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FRIDAY, OCT. 30. ------


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Feelittg, as we do, the most lively interest in the prosperity of our Auxiliary Bible Society, it is truly gratifying to us to observe its rapid progress in the furtherance of these important objects, which, to use the words of Lord Bacon, Come home to men's bu- siness and bosoms." Amongst the most distinguished instances of support afforded to the institution, we have to record the very liberal subscriptions of Five Guineas from G. P. Watkins, Fsq, Recorder of this Borough, and of Three Guineas from his worthy Lady. A meeting was held in Stourbridge, last week, for the purpose of establishing an Auxiliary Bible Society, when the rules recommended by the Parent Society were read and adopted, and liberal subscriptions im- mediately commenced. Lord Foley was elected the President. We feel much pleasure in being enabled to state, that the annual meeting of the friends to the Here- ford Clerical Charity, held last week in that city, was attended by the Lord Bishop, and various Dignita- ries and Parochial Clergy of the Diocese-that liberal donations were granted to no less than twenty-four very deserving and distressed petitioners-that some very respectable names were added to the list of sub- scribers—and that the Lord Bishop proposed, and all parties unanimously agreed, that the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Rev. Dr. Cope, for his con- dl1:t of the charity as Treasurer, from its comtnence- meift in 1791, and for his kind intentions to continue his exertions in its favour. The Election of a Member for the County of Car- marthen took place on Monday last, at Llandilo, when the Right Hon. Lord Robert Seymour was re-elected without opposition.—It will be seen by an address in this Paper, that Sir James Hamlyn Williams stands pledged to step forward as a Candidate for the suffrages of the Electors of Carmarthenshire whenever an opening shall occur. The state of the poll at the Election for the County of Pembroke, after a severe contest of ten days, remains as below, and, we understand, the Poll is likely to be kept open for some days longer. For Mr. Owen 1481 For the Hon. J. F. Campbell 1320 Majority for Mr. Owen 161 Cardigan,- The Election of a Member the Borough of Cardigan closed on Thursday last,weing the 15th day, when the Hon. Colonel Vaughari was returned, with a Majority in his favor of 80. The Colonel addressed his friends on the occasion in a neat and appropriate speech, thanking them for the honour conferred on him, and attributing his signal success to the great, united, and well directed exertions of several Country Gentlemen of independent principles, and of the Managers, who bad acted on his bellilf,- Major Evans, the Rival Candidate, then addressed the Electors with great animation and energy, declaring the return of Col. Vaughan to be irregular and illegal, and solemnly pledging himself to petition the House of Commons against it, on grounds that left no doubt of his ultimate success.—The Hon. Colonel was carried in a very elegant chair, decorated with laurel and rib- bons, bearing the motto" VAUGHAN and INDE- PENDENCE," and was preceded by an orange flag, on which was inscribed Vaughan and Victory." Breconshire.—On Monday se'nnight, Cel. Wood, after being nominated by Sir Charles Morgan, Bart, and seconded by Colonel Allen, was re-elected without opposition. Chester.This viok nt-iy contested election has ter- minated Mr. Egerton has-triumphed with a majority of 27. Final close-Grosnor 627-Egerton 602— Brooke 575—Townsend 537. We feel gratified in being authorised to assure the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place and neighborhood, that they need not be under any apprehension of a re- petition of the disgraceful disturbances which took place in the gallery of our Theatre on Friday evening last, as Constables are engaged to attend on each night of performance. r- T L 1 }o 1 MilforJ, Uct. —x am nappy 10 nave rue pleasure to state, that the vessels which were driven on shore here, during the storm on the jgtli liist. are (with the exception of the Perseverance and Emlyn) got off with considerably less damage than was expected, the sloop Susanna and brig Perseverance being the only ones that are materially injured the latter is condemned, but no doubt is entertained of the Emlyn being got oft" .the next spring tides, by discharging her cargo.—By the Camden Packet, Capt. Nuttall, the last which ar- rrived from Waterford, I have learned, that, during the storm above alluded to, out of 22 men who were employed in erecting a light-house on the Tusker Rock, 14 were washed from it and drowned, 8 so se- verely injured, that 5 died of their wounds, and that the remaining 1 are in the Hospital at Wexford, with but faint hopes of their recovery.