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"=..öOO- CHltlSTMAS PRESENTS. THE MOST USEFUL AND ACCEPTABLE PRESENT THAT CAN BE MADE TO LADY FRIENDS, MARRIED O'R UNMARRIED, 13 ONE 03? heeler & Wilson's new « -p SILENT WORKING SEW ING MACHINES. TREY will make Sewing com- a (l!1,Parat^ely a pleasure, doing the -work of time 1T)iln k°ur! and will last a lady's life nre„ ,setter make a lady, a good handsome &ach once, like a first-class Sewing- lint o lne' than to make yearly small presents «ot so useful. Martr over f°">' hundred Ihousant Ke'vittg and manufactured by the famous YVhnVf Mipli,- Scwin3 Machine Company, the first doir,™ nes' made Eighteen years ago, are still ber W01k not one of all that num- been ?Ver ^een worn out, and not one ha3 een returned to the Company because it ell"ld lot woik well. ■All Machines Warranted, Instructions Gratis, Prospectus Free. OFFICE AND SALESROOM, WI-IEELEP. AND WILSON, 73, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. CAUTION. for a Wheeler and Wilson tised11^- ?' flnc^ s.ee*n £ one &dver- nrp a' a Sewing Machine place, at a ^lth 16 cti°n in price, I called to see it the Trf VJe.w purchasing I was shown h e lllaChine, and informed that I could by > but at the same time was told kent 6 Sa'esma'n, that another make lie WhfJas a great dea.l bettor than the ^edat anc^ ^r^sonJ an|I on li-is recom- recnr^10n Purchased one of 'he make he I hep mende<j- Soon after getting ithome to ConTinced that it was not equal totho feeler and Wilson, and returned and •t £ !5ce exchange it f or the Wheeler 0lle th + '°n' though it/ was evidently Won!? Was ma(le years ago. The party he exchange the Machine, though amilas °ffered a premium to do so. I ^ilSo°\rC°mrillccd -^at Wheeler and is jjg under price, Bell -as a "decoy duck" by which U au inferior article. 13 j. HENRY HARRIS. 131 RUS-SELL STREET, LIVERPOOL. ^J'siad,fl5t>,Ty dydd o'rblaen, gwelais hys- yn oael d Peirianau gwnio WhcwJp.r a Wilson S°stynr>;e^ gweithu mewn un ystordy gyda ft'r n-ia n y prisiaii. (Mwais yno °'r a 0 brynu. gan fy mod oisiau un ^yneg-tvvS Dangoswyd y pei, Ïant imi, a ^rthyf Jh S'all'wn ei gael, ond dywedwyd Un n 1111 amser gan y gwert.hydd fori gan- °ri ar aralloeddyn ti n. r'liag- erad'wr7api.lceler a "Wilson—ae ar ei gym- S'ynierarlPrynais un o'r gwneutlmriad a Si?yhopiT^yai^ ^uan wedi ei gael adref, ^heelei- .'S- na<i oedd yn crystal a rhai ?ael ei Ison; aethum yn ol i'r lie i yn am 11,1 "Wheeler a Wilson, er ei n&widiaiV "a ^?lae^ flynyddoedd yn ol. Ni ^ieu({ i ^erthydd,er cynygarian iddo am ^Tlad ""Tf wedi fy argyhoeddi yn il Wilson yr hyst.y8iad fod peiriant Wlieeier •er°l yn /t? Cae* "werthu dan y prisiau ar- 1 ^erthu °ad rh.ywbeth i dynu sylw, ac Hamis' WM. SELLERS & Co., "Ifacturers and Exporters of Ov, KINDS OF 1N G MACHIKES; GR. J ^hiteehmh Liverpool, • JOKES, ianageb, J-he SRjrp — 8 "ttr STRE8sPateilt Silent Lock Stitch "A" I-X Gik-f A C H I N E 4nd -rr F/ke m Qs- The Machines, from 30s. 9e$t Sewing Machine in the "Works ra -nt World. Every Needlcsj^once. Price £ 950. Inade Mid rem ;lFil|VING MACHINES %dd Agents wanted. Uu\a^antu am v ^"7,^ Senym ni wedi A t]JN1'LE1IAN eUItED oi }vill bp > ;lSG> &o ofi^ Premature De-' tion8 L^PPy to send I n' years of suffering, IADses ,on receipt nf T?Py ^lc Trescrip.. Vra?smission Zr^tamps-r,for ex" ^ordsl«y. ARTHIri1 DANIEL" DAVTB8, HOSIER AND GENERAL DRAPER, 79, WEST DERBY ROAD, (CORNER OF LYNEDOCH-ST.,) LIVERPOOL. DI). a ddymuna cldychwelyd ei ddiolchgarwch i'w Gyfeillion a'r • Cyhoedd yn gyft'redinol am eu cefnogaeth yn yr amser a aeth lieibio, a thrwy ei fod yn