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LOUSE, PONTYPOOL. WINTER FASHIONS 1893-4. ¡ R. WILLIAMS s his return from the Markets with a Choice t Novelties of The Day," including MILLINERY, ( FURS, FLOWERS, FEATHERS, ORNAMBNTS, CE9 GLOVES, UMBRELLAS, CORSETS, &e. ION OF LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S G AT MOST REASONABLE PRICES. OF THE NEW SHOWROOM THIS WEEK. iiff to the pressure of Business W. R. W. has found it y to OPEN a NEW MANTLE SHOWROOM, which will d stocked with the best selection of AUTUMN and WINTER fLES, JACKETS, CAPES, MACKINTOSHES, SHAWLS, ITS, including a Nice Variety of MAIDS' and CHILDREN'S FERS, ULSTERS, and MACKINTOSHES at Popular aes. FURS! FURS!! FURS! jHOICE SELECTION OF FURS JUST ARRIVED. DRESS DEPARTMENT. This Department is well stocked witk New Goods, including the Latest NovS in CHEVIOTS, HOPSACKS, SERGES, MELTONS, WHIPCORDS, Ac. TRIMMING DEPARTMENT. New Delivery of BUTTONS, BRAIDS, JET TRIMMINGS, RUCHINGS, REA. VER TRIMMINGS, &0., at Lowest Prices. SHOW DAYS. OUR SHOWROOMS WILL BE OPENED ON SATURDAY NEXT, OCTOBER 14TH, AND DURING THE FOLLOWING WEEK. YOUR KIND PATRONAGE WILL BE GREATLY ESTEEMED. W. R. WILLIAMS, LONDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOH NO CIRCULARS.] I •pONTYPOOL MPSIC GTORES. HAVING no-vr an unusually Large Selection of NEW MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, by all the Leading Makers, HARMSTON and CO. confidently invite intending by all the Leading Makers, HARMSTON and CO. confidently invite intending Purchasers to view and test their NEW STOCK OF Pianofortes 1 Organs, which, in accordance with their usual system of competitive rates, they are now offering' AT BARGAIN PRICES!! Purchasers of these Instruments (whether for Cash, or upon H. & Co.'s well-known equitable Hire-Purchase System) will not only acquire a Genuine Musical Instru- ment, of an altogether superior and dis- tinct character to the musical machines supplied by the Furniture Trade and General Dealer, but will, moreover, SAVE 10 TO 30 PER CENT. in the buying-, in comparison with the prices charged by other firms; an assertion which has been repeatedly proved to be an incontestible fact. THREE PLAIN PACTS! WHICH NOBODY CAN DENY I" Or WE HOLD BY FAR THE LARGEST STOCKS! or GIVE THE LARGEST ICASH DIS- COUNTS I I AND qW ADOPT THE FAIREST HIRE SYSTEM IN THE DISTRICT III PIANOFORTES (By Collard, Broadwood, Kirkman. Kopkinson, Brissmeaa, -BONSH>B..pIANO 14QK8. Si ■ S tone and touch. Full trichord; com- M„mw .i plete bronzed iron MPlUtf frame covering; wrest PTAwr* plank; best check ac- lANo» tion; walnut and gold ease • powerful and i GrWB" brilliant fem«, Md sympathetic touch warranted 10 years, -====.=: )US OTHER MODELS at 17 Gns., II 22 Gna., 24 Gns., 27 Gna., & 80 Gus. 'RICAIV ORGANS d Hamlin, Karn, S'Jn k, Bell, and ■er Leading Afakers):— We have just received a °| the latest models ot i' these organs, combin- ing then- wen-known GANS. good tone with im- PF0V, Mechanism. Lists free, j^rtses from £ 810s. to 40 guiess. 20-Guinea Organs, 7 stops and 2 knee iNS. levers; in walnut and fold cases. We offer at 1 guineas—and others in like proportion. Many new and beauti- fully-designed organs, with mirrors, pipetops, &c., at astonishingly low prices. Call and see them t foN & Coo IE-STREET, AND AT VASS&DABE/* HOP BITTERS BREWERY AND MINERAL WATER WORKS, PONTYPOOL R. E. WHITE & CO. Desire to call attention to their make of MINERAL & AERATED WATERS. HIGHEST QUALITY ONLY. WINTER DRINKS GINGER ALE, GINGER BRANDY, HOT TOM, KOLA CHAMPAGNE, ORANGEADE, PEAR (Jargonelle), GINGERADE, LEMONADE, FRUIT SYRUPS, CORDIALS, &C. HOP BITTER ALE, NON-ALCOHOLIC. BREWED FROM THE FINEST ENGLISH HOPS. IN CASK OR BOTTLE. WRITE FOR PRICES AND TESTIMONIALS. FREE ON APPLICATION. FTBE MALT VINEGAR. ORDERS BY POST WILL HAVE PROMPT I ATTENTION. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC, Yielding to) pressing invitations from numerous friends J. WALKER HAS DECIDED TO DELIVER HIS EXCELLENT BREADS (TO ORDER) IN PONTYPOOL. ALL BREADS BAKED DAILY AND GUARANTEED TO BE MADE OF THE BEST MATERIALS. SOLE LICENSEE IN PONTYPOOL FOR MAKING MONTGOMERY'S PATENT MALT WHOLEMEAL BREAD. Depdt for the Sale of King.'Howmann, & Co.'s Patent English-made Yeast. Guaranteed to be made only;from Barley and Rye. ALL ORDERS TAKEN AT THE ALBERT RESTAURANT, No. aCCRANE STREET. notice OF AUDIT. To the Ratepayers and Owners of Property in the District qf Blaenavoii, in the County ofkilonmouth. TT7HEREAS GEORGE H. BRETT, ESQ., II the Auditor authorised by law to Audit the Accounts of the Receipts and Expenditure under the Public Health Act, 1875, of us, the Local Board for the above-named District, has appointed 9.30 o'clock in the Forenoon of MONDAY, the 6th Day of November, 1893, as the time, and the OFFICE OF THE LOCAL BOARD, BLAENAVON, as the place, at which the Audit of the said Accounts for the year ended at Lady Day, 1893, will be made. We, therefore, the said Local Board, being the Urban Authority for the said District of Blaen- avon, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, in pursuance of the said Act, that the Audit of the said Accounts will be made at the time and place so appointed as aforesaid that any Ratepayer or Owner of property in the said District may be present at the Audit, and may make any objection to the said Accounts before the Audit; and that a copy of the said Accounts duly made up and balanced, together with all the rate books, account books, deeds, contracts, vouchers, and receipts men- tioned or referred to in such Accounts, will be deposited in our Office at Lion-street, Blaenpvon, Mon., on Thursday, the 26th day of October, 1893, and will be open thereat, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. every day (Sunday excepted) until the said day of Audit, to the inspection of all persons interested, who will be at liberty to take copies of or extracts from the same without fee or reward. Dated this 10th Day of October, 1893. JOHN THOMAS, Clerk to the said Local Board. WESLEYAN CHAPEL, PONTNEWYNYDD. OPENING OF NEW SCHOOLROOM. THE SERVICES in connection with the above will b# as follows:— On SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, the BeT. W. CALLADINE (of Chepstow), Morning and Evening; Afternoon, the Rev. J. G. WATTS (of Pont- newynydd.) One Day Only, on MONDAY, the 23rd OCT., THE OPERETTA, Entitled, "RED RIDING HOOD'S RESCUE," Will be performed (in Character), AT THE TOWN HALL, PONTYPOOL, By the Wesleyan Choir, assisted by Mrs. T. SCREEN, Abersychan Miss A. PARKFTl Ponty- pool Mr. J. ROBERTS, Pontne^nyd<L Conductor-Mr. J. PROTHEROE. Accompanists—Piano, Miss Walters, R.A.M aP>,natrmol: Organ, Miss C. Bailey, Pontnewynydd; Violin Mr J. Bourton, Pontnewynydd. Doors open at 7.30, to commence at 8. Seat, 2s.; Sccond do., Is. Back, 6d. Children Half-price! Tickets may be obtained of any member of the Church or Choir. SUNDAY, OCT. 22, Rev, L. THOMAS Rev. A. R. HUMPHREYS, Morning and Evening. Afternoon Rev. H. B. ROBINSON, F.R.G.S. w)nw° THURSDAY, OCT. 26, Rev. G. PHILLIPS of Bethany. SUNDAY, OCT. 29, Rev. F. PARSONS, Morning and THURSDAY, NOV. 2, Rev. D. PHILLIPS, of Ebenezer. Services will commence—Sundays, atllam. 