—The dreadful ef fects of this storm were also experienced by the Smalls, light-house, which has been much injured, the western break-water washed away, and the lamps broken, by reason of which there is no light on the Rock, nor can there be any for some time." The Bee, Williams from Chepstow to Plymouth, is put into Penzance, full of water. The Friendship, Wharton, from Cardiff to London, which was on shore at Hurst Castle, has been got off, 1 41 and carried into Cowes. The Providence, Brown, of Dartmouth, from Neath, was driven on shore at Plymouth, and bilged. On Tuesday week, and Inquest was held by W. Bach, Esq. one of the Coroners for the county of Hereford, at Moreton, in the Parish of Eye, on the body of Martha Williams, who was found hanging to an oak tree, in a plantation near to Berrington. Verdict -Lunacv. And on Friday last, an Inquest was held by the same Coroner, at Aimely, on the body of Thomas Howells, aged five years, whose death was supposed to be occasioned by the ill-treatment of his father, when after a strict investigatioh and there being no proof of the improper conduct of the father but the contrary appearing, the jury brought a Verdict 0f—Qicd by the Visitation of God. C( lonel Procter, of the 41st regiment, who so highly distinguished himself at the capture of G;n. Hull's army in Canada, is a son of the late Dr. Procter, of Leominster, and brother to that gallant officer Major Procter, ofthe 43d regiment, who died in Portugal'—• The Doctor had himself seen a deal of active service as Physician to the army during the American war, and at one time had six sons in the army, four of whom have been on foreign service during the war. The regular militia of tne United Kingdom at the meeting of Parliament will, we are given to understand, be allowed to volunteer by regiments as a disposable force, and will be allowed rank accordingly. The local militia being not inferior in discipline, will take the duty. On Friday nighty between ten and eleven o'clock, W. Dowding, of Eign, near Hereford, was stopped on his road home from King!on between Yazor aid Ctedenhill, by three men, one of whom presented a pistol, and the other two held him whilst the man with the pistol searched his pockets, frim w h-n- e he took two five pound notes, one of the City and County of Hereford Bank, and one Bank of England, three Ross one pound notes, and three two pound and two one pound notes of the Kington Bank, besides ISs. Sid. in silver, &c. They talked in Welsh, two had on dark greatcoats, and the other a light one; two of them appeared between 30 and 4° years, and the other about 20. They proceeded after the robbery towards Kington. They struck Dowding several times pie- vious to plundering him, and the man with the pistol* repeatedly threatened to shoot him if he offered any resistance. A very singular circumstance occurred at the Free Grammar School, Tewkesbury, on Friday last: during school hours, a fine young hare, untamed and unpur- sued, ran into the room amidst the boys, by one of whom poor puss was immediately caught. A bookbinder lately observed that Bonaparte's seemed already hot pressed, and be hoped it would be soon bound in Russia. The Pig and the Plumper, an Election Amc^te. At a former contest for the city of Rochester, t:'e Car.di- dates, a Mr. Fairfax and Sir R. Twisden, wei-e desi- rous of receiving the vote of a barber, who hung back in expectation of receiving some special irark of favour in return for his suffrage. Tvlj-. F gu into his shop to be shaved, complained thattbe razr;r was not in order, in consequence of which the Tonsor said, he had been some time in want of oil, and could not set his razors. I am one of your friends said Mr. F. and you shall not want for oil. The same day he sent him a large jar of oil, supposing it would induce the barber to give Qirn his vote. Sir R. Twisden having been informed of the circumstance, went a>so to be shaved, and took occasion to observe, that the barber had a good stye in his back yard, but no pig; the barber of course intimated that he was too poor to stock that part of his premises. If so, said Sir Roger, you sha'nt want a pig long and a few hours after the barber received a good fat pig as a present. The next day he wave 3 plumper t- Sir Roger, and being asketisome time after" why he il.1.) not voted for the candidate who gave him the oil, 1", observed, it is true, K, did receive a jar of oil, but, hang it, some how or other Sir Roger's pig knocked it down.


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