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==- £ ? a N s AND COMPANY FAMILY MOURNING DEPARTMENT, CONTAINS A large and carefully selected Stock of Family AND COMPLIMENTARY MOURNING MATERIALS. MOURNING MILLINERY IN GREAT VARIETY. Funerals completely Furnished, Arranged, and economically conducted. E V A N S AND COMPANY, LONDON ROAD, FRASER-STREET, WILDE-STREET. CHATHAM PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established December 12, 1862. TRUSTEES. w. Boote, Esq., I William Parry, Esq, POB Melladew, Esq., | John Roberts, Esq. TRP»SIDBNt—J°hn Roberts, Esq., 61, Hope-street. ASURER—Henry Williams, Esq., 120, Breck-road conJ^ Society has been established five years, and and r49° members, holding 13,780 Invested Th Mortgage Shares. 0f ^m°unt outstanding on mortgages is £ i$9,720> Which 455 943 was advanced during the past year. S e Balance of Profit after paying a Dividend at ino- r.n ?-^r ^ent-> is ^"13,962, as shown in the follow- Co ^"r* J* M'Farlane Gray. mavrS0f.*e Annual Report and all information x y De obtained on application to the Secretary. J. LLOYD JONES, 6, Lord-street. CERTIFICATE. j, Liverpool, Dec. 24, 1867. fji ,ave again made a valuation of the assets of the cert'fi F1 Building Society. The balance of profit add H21 the auditors is £ 16,777; to this I have balan rva*ue °f deferred premiums £ 4034, and the arr ■ Contingent reserve account, and interest in ^37l—making a total £ 21,182, or £ 13,962, deducting the dividend of £ 7 per cent, and all exPenses to date. jf8 eil(^ i865 the reserve of premiums was 20.ln excess of the required amount; in 1866, dis- puting at the same rate of investment, the excess was °77 and this year it is £ 2461, indicating a steady «Mprovement J. M'FARLANE GRAY. SECOND CHATHAM PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. Shares Clo each. Entrance Fee is. per Share. TRUSTEES :— Charles W. Boote, Esq., 7, Moss-street. William Parry, Esq., 36, Beaumont-street. William Roberts, Esq., 54, Paradise-street. 1,r,RESLDENT—J°hn Roberts, Esq., 61, Hope-street. INSURER—Henry Williams, Esq., 190, Breck-road and ,ns society was established on the 10th September, 0f -3as ^lac^ a veiT successful commencement, upwards a°° shares have been already taken, and the u advanced on mortgage securities. any ^ares» Ordinary or Preference, may be taken at illt ln(le on application to the manager, as under, and jyj allowed from the date of entrance. fi-ef.i.0'ley ncnv ready to be advanced on mortgage of or I It -easeliold property. as pro„ u y anticipated that this society will be equally the sn,-?eious as t^e Chatham Building society, under Cop?6 management.^s the rules, prospectus, or any other in- A pan? ?iay ^e had at any time from the manager, may also h °n t'ie Management of Building Societies J. Li rnri^ktained from the manager. —JONES, Accountant, 6, Lord-street rjROMWELL PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. TRUSTEES. TwrF' J°^n Jones> 32» Castle-street. Mr. Henry Stuart, Hope-street, Mr. John Robinson, Birkenhead, PRUO Mr. John Williams, Lord-street. T*aSDEN'r-Mr. John Jones, 32, Castle-street URER—Mr. Josesh Hartley, Commutation-row, h COMMITTEE. P.VAN"?' VV 28 Chapel-street, T)AIP' ■JR°TN, PUBLIC Offices, "VS