,f> iSms. vA&eess&l tlte P,ui--5i Pcisct G-f Wxtker io Ifetarei wttk t»- feur mH-" » yo-sr chapel oa davs arld ated c«fses £ fee lg«5 widt z. ma £ tlie' ,a»fe.Hsf tfae altar/5 SLamsse -Csitltffliaa] gpea&f i* das act ^wsksess «& Ifee iiis -i At thm is the txmmz SMar-1 w»fce «■ imsa&& Etsglm&c tz&Szvsd. fnt AsMey, Pfj-ected £ be tjhzt bx had. oeade alid; «if a wfetk » Mr, Pas-leas, l&aJ t»e; ifffble. Lorl gam Efoe day as, pseses$




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