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Cheap Scale of Charges for PREPAID I Advertisements of the Wanted, "For Sale," and "To Let," Class. ONE THUBE 1- INSERTION INSERTIONS j 20 Words ls- 3d- 28 Words 9d. 9d- j 36 Wards Is. 2s. 3d. 44 Words Is. 3d. 2s. 9d. |j 52 W'ords ls. 6d. 3s. Gd. I aSS-intro I CAEPENTERS. — WANTED, Four Good C Hands must be steady. Apply, DAVIES, Builder, Ahersychan. 96mp "TXT AiNTLD. a good General SERVANT, V,.0 W about 30 years of age preferred — Apply Sieepfield House, Abersychan. 1)2: £ FOWLER has Vacancies for Young • Lady APPRENTICES to the Millinery, Showroom. and Fancy Counter.—Lion Houso, Pontypool. rep APPRENTICES and IMPROVERS Wanted immediately to dress and mantie-making. —Mrs POTTER, Albion-road, Pr-ntypool. 22 p WANTED immediately, a strong LAD TV age about 16 to do light farm work.— Apply to DAVID MORGAN, Coedydefaid Farm, Trevethm. rp WANTED, a steady GIRL, about 16 able VI to assist in washing.—Apply, Mrs WATKINS, Prince of Wales, PontymoL, Ponty- ( pool. I\Æ)P CLFB AGENTS Wanted, to form Clubs for Watches. Clocks. Jewellery. Silver Plate, Opera Glasses, Musical lusts., &c. Members pay Is. per week. Terms, Catalogues, &c" KEN PAL & DET, 100, Cheapsido, London. Splendid value. success. Mention PaptJr. Ladies' and Gents' Silver Levers 42s., worth 7Us. t û OR SALE, One powerful CART MARE j' and her Horse Colt also one "Yearling ShorthornBULL.—AppiyW. M. MADDY,Croesy- ceilog. rp FOR SALE, a four-year old COW raid CALF. J' Apply to EDWAHD YEM, Bryn Farm, Pontnewydd, near Newport. Gltita FOR SALE, one young COW and CALF good milker.—Apply to T. WILLIAMS, Lower Penlasgarn Farm. Trevethin. 2t)¡jmp WAGONETTE (nearly new) to carry eight TV removable head fitted with shafts, cushions, lamps.—Apply Llansoar, Llandegveth, near Caerleon. 236p FOR SALE. Portable ENGINE and i_ MORTAR MILL, ? feet pan.—PONSFORD BROS.. Clarence Wharf, Newport. ONTSEWYDD.—FOR SALE, Two Free- hold HOUSES, Avenue-place: Two Lease- hold HOUSES, Lowland-terrace.—For particu- lars, apply to Mr J. POULTON, Pontnewydd. 19cp_- HANDSOME Black Walnut and Ash BED- JjL ROOM SUITE, with chest of drawers, £10 1t" solid Oak Dining-room Suite. leather, Wa'nut Cheffione-r, ZHs. so!id Walnut Table, -21s.—E. HARRIS, Market, Newport. 236mp MAHOGANY CHEST OF DRAWERS, 1.1. 28s another, 42s Maugle, 32s Leather Couch, 11)8 6d Easy Chair, 10s 6d Mahogany Table, lk-E. F. HARRIS, Market Hall. New- port.—N.B.—Note only address. 246mp FUR. SA-LE. strong iron roof, 133 feet long JD and 57 feet span 800.000 second-hand Fire Bricks, excellent quality large quantity of Dressed Building Stones, heavy and light.— Apply, T. P. JONES & Co., Newport, Mon. liSta IF you want BOOTS or SHOES of the bast quality, at lowest prices, for SummerWear, go to J. H. NICHOLS, Jubilee Buildings, Crane- street, Pontypool. ta FOR SALE, Prime Kidney BEAN STICIIS and PEA STICKS—Apply H. KNIPE, Coedygric Farm, Griffithstowu, near Newport, tn FOR SALE, 3-year-old BILLY GOAT Swiss breed; excellent tonqper. —Apply Wrr. NEWMAN, Union-street. Abersychan. fa HARMONIUMS, full compass, organ-shaped cases, and warranted tor ten years, from :'£.: l na omy.— lih> a* 4K: 0ii., LilmifctsU, Furnishers and MUMC Vv'arohousemew. Ponty- p< 8P •• ING CLEANING. — PAl'ERHANG- INGS—Hundreds oi: new patterns from 2jd. per piece. Our old stocks of lamps and paveviiangings to bo cleared at cost, price. IRONMONGERY— Boi*ers,Kettles, Saucepans, Frying-pans, etc., etc. The ix-sr. that money can buy, at wholesale prices for cash. r;, nsehold requisites of all kinds.—Smith's Little Gem," Abersychan (opposite Mr. Win. Lev/is, Grocer). Come Early. ta SMALL GAS EMGJ.NE, suitable for chaif or .si usage machire. Wiil fix a/xd ggrantee.— JONES, Market Buildings, Newport. TX^EODING RIGS,-3.. solid Gold Keeper ? T given away to every purchaser of a 1 Weuding Ring ALLMARK. s, 2. Crane-street, .Pontypool. t'i A GOOD SUPPLY of NEW Ml.OK twice daily at 36, Nicisolus-sn eet. Pwrypoo!. ta .7 -& L?CR SALE.