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Cheap Scale of Charges for PREPAID Advertisements, of the" Wanted," For Sale," and "To Let" Class. ONE au*he "Z,Fv os r. INSERTI '11TIO?NS Wot*? 6d. is. 3d. In woi* 9d. Is..9d. ?3IB6 36 Wot* is. 2s. 3d. 44 Words is. 3d. 28. 9d. 52 Worda lB. 6d. 38. 6d. ¡ Manteo, RRA,ND BOY WANTED bS I-IUGUE.-and SoN, Statiomrs, Pontypool, rta WANTED, an experienced HOUSE-PAR- LOURMAID, about 25 years of age inmt be fond of children and willing to help in the nursery- Apply. Mrs. HAIR, Trosnant JHxttse, Pontypool. rta A-NTED immediately, ?4rong GIRL, able to wa-gh ar-d icon, anA do plain -cooking W references required. — Mrs. DAVIES, Star Inn, Blaenavon. etaj t WANTED at owce, a good Gtefceral SER- | X ANT, go#d wages.—Apply personally, Jftrs. L*;wis, Botcher's Shop, Sroad-street, BiaeTiavon, Mon. rtaun WANTED, experienced General SER- VANT, housemaid kept.—Apply, .Mrs. "RIILTON, Malpas, Newport, Mon. rta W ANTED at once, a respectable GIRL as GeneraJ SEIiYANT reference re- quired.—Apply, 'Lower Cross Inn, Croesyceiliog, sear Pontypoca, Mon. t'21Q1' WANTER. a trustworthy General SER- VANT, an early riser.—Apply, Mrs. THOMAS, The Schools, Aberwehan. rta A?.NTKD, a ccnvenient HOUSE, vritia 4 or w 5 bzdro-onmi? situato iR the neighbourhood Mr. F. A. of PontnewyiDyd(t-Apply, Sonny Iblik, Abersychan. eta WANTED at'once, yoeng GIRL, ^about 18. — Apply:, Mrs. VEKITY, Gairndiffaith, aear Peaty pool. rp WASTED, GISL8 to learn Fitting and Machining, Maefeines driven %y -steam wwer also BUYS, to learn RiveCticg and JTiiiishicg.—Apply, South Wales Boat Works, Aberayvhan. ta WANTED to rent HOUSE, not less than four rooms, within four miles of Porty- i-L Land preferred, or by side of mountain. —For,particulars, appjy "G,"Pre««*9ffice. U24p W ANTES), at once, good General SER- VANT must have good character.— Apply, LK>NIH>N Houa;, PoritypooL ta WAWr.ED, several General EE'B.VANTS for Lor.d6l1, Manchester, and .N'ewport: Apply Bitow.s RICC-ISTRY, Griffiths town, near Kcwport. rep WANTED, a clean, respectable Girl, as General SERVANT good character.— Apply Mrs. W ILLMMS, Rose Cottage, Moreton- street. PontypooL ta WANTED, Two clean, respectable Girls, one as NTJBSE HOUSEMAID, the other as GENERAL SERVANT, able to cook. SothrjsKist be fond of children, and early risers. —Apply, after 2 o'clock, to Mrs. UICHOLAS, fiockfieid, PontypooL 124p WASTED, at '«nce, a few good General SERVANTS.—Apply WAIK^E, Restau- raieur, Pontypool. rta EXPERIENCED GENERAL SEIVANT Wanted immediately must be good Plain Cook. —.Mrs. H. J. PHILLIPS, Kemeys Vach House, Griffitu. 26p WiJUJED for the 7th of December, a SERVANT, able to undertake plain cooking also, a HOUSEMAID mast be early sisess, wish good references.—AppJ^, between the hoars Gf ten and twelve, to Mrs. MULLIGAN, the Hawthorns, Abersychan. 28p M II —- — —————* "WX7"ANTED, -a stuoog LAD as APPREN- W TICE to the Tin Shop. — Apply to DAYtts & SANDBKOOK, PontypooL ta AGENTS WANTED to represent the New- port Plate Glass Insurance Co., ^Limited.— •SJSCKKTAXY, Bevenue Buildiags, New- pert. Mon. ta jfOt alr. C^LENDID 8-day «trikang CLOGS. Two §3* years' warranty, 17s. 6d. Solid marble CLOCK. 12a. Gd. Warranted.—JACOBS, 46, High- stseet, Newport. 1211p IfiON-FRJfeME PIANO, Trichord, Jfcrass Pin Plate, all improvements, perfectly new, worth £ 30. trice, £ 17 17s.—JACOBS, 46, High- aireet. Newport, 1211p INING IP.OOM SUILTE, uphol-at-ered in .pile Mohair Velvet D 4addle-4Vs, and Eligh- C-Oueb, la(ileg. ind Gent,s ef,?sy Chaim.,and Six irs W I J3edroom Bmall CIla' L,? 