2.30, and 6 p.m. Week Evenings, 7.30 p.m. Collections in aid of the Building Fund. UPPER TROSNANT BAPTIST LJ I CHAPEL, PONTYPOOL. THE RECOGNITION MEETING In connection with the Settlement of the REV. DAVID RHYS JENKINS (Formerly of Eastleigh, Southampton) As Pastor of the Church, will be held on MONDAY, OCTOBER 16TH. Chair will be taken at 7.30 p.m. by the REV. J. WILLIAMS, Pastor of Crane-street Church. SPEAKERS: The Revs. W. EDWARDS, D.D., President of South Wales Baptist College M. EVANS, Mount Pleasant; H. B. ROBINSON, F.R.G.S.: DAVID RHYS JENKINS, Pastor Elect; and other Friends. A SOCIAL TEA Will be held in the SCHOOUtOOM al 5 p.D1. Admission, fid. each. Anthems and Solos will be snag during the Eveniug by the Choir and Friends. PONTYPOOL YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. THE INAUGURAL MEETING Of the Session 1893-4 will be held at CRANE STREET CHAPEL ON THURSDAY, 19TH OCTOBER, 1893, At 7.30 p.m. SPEAKERS: THE REV. I. WILLIAMSON, M.A. (Cardiff), and THE REV. J. WILLIAMS (Pontypool). Chairman, THE PRESIDENT. Admission Free. WILLIAM LEWIS OUTFITTER, GLANSYCHAN HOUSE, ABERSYCHAN, "ffrEGS to call Public attention to the New AUTUMN & WINTER TWEEDS & SUITINGS Of C. J. Kino, Merchant Tailor, London, for whom he holds the Local Agency. These Goods have a world- wide reputation, as buyers of them in made-up form can safely be credited with having secured FIT AND FASHION, combined with a study of Economy. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY EXECUTED. TO CAPITALISTS, INVESTORS, AND OTHERS. ELIGIBLE BUILDING SITES TO LET At LIanithel, in the Western Valleys Treharris OwmfErwdoer, and Tredegar Junction. Apply, GEORGE H. DANIEL, Clarence Chambers, Pontypool. BUILDING LAND. Jl XCELLENT gITES, ON THE NEW ROAD, GRIFFITHSTOWN, ON LEASE. j ApplyiH. J. PHILLIPS, Kemeys Vach. JJANBURY ^SSEMBLY JJOOMS, PONTYPOOL. A GRAND CONCERT (Under distinguished patronage) ON MONDAY EVENING, OCT. 30TH, When Gaul's celebrated work, THE HOLY CITY," Will be performed by CRANE STREET CHOIR (Kindly assisted), Preceded by a short Miscellaneous Programme. IMPORTANT ENGAGEMENT OF MISS BESSIE EVANS (Winner of Contralto Solo at World's Fair, Chicago), MR. E. EVANS (Llew Buallt), And other Prize Winners. AN EFFICIENT BAND will assist, under the leadership of Mr. H. J. ENGLAND. I ull particulars next week. Proceeds towards Crane-street Church Fund. Tickets to be had of Officers of the Church 1 and Members of the Choir. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. W. S. LAMB, Begs to inform the Inhabitants of Pontypool and neighbourhood that he has taken the PONTYMOIL COAL YARD OF THE BRYNDU COAL COMPANY. ORDERS PUNCTUALLY ATTENDED TO. ORDERS TAKEN AT THE HOUSE— 11, JOHN STREET, PONTYPOOL. VOLUNTEER ORDERS. ST MONMOUTHSHIRE VOLUNTEER i ARTILLERY, W.D.R.A., No. 3 Battery of Position.—Orders for the week ending 21st October :—Monday, 7.30 p.m., Carbine Drill; Tuesday, 7.30 p.m., Band Practice Wednesday, 7 30 p.m., Carbine Drill Thursday, 7.30 pjn., Band Practice Friday, 7.30 p.m., Carbine Drill. —Memo Every member is requested to bring his belt and frog with him when attending drill. Carbine Competition on Saturday, 21st inst. Parade at Drill Hall 4 p.m.—On duty Lieut. G. E. Llewelyn, Sergt. S. Evans, Corpl. T. Jones, Bomb. J. Parry, Trumpeter H. Jefferis.—J. FOOT, sergeant, for officer commanding Drill Station.

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