—COAL.—Best Cie.:n House M~ Coal, delivered to any p<u'fc of Pcn:-u«w- jpnvdd. IUJ. pen- ton Pontypool, 1Is.-D. Oid Lion, Abersychaif. ta 0LI1> SILVER GENEVA WATCHES O a.most new 10-. 6a., ii.>. 6d. each (Jid Watches taken ÍIJ exchange.—ALLMAKK, 2, Criiie-street, Pontypool. in. AN entirely new and c\ 'ice seJ action of Silver and Gold BROOCHES, Tv'atche*. Clwks, Spectacles, Silver Swaripins, from 3d. Gold jind Silver bought.—ALLMAKK, Craue- streoi, Pontypool. ,¡, .r_- "1 h. .1r, .1'0 ill \YE:;t- :)o¡!er Gi ROUND MOliTAR, fromwe't-,boiler r ashes. delivered in cisiriet.—For term-s A. J. Buhgovnl, Trobnant Mortar Mill, Po:: :yoo:)l. ra ,=- E1<:K-,RD & ro, Cy^e i Nickel- \-i .u;,g ">v'oik:- •j'acn.g Atfileric Grounds), N'i;v.-i.rr, -rh uov; -ne-vvir'g th«.u* liM%> Machines. C'. iVf.-i u:so-i. .e lief erf-a new patent cyc-i. bin.ed wita iigb'^. t.dt.v .at nrjco to "j; r..iy delivery. Send for li'>r.s Wuitwurt. B and A, Wenham, Cen- ta"j- t:o exchange; Stove enamei- li:;j rt-i.-airs. N.ckel-piating do:u» ou the parts, harness work, spoons, fork <:tc. Seiid i >>v tist n:id >peciuK-as. Every Ft (gold meual) Jnost, simple and ec v in tho maiKet. Every engine WO.: Cu.^h cr deferred -=. o it Id. -r- "O La N AVON-—To LET. shortly, CORIUIO- J3 ruio i- jorn. i' SHOP aiu: p.wads-.r, situate in the ni'.>s; ccTitrai part or I>road-?icivet, and suitable for any business now in occupation of I.Ir E/ans. pro-i-i m«?fcl-ftr:t. — Apply, 'l.: .A.- NELMES, G-'ov^street Villas, Biaen- -J'!Il' -_O::N" BLAENAVON.— r« > LET. a SHuP and JJ' iiOUSE, sunablo yrceer or other busi- ness. :u King-sti^ot.—App y. Gla'isy- chs. Ah<i«ychan. 24p "'T_s.t'ê_?I"" LET, and a :>eerhoi^o, A. iiryniaawr.— • p Brewery, A'oergavcuny cr t- tcrr:i;:t, V'-mp -u.'I'>.>I;Uo. BLACK HOUSE INN, Talywain, TO LET; ingoing very r.v k5 ??iUu.—Apply DELAFIELD S Brewery, Abergavons'y. 23mp .fIIN' BEDROOM a-;d S t::nu' Hooui to Le:for one or two SToaag Gentlcni^n.—App:v Free P. c -.rf-ce. 24s p mO LET. st-veru f.onbie adi s:u^acensed j. Premises ut'ier^ p;■'i »ivaa-.ioas OT«y possession.—pply LI. J a;; -es, A;ictioceer, Pon: pool and Aborsychan. rep CWMBRAN— HOUSE and SHUP to Let p..s!ti« n p^-tu-eJa-s iroi.5 suit grocer.—Api»Jy, Wiu-IaM*, Draper, Pontypool. ta TO LET, by Tender, Large and Commodious PREMISES, of two floors, in West-street, Pontypool, suitable for Warehouse, Sale or Auction Room. — Applications to view and Tenders to be sent to E. JONES, Club Chambers, ontypool. ta LODGINGS for respectable, sober men; no childien.—17, PROSPECT PLACE, West- place, Ponty p- ol. 23p f IIO b. LET, in Jane, a VILLA RESIDENCE, .1.. containing three sitting-rooms, four bed- .jfiffls. dressing-room, kitchen, scullery, pantry, aid offices within lire minutes walk of Nanty- d rry station and the river Usk.—Apply to V; 0AR, Blaenavon, Mon. ta rid ACK for Horses or Cattle.—Apply, BURGESS, 1. Sowhill. rcp _iií'it- Host. JOST, from the Court Farm, one WELSH EWE; on left side right ear slit al 1 cropped left, notched.—G. MEREDITH. 96p f}i\isccl\aneous HAY and CHAFF (Blaenavon).—ECKER- SLF.Y'S Chaff Stores are REMOVED to Mr Brinkworth's, Bufton's Buildings, who books orders for quantities. 77cp PRIVATE BATHS.—H. TANNER, Crown Hotel, Pontypool,begs to announce that gen tiemen can be accommodated with private baths at the above hotel, at Is. each. ta WHY throw away or waste any Secondhand GARMENTS, &c., when you can get a good price for same from LEWIS ORMAN, Dealer, &c., 12 T, High-street, Abersychan, who is always open to purchase for Cash any quantity of Second-hand Garments, &c., also ail kinds of Furniture, and any articles of value. Best price given, and parties waited upon at their own residences. Distance no object. All letters and parcels receive special attention and business condue ed qui Le privately. Postal Orders for all parcels sent same day as received. C10LT BREAKING by WM. NEWMAN, Aber- j sy. ban. Ladies and Gentlemen