T¥ET> •'ORIPS'142, Vine-street, trice' Bridson-st, SEPh, James-street, Piercc, Elias, 38, NORTH John Street, Reid, John, 17, Old Hall Street, Street, Woodward, M., 5 4, Mill-street, Williams, David, 32, Bloom-st, 'PI ^I°ncjea^eetlngs of this Society are held on the First from gjL1*1 eacb month, in the office of the Secretary, \Vif>,j Half-past Six o'clock in the evening. Divid a,Wals promptly paid. the end oft Paya^e on the first Monday in July. At Prefers year a dividend of 7 per cent, was paid, Payav.iR nce Shares granted at a fixed rate of interest CCOPFF AY BE agreed. Utfor^t: Rules, Annual Report, and any other *PpUca«,?n' may be obtained, and shares taken, on ^caUonto the Secretary. EDWARD CROSLAND, Accountant, «, Harrington, street SEcOND STANDARD BENEFIT BUILDINC SOCIETY. SEpVDLWYD TACHWEDD, 1864.) T*r YMDDIRIEDOLWYR. C, Miller. Mr. Robert Price. Hnothy Ryan. J William Hood-, LYWYDDMr. Seth Bennett. I TRYSORYDD-Mr. J. E. A. Rogers. ARCHWILYDD-Mr. B. J. Owens. CYFREITHIWR-Mr. James Rowe. Payav.iR nce Shares granted at a fixed rate of interest CCOPFF AY BE agreed. Utfor^t: Rules, Annual Report, and any other *PpUca«,?n' may be obtained, and shares taken, on ^caUonto the Secretary. EDWARD CROSLAND, Accountant, «, Harrington, street SEcOND STANDARD BENEFIT BUILDINC SOCIETY. SEpVDLWYD TACHWEDD, 1864.) T*r YMDDIRIEDOLWYR. C, Miller. Mr. Robert Price. Hnothy Ryan. J William Hood-, LYWYDD—Mr. Seth Bennett. | TRYSORYDD—Mr. J. E. A. Rogers. ARCHWILYDD—Mr. B. J. Owens. CYFREITHIWR—Mr. James Rowe. ]?RL PWYLLGOR. >, rniVVa^d Parkin. Mr; George Owen. Morris. Thomas Robert* >> Tv,°^as Bullock. Charles Smith. avid Jones. John Heap. Mr. James Smith. cyfarfodydd y Gymdeithas ar y nos Fawrtb Wedi vn b mis» 0 haner awr wedi saith i haner awx WZi ar y gl°ch. ef.p (yf hwn sydd wedi bod yn ol saith punt y Wd0i etydliad y Gymdeithas) yn daladwy yn flyn- Tachwedd. Mol ^oll Gyfarwyddwyr y Gymdeithas hon yn ^^yddus, ac yn brofedig fel cyfarwyddwyi 'jymmeryd Shares newyddion, a chael angenrheidiol trwy ymofyn a WILUAM WILLIAMS A'I FAS, Ysgrifeny ddion,1 j 77, Mill Stre-ft, Toxtdk Park, LIVERPOOL GYMDEITHAS ADEILADU BARHAOL c Y CAMBRIAN. (TIle Cambrian Permanent Building Society). YMDDIBIEDOLWYB. W. WILLIAMS, Ysw., 4, Milford street. O. ROBERTS, Ysw., 36, Everton Valley. J. JONES, Ysw., 28, Chatwick mount, Everton Valley. THOMAS HUGHES, Ysw., Tan y bryn, Conway. ROBERT 0. EVANS, 51, Mount view, Everton Valley, LLYWYDD.—0. ROBERT, Ysw., 36, Everton Valley. CYFARWYDDWYR. Captain A. C. Mott, Superintendent of Mercantile Marine Sailors Home. Mr. Evan Roberts, 71, Seacome street, etto. „ Thomas Howard, 45, ijaint George hill. „ Robert Hughes, 36, Nethetfield road, South. „ Edward Owen, 54, Netherfield road, North. „ John Williams, 11, Wilbram street. „ Lewis Roberts, 16, Saint Paul square. „ John Lancaster, Clayton square. TRYSORYDD. MR. JOSEPH PARRY, 78, Roscomon street. BANKERS. NORTH & SOUTH WALES BANK. Cyfraiiati (sltcei-os) 7610yriiii. Entrance fee, Is. ygyfran. Y MAE yn hyfiydwch gan swyddogion uchod hysbysu y cyhoedd fod gweithrediadau y Gym- deithas o natur tra boddhaol. Yr oedd enillion y flwy, cldyii ddiweddaf, Rhagfyr 17eg, 1867, ar ol talu yr oil gostau, uwchlaw MIL 0 BUNNAU. Dosraniad (Dividend), y flwyddyn ddiweddaf, fel arferol, 7p. y