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^"The ve^ST' Erps's COCOA.—GRATEFUL ASD COMFORTISA fed it a £ a6'reC'ible oharactf v of this preparation Jias ren- >l>e 8&S fayourite. TlxoCiMSe rvioe Gazette remarks ?0taosopat?Pliar success which Mr. Epps attained by his y any ex ^.Preparation of cocoa has never been surpassed P "nientalist By a thorousrh knowledge of the J'witiQjj A ^'hich govern the operations of digestion and t„v^e^-selpnf„i a ireful application of the fine properties es'With Mr. Epps has provided our breakfast v.- a weucately flavoured b(;verage whieh may save ^ater or ^o°tors' bills." Made simply with boiling S^ets, oidy m } lb., lb., and 1 lb. tin-lined l^ndou AMES -^PPS & Co., Homoeopathic Cheia- INVENTIONS.-That great invention the ^le daC^^ '1' ^^l1 times all the principal events r^iiisy 0fj' an J19,8 revolutionized and superseded the ecHpseri'l:aSiU0Iled Stop-watch," seems likely to ^1 iuvenKr.lnJa'me s^ll greater and more use- + beiUs, "Keyless Watch." The fact of no J? trav<0?UU'6 renclers these Watches indispensable °ls numViI .r' ner"vous, and invalids. The enor- ns,a conYj„„-r even to all parts of the world, rr,, Much proof of their great utility. The prices -thousands, .e/are s°ld range from 5 to 100 guineas, ■r EjfSoir, of ni, lm are manufactured by Mr. J. W. vr^gate JT;II T ond Street, and the Ste^m Factorjr, Tv,°1st. intern^ n??n'wk° sends post free for 2d. a akhij>, nS historical pamphlet upon watch- y a SIcjj. ?? -^°THEES.—Are you broken of your rest fn once tn with the pain of cutting teeth, i^W s Soothi^o emist and Set a bottl° of Mrs Wins- Bie(lia^ej kyrup. It will relieve the poor sufferer ani al Quiet i ls Perfectly harmless; it produces ji ? the lit+lf, bY relieving the child from pain, Cn> been ini. wakes as bright as a button." til, rtl6ri'ded m.yise In America, and is highly re- al] f' Sooth^dlC;a men- is very pleasant to te'!??1111-' relievPQ ° C^ild» softens the gums, allays a.ri«- ^nremerT^1?' RESulates the bowels and is the for dysentery and diarhtea, whether he ,t^ls Winsir,,J"rJp or other causes. Be sure and ask Per i, k°Ut o^^oothiug Syrup. No mother should (Ati*. y all medicine dealers, at ls l|d VAjva;,) London Depot, 205, High Holboni,—



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