taught Riding and Driving. Horses bought and soldon Ccmmis- ion. Singeing and Clipping. ta WEDDING STATIONERY. Wedding t f CH rds in great variety; very latest patterns; printed in the highest Style of Art. Wedding Envelopes, Cake Boxes, from Is. 6d. per dozen. Visiting Cards—100 Ladies' Cards, printed from Plate, 100 Gentlemen's Cards and Plate, 3s. 6d. fquare or round corners. Specimens on application. HUGHES & SON, Printers and Stationers, Pontypoo!. ==- « £10 REWARD. ¥X^TT71REAS, for some weeks past, ever since T i. le first appearance of a certain adver- tisement in the Free Press, there has been much Scandal freely circulated in the neighbourhood of Pont pool in reference to myself, This :8 to Give Warning that I shall take proceedings against any Person or Persons defaming my character. 1 will also pay the above Reward of Ten Pounds to any Person who wiU give such evidence as shall lead to the conviction of the Person who first started the scandal. (Signed) FREDERICK ERNEST FRENCH, Headmaster of the Sebastopol School. May 29th, 1893. 0RUMLIN GRAND MUSIOAL EISTEDDFOD. PRIZES AMOUNTING TO £150. POSTPONED TO MABON'S DAY, 4th SEPT., 1893. Proceeds to be devoted to establish a Cottage Hospital in the neighbourhood. WALTER JONES, Secretary. SCHOLASTIC. JJONTYPOOL JJIGH SCHOOL. EVENING INSTRUCTION FOR ADULTS (Dating from Day of Entrance). At these Classes Ladies and Gentlemen are individually prepared for all qualirying Exam- inations for the Professions and for the Post Office. CIVIL SERVICE. Ladies may realise an income of from f26 to by p;issing an Examination for the General Pot < Mtice. Gentlemen may realise an income of from JE60 to £150 by passing an Examination for the Customs, Excise, Men Clerkships, &c., &c. SHORTHAND LESSONS BY MR. MOSES. No Pupil prepared by me for the Civil Service, Public Schools, Universities, or any qualifying Examination, has ever yet failed. ROBERT FARQUHAR McKERROW, Principal. MR. A. A. WESTON, Au CTIONEER AND yALUER, HOUSE AGENT AND MORTGAGE BROKER. Every description of Sales conducted in Town or Country. Fairs and Markets attended. Certified to Levy Distresses under the Law of Distress Amendment Act, 1888. Rents and Debts Collected. Prompt Settlements Public House and Business Broker. Money advanced on all kinds of Property Spacious Salerooms n. DOCK STRBET, NEWPORT. SALES AT ROOMS MONDAYS at 11 a.ill.. WEDNESDAYS at 2 p.m. Goods received for Sale on Commissioa. Mr. A. A. WESTON.—Sales every Monday at Rooms, 13, New Dock-street. ESTABLISHED 50 YEARS. DAVID FRANCIS, CURRIER LEATHER SELLER (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL). BUTT Beads, Insole Redsides, Kips, Cow- jD hide, at lowest Prices. Harness Hides, Strap Butts cut in lengths, or Straps made to order. A Large Stock of1 Closed Uppers of every description always on hand. Grindery and Kit kept at lowest prices. Leather Aprons and Leggings. Grifiins' Leather Preservative and Waterproof Compound, unequalled for Brown Leggings and Bowts. ——— NOTE THE ADDRESS— 48, COMMERCIAL STREET, NEWPORT ivI0N.). READ THIS. SIR GARNET HOTEL, PONTYPOOL. When you come to Pontypool, call at NEWTHS For a GLASS of Guaranteed Pure Malt & Hop ] HOME BREWED ALE. i You will enjoy it. II Orders also taken for 4 and 9 Gallons of the i. ibove. Wines, Spirits, Cigars, and Wills' Tobacco, e &.1 Quality.—G. NEWTH, Proprieter. £ CLOSE OF HIRING SEASON, 1892-93. HARMSTON & CO. S GKEAT: ANNUAL QLEARANCE SALE OF PIANOS, ORGANS, HARMONIUMS, MUSICAL INST RU ME ST S OF ALL KINDS. AVING-badamost successful Hiring JtjL Season at both Pontypool and Aberdare, -we have now a very large selection of Instruments returned from short terms of hire, which with others taken in exchange, we are offering at Bargain Prices, to clear out and make room for new stock. All instruments are warranted to be as des- cribed, are delivered free, and exchanged if not approved. BARGAIN PlANOS. £ s. Burr Walnut Cottage Piano, good tone and appearance