cant. Y mae rhagolygon y Gymdeithas yn gysurlawn iawn etto y flwyddyn hon. Cynnelir ei chyfarfodydd ar y TRYDYDD NOS FAWRTH 0 BOB MIS, yn swyddfa yr vsgrifenydd, 35, NETHERFEILD ROAD, NORH, LIVERPOL. Derbynir cyfranau (shares) unrhyw amser yn ystod y mis gan yr oil o'r swyddogion uchod. Am Reolau, Cyfrifon y flwyddyn ddiweddaf, a phob hysbysrwydd angenrheidiol, ymofyner a'r ysgrifenydd, (yn Gymraeg, os dewisir). JOHN PARRY, 35, NETHERFIELD ROAD NORTH. LIVERPOOL. (55—56). UT50YAL MERSEY" PERMANENT -Lt BUILDING SOCIETY. PRESIDENT: Henry Jones, Esq., 20, South Castle Street. TRUSTEES: Samuel Baker, Esq., India Buildings M. Woodward, Esq., Princes Park S. Altree, Esq., Liscard Jno. Scott, Esq., 91, Pitt Street R. Douglas, Esq., 15, Mill Street. SOLICITOR: Jno. Hindle, Esq., 41, Lord Street. SECRETARY: Mr. Edw. Taylor, 36, Chapol Walks. The Monthly Meeting for the Payment of Subscrip- tions, will be held the Second Wednesday in every Month, from Seven to Eight o'clock p.m., at the Secretary's Office, 36, Chapel Walks. -XT A B. HYAM, 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. SPRIING 1868. BHYAM'S SHOWERPROOF OVERCOATS. 15s 20s 20s 25s 25s 25s 30s 30s 30s 30s 35s 35s 35s 35s 35s 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s In all the Newest Materials. HYAM'S BUSINESS SUITS. In all the Newest Materials. 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 50s 50s 50s 50s 50s 55s 55s 55s 55s 60s 60s 60s 65s 65s 70s ID HYAM'S BUSINESS COATS. B. 15s 25s 25s 30s 30s 30s 35s 35s 35s 35s 40s 40s 40s 40s 40s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 45s 50s 50s 50s 50s 50s 50s 50s In all the Newest Materials. HYAM'S BUSINESS TROUSERS. • In all the Newest Materials. 14s 14s 14s 14s 14s 14s 14s 16s 6d 16s 6d 16s 6d 16s 6d 18s 6d 18s 6d 18s 6d 20s 20s 20s 20s 24s 24s 24s 26s 26s 28s BHYAM'S BUSINESS VESTS. B. 6s 7s 6d 8s 6d 8s 6d 9s 6d 9s 6d 9s 6d 10s 6d 10s 6d 10s 6d 12s 6d 12s 6d 12s 6d 12s 6d 15s 15s 15s 15s 15s 15s 15s HYAM'S SUITS FOR B. In very Durable Materials. 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 12s 6d 12s 6d 12s 6d 12s 6d 16s 16s 16s 16s 16s 20s 20s 20s 20s 25s 25s 25s 30s 30s 35s B HYAM'S HATS OF ALL KINDS. B. 3s 49 4s 5s 6d 5s 6d 6s 6d 6s 6d 6s 6d 7s 6d 7s 6d 7s6d 7s6d 8s 6d 8s 6d 8s 6d 8s 6d 10s 6d 10s 6d 10s 6d 10s 6d BHYAM'S SHIRTS OF ALL KIlO^S. 3s 6d 3s 6d 3s 6d 3s 6d 3s fid 4s 6d 4s 6d 4s 6d 4s 6d 5s 6d 5s 6d 5s 6d 5s 6d 6s 6d 6s 6d 6s 6d 78 6d 7s 6d 8s 6d 8s 6d 9s (;jd B HYAlki'S BUSINESS REGULATIONS. All a Goods are marked in plain figures the lowest selling price, from which no abatement can be iiade. Any Garment bought and taken away, if not satis- factory, will be exchanged, if not worn or injured. On Saturdays the Establishment is closed until dusk, when the Business is resumed until Eleven o'clock. CAUTION.-Be certain you are at the Establishment e of B. HYAM before you purchase. Observe, the Trade mark is a Star printed OIl a Ticket attached to each Garment. B. HYAM is compelled to give this notice, as many of his customers have bovisht ctecwliei'e to their great disappointment and loss.—B. HYAM nas only one Establishment in Liverpool, 97, Lord-street, and 7, Whitechapel, and his branches are— MANCHESTER. 86 and 88, Market-street. GLASGOW. 