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DAVIS BROS, I AGENTS FOR "Or' ?:. ROGERS'S CELEBRTÊD ALES AND STOUTS IN CASK. ,.i CASH PRICE LIST. INDIA PALE AND BITTER ALES. L.B A LIGHT BITTER ALB PER GAL. OS. lODe A.K. BITTER ALE » I «* ON' A.K.K. » P.A. PALS ALE » I.P.A4 INDIA PALE ALE » LS- FED- F MILD ALES. F.A. J FRES& ALE PER GAL. OS. 10D. XX MILD ALE ob » Is. OD. yyy 18. 2D. JLJLJL J> M is 4b XXXX „ „ » ;l' XXXX EXTRA STRONG LS- 6P' t j STOUTS. PORTER PER GAL JK 0». S.. STOUTS » 4„ D.S. DOUBLE STOUT » is. 4D. WHITBREAD'& LONDON ALES AND STOUT IN BOTTLE SCREW STOPPERED. => <; y D. S. DAVIES, BREWER AND MINERAL WATER MANUFACTURER, ABERSYCHAN. GUINNESS' STOUT AND BASS' ALE (IN BOTTLES), AGENT FOR DAVIS AND STRANGMAN'S STOUT AND I SALT s BURTON ALES. BOLE AGENT FOR THE ORIGINAL KENTOBA HOP BITTERS. The following opinion was expre^d by MT^WILLIAM ^oV^rOOOD pt^T-W. UoBQAM.1* will be found a great acquisition for private families and the nek room GREAT WESTERN COFFEE TAVERN (Adjoining the Crane Street Railway Station), PONTYPOOL. THE BEST PLACE ik PONTYPOOL FOR BREAKFASTS, DINNERS, TEAS, AND SUPPERS, Of the Best Quality, at the Most MODERATE OF CHARGES. (HOT AND COLD LUNCHEONS, COFFEE, TEA, COCOA, and CHOCOLATE at any time. BOVRIL. LIME JUICE, and other CORDIALS and SYRUPS, HOP BITTERS, LEMONADE, Huntley and Palmer's Celebrated BISCUITS, CONFECTIONERY of all Kinds, includingl CHOCOLATES Loose and in Eancyl Boxes, and! the best kinds of SWEETMEATS. CIGARS and CIGARETTES of ithe Best Brands. PRIVATE BOOMS FOR PARTIES AND FAMILIES. E. OSBORNE, Proprietor. AMERICAN LINE. ROTTTHAMPTON—NEW YORK SERVICE. 80 WITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS SOUTHAMPTON TO NEW YORK DIRECT Every SATURDAY. „ Highest-Clan of accommodation for Saloon, Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers. TJVERPOOL—PHILADELPHIA i [SERVICE. Every WEDNESDAY T. rvwBPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA Calling- at Queenstown every Thursday. Passengers fnd Goods are landed at Philadelphia ™T. WlLf oi tho has the Shortest and most Direct Route to au places in the Western States. Apply to Richardam, Spence, &- Co., Southampton or Liverpool; or to Local Agents: Jag Morgan, Full Moon, Pontypool; B^ert Tilney, G.W. Railway Station, Cwmbran; Henry Brain, Postmaster, Ab»8ychan; Thes. Bevan, 23. King-street, Blaenavon. Thos. Pugh, Post-office, Crumlin, Thou. Yendall, Pioneer Stores, VMCUI, A. H. Thomas, Newsagent &c.,Blwna J. Thomas, 85, Commercial-road, iredegar. W. Milton Locke, Newport. Mon. ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. (Under l'contract with the Canadian Government for conveyance of the Canadian Mails.) FROM LIVERPOOL. Laurentian.-For Quebec and Montreal.Sept. 28 Numidian .For Quebec and Sardinian .For Quebec and Montreal.Oct. 12 Mongolian.For Quebec and Montreal.Oct. 19 Parisian For Quebec and Montreal.Oct. 26 Laurentian.For Quebec and Montreal.Nov. 2 FARES FOR OCEAN PASsAGE. Saloon, 10 to 18 Guineas I Second Cabin, P,7 7%. Steerage, P.5 58. v^.gers are landed ^bom^ri^convenience and ex- '?^S¥»^ayo!.nduclor accoroani* TSSBKSffiySSi the ATTTOUMST8, SPORTSMEN, ^dt?^ers.