cost 30 gns 13 15 0 Mahogany Piano, by Gwyther (suit beginner) 3 3 0 Rosewood Cottage, by Taylor sweet tone, in good condition 9 0 0 Kirkman steel-framed Piano, in rose- wood and gold case very pure and melodious in tone (nearly new) 28 10 0 30-Guinea black and gold Boudoir Piano, check action, iron frame, tri- chord, full compass; perfect in touch, andrich mellow tone (scarcely used) 19 19 0 Iron-framed Cottage Piano (cost £ 25), brilliant tone, in walnut case, with marquetry panel hired out short time only 14 0 0 Concert Piano (powerful and brilliant tone), bronzed iron frame covering wrest plank, best check action, full trichord, in strong walnut and gilt case been used for leading con- certs (worth double) 21 0 0 Hopkinson (J. & J.) 42-guinea Italian walnut Pianoforte, complete iron frame, check action, ivory keys, full trichord, &c.; oondition as new, warranted 10 years 26 5 0 55-Guinea Brinsmead" Piano, in burr walnut, with marquetry centre, contains every improvement; a mag- nificent piano, quite new 36 15 0 BARGAIN ORGANS. Full compass, walnut case, with knee swell, sweet tone. 4 5 0 Do., with sliding lid 5 5 0 Do., fuller tone, very mellow 6 0 0 Do., solid walnut, with pipe top. 6 10 0 Do., large cabinet case, 5 stops, knee swell 7 15 0 Do., in cabinet case, mirror back, with music desk, lamp stands, 2 sets reeds, 7 stops (2 couplers) and 2 knee levers, solid walnut; maker's price, 16 guineas 9 12 6 20-Guinea genuine American Organ (by Story and Clark), 4 sets reeds, 11 stops and 2 knee levers, 2mirrors, and cabinet case 11 10 0 20 Guinea Bell Organs, latest design 12 0 0 Smith gold medal Organ, 12 stops 6 sets reeds, and 2 knee levers; very powerful tone (suit chapel), list price 28 guineas. 15 15 0 HARMONIUMS. A Large Selection at 92 10s., f3, 94, 95, all makes. Many at one-third cost price. The above prices are strictly for cash, but arrangements may be made for any Instrumens to be paiil for by instaAxnoai, if desired. Violins, Banjos, Melodeons, Concertinas, &c., at Bargain Prices to clear. GO lJfPLETE LISTS SENT POST FREE £ £ ARMSTON & CO.'8 MUSIC STORES, 16, 0RANE STREET, jp ONTYPOOL AND rj CARDIFF STREET, ABERDARE SPARKLING HERB BEER. N FORD'S BOTANIC EXTRACT, Largely composed of HOREHOUND, DANDELION, HOPS, &c., &c., Is invaluable for the immediate production of HERB AND BOTANIC BEER. HERB BEER, made from this Extract, is a really first-class table beverage, and quite equal in flavour and i a strengthening and stimulat- ing properties to Bui ton Ale, while it is cooling to the blood and non-intoxicating. The Herb Ale er Botanic Beer is strengthening and invigorating, consequently well suited to those who have to work hard, or to those suffering from weakness, loss of appetite, or indigestion. TWO TABLE SPOONFULS MAKE TWO GALLONS. Dprr"!? • Is. Bottle for 10d., sufficient for 16 Gallons. .rlfcluJii • m „ Z& „ „ Gallons. Ford's Botanic Extract will be sold by the principal Chemists and Grocers in the Neighbourhood, or direct by the Pro p r i e tor E. B. FORD, GEORGE STREET, PONTYPOOL. Try this once, you will then use no other. Ask your grocer for it. Why pay 2s. 6d. for a Bottle of Saline, when you can get a Bottle of FORD'S FOR OVE LEMON SALINE WIILLMF ? HIGHLY recommended for all kinds of Fever, Measles, Chicken Pox, Affections of the Liver, Billiousness, Sick Headache, Sea Sickness, Error in Eating or Drinking, Heartburn, Acidity of the Stomach, Constipation, Skin Eruptions, Itching. N ettlerash, or any impurity of the Blood arising from an over-acid state of the stomach. NO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Half a tea-spoonful in half a tumbler of water, alleviates thirst and furnishes the system with Jiose Saline properties which are so essential to lealth. Two tea-spoonfuls, first thing in the morn- mf, or otherwise, act as a mild aperient. For Biliousness, Headache, or Sickness, Sac., take k teaspoonful, in half a tumbler ef tepid or oold