48, Argyle-street. GLASGOW 1, Miller-street: EDINBURGH. 124, High-street. EDINBURGH 2, Hunter-square. DUBLIN 30, Dame-street. DUBLIN 4, Dame-lane, JOSEPH B. O'NIEL, General Broker, PACKER AND REMOVER OF FURNITURE BY SPRING VANS AND WAGGONS, With Water-proof Covers, to and from all parts. PECIR A SYMUDIRPOB MATH 0 DDODREFN gyda'r gofal mwyaf i unrhyw barth Cash advanced and Furniture Warehoused. lRYNIR NEU NEWIDIR POB mATu O DDOD- REFN. Cmway Street, BtrhmkuA BARNARD LEVY, GWNEUTHURWR WATCHES A CHLOCIAU GEMYDD, A DRYCHWYDRYDD, 32, SOUTH CASTLE STREET, LIVERPOOL, BARNARD LEVY A ddywama alw sylw ei gwsmeriaid lluosog, a'i cyhoedd y.fl gyffredin, at y detholiad ardderchog o WATCHES A\IR AC ARIAN, MODRWYAU. PINAU, BROOCHES A LOCKETS, Vr oil yn cael eu gwaraf.y o ddefnydd da, ac yn cael eu marcio mewn ffigyrau pjaen am y prisiau isaf y gwerthir Úyv. Watches arian emyddog cryfino 218 i £ io yr un. Watches aur 21s i ^25 yr un. Gwarantir hwy am gadw eu hamser, rhoddir gwarantiad ysgrifenedig gyda phob Watch. CLOCIAU BARNARD LEVY Ydynt wedi enill cymeriad am gywirdeb, parhad, a rhadlonrwydd, ac y maent wedi rhoi boddhad i dros 20,000 o brynwyr. Cedwir mewn stock Glociau cyfaddas i Swyddfau, Siopau, Llongau, a Thai. Amseriaduron Gwarantiedig o 6s. 6c. yr un. CLOCIAU ALARWM ENWOG BARNARD. LEVY. Deffroant y cysgwr trymaf unrhyw awr ofynedig, am brisiau 07s 6c yr un. ADRAN DRYCHWYDROL BARNARD LEVY wedi cael ugain mlynedd o brofiad fel Drychwydrydd, a gynhygia ei Stock fawr ac imrywiol o Olwgwydrau a Llygadwydrau gyda phob ymddiriedaeth i bersonau yn llafurio o dan ddifftg gfolwg. Llygadwydrau Dwbl a Golwgwydrau o is. y par. Gloew-wydrau Ffrengig a Brazilaidd am bris yr unmot isel. Adgyweiriadau yn ei holl ganghenau am y prisiau mwyaf rhesymol. Cauir bob dydd Sadwrn hyd y prydnawn. DR. THOMAS, SURGEON &c., (Late of Bangor), (Now), 145, NETHERFIELD ROAD NORTH, EVERTON. MORNING ATTENDANCE—10 a.m. to 1 p.m. EVENING ATTENDANCE— 4 p.m. to 7 p.m [31] SCHOOL.—RUAB ON. MRS. EVANs, (Widow of the Rev. T. Evans, late of Manchester.) NTENDS receiving alimited number of Y oung Ladies JL to Board and Educate, at Offa Cottage, Ruabon, where every attention will be paid to domestic comfort and Moral and Religious Instructions. The usual Modern Accomplishments in French, Music, and Drawing, taught. olnl,, will be forwarded on application. LIVERPOOL YSGOL I FECHGYN A GWYR IEUAINC CYMREIG. CYNNELIR ysgol yn neillduol ar gyfer y dospartb C uchod, gan MR. J. HUGHES, 32, ANDERSON STREET, EVERTON. Yn ychwanegol at y canghenau arferol o ddysgeid- iaeth, rhoddir arbenigrivydd i astudiaeth o'r Iaith Sdsnig. Caniateir cyfeiriad am gymmeradwyaeth at y bonedd- igion canlynol:—Parchn. W. REES, D.D. J. THOMAS STEPHENS W. ROBERTS H. E. THOMAS. Anfonir hysttyslen yn cynwys y telerau a phob man. ylion, ond gyru am un yn ol y cyfarwyddyd uchon. Dechreua'r term nesaf ddydd Mawrth, y 14eg o Gorphenaf. A Safe, Certain, and Speedy Can for Piles and GfwwI. CWEO CxEtg PILES 9" G £ AFEL\ ( PILLS. A NEW VEGETABLE REMEDY. Sold in Boxes Is. I -a'd. 2s. 9à. each. II By Post, Is. 4cl. 8f 3s. each. It Prepared only by V, E. « K O R O E I Pharmaceutical Chemist, HIBWAIN, YY ABERDAKE. Y mae y peleni hyn yn feddyginiaeth sicr, buan, a diogel i'r Piles a'x Gravel. Byddant yn