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BLAENAVON POLICE COURT. TUESDAY. Before Mr E. JOXES (in the ehair), Dr J. W. MULLIGAN, and Mr W. G. DOWDEN. THE INEBRIATES. Edward Brown was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Blaenavon on the 27th May.- He pleaded guilty.-P.S. Thomas said defendant was drunk and using disgusting language to his mother and his wife, and eventually he struck his mother.—Defendant was fined 10s, or 7 days' bard labour. Chas. Young was charged with beingdrunk and disorderly at Blaenavon on the 22nd May.—P.C. Coles deposed that he saw the defendant drunk at the sports OR Whit-Monday. He refused to go away when requested.—There were two con- victions against defendant, who was fined 10s including costs. DRIVING WITHOUT LIGHTS. Jacob Robinson was summoned for driving without lights after sunset at Blaenavon on the 28th May.—Defendant said he was not driving very fast.-P.C. White said that at 9.20 p.m. on the 28th he saw defendant driving at a full trot up Broad-street without lights. He said the bottoms had come off his lamps.—Defendant said he could not go very fast, as he had his family in the trap.-P.C- Love corroborated as to defendant's statement with regard to the lamps.—A fine of 10s including costs was im- posed. FIGHTING. Jas. John Beard and Joseph Mayberry were charged with a breach of the peace by fight- ing at Blaenavon on the 22nd May.—Beard pleaded guilty, and the other defendant not guilty. — P-C. Love said that he saw the defendants and a third man fighting in a field at the back of the Vine Tree Inn. When he went to them Beard was on his knees on the ground, with blood gushing from his nose.-Mayberry said he was not fighting with Beard.—Superin- tendent James You are not charged with that. You are charged with fighting.-Def endants were l ordered to pay the costs (8s 6d), and bound over to keep the peace for three months. MISCHIEVOUS BOYS. Thos. Jones, John Williams, and John Howells, three boys, were charged with doing malicious damage to a wall, the property of the Blaenavon Company, on the 20th ult.—-George Smith, gamekeeper, said he was passing Ball's pond, near the Bunkers, when he saw the defendants tearing down the wall and throwing the stones into the pond. He caught two of them and the other ran away. It was a dry wall, and had recently been put up, It was part of his duty to look after the wall.—Mr H U. Steel said it was a retaining wall put up to the bank of the pond. Every year practically they had to re-build it, and they were obliged to take action in cnse- quence of the continued damage sustained.—Trie Chairman thought the parents ought to chastise the children who did the damage. The costs would be 4s 6d each, which the defendants would be ordered to pay. A PUGNACIOUS PACKMAN. James Bradley, Abergavenny, was charged with assaulting John Watley at Blaenavon on the 24th ult.— Compainant said that on the 24th ult., at about 2.30 p.m., defendant came to his house and asked for money. Witness said he had no money, and defendant began to curse and swear. Witness told him he did not allow that language in his house, and asked him to with- draw. Witness called two women near by to hear his language, and defendant on withdrawing caught hold of his coat, breaking two buttons and a long strip off.-Defendant said he was collecting money for a gentleman in Aberga- venny, and received a good deal of provocation. He had no intention of doing any harm, and offered no violence to the witness.— Complain- ant You offered to fight me afterwards in a most excitable manner.—Elizabeth Dunn,aneigh- bour, gave corroborative evidence.—The Chair- man said people like defendant had no right to collar a man in that way. He had lo,t his temper, and having committed an assault he would have to be punished. The costs were 10s., and defend- ant would be fined 15s, including costs. AFFILIATION CASE. William Davies was summoned by Florence Edwards to shew cause, &c.—Mr V. Simons, Mertbyr, was for the defendant.—Complainant gave evidence, and was followed by two wit- nesses, but there was no corroborative evidence, and the Bench dismissed the case. IIRUNK AND DISORDERLY. John Harvey was charged with being drunk on the highway at Blaanavon on the 23rd ult.— P.C. Morgan proved finding defendant drunk and asleep on the roadside at 1.40 a.m. on the 23rd.-A fine of 10s was imposed. DRUNK IN THE DOCK. Walter Williams was charged with being drunk and disorderly at William-street, Blaenavon*, on the 20th May.—P.C. Love said he found defen- dant drunk and wanting to fight with another man.—Defendant said he had a blow on the eye from some man.-Thb Constable said he did not see that.—Defendant (who was intoxicated) You should have the two birds in the cage at once. I have never been Lere before.—The Chairman I hope you'll never come again, especially in this state. You are not in a fit state to come before the Bepch, and to mark our disapproval of ypur eqxidmt,-wt fine you 20s, OT 14 dy feardTabbur. AN ABSENTEE DEFENDANT. John Taylor was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Blaenavon on the 22nd May.— Defendant, an old offender, did not appear, and a warrant was issued for his apprehension. STEALING WOOD. Ann Aston, an elderly woman, was charged with stealing a sleeper, value 4d, the property of the Blaenavon Company, on the 24th May.—She pleaded guilty.—P.C. Hourigan said that at about 7.30 on the 24th he saw the defendant dragging a sleeper off the Company's railroad near the engine-shed at the Old Side. He went to her, but by the time he got to her he found that the sleeper had been drawn down to the back of the houses. He asked her if she had had permission to take it, and on her saying she had not he took her to the Police Station she being afterwards bailed out.—Defendant said she did"not know the sleeper was any good as it had been there so long. She had never before been charged with anything of the sort.—The Chair- man said that in this case the costs amounted to 18s. They would disregard that but thev would not be doing their duty if they did not impose a small fine. Defendant would be fined 7s ôd or 4 days hard labour. THEFT AND ASSAULT. Thomas Lewis, engine-driver, was charged with stealing a quantity of wood, value Is the property of the Blaenavon Company, on the'27th May—He pleaded guilty—P.C. Hourigan said that at 9.30 p.m. on the 27ta ult. he was on dut1" near the tyre mill when defendant came into the mill. Witness watched, and saw him going out carrying the wood produced under his Wit- ness ran after him, caught him, and took him to the police-station. Witness produced the wood. t —Defendant said it was only scrap wood He was only robbing Peter to pay Paul," as he was taking the wood from one part of the premises to put it on the estate agent's ground.—Lewis was then further charged with assaulting P.C. Hourigan whilst in the execution of his duty.— P.C. Hourigan said that on seeing defendant taking the wood from the tyre mill he ran after him. When he got within about ten yards off him defendant turned round and threw the wood with all his force at witness's head. It caused his face to swell, and gave him a headache which lasted several days. Witness followed him for about 60 yards further, and then caught him. —Defendant pleaded that the wood struck the constable by accident.—Supt. James said defen- dant was convicted about a month ago of assault. —The Chairman said this was a very different case from that of the last case of theft. When he saw the policeman defendant ran away, proving that he had a guilty knowledge. For the theft he would be fined 20s, or 14 days hard labour and for the assault on the policeman 10s, or 7 days hard labour.—(Mr Dowden retired from the Bench during the hearing of the theft cases.)