-I^^S Trip Tickets combining to^ra Fau. the wonderful scenery and Sporting Dirtr^ts ofto Rooky Mountains ard British Columbia, aya 0tfcer places of interest in United States and Oanaoa. pro- gramme of tours on application. Special Return Rates to the Chicago World's Fair British Delegates' new reports and all the latest maps ^IMrect1 ser Wmffrom Glasgow to New York and Boston and Philadelphia all the year round. Full particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., 19, James Street, Liverpool. JAMES R MORGAN, Full Moon, Pontypool. DORCAS THOMAS. Stationer and Bookseller. Corner Shop, Blaioa. JAMES ROBERTS, Craig Post Office, Pontypridd. FRED. ALLEN 'i1 8L Jeba's Square, Abarg&Ytiwy RDYAT MAIL STEAMERS FROM LIVERPOOL OALIJNG AT QUEENSTOWN. FOB NBW lOBK UMBRIA Sat Oct, 21; LUCANIA a ETRURIA 8at,Nov. 41 FOR BOSTON PAVONIA..Thur., Oct 19 I CEPHALONIA, Th., Nov2 CATALONIA, Thur, Nov9 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares for FIRST and SECOND Class Passengers; also through to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. Steerage ssenrers to aji parts of America and Canada at low rates those by Boston steamers booked to New York without extra charee. Ttnr PTTNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, THE CUJNAJSW OX 8i Water street, Liverpool; OR TO THEIR AGENT, JOSEPH R. MORGAN, Post Office. Pontypool. T. BEVAN. Blaenavon CO-() U IN. [REGISTERED. SN,COCA AND QUININE ELLI -SHERRY BITTEFS A P E R F E C T T 0 N c GENUINE APPETISER,- 2\f) /Z PREPRIETORS CO F-LLIS c A, R[)IFF, OF ALL GROCERS, WINE DEALERS, &c. Awarded First PRIZB MBDAL, Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition, 1887 and Sydney Centenary Exhibition, 1888. TO PICTUBF FRAME MAKEAP AND DECORATORS AmiiWMT Hons* In London lor Engli»h and Foreign V/ picture Frame and Boom Mouldings; all the newest designs. Two million feet always in stook. Veneered » Fyoy Wood Moulding, *o.; Picture Fmaus of e^deyription, iuu)M(H?dw. *EY«ry tot tha'tarfe and exportation. Special attention to Country Orders. Pull particulars in New Pattern Book and Catalogues (85 pages 4to Demy,.revised IOI 1691) for three penny stamps.—H. MOBBLL, 17 and Owat Rt. Andrew Street, Bloomsbury, London.— Steak Usta and Prices of Glass monthly, fcree on application. MeMCMtet bo AdcJn811 f au" 8 STIFFIS STARCH m IPF'S STARCH 8 TIFFS STARCH STIFF'S STABCH STIFF'S STAECH STIFF'S STARCH STIFFPS STARCH STIFF'S STARCH ^TIFF'S STABCK STIFF-8 STAWH IPIPS STARCH 'r'rT w. I NOTICE. STIFF'S STARCH is sold in 41b., lib., Jib and Jib. fancy Boxes also in Paper Packets containing about tilbs. each. Everv Box or Packet bears the Trade Mark. "Queen Bess." This Trade Markkas been reg- istered, and is a guarantee that the contents of the Box or Packet are genuine. A good deal of Starch is sold loose—that is, merely wrapped in paper or enclosed in paper bags. Starch supplied ia this way may be a cheap and very inferior article, possibly of for- eign manufacture, and of little use for laundry purposes. Con- sumers, therefore, when pur- chasing Stiff's Starch, should get it in a Box or Packet, and note the Trade Mark printed in Bed Ink on outside. STCFtf & CO- 129, BEDCLIFF STBBBT, BRISTOL, Pontypool Permanent BUILDING SOCIETY, PONTYPOOL. PROSPECTUS. TRUSTEES. (For;the purposes au rised by the Act of Parliament, 30 and 88 Vict. Caps. 2S and 28). Mr William Collins, Mr. Edward Jones, J.P., Mr. Edward James Phillips, J P., Mr. Alfred A. Williams, J.p. DIRECTORS. Mr. A. A. Williams, J.P., Maesderwen, Chairman of Directors. Mr. E. Fowler, Pontypool, Vice-Chairman of Directors Lieut.-CoL J. R. Wright, J.P., Gowerton. Mr. Isaac Butler, J.P., Panteg. „ Mr. W. Collins, Ponty- pool. Mr. W. H. Davies, Abersy- chan. Mr. C. Davis, Pontypool. Mr. H. Feather, Griffiths- town. „ Mr. E. B. Ford, Ponty- Mr. J^Goodenough, Panteg. Mr. W. H. Haskins, Ponty- pool. Mr. J. Morgan, Pontnew- ynydd. Mr. H. A. Saunders, Panteg Mr. D. E. Williams, Panteg Mr. J. W. Upstone, Ponty- moil. Mr. W. R. Williams, Ponty- pool. I Mr. J. Stafford, Griffiths- town. Mr. R. Stephens, Griffiths town. BANKERS. Lloyds Bank, Limited, Pontypool. SOLICITORS. Messrs. Le Brasseur and Bowen, Pontypool. SECRETARY. Mr. John Walters. Griffithstown. TREASURER. Mr. William Collins, Pontypool. ARBITRATORS. Colonel Byrde, Goytrey. Mr. W. L. Pratt, J.P., Pont- e d. Mr. David Williams, Mold. Mr. LI.' Llewelyn, Abersy- chan.