10s. li.Lrgain a nu suite fawe Y,.Iardrobe (-beveued IL&ss door), Dreswg Table, Swing-glaft; 3IArtle-te4p and Tile-back: Washstand, Pedestal Cupboard. Towel Bail, and 6 Chairs, !JARRis, The. Mar- ket. Newport, Mon. 1627p F*YIZSS W.KTCEIES at:-Z?3.6d., wananted tiua,keepeffs. Gentc'. 6ilw-r WATCHES, K warranted for i >rears, 21e.~Jf^P'OB^, 4&, High- street, Newport. 12Mp 3BNUINE Fisre Guinea £ 5GLISH SIL- VEB LEYER WATCH, very heavy, new four months since, f2 1&. Perfect rbar- gain.-—ALWEJARK, Crane-street, PantypooL 4p BE Af, SILVER BROOCHJES from tid., Silver Scarfpics from 3d., Dress Sings from 6d. to £ 5—^ALLMAKK^ 2,, i*b«tyyool. 5p YEGLASSES a&d SPECTACLES, from Is.; largo stock to select from good value PiTen. Old got I and silver bought.—A L L M A RX., oiitypool. 3p HA TB DYE, black, dark brown, light browni golden, or auburn perfectly harmless ptnaaaeat, clear, and without sediment; in Is., 2s. lid, 2a., and 213- 6d bottles, to be had only at ) H. Fox s, Hairdiosser, Pcntypool. 212p WEAK SIGHT-—Pamphlet away gratis *t H Fox's where the Largest and Best Selected Stock of SPECS, and FOLDERS are toix; seen from Is. pair. Real Pebbles from 6%. at M. Fox's, Commercial-street, PontypooL—Sole ^lgsnt for the new patent frame. 212p ;b 108 and Four Guinew.-These Silver :3 Fnglish 1*.ver WATCHES, manufac- A taied to oider. eaxmot be equalled 5 years ■warranty.—ALL MARK, PoutypooL p3 TpJiOli SALE, a COW and CALF, 4 years A? old.—Apply, JOHN MORGAN, Mountain- Toad, Upper Cwmbran. 1127p ImE.-4Good and :well-b-t LUIE, at the JU cwmyniscoyr Lime Kflu9- C4m wffl be taken to have go(id suPP,ly always oia hand, and all orders promptl attended to. Apply, T. JO]t.D." at the zLs. Privat?-, Addriss, The T;;L?;? Pontypool. 2711rap OLD WFDDI[NG RINGS from 79. 6d. ,POOns gi,7en Gewh. Half-dozen nickel teas away with eack ring.-ALLmA umne-streat, PontypooL ta DAY STRI[KIENG CLOCKS, best rna"u- 18-factme; from 17s. 6d. to;E2. Real MARBLF, CLOCKS from 21s.—ALLMARK, 2, Crane-street, PbotjpooL ta HANDSOME second-hand gent's heavy 18- Caret buckle RING, 35s.—Genuine DIA- MOND RING for sale, cheap. — ALLMARK, CuM-itreet, Pontypool. ta fTffiCEUTICAL CLASSES.—Drawing Instru- I meats, in boxes, from ls. to 50s.; 1 Squares Imm 6cL, Drawing Boards. Set Squares, Drawing Paper and Books, Oil and Water Colours, Sable naCniel HAIR Pencils.—HUGHES & SON, PML ta FOB SALE, prime, early CABBAGE PLANTS; Price's nrolific SEED WHEAT; nd prinfl new WHEAT STRAW.-Apply, It—«R KNIFE, Coedygric Farm, Griffithstown. ta CAPITAL FEATHER BEDS, only 37s. 6d. V/ —BKTAM A COMPANY, LTD., CJompleU SbaaiFaraiB]M»,P(«liypooL ta -.IREEHOLD BUILDILNG LAND FOR b SALEandonlease, in lots, for cottages I and villas; Machine Meadow, Pontnewyny(ld.- oJ. DANIEL, Abersychan. ta DOUBLE-BARRELLED BREECH- LOADER, a good, sound, reliable Gtn*' 36s. Approval with pleasure. AIR GUN, 18s. Gd.—JACOB?, 4(5, High-street, Newport. 12tlp I^OR SALE.—12 DUCKS and a 4-wheel ? DOG-CART.—Apply, GEO. LEAKEY, O9, Albion-terrace, Pontypool. 124p FOR SALE, PONY 5 years old in good con- dition reliable goes well in harness and saddle.—WM. REALER, Taly wain, Mon. rp; be let. -J'r..f'o. 0 LE, T, A-;NFERICAN HOU? SE, on the irongate Farm, Llanthewyl near Ponty- T V?)OI.-Apply, H. in. HADFN, Accountant and valu,c.r., -CiuG Chambers- 124p ACK for 4 Horses at PoAtrhydyrun also a TBATH CHAIR for Sale, nearly new.- Apply, W. CABLE, Abersychan. 