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BLACKWOOD POLICE COURT. FRIDAY. Before Dr J. D. JAMES (in the chair), and the Rev J. GRIFFITHS. THE BEST WAY. Walter Price was charged with assaulting Charlotte Thomas at Blackwood on the 15th of May, and Isaac Thomas was charged on a cross- summons with assaulting Price at the same time and place —Mrs Thomas alleged that Price used j abusive and indecent language towards her when she went for water, and also pushed her.—Mr D. f Evans, Brecon, who appeared for Price, elieited from complainant that she slapped Price's face after he poshed her, and that her husband and he afterwards had a scuffle.-—Mr Evans suggested to the Bench that the case might be settled by sending the parties home to mind their own business.—The Bench concurred, and dismissed II the case, ordering the parties to pay their own costs. At the same time, the Chairman said he hoped the railway company would do something towards improving the present state of things at the water tank, as he happened to know it caused a good deal of friction. the water tank, as he happened to know it caused a good deal of friction. TOO ILL TO ATTEND. mThomas Howells. tinker, Blackwood, was charged with disorderly conduct and refusing to quit the Greyhound Inn, Pontllanfraith, on the 13th May.—Defendant sent a letter to say he was ill and unable to attend, and the Bench ad- journed the ease for a fortnight. UNLICENSED DOGS. Arthur Watley, Albert Watkins, and John Waring, colliers, Cwmcarn, were charged with keeping dogs without licences on the 10th April. —Waring was represented by his wife.—Mr B. M. Johnson, supervisor of Inland Revenue, prose- cuted.—Wm. Clarke, Excise officer (who elected to affirm instead of taking the oath) said that on the 12th April he was passing by Waring's houso ?? tw° dogs on the premises. He asked Mrs Waring if she had licences for the dogs, and she produced a licence for one dog.—Mrs Waring admitted having twe dogs, and said she bad for- gotten to take out a licence for one. She had been licensed for 30 years.—The case was not pressed, and Waring was ordered to pay the costs.-In the case of Watkins, the offence, which consisted in failing to renew the licence, was admitted, and defendant was fined 2s 6dand costs.-Wadley also pleaded guilty, but said he had destroyed the dog.—Fined 2s 6d and costs. A WRETCHED MARRTAFLP. David.Bowen Thomas, stonecutter, Rhymney, was charged with not paying arrears to the amount of £1 14s 6d due under an order of maintenance to his wire.—Mr D. Evans, Brecon, appeared for defendant, who appeared to be unwell, and was accommodated with a seat.- The arrears were not disputed, but the facts o £ the case|disclosed an extraordinary state of affairs between the parties. Complainant admitted that she was with child by another man when she married defendant, that after marriage they kyed unhappily, and that she had complained to the minister of the chapel they attended of her husband s immorality with loose women, at Car- diff.-In cross-examination by Mr Evans, she J J had attended before the minister and deacons of the chapel, and admitted chat the charges against her husband were untrue. She also denied that she had neglected her husband. J"* r Evans produced a doctor's certificate as to defendant's health, and said he was a man who could not werk regularly, and could only earn on could not werk regularly, and could only earn on an average 14s to 16s per week. It was true he refused to live with his wife, but she was an un- desirable companion. He had been summoned at Merthyr for not maintaining her, and after hearing the evidence the stipendiary there made an order for payment of 2s per week. Subse- quently defendant was charged at Tredegar, when the order was increased to 7s 6d. He was perfectly willing to pay 2s weekly, and under the circumstances wished the Bench to reduce the order again.—The complainant said she would like to adjourn the case, as she had no solicitor, and could call other evidence.-The Bench de- cided to adjourn the case to Tredegar for a month. A PROSECUTION WITHDRAWN. Henry Davies, haulier, Risca, was charged with committing a breach of the Mines Regula- lation Act at North Risca Colliery on the 17th of APril.-Defendant did not appear.—Mr Nicholas, from the office of Mr T. S. Edwards (who had been instructed for the prosecution) said he un- derstood the defendant objected to the shortness of the service of the summons, and wished to engage a solicitor. Under those circumstances, he proposed to ask their worships to adjourn the case for a fortnight. — The application granted. Subsequently, Mr D. Evans, Brecon, who was abaent when Mr Nicholas made his ap- pearance, said he was prepared to go on with the case, and in fact had come there that day speci- ally, by instructions of the Miners' Federation, to defend Davies.—Having been informed of what Mr Nicholas bad said, Mr Evans replied that his client denied having asked for an adjournment, and, in any case he (Mr Evans) had nothing to do with that. He thought it was highly improper for a colliery company to lay information that day before the charge would be heard, as in this case and he therefore asked for costs.-Mr Nicholas, who had been sent for, now said he was not prepared to go on with the case that day.—Mr Evans Then you should withdraw the prosecution.—The Chairman ob- served that after such a short notice of summons the Company ought to fall in with Mr Evans's suggestion.—This Mr Nicholas agreed to do, and the summons was therefore withdrawn, and the prosecution ordered to pay costs as follows:- Solicitor, JE2 2s defendant (as witness) 5s; and court fees, 3s 6d.



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