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LONDON, MONDAY, OCT. It). WE belieTe we may announce that the state of the Poles is,sealed. Modlhi has fallen, and Zitrnosc must soon follow, Prince Adam Czsrtoryski, Skrzynecki, and other leaders, have taken refuge in the neutral town of Cracow, In a short time Marshal Paskeiv.tselt, the new Prince of Warsaw, will be master of Poland. This catastrophe is generaliy, an,1 we think with justice, attributed to the treachery of some of the leaders the violent and indefensible measures of the Jacobin clubs established in Warsaw, whose atrocities alienated many and dis gusted all; and led to general disunion and distrust. A correspondent of a French Paper goes so far as to say, that there was but one honest man in all Polish poli- tics, Skrzyneclci, alvi tLat the rest were principally occupied in intriguing against him. We, however, in accounting for the defeat, of the Poles, should not leave out of consideration the immense disproportion be- tween the parties engaged, and may be more inclined Co yonder that the Poles were able to struggle so long, than that they were compelled to surrender at last.- Titt-ir valour and gallantry in the field have obtained for them at least lenient and respectful treatment. Paskewitsch, so far from repeating the conduct of Slt- warrow is endeavouring by all means to conciliate the Poles, and it is supposed that a constitution modelled upon that arranged at the congress of Vienna in 1815, will be guaranteed by the Emperor. They are favor- able; and we learn from all parts of the Continent that it is decidedly abating. The cessation of hosti- lities in Poland will tend to arrest the further progress of this scourge. It is said that the Emperor of Russia expressed to the SJuke of Mortemart, before he left St. Petersburg}!, his determination to support the Kingof-Holland and it is said that Prince Paskewitsch. has declared to the Polish Goneral (Skrzyneck;), tbat in the spring of next year the Emperor is resolved on attacking the French revolution. A private letter from Constantinople, in the Prussian State Gazette, announces that there was another fire on the 2d Sept., which continued 21 hours, and destroyed several quarters of the city. Three days before, the Palace of the Admiralty and a Mosque were burnt. It was certain that this was the work of incendiaries, and several persons detected at night with combustibles- about them had been put to death. We may state, in the strongest terms, that the Minis- ters will not desert their post in this awful crisis. Before the end of the week Parliament will be pro- -• ro-gued, and the whole attention of t! e Govei nrrnnt «vili he directed to the means best suited for citi-rvitip, tile hill. The public may be assured th;.t the bill is merely postponed. It is understood that Lord Wharncliffe will this evening bring forward a series of propositions on the subject of Reform, which it is supposed will be buf feebly supported even by his own party.- Times. It is said in the Irish papers that Mr. O'Connell is to succeed Sir nrm, Maemahon as Master of the Rolls in Ireland Sir William, they allege, being about to resign.





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