4rec,p Host. T OST, Nov. 10th, wary haired TERRIER JLi DOG, 3 months old spotted nose: spot over right eye.-Ownex, W. ARNOIJB, Grosvenor Place, Sei>as^opol. rep LOST from Freeheld Farm, Pontnewynydd, short tailed y«**ng SHEEP DOG (grey spotted. one silver eye, named," Shep." Finder I rewarded. rp I rewarded. rp LOST, between iG-oytre aJlamhj,lad, Wire- haired TEIUtlliR, answermg -to name of Jack."—Apply, at RECTORY., Goytre. rta /»REWARD.—LOST, «<i Saturday, Oct. oti'JL 31st, between ,Pontypool and Pontnew- ynydd, a round (eWJLD BROOCH, with pearl in ceotre. Anyone delivering same at the Police Station, Pontnewynydd, ahidi receive the above reward /» 4 REWARD. — LOST,, on Saturday, zJJ X TWO PONIES: one a dark chestnut mate, about .7j'ears old, marked "M on left side the other black, with wiiiie star on lore- head, marked "I" on front feet. Apply, THOMAS PUSH, Garn, Blaenavon, Mon. al2im jpounlJL FOUNDTat^Sebastopol, a GREYHOUND BITCH (lemoa colour) owner can have same by paying expenses if not claimed within three days will be sold.—J. GIBBS, Woodland- row, Sebastopol. rcp jittisccllaiuous. FOOTBALL.—The entries for the BLAEN- AVON FOOTBALL CHALLENGE CUP close on the 7th December, on which date the draw will take place at the Golden Boot Inn, Blaenavon, when a representative of each team should be present. Entrance, 7s. 6d. 124p NOTICE.—Millinery and Straw Work, Hats and Bonnets, CLEANED, DYED, and ALTERED. Old Trimmings renewed. Feathers Cleaned, Dyed, and Curled. Ladies and Gentle- men's Gloves cleaned or dyed, Also Velvets, &c. —Apply to Miss E. HALL, Nicholas-street, Pontypool. 124p IMPROVED BERKSHIRE BOAR to serve at H. NEWMAN'S, Cwrdy, Sebastopol. 1127p COLT BREAKING by WM. NEWMAN, Aber- sychan. Ladies and Gentienien taught Riding and Driving. Horses bought and sold on Commission. Singeing and Clipping. ta DO you know that the onJy ALES Sold at PEACH'S, Greyhound Vaults, Pontypool, are those brewed by Messrs. Bass & Co., Ltd., Burton on Trent ? The name is sufficient guarantee of the quality. Sent out in all sized casks, from "ne shilling per gallon, in jugs from 5o. per qr-irt ta "l GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. MONMOUTH ASSIZES. -VON ? ? DAY, Nov. 30, a SPECIAL TRAIN 0 for the aecommodation,of Persons attend- 9 the Assizes will run to Pont,ypool Road, leaving Newport at 8.10 a.m., Caerleon 8.15, Ponthir 8.20, Llantarnam 8.23, and Pontnewydd at 8.30 a.m. Passengers proceed from Pontypool Road by the 8.45 a.m. ordinary train, which will be extended to Monmouth. HENRY LAMBERT, General Manager. PONTYPOOL LITERARY INSTITUTE The Committee of the above Institute have pleasure in announcing that they have made arrangements for a series of EVENING LECTURES ON POPULAR SUBJECTS, To be delivered IN THE TOWN HALL, Commencing punctually at Eight o'clock. Carriages 9.45. On MONDAY, NOV. 30th, 1891, the VEN. W. CONYBEARE BRUCE, Archdeacon of Monmouth, will lecture on "OUR NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, THIi MOON," This Lecture will be illustrated by magnificent Photographs, shown by means of the Oxy- Hydrogen Light. CHAIRMAN, THE REV. C. E. T. GRIFFITH. On MONDAY, DEC. 14th, 1891, the REV. H. B. ROBINSON, F.R.G.S., (Fellow of the Society of Science, Letters and Art, London), will deliver in- tensely interesting lecture- U LAKE DWELLERS OF SWITZERLAND IN PRE-HISTORIC TIMES," (Illustrated with Diagrams, and Weapons, Tools of that age), as delivered before the Peter- 'l.ugh Arcbxological Society, and