gafFaeliad mawr i bawb sydd yn gweithio mewn lleoedd gwlybion, ac yn anadlu awyr anmhur, neu yU dilyn gorchwylion sydd yn eu gorfordi i eistedd Ilawer. Tystia pawb ac a wnaethant brawf o honynt eu bod yn rhag- ori ar unrhyw feddyginiaeth sydd eto wedi el chynyg i'r cyhoedd at y doluriau hyn. Gan eu bod yn feddyginiaeth hollol LYSIEUOL, geILIR cymeryd gyda'r diogelwch mwyaf unrhyw amser, ac M ofynant gyfnewidiad mewn ymborth. Y mae eu rhinweddau gwellhaol mor amlwg ar ol eu aefnyuaio am ychydig, fel y gellir yn briodol eu hystyried yn ANGHYD* Gan nad yw yr MM person bob amser yn dioddef oddiwrth y ddau anhwylder hyn yr un pryd, y mae y peleni uchod i'w cael yn y dulliau canlynol, i gyfarfod a phawb ag A allentfod yn dioddef oddiwrth un 0 honynt neu bob un o r ddau. No 1. GEORGES PILES & GRAVEL PILLS, No. 2. GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS. Eo. 3. GEORGE'S PILLS for the PILES. Gellir eu cael oddiwrth y Gwneuthurwr, ac oddiwti f personau canlynol ABERDARE-MR. THOMAS, CHSMIST. MERTHYR—MB. DANIEL, CHEMIST. CARDIGAN—MR. DAVIES, CHEMISE TREFORIS, SWANSEA-MR. BEVAN. D.S.—Y mae cryn arbediad trwy brynu y blychau tn-W- NEWYDD EU CYHOEDDI, GAN R, HUGHES A'I FAB, GWRECSAM. Mewn llicm, Pris 3s. 6c., LYFR TONAU AC MYNAU, GAIS Y PARCH. E. STEPHEN a J. D. JONES. Meion Wan, Pris 8s. 6c., TRAETHODAU LENYDDOL, GAN L. EDWARDS, D.D. Mewn Wan, Pris 3s. 6c., JGTWYRTHIAU FRIST1 GAN 0. EVANS. I'w cael gan yr holl Lyfrwertliwyr. [49—61. "I ABERTH MOLIANT, SEF CASGLIAD 0 SALMAU AC EMYNAU DAN AROLY(> IAETII Y PARCH W. REES. Cyhoeddirynfuan argraffiad rhad o'r casgliad uchod. Ymdrechir ei ddwyn allan am tua Is. y Copi, yn rhwym mewn llian. Anfonar bob archebion at Mr. Joshua Rowlands, 116 Myrtle Street, Liverpool. Yr ydym yn awr wedi cael llyfr sydd yn ein boddio yn fawr iawn, ac yr ydym yn gobeithio yn gryf y derbynir ef yn mhob nynnulleidfa drwy ein henwad—Darllenasom y llyfr hwn bob gair heb orphwyso ond dwywaith. Ni welsom erioed Emyn- lyfr Cymreig yn dyfod mor agos i'n safon ag ef. Ac yr ydym wedi clywed llawer eraill yn traethu yr un syniadau am dano. Cymered y casgliad hwn ei le fel un yn cael ei gydnabod yn deilwng o'r oes a'r enwad." Y Parch IF. Ambrose, yn y Dysjrcdydd. Darllenasom ef drosodd a throsodd a throsodd, ac yn sicr mae ynddo adlais i galon—y peth hwnw y teimla yr enaid ei fod yn llefaru drosto ei hun. Nid oes un emyn gwael ynddo o'r dechreu i'r diwedd. Ceir ynddo rai emynau o waith Dr. Rees ei hun na buont erioed o'r blaen yn argraffedig, a'r rhai ydynt, yn ol ein barn. ni gyda y pethau gorcu a gyfansoddwyd erioed.—Ni phetruswn ddAveyd, os ca eghvysi Annibynnol y Dywysogaeth unwaith gyf- leusdra i'w farnu, mai efe fydd eu liolf Emyn-lyfr.- Y Beirniad. NEWYDD EI GYHOEDDI, Rhan laf, Pris Swllt, o Rhydd-weithiau Hiraethog SEF GWEITHIATJ LLENYDDOL Y PARCH. WILLIAM, REES, LIVERPOOL;) I'W gwblhau mewn 12 Rhan. Dallfollirpob Rhan JL trwy y Post ar dderbyniad 13 stamps. Liverpool: -Cylioed(lir gan ISAAC FO-ULKES, Peter's Lane. Yn barod yn neehreu Gorphenaf, yn flyfi-ol brydferth 0 152 tudaUn, toned paper. CANIADAU CRANOGWEN. ,TN CYNWYS 'Y Fodrwy Briodasol' a 'Hiraeth,' JL buddugol yn Eisteddfodau Cenhedlaethol Aberyst- with a Chaer; 'Pedr yn nhy Cornelius' a'Dyffryn Cranog,' buddugol mewn Eisteddfodau