vater, before. breakfast, and if not relieved, repeat very four hours. told aslo by the principal Chemists and Grocers. CRANE STREET SUNDAY SCHOOL, PONTYPOOL. A N N I V E R S A R Y S E R V I C E S. In connection with the above Sehool, will be held ON SUNDAY, JUNE 11TH, 1893: In the Morning at 11 and Evening at 6, Sermons will be preached by the Pastor, THE REV. JOHN WILLIAMS. In the Afternoon, at 2.30, a JUVENILE SERVICE will be held, When Recitations, Dialogues, Solos, Sacred Part Songs, &c., will be rendered. Collections after each Service in aid of the School Funds. TRAPNELL & GANE, COMPLETE House Furnishers, 161 & 162, Commercial-st., NEWPORT. Arm AT CARDIFF. AND AT BRISTOL. TRAPNELL & GANE FOR BEDROOM SUITES. THE "CHALLENGE," in solid satin walnut; comprising wardrobe, with plate-glass door and bottom drawer; dressing chest drawers, with bevelled toilet glass "nd jewel drawers: wasbstund, with marble top, tile back pedestal and towel rail, and two chairs. UNEQUALLED, 10 GUINEAS. TRAPNELL AND GANE FOR BEDROOM SUITES. THE YORK" SUITE, in rich polished hazel wood internal fittings of solid maho- gany wardrobe dressing chest of drawers, with elegant top fittings, and landscape-shaped mirror; washstand, with marbled top, tiles, and mirror in back; towel rail; pedestal and two chairs. Y,12 17s. 6D. BEDROOM SUITES IN STOCK FROM 5 TO 50 GUINEAS. Ready for instant Delivery. TRAPNELL AND GANE FOR DINING-ROOM SUITES. THE 'ARTISAN" SUITE, in solid oak; spring stuffed all through, and covered in hardwear leather eloth comprising six stuffed back small chairs, two easy chairs and couch. 9 GUINEAS. THE VILLA SUITE, in walnut frames upholstered in rich Utrecht velvet, and spring stuffed six small chairs, two easy ditto, and couch. Wear Guaranteed. 12 GUINEAS. OTHER SUITES FROM 5 TO 30 GUINEAS. TRAPNELL & GANE FOR CARPETS. "TJEST" BRUSSELS CARPET, of JD splendid wear-resistiag quality; in special and exclusive designs, and excellent colourings. 3s. 1 ID. PER YARD. TRAPNELL & GANE § CARPETS. 44 JMPER.IAL" PATENT BRUSSELS, J providing a cheap floor covering, with splendid wearing surface, in good colourings, at 28. 1 ID. PER YARD. A full range of Wiltons, Axminsters, Turkey, and other Carpets and Rugs always on Show. TRAPNELL AND GANE FOR DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE. THE "QUEEN" DRAWING-ROOM JL SUITE, consisting of settee, two settee chairs, and six small ditto; in solid walnut frames; covered in rich tapestry, with pfush borders. L14 10s. OTHER SUITES IN STOCK FROM 7 TO 30 GUINEAS. TRAPNELL & GANE For all that is NEWEST and BEST in FURNI- TURE of Reliable Quality at LOWEST CASH PRICES.-FREE DELIVERY. Call or Write for Catalogues, gratis j& Post F rec 161 & 162, Commercial-Street, NEWPORT, Mon- E. Fowleb's ipXT SPECIAL PURCHASE OF (AT A LARGE DISCOUNT OFF) FURS! FURS!! FURS! ISABELLA, LIGHT AND DARK BEAR, SABLE, BEAVER, MINK, SKUNK, OPPOSSUM, &c. &c., < IN THE NEWEST SHAPES. i SUITABLE FOR SEASIDE AND EVENING WEAR. LION HOUSE, PONTYPOOL. NEWPORT TURKISH BATHS. IMPROVED SYSTEM OF VENTILATION. MODERN MASSAGffi TREATMENT. BEST REMEDY FOR COLDS, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, SCIATICA, KIDNEY & LIVER COMPLAINTS. T Mondays, 10.0 a.m. till 7.0 p.m. LADlEb | Thursdays, 10.0 a.m. till 1.0 p.m. Every Day except Sunday and GENTLEMEN < Monday. Thursdays from 1.0 t p.m. till 7.0 p.m. Prospectus, medical testimony, and advice free on application to the Superintendent. 18, Stow-hill. H. JAS. KANE. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND FOR SALE. PONTNEWYNYDD, NR. PONTYPOOL. 1- THE Site is well adapted for Building, has the advantage of a southern aspect, and there now remain about 100 plots of 17 feet front- age, situate within easy reach of Llanerch, Tirpen- twys, and other collieries, ironworks, &c., and with convenient railway communication. Apply to D. J. LOUGHER, Bank Chambers, Mining Engineer. Pontypool. TO CAPITALISTS, INVESTORS, AND OTHERS. ELIGIBLE BUILDING SITES TO LET At Llanithel, in the Western Valleys Treharris, Cwmffrwdoer, and Tredegar Junction. Apply, GEORGE H. DANIEL, Clarence Chambers, Pontypool. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND To be SOLD, or LET On Lease situated on the Upr Road between Pontypool and Pontnewynydd. For terms, apply to Mr. G. J. JEE, Pontypool. BUILDING LAND. JgXCELLENT SITES, ON THE NEW ROAD, GRIFFITIISTOWN, ON LEASE. Apply H. J. PHILLIPS, Kemeys Vach. FURLO W'S riAKES, v-^ -(:o:)- B READ, The Best PASTKY, that SWEETS, Money can AND Buy. QHOCOLATE. —(:o:)— 2 0 cx EORGE STREET, AND 14 CRANE gTREET p ONTYPOOL. Carmarthen Butter. Dorset Butter. Danish Butter. From Prize Dairies. Fresh twice weekly. PRIE HOME CURED BACON AND HAMS (Specially Selected). WILTSHIRE BACON (Green and Smoked). TO BE OBTAINED OF ARTHUR BO YTT, FAMILY GROCER, POST-OFFICE BUILDINGS, PONTYPOOL. Our Celebrated TEASI should be used by everyone. 23, Kl NG-STREET, BLAENAVON. SALE OF SEWING MACHINES, CHINA, GLASS, WARE, and SUNDRIES. MR. J. G. HEDGES, HAS been favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction, on the above-named Premises, ON MONDAY NEXT, JUNE 12TH, 1893, the STOCK-IN-TRADE Of a General Dealer, consisting of Lock-Stitch Sewing Machines, Clocks, Dinner Ware, Toilet Ware, Tea Services, Fancy China, Jugs and Ornaments, 50 Rockingham Teapots, Black and Gold and Decorated Teapots, Quantity of Glass a ± y Ornaments, Money Boxes, School Satchels, Skipping Ropes, School Slates, a large quantity of odd Ware, Carved Brackets, Brass- ralj renders, Kitchen Fenders, Fireirons, &c., and a large number of other useful lots too numerous to particularise. On View Morning of Sale. Sale at 3 p.m. sharp. No reserve. For further particulars apply to the Auc- tioneer, Bank Chambers, Pontypool. ROYAL HOTEL, USK. THE Proprietor, who is leaving, has instructed Mr H. JACOBS to Sell by Public Auction, upon the premises, on MONDAY, June 19th, 1893, the most useful and well-preserved .HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE And EFFECTS; Being the appointments of six bedrooms, sitting- room, assembly room, bar, smokeroom, taproom, bar parlour, kitcliens, yard, stables, &c. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock. Auctioneer and Valuer's Offices-Pontypool and Abersychan. PONTYPOOL UNION. CONTRACTS FOR PROVISIONS, &c. desirous of' Contracting with the Guardians of this Union for t.hp ,PV+ Three Months for the SUPPLY of Bread made from the best Plain Tie Flour, Flour (best Plain Tie), Meat, Grocery, Cheese, Butter, Milk, Rice, Shoes, Coal, Soap, Candles, Peas, Oatmeal, and other Articles of Consumption mentioned in" the form of tender.; as kalso for Clothing for the Workhouse of the said Union, are requested to deliver Sealed TENDERS at MY OFFICE on or before the 14th June instant, and send Samples to the Union Work- house on THURSDAY Morning, 15th June instant, by 10 o'clock. Tenders are also invited for Haircutting and Shaving in the Workhouse during the same period. The estimated quantities likely to be required and the probable time of delivery, together with all needful information, may be obtained on application to the Master of the Workhouse. Should the Guardians deem it advisable, the Contractor shall find one or more Surety or Sureties, who shall enter into a bond conditioned for the due performance of the Contract, or shall otherwise secure the same as the Guardians shall direct. It is competent for any person to Tender for any of the Articles separately; and the Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender, and they reserve to themselves the power of accepting any part of a Tender. PRINTED FORMS OF TENDER MAY BE HAD AT MY OFFICE on application (but will in no case be delivered without) and no Tender will be enter- tained except upon the Printed Form, or that is delivered elsewhere than at my Office, or that is not received before 5 p.m. on the 14th June instant. All Tenders