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TEIRIANATJ. GWXIO DYSTAW lilAB Y CVv'SINI ENWOG WHEELER & WILSON, Yll eyrtyg yn aw i'r cyhoedd, welliant cyffredinol mewn PEIRIANAU GVJTIO, DYSTAW YN EU GWAlTH, Yr hyn sydd yn welliant rhagorol ar ou Peir- ianau sydd yn barod yn ellwog dnvy yr holl fyd. DAN AJIIDDIFFYNIAD BKEINT-YSGRIF BRENIIINOL. Pob Peiriant wedi ei warantu. Cy/anvyddyd yn rhad. •Anfonir Prospectus a Samples yn dcliclraul gyda'r Post. WHEELER & WILSON COMPY. 73, BOLD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. CAUTION. 'Wishing for a Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine, and seeing one adver- tised at a Sewing Machine place, at a great reduction in price, I called to see it with a, view of purchasing I was shown the machine, and informed that I could have it, but at the same time was told by the salesman, that another make he kept was a great deal better than the Wheeler and Wilson, and on his recom- medation I purchased one of the make he recommended. Soon after getting ithome I became convinced that it was not equal to the Wheeler and Wilson, and returned to the place to exchange it fortliewheeler and Wilson, although it was evidently one that was made years ago. The party wou 1cl not exchange the Machine, though he was offered a premium to do so. I am now convinced that the Wheeler and Wilson Machine advertisedjat underprice, is used as a "decoy duck" by which te sell an inferior article. HENRY HARRIS. 13, RUSSELL STREET, LIVERPOOL. OXTON & CO.'S 114, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. YR uchocl ydyw yr unig Sefydliad yn Jl Lloegr lie y cedwir dros ugain math o Beirianau Gwnïo i'w gwerthu, a lie y gellir cael SEWING- MACHINES ALL KINDS GYDA GOSTYNGIAD MAWR YN Y FBISIAU. Anfonwch am Restr Newydd sydd i'w chael yn rhad trwy y Post. TELIR CLUDIAD pob peiriant i unrhyw Railway Station yn Mhrydain Fawr, a fyddo wedi ei dalu am dano, heb goel. GWERTHIR I'R TLODION ar delerau esmwyth i dalu. OXTON & CO., 114, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. BICYCLES, TRICYCLES, J3 VELOCIPEDES, &o„ ON THE LIGHTEST AND MOST APPROVED PRINCIPLES, A LA FRANCAISE OR OTHERWISE, MANUFCTURED BY W. THOMAS, PATENT CARRIAGE & STEAM WHEEL WORKS, 28, 30, AND 32, ST. ANNE STREET, LIVERPOOL. W. T. has much pleasure in stating he has succeeded in making a Bicycle equal in lightness and elegance to any of French Manufacture, and at a less price. WM. SELLERS & Co., Manufacturers and Exporters of ALL KINDS OF SEWING MACHINES, 59, Whitechapel, Liverpool, G. J. JONES, MANAGER, The SEMPSTRESS Patent Silent Lock Stitch SEWING MACHINE, Price £6 6s. And Hand Machines, from 30s. The Largest Sewing Machine in the World. Works 80 Needles at once. Price £ 950. Every description of SEWING MACHINES made and repaired. Agents wanted. Bydd pob peiriant a brynir genym ni wedi ei warantu am 7 mlynedd. Adgyweirir pob un a ii allan o drefn o fewn blwyddyn i adeg un a ii allan o drefn o fewn blwyddyn i adeg y pryniad, E. RICHARDS, MANCHESTER WAREHOUSEMEN, 4 9, BRNSWICK ROAD, LIYEEPOOL. CALICOES, LINENS, FLANNELS, PRINTS, DIAPERS, TOWELLINGS, TABLE CLOTHS, NAPKINS, SHEETINGS, BLANKETS, QTJILTS, COUNTERPANES. And all kinds of Plain Drapery Goods at Wholesale Prices. B. IYAM, TAILOR, CLOTHIER, OUTFITTER, AND HATTER, 79, LORDS TREET, LIVERPOOL. BHYAI yn barchus a wa- 13 hodda sylwat ei Stoc ysblenydd o DDILLAD PAROD i Foneddigion, yn gyfaddas i bob crefft a galwedigaeth y gwisgoedd un ac oil wedi cael eu tori a'u gwneyc1 gan y gweithwyr mwyaf mcdrus, a gall B. Hyam sicrhau y bydd i bob dilledyn iitio cystal a phe ei gwneid wrth archiad. Cyfnewidir unrhyw ddilledyn yn union os na fydd yn foddhaol, ond iddo fod heb ei wisgo neu ei niweiclio. COTIAU Yn barocl i'w gwisgo mewn Brethyn Du, a.g ymylau beindied- ig neu blaen, yn yr holl ddefnyddiaud'e- wisol newydd gydag ymylon dwblbwyth- edig. Ffitiant cystal a phe y gwneid hwynt wrth arehiad 20s i. B. HYAM 97, 1 LORD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. TROWSERI Yn barod i'w gwisgo mewn Doeskin Du, a'r holl ddefnydd- iau dewisol newydd. Ffitiant cystal a phe y gwnoid hwynt wrth archiad. 