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I BLAEKATON LOCAL BOARD. The ordinary meeting of this Board was held on Thursday evening, the 31st ult. There were present—Messrs. E. Jones, James Barrell, J. Thomas. H. C. Steel, J. Evans, W. Snook, E. L. Harris, P. Williams, Dr. Avarne, and officers. It was proposed by Mr. Evans, seconded by Mr. Thomas, and carried unanimously, that Mr. Steel take the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. FINANCE COMMITTEE. Amount paid into the hands of the treasurer g.U 8 2 This evening's cheques 214 15 7 Amount in hand after paying cheques on general account 294 0 3 Amount on account of Cwmavon-road 1 5 Amount of rates outstanding 494 14 6 The Finance Committee recommended that a cheque be drawn in favour of the Surveyor for 140 on account of wages, and also a cheque of t:4 10s for Charles Berwick on account of work done at the trench on Llanover-road. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. Gentlemen,—I beg to inform you that 41 deaths and 36 births were registered in the Blaenavon Urban Sanitary District daring- the month of November, beincr at the rate of 42"78 and 57'56 respectively per thousand per annum of the esti- mated population. Five deaths occurred from diseases of the lunsrs, 2 from heart disease. 12 from measles complicated with lun,'¿- troubles. 2 from measles complicated with diphtheria, and 2 from menslw complicated with whooiiing- coujrh. and 1 ika .h from rr.enbranous croup.• Two inquests were held durmir the month, cho verdicts returned beinar accidental death, shock from burn and natural causes, viz., failure of heart's action upon internal hemorrhage. As you will notice, the death rate for the month of November is very hh.'h, and is to be attributed to the complications that attended _tliy epidemic of The following- infectious cases have been reported to me. viz.:—9 cases of scarlet fever. 6 of diphtheria, 3 of erysipelas, and 1 of puerperal fever. There are a few cases 01 meaeles in the district, also of whooping cough, and several cases of inliuenza. j Yotiv obedient servant- A. B. AVAKSE. SURVF,YOR,tl REPORT. I Gentl,-iuen.-I beer respectfully to submii the following matters for your «>nstderation, first -a Trench "Ill file (\>c.dc"<ic-C<(f;Klrff Jf>ni./itain.-—The work cf eweting the above trench has been jriren out to Charges LfeTT-' V at 8d. per lineal yard, and p to to-dav more than 140 yards isave been coniilete -& and I am pleased to be a.ble to .te chat the resu-ft is Tery favourable. The stream alre/wly jrathere^ run- at the rate of S^grallons er minute, and shews- eveiy s;i;n of proyiwp a grat success- At the- points shown o.« platt. 1 have had two fiVi^ch pipes Ii placed under th* wall .and the t reach has- been cut from there to th-c road. I have alsc*laid a bed of .9- inch earthenware-pipes aeroxs the rc&A to S3e above named nmch, wKoh'-wiSI; eonvey tBe wafer' from the dHe in the tirid on She aorth-et%t 8id of the road a mli discharges into fie- Ground iwned by the t.«visces At the lattf rrarwtis Jaiies. The bea. m y- i-teti pip. named above sonsfeted of three pipes laid side by side. This was the caly way I CG'¡d eorrssy the vater aerom the rcftid whfliout going to a* u'X&t exp 4ase itr oortwtructin,.r a culgl-rt. Fencing ■.i*nr the tia*' VPork*—The fcfleii^r aear the Gas- W trks has Seen put;. into a fair state-of rep;»i*. altkm!zh tlitere nmaiLI5 a ccasidera^lfe amount of wrk to tt done- to make tha-road p«- perly secure ao Esrdance witli- 3«ttr iastruetaocs;- ami- are dt«U £ ijoe-niservice. ifie peart weeii, a goo(^. amoiiiit-of stole has been plioed « the Aberga-- venny-road. a:aiL,.arran<:»ment s-Haive been n&ade for" the reijaoringr u^ the Br7Jnna'A^road^ to coanmence to-morrow. Harnemt and' Parts.—I* hav >-ayaif to call your hattenti»«s to the-f^ct that the iaraes^and a&o the hattenti»«s to the-f^ct that the iaraes^and a&o the [jcarts b».kmirin^rcb the t-ftsad are in.a.very c^ajjyer- ous statsv and r iftdl be glid kUMve your irairuc- r: tions th YeOn. Plan*. ^-i Tjeg- submi!Cplans and sections vhich h I have r jeeived iScona the !5»-eperativTe' hfecietv. I am <of opinha that tiityare-ta. co=pli&n, wI*tA)our Jbye-lawsi.- Tijtjrin%;Grtm rdh—I shlu bk-, g-iid, to-eoeive yjour • instructi ,w» as t< Jafetainiii^ ^rro aad fortipjtin^ the refuse .'Sr. J. ETWB has atlar.irepiece or^rou «1 at the Upper-Coedcf whiciiil ooliiwe wcèi be wary advantarrwus-; Vast before, we cam- ti>> there--we Mould ht^re to p in a f- draiat pipeaw. I w:æld tlkrefore suggest tbht a committte visit the sp,Ji) in question. Ivbeg tt^ay. tha.yJ shall requimfor w fortius f(ëZZ week isthfe suri<or £ 4 Hfor th^iollovHai^r work, viz. Scaveafjing a:alrepaa»,- lighuiag ItUBips, ^niain -Me& ae Amat, -Si Y OT sryobedi< a» serv xat, GEORaK: ilCJH^FOO r: PLA 5S. Mr. J. BarreH I proposed an 3 5 Mr. EL .Jems ;mmnded.,that t- pJai»; subnikted .the i46-, v»perativ«v; Stores be par-aed, .su igdet to the Igv- làws. aROWH A comarittee was appointed ..on theproposi* -ion of Nr" E. J CAe, secoaded by Mr. :J:Bar"-Z'il, aonsistiBas of Ma«srsi IE L, B4rris, ..Sn;, Jl Thonras, m. H .C. Sitel, With Dp. Avaase and the^Urv:>yor, tciBspe< h^he F. iew ¡ of- greu:vdat th.-)!,top of Uppejr Hfil-ofareet 1 aea- tioned in• the :«rveycis rej.#rt, and the jsutl commit««. wa3 ?eipowT*ed tot instriset the sor- veyor to-ido whsi was rjeeessar jrdu th a matter THE S4TH I EADJXU: TO TL IER BABY FIEL JL\ veyor to-ido whsi was rjeeessar jrdu th a matter THE PATH I EADJXU: TO TL IER BABY FIEL JL\ p Mr. Jones. caled attention, to She staieof ,this pa*, which he cider Id req ared a::&m- tiou. The Sut *eyor.T«as instructed to, attead to j the master. A ciicular ^saa recaived f swn thi LocaH Go- vernm-jKt Borxd,. en-dosing topics of forais to vernm-jKt Borxd,. en-dosing topics of forais to be appended to thi metii *o £ B jet's aaaual report for l^Hl, tbj^ther -^ith m^morarMia, re the saaae, aucLa reqiuest to i&e clei kx that these copie^may bo forwajtded to-the sai l oiheeawith- out cielay. The ciark was instructed t^.hand Dr. Avarnfet T was li the !tasines^.



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