benderfynol o clalu sylw dyledus i'w fasnach ac i ofynion ei gwsmeriaid, a ddymuna am ran helaeth o'u cefnogaeth rhag llaw. EL JilO OAII DB, MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMAN, 4 9, BRUNSWICK ROAD, LIVERPOOL. CALICOES, LINENS, FLANNELS, PRINTS, DIAPERS, TOWELLINGS, TABLE CLOTHS, NAPKINS, SHEETINGS, BLANKETS, QUILTS, COUNTERPANES And all kinds of Plain Drapery Goods at Wholesale Priccs. B. H Y A. M, TAILOR, CLOTHIER, OUTFITTER, AND HATTER, 79, LORDS TREET, LIVERPOOL. BHYAM yn barchus a wa- hodda sylw at ei Stoc ysblenydd o DDILLAD PAROD i Foneddigion, yn gyfaddas i bob crefft a galwedigaeth; y gwisgoedd un ac oil wedi cael eu tori a'u gwncyd gan y gweithwyr mwyaf medrus, a gall B. Hyam sicrhau y bydd i bob dilledyn fitio cystal a phe ei gwneid wrth archiad. Cyfnewidir unrhyw ddilledyn yn union os na fydd yn foddhaol, ond iddo fod heb ei wisgo neu ei niweidio. COTIAU Y nbarod i'w gwisgo mewn Brethyn Du, ag ymylau beindied- ig neu blaen, yn yr holl ddefnyddiaude- wisol newydd gydag y mylon dwbl b wy th- edig. Ffitiant cyst-al a phe y gwneid hwynt wrth arehiad 20 B. HYAM 97, LORD-STREET, LORD-STEET, LIVERPOOL. TROWSERI Yn barod i'w gwisgo mewn Doeskin Dll, a'r holl ddefnydd- iau dewisol newydd. Pfitiant cystal a phe y gwiioid hwyiit, wrth archiad. 14s. B, nYAM> 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. GW ASGODAU Mewn Brethyn Du, ag ymylon beiudicd- ig non blaell, ac yn yr holl ddefnyddiau dewisol newydd, gyda ymylon dwhl bwytliiedig. Flitiant gystal a phe y gwn- eid hwynt wrth arch- iad. 6s. B, HYAlI, 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL, Anfonir Patrwnau, ac Arweinydd i Hunan-fesuriad, yn rhad syda'r post. ArN WK BRITISH ^QRN-FLQUR: IS PREPARED FROM RICE. RICE is the Staple Food of more than Three JLt Hundred Millions (300,000,000) of People. COLMAN'S BRITISH CORN-FLOUR, Now in Domestic Use, is unequalled for Blanc- Mange, Custards, Puddings, Cakes, Soups, dc., and is the most wholesome and easily digestible Food for Children and Invalids. TESTIMONIALS. EDWIN LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S., says:— Rice-Flour is Corn-Flour, and I regard ? this preparation of Messrs. Colman's as superior to anything of the kind now 1 before the public." ARTHUR IIILL HASSALL, M.D., observes:— I find it to be perfectly pure and most carefully manufactured; it forms an exceedingly digestible and wholesome article of diet." CHARLES A. CAMERON, M.D., also states:— I have "never tasted anything of the kind more agreeable in flavour or so easily digestible." SHERIDAN MUSPRATT, M.D., Professor at the Liverpool College of Chemistry, writes :— c. "I can highly recommend it as. a palatable and very digestible and nutritious food." Retailed by Family Grocers and Druggists/ Wholesale of the Manufacturers, J. & J. COLMAN, LONDaN. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. THE ROYAL SEWING MACHINE COJIPAJ-TY. DEALERS IN, ASD .MANUFACTURERS OR "THE LIOYAL," FROJI £ 7 5s. THE "vVEEELEIt AND WILSON," FROM £ 7. TEE "RAYMOND," PROJI £ 2 l(s. THF, "IMPROVED," FROM E2. TUB "ROYAL ALFRED," FROM £ 5, AND THE SHAKESPEAR," FROM £4 4s. SEWING MACHINES. Bop to invite the inspection of all persons in search of li tlrst-class machine to call at their LIVERPOOL DEPOT, 18, RENSHAW STREET, where all machines are warrantcd; inspection gratis, and testimonials and prospactuses can be obtained. Wholesale (Inri JtrUnl.