must be enclosed in sealed en- velopes, endorsed Tender," or sealed and so endorsed. By order of the Board, T. WATKINS, Clerk. Union Offices, Club Chambers, Pontypool, 1st June, 1893. Manor of Wentsland and Biyngwin, IN" THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. NOTICE is Hereby Given that a GENERAL COURT BARON, or GREAT COURT, of the Lady and Lords of the said Manor will be Holden on FRIDAY, the Twenty-third day of June inst., at the CLARENCE HO""EL, PONTY- POOL, within the Manor and County aforesaid, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, when and where the customary Tenants of the said Manor and all Persons owing suit and service to the Lady and Lords are required to attend. It is requested that instructions for any transfers intended to be effected at the said Court may be given to the Steward not later than the 17th inst. CHARLES J. PARKES Chief Steward of the Manor. Wentsland Estate Office, Pontypool, 8th June, 1893. A BOON TO THE PUBLIC. D. W. JONES BEGS to announce that he is determined to take the lead in WELSH FLANNEL SHIRTS and STOCKINGS for cash only. Shirts Reduced from 8s. 6d. to 6a. 6d. Men'sStockingsat fromls. 3d. to 2s. 4d. Women's „ „ ls. 3d. to ls. lOd. Children's according to size at lowest Prices. Stockings Re-footed on Shortest Notice. Note the Address- D. W. JONES, HOSE MANUFACTURER, CARMARTHEN HOUSE, OSBORNE ROAD, PONTYPOOL. JOHN NIOSELEY, PARK ROAD, PONTYPOOL, PATENTEE AND SOLE MANUFACTURER OF MOSELEY'S PATEN.T BRAKE FOR CARTS AND WAGONS, HAS IN STOCK NEW & SECOND- HAND CARTS & TRAPS. Carriages, Traps, and Carts Repaired Well- Ground Mortar always Ready. Prices and Designs given for all kinds of work whether in Stone, .Brick, Iron or Wood A first-rate Shoeing Smith kept. VOLUNTEER ORDERS. ST MONMOUTHSHIRE VOLUNTEER 4- ARTILLERY, W.D.R.A. No. 3, Battery of Position.—Orders for the week ending 17th June Moaday, carbine drill and foot drill, 7.30 p.m.: sword drill for non-commissioned officers, 8.30 p.m. Tuesday, band practice, 7.30 p.m. Wednesday, carbine drill and foot drill, 7.30 p.m. sword drill for non-commissioned officers, 8.30 p.m.; IFtiday, carbine drill and foot drill, 7.30 p.m.; sword drill for non-com- missioned officers, 8.30 p.m.—Lieut. G. E. Llew- ellyn, Sergt. S. Evans, Corporal T. Jones, Bomb. R. Kay, Trumpeter E. Loveless. D. E. WILLIAMS, Captain commanding Drill Station. 3RD VOL. BATT. S.W.B.—'A' COMPANY. —COMPANY ORDERS for week ending 17th June, 1893:—Tuesday, Company Drill at 7.30 p.m.; Wednesday, Squad Drill for Recruits at 7.30 p.m.; Thursday, Musketry Instruction at 7.30 p.m. Friday, Company Drill (in undress uniform) at 7.30 p.m.; Saturday, Half-Battalion Drill-assemble at the Armoury at 4.30 p.m.— dress, drill order, viz., undress uniform, with rifles, waistbelts, ana siaearms, and glengarries. —Non-Commissioned Officers for duty :—Sergt. E. C. Price, Corpl.T. Jones, Bugler Gus Harris. —By order, (Signed) JOHN PATON, Captain Commanding "A' Company. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. ASCOT RACES. IMPERIAL INSTITUTE. GARDENING & FORESTRY EXHIBITION. ON TUESDAY, JUNE 13, CHEAP EXCURMONS'. t0 READING and LONDOIN, for 8 Days, will leave Merthyr at 12.35 p.m., Hirwain 12.29, Aberdare 12.41, Moun- 1 ■iln t^" 12.49, Quakers Yard 12.57, Treharris 1.1. Dowlais 12.25, Liancaiach 1.6, Rhymnev Junction 1.14, Tredegar Junction 1.20, Crumlin 1.28, Usk 1.19, Abergavenny 1.29, PONTYPOOL (olarence-street) 1.42, and Pontypool Road at 1.55 p.m. ON WEDNESDAY, June 14, a Cheap Day Excursion to RAGLAN, will leave Cardiff at 8.40 a.m., Newport 9.5, and Pontypool Road 11 at 9.30 a.m., returning at 8.10 p.m. For full particulars see bills. HENRY LAMBERT, General Manager. LONDON & NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. 