lleol; a thua deugain o Ganiadau eraill ar amrywiol destynau. Pris y gyfrol:—Mewn amlenbrydferth, Is. 6c.; mewn llian addumedig, gilt edges, 2s. 6c.; mewn rhwymiad goreuredig, i'r drawing-room table, neu yn anrheg, 3s. I'w cael gyda'r Post am eu pris mewn Postage Stamps hyd 6s., dros hyny, Postoffiee order. Rhoddir 13 yn y dwsin i'r neb a ddanfona dal gyda'r order. Pob orders i'w hanfon i'r cyhoeddwr—Robert Oliver Rees, Dolgelley; neu i'r awdures—Miss Rees, Llan- granog. SECOND EDITION, In 8vo., with MAPS AND DIAGRAMS, Price 16s. The PEDIGREE of the ENGLISH PEOPLE. AN Argument, Historical and Scientific, on English Ethnology, showing the progress of Race Amalga- mation in Britain from the earliest times, with especial reference to the Incorporation of the Celtic Aborigines. By THOMAS NICHOLAS, M.A., Ph.D., F.G.S. London:—Longman, Green & Co., Paternoster Row. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. "It is a pleasure to read an elaborate work so precise in its arrangement, and often so amusing in its style, and so exhaustive in the breadth of its research.—A very remarkable Book."—Examiner. The Argument is supported by Dr Nicholas with so much learning and ingenuity that his Book must com- mand the attention of all who are anxious for the es- tablishment of historical truth."—Notes and Queries. Dr Nicholas's work is full of valuable suggestions, and may be read for its facts as well as for its theory." London Review. In our opinion it is the Book of the sason: full of choice and varied learning."—llomilist. That we are still to a great extent Britons' is the opinion advocated by Dr Nicholas, who has gone very elaborately into the whole question.—His Book is an interesting study of a very attractive subject. News. CYMMANFAOEDD YR ANNIBYNWYR. YN cynwys eu hanes a'r Llythyrau o'r dechreu hyd yn ddi- •weddar, trwy Dde a Gogledd Cymru, i ymddangos mewn 6 Rhan, Swllt y Rhan. Mae Pedair Rhan yn barod, ac anfonir hwynt yn ddidraul gyda'r Post am eu gwerth mown Stamps. Rhoddir yr elw arferol i Ddosbarthwyr. Pob archebion (Orders), a thaliadau i'w cyfeirio i -Hec, j. Ll. James, Whit- church, Cardiff. DEPILATORY. WELL'S DEPILATORY is the only effectual remedy for the immediate and permanent removal of superfluous hair from the face, arms, neck, < £ E. This preparation effects its purpose almost instantaneously, without pain or injury to the most sensitive skin. Forwarded by post (secured from observation) on receipt of 5s. by stamps or post office ord°V. Jolts WELLS, 1,12, Euston Street, near Hampstead Road, London. Post ottiee orders pavalilc at Gower Street, W .T. eicis of Testimonials have been received from the nobilitv AND ladies of RANK "hc) have tried this marvellous lemedy.. [36-87] I JAMES HALL BUTTERS, 3URGEON DENTIST, 48, PERCY ST., LIVERPOOL. MEDDYGINIAETH RYFEDDOL DRWY BELENI HOLLOW A y ACHWYNIADAU Y GERI A'R AFU. Yn frnych arweiniant i'r rliywiogaethau gwaethaf o ddy- oddefiadau drnol, eto cynifer a gystuddir yn y wedd hon heb wybod am foddion gwellhad ag ydynt wedi eu gosod o fewn eu cp-haedd. Dylai y eyfryw gymeryd ychydig flychau o'r Peleni hyn, yn ol y cyfarwj'ddiadau a roddir yn y LH"frau, a'ir hachwyniadau yn fnan a'u gadawant.