—All the best kinds of machines kept ia stock. Machines repaired. AGENTS WANRED. The latest novelty is the 55s. Hand Mach- ine, in a neat box, and carriage paid, for £2 lis. Please read the following testimonial- Grisiau Cochian. Bethesda, Hyd. 22ain, 1869. Syrs, Mac 'Y Frenhinol" oeddyeh yn ei dar- paru yn Ebrill 1868, wedi oi phrofi yn dra gwojthfawr. Hi yw yr oreu a'r fwyaf ym ddibynol yr wyf wedi weled o'r hollbeirianau gwitio. Mae sjonyf yr liyfrydweh mawr i Gi hii fel hyn am ci taeddiant, ac yn neilldaol i'w chlod ar gyfrif fod iddi 0i; nodwydd v:e.di eu nodi !In gumesur. Yd'n'vf yr ciddoch vr. sereliog, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS. P.S.—The "lIoflal Alfred" is the most bf;\ntifill and best finished Ladies' Lock Stiieh Hand Machine ever made. -We li,-tve several Wheeler and Wilson's own make of machines, nearly new, that were taken last week in part payment for lioyah,' will be sold cheap. And Remember the Address is IP, RENSHAW STREET LIVERPOOL. Support your own Countryman. JOHN STARKEY & Co., t2 & 14, Parker Street, Liverpool. AGENTS FOR THE FLORENCE (SEWING MACHINE, Many important advantages possessed by no others. < THE Reversible Feed enables the L operator to. sew either way; to fasten -nds of seams, saving time and thread; to thengthen the seam, where extra strain is iiable to come, without stopping or turning the work. The Self-adjusting Shuttle Tension enables the operator to sew goods of differ- ent thickness, making in all, without stop- page or change, the same uniform and elastic stitch: to sew over heavy seams without break- ing thread or dropping stitches. It makes four kinds of stitches with as much ease as ordin- ary machines make one, and with as little machinery. The Saving of thread over nwh- ires making the chain or embroidery stitch WiU in one year be more than the cost of the machine. A machine sews easily 300 yards in a day of ten hours. This will take on the Florence 750 yards of thread, and on the chain stit-h machine 1,800, making a difference at the piesent price of thread of at least one shilling and ninepence in value per day-over £ 25 per year. "lVith silk, the difference, is, of course much ,,reiter. CIO and upwards all found. liUITANNIA SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. These Machines combine the best parts (,f other machines by avoiding their defects, and wi.li iecent special improvements which no Oil: crs possess, render thern not only 1.h, chosnesC but the best Lock-stitch machine manufactured. l'iiICK—(complete with Ornamental Bronz-1 BHmV rind Polished Circular Table)—W m"SEAS. Also THE GRESHAM LOCK-STITCH SEWIXG MAC.1IN3 COMPANY. These machines have advantages possessed by no others. They have the reversible motion.,i and are the only hand machines fastening thrf snds of seams both at the eoromenrvnen wd finish without removing the work. PRICE— £ 4 10. with Table and Treadle notion, E.5 10s. Hand Machines 55s. Likewise rilE TUDOr: NOISELESS LOC}(-,sTJTUH SJiWIXU MACHINE FOR TAILORS AND SHOEMAKERS. NEWYDD DA I EAWB! GvVYBODAETH SYDD U NERTH. Os dymunwch gadw cich iechyd, y mae gwybodacth o'rdeddfau tuag at ei sicrhau yn hanfodol. Os ydyeh yn parhau yn afiach er gwneud ymdrech i gael adferiad iechyd, pa beth yw yr achos JJim ond h}rn ditIyg gwybodaeth am y pwngc. Y mae gwareiddiad y dyddiau presenol yn peri fod ycliydig gymhorth i natur yn nghadwriacth ac adferiad iechyd yn anhcbgorol angenrheid- iol; a'r unig ofyniod ydyw, yn roha le y m«o vr hyn sydd yn angcnrlieidiol i'w gael if Yn adiau drwy ddefnyddio PELENAU LIJYSIETJOL ADFERIADOL WORSDELL KAYJfl. Gwerthir hwynt gan bob Fferyllwr a Mas- nachwr fel meddyginiaethau br iutebol, am is ljc, 2s 6c, a 4s 6c, yn Ystorfa Q-yfanwerth, 22, Broad-street, Lluudain.