14s. B. HYAM 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. GWASGODAU Mewn Brethyn Du, agymyloll beindied- ig neu blaen, ac yn yr holl dclefnyddiau dewisol newydd, gydag ymylon dwbl bwythiedig. Ffitiant gystal a phe y gwn- eid hwynt wrth arch- iad. 68 Eo HYAM, 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL, Anfonir Patrwnau, ac Arweinydd i Hunan-fesuriad, yn rhad gyda'r post. IK 11 > Be sure to ask for Daniel's Dandelion Coftee. j | 't 'J't'Q.I. '¡'Q. "ý"t"V'V'V.i'V'f' "6v .V'V"V'V.t) fl, ¿" TARAXACUM, ?;1 'it & OR DANDELION COFFEE, I t: Prepared from, the pure fresh Dandelion Moot. ————————— H This article contains, in an agreeable form, all the properties of H t; the root from which it is prepared, the valuable qualities of which [: are daily becoming more generally appreciated. Especially recommended to Invalids as an article of diet, and t; j particularly to those who suffer from Weak Digestion, Nervous f: and Dyspeptic Affections, flatulency, Distension, and Biliary r, Obstructions, in all cases of which it will be found invaluable, at lr £ the same time extremely pleasant to the palate. jK Public Speakers and Singers will find it to be a very pleasant r; £ beverage after their exertions; it assists digestion, and stimulates the operations of the Stomach. | DIRECTIONS FOR USE.$ Upon two table-spoonfuls of this Preparation pour one pint of boiling t! water, let it infuse by the fire for ten minutes, then add milk and sugar as agreeable. !1 PREPARED BY 1 W. L. DANIEL, 1 N CHEMIST,—64, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. | & Sold only in Tins, at Is. Qd. each. Two Tins sent by Rail to any part of the United Kingdom on receipt of Forty-eight Stamps. I ITjOCAJ-A ^lGtEHSTTS | ill Aberafan, Evans; Aberdare, Thomas & Evans; Blaenavon, Evans; ;t* Cardig-an, Da vies; Carmarthen, Davies; Dowlais, Evans; Hirwain, jl St Llandilo, Williams; Mountain Ash, White; Neath, Hayman; « Pontardawe, Jordan; Pontypridd, Bassett; Tredegar, Evans. :$:e:m::e:e:s:e:r:¿:ê:t: Cofiwch ofyn am "Coffee Dantyllew Daniel." II PIt G WEINIAID A'R EIDDIL. Darllenioeh "YCYFAJU MEUDVGOL. F.8 ddcngysy cyfa yr mccld- J- ygol uciiod md yn m:'g yr aclios. ond y dull a'r modd i gad jrw el)iant trwyadl ocldi- Tii'rth wendid, iselder ysb ryd, ofnau, methiant y golwg a'r cof, pocn yn y cefn, a phob laath o aliepli^d braidd beb ajfer y mercuyr, x mac Doctor Barnes VJ t feddianol ar brofiad lielaoth iawn fel rnedt iyg, as "wedi gwella amryw y naill elm ar ol j llall. Eliydd y cyf- aill mcc1dygo1 lawcr o biolion oddiwrth rai sydd wedi cael gvvelllxs d. Mae yn "werth ei ddarllen gan bob dosba i-th, anfonir ef i ryw gyfeiriad am ddau ste jnp. Cyfcirier, Da. BAIINES, 30, Thomliill Ciescent, Caledonian lioad, London, N. rwvsia I JIAI AI T,AN () LUXDAIN. Gellir ymgyngliori a. Doctor Barnes drwy lythyr neu yn hersor .01, as er mwyn y rliai nad yw yn fanteisiol iddynt fyned ato ef yn bevsonol, bydd iddo r< >ddi cynghor drwy anfon Ilyfchyr, os afifonir e, ivrJopc wedi ei stamjiio, yn nghyda cliyfarwyi idyd o'u hafiechyd. An- fonir traethawd ar Rybudd i ddvnion ieu- angc am ddau star IIp. Cyfcirier, Dr Barnes, 30, Thornliill Crest jent, Caledonian lioad, London. N. v ROBERT DAVIEb, FAMILY GROCER, TEA & WINE MERCHANT, 1-5, Present Street, cc; 185, Brech Road, LIVERPOOL. A ddyimiHa alw sylw cyfEredinol at y nwyddau.' caulynol, ynghyd a, phob math arall o chwegnwyddan. lihotldwclibrawf ;i,mynt, a chwi welwch eu bodyn werth sylw pawb. TE-2s., 28 Gel., Cs., 3s. 4d., a 3s. Sd. y pwys. COFFI-ls 4d., Is Gel., a. Is Sd. y pwys. GWLNOEDD o bob math, yu ughyd :L'r rhai caulynol:— PER DOZEN QUARTS. Sherries—17s. 21s. 26s. 28s. 30s. 36s. 10s. 42s. Torts—17s. 21s. 26s. 30s. 36s. 42s. ■18s. -04 s. I Clarets—13s. 15s. 18s. 20s. 21s. 26s. 30s. 4Us. Dymuna E. D. ddiolch i'w Inosog pefnogwyr, a da ganddo ddeallfod Gwin y Cyniundeb yn rhoddi y fath foddlon- rwydd cyffredinol. IMPORTANT TO LADIES. IF YOU WANT A WHEELER & WILSON OR A "WTLLCOX & GIBBS' SEWING- MACHINE, You will save S3 by purchasing it at 19, EENSHAW STREET, 19, LIVERPOOL. The undersigned have reduced the prices of their stock of WHEELEE and WILSON'S own make of Sewiny Machines, as under;- The £ 9 0 0 Machine reduced to £ 7 0 0 10 0 0 do do 8 0 0 11 0 0 do do 9. 