( Mr. D. M. Llewellin, ponty- pool. Mr. D. M. laeweuin, ponty- pool. OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY: To offer a means of investing large or wnal sums by monthly subscriptions, or otherwise, at a good rate of interest; and To lend the monies so accumulated for the purpose of purchasing or building houses, redeeming mortgages, &c. MONEY NOW READY TO ADVANCE. For further information, reports, &c., apply to the SECRETARY, or to the MANAGER, Lloyds Bank, Pontypool. PROFESSIONAL. MR. EDWARD LITTLE DENTAL SURGEON, ATTENDANCE EVERY MONDAY A AT MR. WOOD'S (CHEMIST), CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. MBSSR8. OSBORNR, WHITM SC LIIVLR, Dawnm, 108, DOCX-btrmt, NEWPORT ;A' °, -J t THB pONTYPOOL J^REE pRESP 18 THE BEST MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISERS, AND HAS A LARGER AND WIDER CIRCULATION Than any other Newspaper published in Monmouthshire OFFICES obBORNE ROAD PONTYPOOL. W. E; VAUGHAN & CO., STBAM-POWER DYERS, FRENCB CLEANERS, &c., LLANDAFF ROAD, CARDIFF. HRANCH Establishments: 32, Queen-street )D 248, Bote-street Cardiff; 11, Windsor-road, Penarth; Skinner-street, Newport; 83, High street, Merthyr; 27, Castle-street, Swansea. paroels Received and Forwarded Regularly to the rye Worka by the following District AgentsAbercaxn, Mr. D. Jonea, House; Blaenavon, Mr. J. Harris, London House; Griffithsto-»rn, Mr H. Peach, Post Office; Trehaxria, Mr. Lewis, London House; Vsk, Mr. Jones, Grocer, Bridge Pamls amounting to Ave shilling »ent direct to worka will be retained carriage paid one way. Trade books and p ists sent free en application. W. E. VAUGHAN & CO., DYERS, Are CELEBRATED for CLOTHES and Dress Cleaning by FRENCH PROOES S, producing permanent colours silverior Aniabmodwatechmes, and promptness oc dis- patca A WONDERFUL MEDICINE BEECHAM'S PILLS A RE 'universally admitted to be worth a Guinea a Ajbox for Bilious and Nervous Disorders,such as wind for Bilious and Nervous Disorders,such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, ful- ness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, "old chills, flushings of hipat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costiveness, scurvy blotches on the skin, dis- turbed sleep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, &c., &c. The first dose will give «>iief in twenty minutes. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Puis, and they will be acknowledged^ to^be QUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all humoursand bring about all that is required. No female should be without them. There is no medicine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all dis- orders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the Whole muscular system, restore the long- lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the ROSEBUD of health the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS testified continually by members of all classes of Society; and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and Debilitated is B:MC-RAms, PILLS have the Largest Sale at Any Patent Medicine in the World. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma, Bronchial Affections, Hoarseness, Shortness of Breath, Tightness and Oppression of Chwt, Wheezing, Sec., these Pills stand unrivalled. They are the'best ever ofTered-to the public and will speedily remove that sense of oppression and a trial, and ♦■E"? most violent Cough will in a short time be removed. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, bv tne proprietor, T. BKBCHAJC, St. Jlelea'sjuancasbire, in Boxes Hd,lslidand 2a 9d. each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medio Dealers Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medio Dealers everywhere. Kfe-Full direct* egivea with eao PUBLIC NOTICE. P ALKHO S Is EXPIRATION OF LEASE. THE LARGEST SALE EVER KNOWN IN COMMERCIAL STREET, PONTYPOOL. £ 10,000 WORTH OF LADIES' & GENTS.' BOOTS & SHOES At Enormous Sacrifice. MUST BE SOLD. A GREAT VARIETY OF CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND SHOES. The Remainder of the Stock not disposed of at Commercial Street will be Sold by PUBLIC AUCTION together with the Shop Fittings and Fixtures. AGENT IN THE DISTRICL FOR THE "Galvanease" Genuine Electric BOOTS AND SHOES WE RECOMMEND OUR FRIENDS TO CALL. Special Terms offered to the Trade. JJUGHES & SON, PRINTERS, STATIONERS, LITHOGRAPHERS, ACCOUNT BOOK MAKERS, ETC., COMMERCIAL STREET, PONTYPOOL. >h. BEST VALUE IN ACCOUNT BOOKS. BILL HEADS. MEMO FORMS. BUSINESS ENVELOPES. BUSINESS CARDS. HEADED NOTE PAPER. CHEAP BINDINGS FOR MAGAZINES, &c. STAMPED ADDRESSED NOTE PAPERS. COPYING PRESSES & LETTER BOOKS. WRITING & COPYING INKS, PENS, &C. I Cheap Note Paper and Envelopes. I HUGHES & SON, Pontypool. PHILIP MORGAN, (Late POOLS ALOROAN), STOCK SALESMAN AND GENERA! AUCTIONEER. PUBLIC-HOUSE, FT RNITURE, STOCK, and other Valuations undertaken. LIFE, FIRE, ACCIDBNTAL AND OTHER INSURANCE AGENT. MONEY LENT on MORTGAGE. Advances JXL made on Sales. Payment on Bve of Sale *>KoUy made if required. P. M. hold Sales of Fat and Store Stock in Abergavenny Market every Tuesday, and at Uak the First and Third Mondays in each Month also other Markete, when instructed. Meet —CLUB CHAMBERS, PONTYPOOL amd 81. MARVS CHAMBERS, MONK S7. ABEMBAWUHF/T. HOME CURED BACON, AT 9JD. HOME-CURED HAMS, 10jD. FINEST QUALITY HAMS, 6iD. ALSO FLOUR, BARLEY MEAL, AND SHARPS, AT VERY LOW PRICES. J. G. RICHARDS, TRANCH, PONTY OOL. CROWN BREWERY, PONTYPOOL WHITE, pAXTON k CO., BREWERS & HOP MERCHANTS. OSBORNE RD. & GEORGE ST., PONTYPOOL I Mild & Bitter Ales from lOd. per Gallon, 1 Ix 4i, 9, 18, 36, AND 54 GALL. CASKS. HARVEST BEER, 8D. PER GALLON. GUINNESS 8 STOUT AND BASSS ALES IN BOTTLES. -r £ pIANOFORTES! pIANOFORTES! QREAT JJEDUCTION IN p RICES 1 1 BE AND COMPANY (LIMITED), "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS, h -i. ¡' HAVING ma'/e^eciai ^irrangeaisate with the Mailatactuiers for a Con:r-, jous Suppij of Ae Ciflebr- ted Thirty Gtinea Inon-frimed, Brass Pin-plave, handsome Waiaat and Gold Case PiUlO (Ift years WatTanty), arc- prepared vu Sell this Splendid laatruxneoi at the Romark^uv pnre "1 ] 23 GUINEAS ONLY [ I The Magnificent Overstrung J| <4KIN« OF A&L PIANOFORTES," 40 GUINEAS. M KING OF MOiL PIANOFORTES," 40 GUINEAS. M This Grand Instrument fully-■equal to these often sold at 60 Guineas, !'Io > TfURNITORE" J^URNITUREM As -the Largest Furnishers in this part of the Kingdom, B. and Co. Supply Every Oesoaiption of HOUSEHOLD FCMSITUKE, CAEPETS, LINOLEUMS, &o.r At Priew far and awa, belo"- "hose of their Campetitors. DELIVERY OF FREE. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES GRATIS BEVAN AND COMPANY, CARDIFF, NEWPORT, AND PONTYPOOL. r -=-, EARTHENWARE, CHINA, AND GLASS J „ WAREHOUSE. NOTED FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY 110 AND £JJffiii LoWEST PRICD. L 8 ?l04 is now Showing the LATEST DESIGNS in DINNER, TEA, & BREAKFAST SETS, AND ALL KINDS OP TABLE AND FANCY GLASS. L) INN LB SElSi'W PtM.fxi tllOH tall. f C:A (*' PIBLM (-LI.NAI