—Yn fjT, gellir treehn y rhan fwyaf o ddolmiau a ddygwyddant i'r cyfansoddiac dynol DR-NY en cymeryd. CBTWYDDIADAU Y DYFRGLWYF A CHYFNEWIDIAB BYWYD. (Mac hwn yn gyfnod MWYAF peryglus yn mywyd benyw; mae JN dinystrio miloedd. Mae JT holl wlybyrwch tew yn easglu yn nghyd, ac fel y llanw, yn ysgubo J-maith ieehyd, a bywyd ei hun, os na rwystrir hwj-nt yn amserol ac effeithiol. Y fed I' ygyniaeth fwyaf sicr at yr arwyddion peryglus hyn, yw Pelen. Holloway. Yn arfogedig a'r feddyginiaeth fawr hon, eir trwy y tanbrawf H^NI, ac adferir y dyoddefydd unwaith dracherni gyflawn ieehyd. Mae y Peleni hyn yn gyfartal eSeithioli'A holl achwyniadau benywaidd, ac ataliadau ar doriad gwa~»- gflTeigdod. GIAU AC ISELDER YSPRYD. Cynifer o flloedd a ddyoddefant oddiwrth fathau C- yspryd, yn gwisgo ffurf 0 ellyll iddynt eu hunain ac i bob o'u liamgylch, heb wybod beth rydd ryddhad i'w dyoddefiadau 1'1' eyfryw mae peleni Holloway wedi profi yn fendith mewa achosion dirifedi. Drwy ddefnyddiad cyson o'r peleni an- mhrisiadwy hi-n, a rhoddi sylw priodol i fwyd a threfn, daros- tyntrir yr achosion gwaethaf yn fuan i alluoedd nerthol y feddyginiaeth hon, daw cyfansoddiad mwamal yr ymenydd yn dawel, a'r dyoddefydd unwaith drachefn i fwynhau ieehyd, fet yn nyddiau ieuenetyd. leleni Ilollowoy ydynt y feddyginiaeth oreu a adnabyddir y doluriau canlynol: Cryd Dyfrglwyf Rhw.miztd -r Colig Croendoriad Anh-nylderau Ymysgaroedd Dolui- rhydi Darfodedigaeth Menywod Twj-mj-nau 0 Llewygon Dolur pen y,1 Enyniadau bob math Troedwst Afu Clwy'r Clwyf melj-n Llynwst Gyddfau poenus Ataliad dwfr Marcliogion Y Gymalwai Gwedidau Y Gareg a'r CIYvN-Ir brenhin Gwendid oddiwrth bob Gareg Ail arwyddion Y Ddanodd achos Anhwylderau Cornwydydd Dirgel-gwd Caethder Y Geri Diffyg treuliad &c. Ymysgaroedd Dolur Gwerthir >*N sefydliad y Professor Holloway, 246, StranJ, (near Temple Bar), London, ac 80, Maiden-st., New YORK. Hefyd gan bob Fferyllydd a gwerthwyr meddyginiaethau dr" y byd gwareiddiedig, am y prisiau canlynol :-18. lc., 2s. 6c&. 5s. '6c., lis., 22s., a 33s. y blwch. Mae cryn arbed trwy gymeryd y rhai mwyaf. D.S.—Mae eyfarwydctiadau i liyfforddi y cystadleuwyr yn mhob dolur yn gysylltiedig a phob blwch. I A N T WHISKERS and MOCS- IUXURIANT WHISKERS and MCWJ* TACHES—COOPER'S 'BALDNESS PRI- NTER and HAIR RESTORER' (reduced is strength) will produce strong healthy whiskers and moustaches in ten days. One bottle only required. Sent to any address for 18 stamps.—181, Fleet-street., E.C. It has never been known to fail. Testimonials post free id. The receipt post free for 8 stamps. DESTINY and NATIVITY, by Messrs. 3^or and CABONA.—The science of Astrology Av been practised in the world since the days of Adam, but nowhere more successful as in Asia and Palestine. Professor Cabona, K.S.L., an Egyptian Astrologer, known all over Europe, and Old Moore,' the Editor of one of the most successful Almanacs in the world, will (in consequence of their becoming united in business) reveal any mystery that may be properly laid before them. Before you send any money to any astrologer, read Moore and Cabona's Book of Destiny, sent post free for Two Stamps. Address the Publisher, 181, Fleet-street, London, E.C. HOW TO GAIN THE AFFECTIONS of the opposite sex so as to produce Matrimonial Alli- ance in a very short time, without