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J IFA UPPER LOCAL I BOARD. f neeting of this Board was held I ting at the Primitive Methodist onewydd. Present: Mr. F. W. tairmaii), Messrs. H. Parfitt, J&. mas, J. Jacob, W. Jones, W. ramy, W. Lewis, J. Jenkins, 1. d T." Dagger (surveyor). f the last meeting were read and CEW RAILWAY TO SOUTH WALES. .id in connection with the line it make from Swansea to Padding- i a meeting, and they wanted to ,hat Board would be in a position my thing towards the preliminary could not pledge the Board to aid he would lay the matter before derstood that other Boards were ,he sum of 15 towards the pre- sses. „ j At Pontypool they refused to give xnds t They passed it by. jtt: They have in the Rhondda, I .ve only done, what I promised-to lay r before you. „ aairman Have we power to do so lerk I don't think we have. ,'arfitt: I simply promised to lay the before the Board at the Council. It is for decide as a Board. I know that legally e no right to apply public money to such jose at all. The only way we could do it id be by increasing the clerks salary and let 1 in hand it over. That was the way in which J uch things were done years ago, although I don't »y it's right or legal. I don't advocate that. I ihink if a few gentlemen felt disposed to give donations that would be the simplest and easiest way out of it. POLLUTION OF THE AVON LLWYD. Mr. Parfitt asked what had been done with re- gard to the pollution of the river Avon Lilwyd in the district. Had any letter been received from the tin works' managers ? The Clerk No. Mr. Parfitt: Why I am anxious to have the matter cleared up is that we are summoned to a. meeting of the sanitary committee on Wednes- day, and I should like to know what our Board has done. It would look rather strange my being on the council if I did not know what the Board had done. I take it for granted that there has I has been time for a reply. The Clerk There's not been time for a Teply yet. i Mr. Parfitt: Four weeks would give time. The Clerk I didn't write till the end of last week. Mr. Parfitt: That's an explanation. The Clerk promised to communicate witn Mr. Parfitt at once, in the event of his receiving a reply. THE REPAIR OF POXTXEWYDD BRIDGE. Mr. Thomas said that at the last meeting an account for JE16 12s. lOd. was presented from fee Caerleon Highway Board, being the Board s proportion of the cost of repairing the bridge ever the river at Lower Pontnewydd, As they Were not very numerous that evening, they did fcot move in the matter, especially as the Caer- leon Board charged for their surveyor's time. They.tcould not agree to that. If they charged for their surveyor, he thought the Llanfrechfa Board should charge f )r their surveyor. Mr. Parfitt did not think that would be just to the Caerleon Highway Board, who employed their surveyor to do the work for the three parishes. He had to prepare the plans and specifications, and get out the quantities. He believed their surveyor only met the Caerleon surveyor once or twice at the outset of the work. Mr. Thomas: The reason I moved in the matter was because I was under the impression that our surveyor had a good deal to do with the bridge, but from what Mr. Parfitt says, he had not much to do with it. The Surveyor I may say I visited the bridge three times while the work was going on, but I took no active part in connection with it. On the propositionjof Mr. Parfitt, secondedjby the chairman, it was resolved that the amount be paid. APPLICATION FOR A SLAUGHTER-HOUSE LICENCE. A letter was read from Mr. E. Berrow, grocer, Pontnewydd, asking the Board to allow him or his tenant to make use of the shed at the top -•kf >»is yard for the purpose of slaughtering a few atuTOMo fhA Board to make an inspection of the premises. The Chairman Have you heard of it before ? The Clerk No, sir. Mr. Jacob It has been condemned before, has it not, by this Board 2 The Clerk We had a serious complaint at the last Board meeting of a nuisance there, and the Board gave 24 hours notice to abate it. The Chairman At this very place ? The Clerk: Yes. Mr. Parfitt said it was very necessary that they should have some rule to guide them en that point, and if their bye-laws were not sufficiently clear on the point they should have new regula- tions drawn up which would apply to all alike. There should be proper pavement, with concrete beneath, and the pavement should be laid in cement to prevent the blood lying in the joints. Unless they had proper rules and regulations, they would be going by the rule of thumb, under which they would have one rule for one person and another for another. He thought the old bye-laws specified what should be done, and the work should be carried out to the satisfaction of the surveyor. Mr. Jones I should like to ask if there's any drainage at this place ? The Surveyor There is not. The Chairman having read the provisions