0 0 12 0 0 do do 10 0 0 15 o0 do do 13 0 0 &e., &c.. with or without the Silent Feed. The "Raymond," a Eirst-class CAain-stilch Hand-macl-iine, with tools, only £2 10s. Willcox & OUJbs' Chain-stitch Machine re- duced to £6 5s Hand or Treadle. Needles for Willcox & Gibbs' Machine re- duced to 2d. each. Needles for Wheeler & Wilson's Machine reduccd to 2d. each, and all marked to fit. Every other requisite and appliance equally cheap. For Prospectuses and Testimonials, apply to SHAKESPEAR & Co., Agents for the Celebrated ROYAL Sewing Machine, 19, Itenshaw Street, Liverpool; 32, Union Street, Birmingham; or to their Manu- factory, Jiishop Street, Birmingham. The oldest-established Sewing Machine Deal- ers, except Thomas & 00. in England. OUR SALES IN LIVERPOOL:— Royal lvheelei, & Machines. Wilson, do Two years ending ) o7, Oct. 31st, 1869. j l'™'S 611 For week ending Oct. 30th, Retail 25 7 Wholesale 40 none. Please read following Testimonial from the celebrated Shirt Warehouse, 40, LONDON ROAD, Liverpool, Oct. 30th, 1869 :— Gentlemen, The "ROYAL supplied by you in May last works splendidly, and is decidedly the best machine we have seen, for ease, relia- bility and superiority of manufacture. We are, Gentlemen, Yours Faithfully, W. ATKINS & Co. Now read the CAUTION above, then call and see our Machines, andliear "Ye true story of ye Legend." HANLEY, NADOLIG 1869. pHODDIR Gwobr o lp i'rCyntaf JLt a 10s. i'r Ail am y farwnad oreu i'r diweddar Mrs. Mary Jones, Lofters Street, Hanlcy. Y Cyfansoddiadau i'w hanfon i Mr. D. Griffiths, (Clwydfardd,) Denbigh, North Wales, erbyn Tachwedd 25ain, 1869. JOHN STARKEY & Co., 12 & 14, Parker Street, Liverpool. AGENTS FOR THE FLORENCE SEWING MACHINE, Many important advantages possessed by no others. THE Reversible Feed enables the X operator to sew either way; to fasten ends of seams, saving time and thread to strengthen the seam, where extra strain is liable to come, without stopping or turning the work. The Self-adjusting Shuttle Tension enables the operator to sew goods of differ- ent thickness, making in all, without stop- page or change, the same uniform and elastic stitch: to sew over heavy seams without break- ing thread or dropping stitches. Itmakes four kinds of stitches with as much ease as ordin- ary machines make one, and with as little machinery. The saving of thread over mach- ines making the chain or embroidery stitch, will in one year be more than the cost of the machine. A machine sews easily 300 yards in a day of ten hours. This will take on the Florence 750 yards of thread, and on the chain stitch machine 1,800, making a difference at the present price of thread of at least one shilling and ninepence invalue per day—over E25 per year. With silk, the difference, is, of course much greater. :c io and upwards all found. BRITANNIA SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. These Machines combine the best parts of other machines by avoiding their defects, and with recent special improvements which no others possess, render them not only the cheapest but the best Lock-stitch machiner manufactured. PRICE— (complete with Ornamental Bronze Stand and Polished Circular Table) 61 GUINEAS. Also THE GRESIIAM LOCK-STITCH SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. These machines have advantages possessed by no others. They have the reversible motion, and are the only hand machines fastening the ends of seams both at the commencement and finish without removing the work. PRICE-E4 10s.; with Table and Treaalc- motion, f5 10s. Hand Machines 5os. Likewiso THE TUDOR NOISELESS LOCK-STITCH -SEWING MACHINE FOR TAILORS AND SHOEMAKERS.