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FAIR, WHITE IÎUS. BRIGHT, CLEAR GOMPI^^0^. SOF'f, HEALTHFUL SKIN. PEARS' SOAP, for Toilet and Nursery,spe- cially prepared for the delicate skmot ladies and children and others sensitive to the weather, winter or summer: prevents redness, roughness. and chaoping. Scld everywhere. Large scented I. tablets. Is: smallar (unscented), bd. Al)EIGHTFUL. FLAVOtfE.—Cracroft'sAreca-Nut Tooth Paste This delicious Aromatic Dentrifice makes the Enamel of the Teeth white, sound and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragant Oracroft's Paste is now sold in6d. Pots. HUGHES & SON, PRINTERS, STATIONERS LITHOGRAPHERS & BOOKBINDERS, PONTYPOOL. SPECIMENS FORWARDED ON APPLICATION. LETTERPRESS DEPARTMENT. Sale Catalopea 1 Bill Heads Auction Posters Forms for SteeL IroiL ft Concert, &c., Programmes Tinplate Works (/onoert & other Posters Forms for Gollieria* Memo. Forms Report & Balance Sheets „ Clubs Hymns „ „• Local Boatfo Price Lists „ Pariah Officer Check Order & Dehvery „ „ all Trades Looks Coal Weight Tckt. Bodke Direction Labels to tie Checkweighera' ""rskala or grim on j LITHOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT. P1^af1. °* Estates >and Memos, k Invoiow ewlifS168. Business Cards bhare&Scnp Certificates Show Cards bhare&Scnp Certificates Show Cards • Forms for Bacloafaia &„iokuowwn* Trade Labels SchoolPprfifi^^ ..a Mmeral Water Labels cSor PRI?^ Headed Note Paper every description ACCOUNT BOOK DEPARTMENT. BOOKS BOUND IN BEST STYLE IN RUSSIAH LEATHER; CALF, WITH RUSSIA BAATIB, VELLUM LACED BRASS EDGES &CORNBB81 ANDLOeKS. Ledgers Wages Books Cash Books Checkweighers* Maohtiw Journals Books. Day Books Minute Books Special notice Invoice Books to our HALF-GUINEA Guard Books LEDOEKS & DAY BOOKS Letter Copying Books made of superior p8I)II Bill Books and strongly bound. Time Books Books for special purposes with or without printai headings manufactured on the premises with the greatest despatch. BOOKBINDING. MAGAZINES, SERIALS, & BOOKS OF ALL DBSGUP* TIONS BOUND IN PUBLISHERS' CABB8, MOROCCO, ROAN, &c., IN BEST STTLB AS MODERATE PRICES. #' ■* Dib STAMPING DRP Additional Plant has lately been laid down, AAAUE are in a position to execute Orders with the greatest promptude. THE NEW RELIEF STAMPED MERCANTILE XQU HEADINGS—SAMPLKS & PRICES ON APPLICATION Monograms, Crests, and Addresses stamped plain Of any color, or Illuminated in Gold & Colon. NeTE PAPERS Any of the following Papers stamped in Color fna Die at an extra charge of—5 qrs., IS. Sii 10 qrs., 2S.; 20 qrs., 3s. FANCY NOTB PAPBR AND ENVELOPES BOXED;— /1fIIJ Linear Repp, three ttses; Wiwewfi, 1A.. tf. Calico: Morocco; Tinted Club, #c., Jte. Correspondence Cardt in 6d. Pacluta. 12 Different Sortt. Tinted Note Papert—Moonlight, Steel fiIrtIt1 Silurian and Crayon Wove,$c., 4'tt. 100 Gentlemen's Ivory Visiting Cards & plate (1 at The following Note Papers embrace the different surfaces to suit various tastes required. PIRIE'S OLD STYLB A high-class paper, witk rough turf ace, cruel shade, Is. for 2} qn. V A second grade PEPFLCF :1 -f i revfti eurftoe, shade, Is. for 5 qrs. ORIGINAL MALLING ÅI high-class MILL paper, cream shaiiQ 2s. for 5 qrs. REAL VELLUM An excellent ttnglatuti paper, cream Bhad Is. 6d. for 5 qrs. LONDON VELLUM A second grade ungUuttI I paper, cream íhacII Is. for 5 qlB. BIERATICA A second grade unglazeM paper, cream ahode, Is. for 5 qrs. CLUB A second grade papof tmooth surface, creutf shade, Is. for 5 qra. JOYNSON'S SUPERFINE A high-class paper, glazed mrfac* 2B. 3d. for a qrø special purcha" usually sold at 38.) PIRIE'S SUPERFINE A hieh-class white PAJFF glazed surface, for 5 qrs. ditto ditto ditto dii*0 but not so thick* for 5 qrs. FINE A strong paper of material, Is. FOR* THIRDS QUALITY Suitable use, wl. for 6 qr8. ENVELOPES TO MATCH ALL THE ABOVE PAPEBS. THE NEW A superior qnalitr MOOBNINO. paper, rough 09* face, marked, in ø corner, instead of being bordered, SE R the Box of õ also Envelopes to match. Samples may be obtained on application ENVELOPES. Note and Letter size—Foolscap, Draft, Brief, Deed, &c., &c. Manilla Envelopes for Bank Pass Books and heavy I enclosures (Half the price of Cloth Lined and equally strong). ay* Write or call for Samples SPECIAL CHEAP BUSINESS ENVELOPES from 11. 11_. Per 1,000, Cream Laid and twtt gummed, in quantities of 5,006. ilNKS. Stephen's J Red Inks Antoine's Blue Morr elil's Draughtlnk Thacker's •' Rubber btamp Ink, Hyde's Antome s celebrated Iafe Underwood's, 4cc., ko., Powders. F JPENS. Gillott's Brandauer's Mitchell's £ • W. Hughes Perrv's Mapping Macniven at Cameron's School Tumor's I Red Ink Goose, Turkey and Crow Quill Pens. 1111 FANCY DEPARTMENT. PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS, In Russia, ^orocco, and Calf Binding WRITING & SCRAP ALBUMS, Paper or cardboard leaves from 4id. to 188 LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S CARD CASES WALLETS, POCKET BOOKS, PURSES, &c., ftfl RAPHAEL TUCK'S FLORAL, LANDSCAPE, AsuUi I. OTHER STUDIES FOR PAINTING AND FBAWWCfl WINTER GAMES IN GREAT VARIETY. Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, Halma, TtddledyWi8Ø I Spoof, &c., &c. I A VERY LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PLAYING < J¡ ..6o 'r