of the Publie Health Act as to paving and drainage, Mr. Parfitt moved that the Surveyor visit the place and report to the Board whether the applicant had complied with the provisions of the Public Health Act or not. This was duly carried. Mr. Jones I should like to ask whether any- body has applied beside Mr. Berrow ? The Clerk Yes Mr. A. Lloyd has applied f o two licences, one for his place here and one for the farm. THE SEWAGE QUESTION. Mr. Parfitt said he understood that no steps were to be teken as to putting in the sewer <?ver the Great Western Railway Company's bridge over the canal before a proper arrangement was made, but he found that the work had been done He understood from the minutes that the Com' pany threw the onus on them as a Board, and- informed them that if they thought they had a right to lay the pipe there, it was a matter fo r them as a Board to decide. The Clerk said if the matter was left in his hands he would carry it through without any expense to the Board. Mr. Parfitt said the clerk's instructions were to come to an understanding with the Company before having the work done. He really thought, if they were going to put anything on a person's property, they ought to try and make some reasonable arrangement, and not be so arbitrary in placing a pip6 where they had no right to do so. He did not think that was the way to deal with a Company such as the Great Western. (Hear, hear.) The Clerk read a long correspondence which lad taken place between himself and the Com- any, the latter stating at the outset that the oard must do the work on their responsibility, 1 making a claim of ii a year for the ease- t, afterwards expressing surprise that the i had been done, and claiming £ 5 for the ige sustained. The Clerk further quoted )BS from the Public Health Act in support s contention that the Board had acted within their rights. e Chairman expressed the opinion that it i have been better if an agreement could been arrived at before the work was under- i, and proposed that the sum of £ 5 be paid, ded it was accepted as in satisfaction <* it and future claims. Jones suggested that the matter be de- for another month. ^rancis For what reason ? Tones To get better tervas vancie You can't get better terms. ttely, the chairman's proper was agreed MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. l'phy reported as follows :— in,—Two deaths and two births occurred trict during the month of September, the 3*5 per thousand in each case. has been very prevalent during the vo deaths were caused by it. ,atters of importance have come to my Yours obediently, W. E. C. MURPHY. 'URVEYOR'S REPORT. reported as follows :— g to report that during the past n clearing the slopes and water- ig the hedges in various places 3 houses with water. The )lied up to date is 1,058. low completed the sewerage id up to Mount Pleasant and me of the owners of property meet their drains to the main rain to take the road water garden at Upper Cwmbran. the road that was damaged thers, was a lOø. Sanitary matters have been receiving my atten tion. ,v Mr. Wm. Clark has completed his drain at the Lowlands Cottage. Your obedient servant, Oct. 9, 1893. THOMAS DAGGER. THE DAMAGE TO ROADS. The Surveyor stated that since the last meet- ing he had seen Mr. Ponsford, who said that when the Board sent in their claim, he would make them an offer. He added that it was contrary to his instructions that the roads should be damaged in any way. He (the Surveyor) told him he should not charge him more than was legal. Mr. Ponsford spoke very fairly, and be believed would meet the Board. On the proposition of Mr Thomas, it was resolved to forward the Board's claim of xo 108 EXTENSION OF THE NATIONAL SCHOOLROOM. The Surveyor said that since he bad been in the room he had received from the church- wardens of Holy Trinity Church, a plan for the extension of the National Schoolroom. Mr. Parfitt who proposed that the plan be passed, said tnat he had been through it, ana found it in order. Mr. Jacob seconded, and the proposition was agreed to. THE PUBLIC HEALTH AMENDMENT ACTS. Mr. Parfitt, in accordance with notice, pro- posed that the Board should adopt the Public Health Amendment Acts of 1890-92. He said they had found it very difficult in that neigh- bourhood, in dealing with roads or drains the property of private inhabitants, to get them kept in proper repair. The Acts in question would give them the power they required. If such drains or roads were not kept in repair, the Board could then do the work themselves, and charge the owners with the cost. He moved that the Acts should come into force on the 10th December. Mr. Jones seconded the proposition. The Chairman said he cordially endorsed all that Mr. Parfitt had said on the subject. The proposition having been agreed to, the Board then went into committee.







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