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CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. THE MOST USEFUL AND ACCEPTABLE PRESENT THAT CAN BE MADE TO LADY FRIENDS, MARRIED O'R UNMARRIED, IS ONE OF WHEELER & WILSON'S NEW SILENT WORKING DEWING MACHINES. THEY will make Sewing com- paratively a pleasure, doing the -work of day III an hour, and wIll last a lady's life lille. Better make a lady a good handsome P|esent at once, like a first-class Sewing J ,chine, than to make yearly small presents not so useful. ,r t °f over four hundred thousant Sewing &-nf\l\ne-s maT1 uf actured by the famous Wheeler Wilson Seiving Machine Company, the first (W nes, made Eighteen years ago, are still hp i? "work; not one of all that num- has ever been worn out, and not one has returned to the Company bscause it could not work well. .All Machines Warranted, Instructions Gratis, Prospectus Free. OFFICE AND SALESROOM, WHEELER AND WILSON, 73, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL.


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