the t Museums of Wisbech, Leicester, &c., &c. CHAIRMAN, A. ADDAMS WILLIAMS, ESQ., J.P. On MONDAY, JANUARY 11th, 1892, THE REV. JOSHUA EVANS Will lecture on CHRISTIANITY & COMMON SENSE or the DIFFICULTIES of UNBELIEF." CHAIRMAN, REV. J. WILLIAMS. T icKETsfor the COURSE :—Reserved Seats, 2/6' SINGLE TICKETS Reserved Seats, 1/ Second Seats, 6d. lo be obtained of Hughes & Son, Stationers, or any Member of the Committee. E TttAD6 HENRY LAURANCE'S SPECTACLES, EYEGLASSES, &C. BEST PEBBLE SPECTACLES 5/6 AND 8/6 GOOD PEBBLE SPECTACLES 3/6 BEST PANTOSCOPIC SPESTACLES 2/6 GOOD Do. DO. 1/- AND 1/6 TESTIMONIALS IN THEIR FAVOUR:— T SMITH ROWE, Eaq-SLD., Margate, Senior Surgeon too Royal Sea. Bathing Infirmary, Margate, writes: I am more than satiated with your Spectacles. My only regret is that I had not used them long siuee. RTR JUIIUS BENEDICT, 2, Manchester Square, Locdon, w„ writes: I have tried the principal Optica us in London without rmnnwn. ton* y*wr Spectedea nit me admirably, both tor reading and .walking. ckwrnew of yoor Bias** as compared with others, ia really raising. I shall at aB times recommend tboP- gOLE AGENT FOB PONTYPOOL: fi. B. FORD, CHEMIST. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. THE PONTYPOOL AMATEUR OPERATIC SOCIETY WILL GIVE TWO PERFORMANCES OF Birch's Dramatic Cantata, THE WRECK OF THE ARGOSY, In Costume and with Scenic Effccts, AT THE TOWN HALL, PONTYPOOL, ON W EDNSSDAY AND THURSDAY, December 16th aed 17th, 1891, PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1875. ABERSYCHAN LOCAL BOARD DISTRICT. BOTICE OF MEETING OF OWNERS AND RATEPAYERS. the undersigned, be the Summoning Officer under the 'Pi.Ttit Heaith Act, 1875, !f."7the pur e of them ti b nafter men- ,U crei y 4ee tioned, do ViaB NOTICE that a MEETING will be held in pursuanceof the provisions of the said Act, on TUESDAY, the 1st day of DECEMBER, 1891, at half-past 7 o'clock in the afternoon, at the BOARD SCHOOLS, ABERSYCHAN, in the Local Board District of Abersychan, in pursuance of a requisition duly signed, foor the purpose of passing a resolution of the Ownera and Ratepayers of the said District That it is expedient to divide the District of the Abersychan Local Board into Wards, so as to secure a more equitable representation of the several parts thereof." W. P. JAMES, Summoning Officer. Dated this 18th day of November, 1891. PUBLIC HEALTH ACTS AMENDMENT ACT, 1890 (53 and 54 Vict., ch. 59). ABERSYCHAN URBAN SANITARY DISTRICT: NOTICE. HE SANITARY AUTHORITY of the T abovenamed District hereby give Notice that they have passed the following nesolution, viz. That Sections 16 to 50 (both inclusive), being Part 3 of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890, be adopted and come into operation within the District of this Sanitary Authority on and after the. 1st day of January. 1892." By order, ENOCH COOKE, Clerk to the Sanitar y Authority. Dated this 18th day of November, 1891. LLANTARNAM SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED, from December 7th, a PERSON to clean daily the St. Dial's Schools, Cwmbran wages 13s. 6d. per week, subject to a week's notice. Particulars of work to be done can be ascer- tained from the HEAD-MASTER at the Schools. Applications (stating age), with testimonials, to be sent not later than the 2nd December to T. BAKER JONES, Newport, Mon. Clerk to the Board. ABEBSYCHAN LOCAL BOARD DISTRICT. TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION CLASSES, AT THE ABERSYCHAN BOARD SCHOOLS. THE COMMITTEE beg to announce that the following Arrangements have been made for the holding of CLASSES in the sub- joined Subjects during the Winter, and they sineerely trust that Young People will avail themselves of the opportunities thus offered them. MONDAY—5.45 to 7.0 p.m., The Principles of Mining, Mr. H. B. Budgett, A.R.S.M. 7.10 to 8.15 p.m., Animal Physiology, Mr. W. S. Grant. TUESDAY—7.0 to 8.10 p.m., Mathematics, Mr. D. S. Thomas. 