the application of either drug or deception. Address D., 181, Fleet- street, London, E.C. Enclose 12 stamps for reply. GOOD HEALTH FOR EVERY ONE through- out the whole of life. A dilapidated constitution restored and all interior diseases removed. A German Doctor will send a recipe for ios that will destroy Rheumatics, Gout, Piles, Ulcers, and all other diseases the human flesh is heir to. The expense does not a- mount to 5s a year. Address Dr Rico, i, Meck- lenberg Terrace, Silver Town, near London, E. VICTORIA HAIR DYE.—Cooper's Hair Dye is considerably the best ever introduced in England. Enough to last nine months sent free for 38 stamps.—Address A. Cooper, Chemist, 181, Fleet- street, London. Highest testimonials free. State colour previous co turning grey. A gentleman residing at 29, Upper Park Place, Dorset Square, W., writing on the 13th of January, 1863, says 'Mr Cooper. Dear Sir,—I received the dye safe, and have used it, and find it very good. I'll recommend it tc all my friends both in town and country.' /^VUEEN of COSMETIC.—Enamelling Super- W seded. The TAPA ROOT is now used by all the Ladies of the Courts of Europe. It whitens and beautifies the skin, and makes it as smooth and soft to the touch as satin. In bottles, post free, for ten six- penny stamps.—Cooper, Chemist, 181, Fleet-street. E.C. BALDNESS PREVENTED and HAIR RESTORED in three weeks on the Head of the Oldest Man or Woman in Europe. Sold in bottles, 2s 6d and 5s post free for 9 and 18 stamps extra.— Address A. Cooper, Chemist, 181, Fleet-street. Testi- monials from the nobility and gentry sent post free. Mr. Rogers, Silver town, says 'After being bald twelve years, I have now a beautiful head of hair, and of original colour.' YOUR FUTURE FORETOLD.—Madame DE VERE will reveal by CLAIRVOYANCY, Second Sight, and Perception, the thoughts and inten- tions of those in any part of the world. Give age and sex. Four questions answered for 9 stamps and stamped envelope.—Silvertown, London, E.; CORNS AND TOOTHACHE.-COO^'S RECIPE FOR DESTROYING CORNS AND' ™'VI^ G- TOOTHACHE, Twelve stamps, and stamped a .ectea en- velope. 181 Fleet Street. \ILL'S LIFE PILLS, Is. L £ D., and 2s 9d. per box. A. 1 ) COOPER, 181 Fleet Street. COOPER'S BOOK OF TESTIMONIALS on the restore" tion of hair on the heads of elderly persons. Haii prevented from falling off. Whiskers & Moustachios produced. Cooper's Hair Dve. Cooper s Queen of Cosmetics from the Tapa Root, prepared by a Circassian Lady. Book sent (on. receipt of one stsmp to pay postage) by A. Cooper, 18, Fleet Street, London, E. C. HOW TO GAIN THE AFFECTIONS of the opposite sex, so as to produce Matrimonial Alliancel in a vers short time, without the application of eithr drug or deception. Address, Count TERLISKIE, North Road, Forest Hill, near London, S.F. and enclose 12 stamps and stamped directed, envelope for reply. YOUR FUTURE FORETOLD.—Beforei you consult JL any one on Marriage Future Prospets, Prosperity OJ Adversity in Business, Legacies, Absent Freinds, Lost or Stolen Propertv, or thoughts and Intentions of others, com- municate with Count TERLISKIE, the Worid Renowned Clairvoyant, North Road, Forest Hill, near London, S,E.- Four Questions answered for 18 stamps, and I.tampeof directed envelope.