3, 4, 6, or 8 DAYS in LONDON. ON FRIDAY NIGHT, June 16th, 1893, Cheap' 3, 4, 6, or 8-Day Excursion Tickets will be issued, by Express Excursion Train to LONDON —from stations on the Merthyr, Tredegar, and j Abergavenny lines. :'k 8-DAY EXCURSION TO THE NORTs' AND NORTH-EAST LINE, MONDAY JUNE 19. ROYAL SHOW AT CHESTER, JUNE 1 17 to 23. j ON MONDAY, June 19, 1893, Cheap 8-Day Tickets will be issued, by Special Trains to Manchester, Liverpool, Stockport,Warrington Birkenhead, Crewe, Chester, Buxton, Leeds Sheffield, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield Bradford, Wigan, Southport, Preston, More- cambe, Denbigh, Blackpool, Lancaster, Barrovr Penrith, Carlisle, and Windermere; also 15-DAY TICKETS to Rhyl, Abergele, Llan j duduo, Conway, Bangor, and Carnarvon; also 8-DAY TICKETS to Tynemouth, Newcastle on-Tyne, Darlington, Durham, Middleboro Hull, Harrogate, Scarboro', and other statioll on the North-Eastern line-from Newport an stations on the Merthyr, Tredegar, and Aber- gavenny lines. For times, fares, and full details, see sma oills, which can be obtained at any of the station* on the lines mentioned; or from the Offices ofl Mr J. BISHOP, Abergavenny. I FRED HARRISON, 1 Euston—June, 1893. General Manager. PRELIMJNARY I ) THE JJONTYPOOL JJECREATIOI* G ROUNDS WILL BE OPENED ON Mabon's Day, July 3, 1893; WHEN A VARIETY OF SPORTS, INCLUDING CYCLING, FOOTRACING, & Cot Will take place; and, by the kind permission of LIEUT.-COL. BRADNEY, the BAND OF THE 3rd Y.B. SOUTH WALE BORDERERS, r Uuder the leadership of Mr. S. T. Roderick* will be in attendance, and will perform a OhOloO Selection of Dance and other Music.. i Entrance Forms may be had of Mr. HENitic PEACH, Greyhound Hotel. ADMISSION, 6D.; GRAND STAND, IS. 6D. PONTYPOOL RECREATION GROUNVS, OPENING DAY, MABON'S MONDAY. JULY 3k!), 1803. M; TENDERS FOR REFRESHMENTS.. TENDERS are invited for the Supply Refreshments at the Refreshment R°° in the Grand Stand at the above Grounds, °r. the occasion of the Opening as above. Tend«^ to be sent to Mr HENRY PEACH, Seereftw, Greyho.und Hotel, Pontypool, not later Thursday, the 22nd June. N.B.—Entry Forms for the Sports are 0 ready, and may be obtained of Mr Peach. G RIFFITHSTOWN MALE VOICE s OCIETY. A GRAND EVENING ) C O N C E R T j (Under distinguished patronage) Will be given by the above Society at the DRILL HALL, GRIFFITHSTOWTF (Kindly lent by Capt. D. E. Williams), On THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 15TH, 1893 Assisted by MISS S. L. EDMUNDS (Soprano), MISS KATHLEEN EVANS (Contralto), And Members of the Society. CONDUCTOR: MR J. EDMONDE (AlawGwent PIANIST: MR GWILYM J. MORDECAl. Doors open at .30. Concert to commence at o'clock. Carriages at 10.15. Admission: Front Seats, 2s. Second Seat5 Is. Back Seats, Gd. j BICYCLES BICYCLES!! BICYCLES ? A. ALLMARK & COO, Beg to announce the OPENING OF A CYCLE DEPOT, IN THE HANBURY ARCADE, OSBORNE ROAP For the Sale of High-class CYCLES and accessories. Any make Machine 91ipplied. Large Discount0 lot, Cash. :"> MACHINES SUPPLIED ON EASY PAY- MENT SYSTEM. Bicycles on Hire per Hour, Day, or Weefc* REPAIRS AT LOW PRICES. OLD MACHINES EXCHANGED. NOTE THE ADDRESS:— HANBURY ARCADE, OSBORNE ROAD, PONTYPOOL. EPPS'S COCOA.—GRATEFUL AND COMFORTIN0- —" By a thorough knowledge of the natural la^^ which govern the operations of digestion »n<* nutiiion, and by a careful application of the fine properties of well-selected OOCOA, Mr. Epps haS provided our breakfast tables with 4. delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. It is br judicious use of sucn articles of diet that a constitution may be grad- ually built up until strong enough to resist every tendemcy to disease. Hundreds of subtle mala- dies are floating around us ready to attach wherever there is a weak poinL We may many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves wew fortified with pure blood and a properly nourishes* frame."—Civil Service Gazette.—Made simply with boiling water or milk.—Sold only in packets by Grocers, labelled—"JAMES EPPS & J/0'! Homoeopathic Chemists, London." Also maker* of Epps's Cocoaine or Nib-Extract-Tea-like-