8.15 to 9.15 p.m., Sound, Light, and Heat, Mr. F. J. Hayes. WEDNESDAY—7.0 to 8.0, p.m., Freehand and Perspective, and Shading' from Casts, Miss Bray and Miss Wells. 8.10 to 9.10 p.m., Geometry and Model, Miss Bray and Miss Wells. SATURDAY—5.45 to 7.0 p.m., Geology, Mr. E. W. Small, M.A., B.Sc., F.G.S. THE LECTURES WILL BE ILLUSTRATED WITH EXPERIMENTS AND LIME-LIGHT LANTERN. Fees for the entire Season (to the end of May) One Goubject, 2s. 6d. Two Subjects, 4s.; payable in advance. PERSONS DESIROUS OF JOI-VI-VG ARE REQUESTED TO DO SOAS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THE PONTYPOOL TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION COMMITTEE HAVE much pleasure in announcing that they have arranged for CLASSES to be held during the' ensuing Session in GEOLOGY AND MINING At PONTYPOOL, as follows AT PARK TERRACE BOARD SCHOOLS, On Saturday Evenings, 8 to 9.30, Subject: GEOLOGY. LECTURER: Prof. E. W. Small, M.A., B.Sc., F.G.S. AT LOCAL BOARD OFFICES, CLUB CHAMBERS, On Monday Evenings, 8 to 9.30, Subject: MINING. LECTURER: Professor H. B. Budgett, A.R.S.M. Fees, (payable ONE SUBJECT 3s. in advance) Two SUBJECTS 5s. From November, 1891, to May, 1892. All Persons interested in the Subjects are Invited to join the Classes. —— ( \.) p "CJ 'lj \Q &- y. o (\ \) ,,G o o o 0+ Á-' .p y "I c:v + ø 'Ý y ø ,a."Y :5,ç, Y,Ô. v\)' CJ'b> oy c o-ç, ç o (j BLAENAVON. i-? uai Li" PRICE begs, t swq nl the w inhabitants of Blaena-i d d that he has COMMENCED BUSINESS as UNDERTAKER, and hopes by strict and punctual attention all orders instructed to his charge -to merit a share of public patronage. 09" ONE TRIAL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED; tfote the Addruti— j i J 1, MORGAN STREET, BLAEN&V0& S. HILDA'S CHURCH, LLANFRECHFA UPPER. A GRAND SALE OF work; Under distinguished patronage, will take place at the DRILL HALL, GRIFFITHSTOWN ON THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, DEC. 3rd and 4th. PROCEEDS IN AID OF THE BUILDING FU". A GREAT VARIETY OF FANCY ARTICLES, BOOKS, STATIONERY, FANCY WORK, DOULTON WARE, ART POTTERY, &c SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR PRESENTS, WILL BE ON SALE, —————— STALL HOLDERS, Mrs. I. BCTTLER and Mrs. H. J. SHENTON Mrs. J. R. PHILLIPS and Mrs. J. SWAINE. Mrs. F. JENKINS. SHOOTING RANGE, -M fir INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, And numerous other Attractions. REFRESHMENT STALL, Under the charge of Mrs RICKARDs,Mrs PARKIN- SON, Mrs UPTON, Mrs. BALL, Mrs. BELL, and Mrs. WHEELER. Ø" The Sale will be Opened at 3 o'clock on Thursday Afternoon by Mrs. E. R. THOMAS, Newport.—Friday, at 6 o'clock. ADMISSION: Thursday, 6d. Friday, 3d. THE CHILDREN'S" HOME AND ORPHANAGE. The Ven. Archdeacon Farrar, D.D., Vice-Presi- dent; Rev. Dr. Stephenson, Principal. IN furtherance of the Interests of this bene- ficent Institution, A C 0 N C E R T Will be given in the WESLEYAN CHAPEL, PONTYPOOL, ON MONDAY EVENING, NOV. 30, 1891, WHEN A CHOIR OF GIRLS AND BOYS FROM THE PRINCESS ALICE ORPHANAGE, BIRMINGHAM, Will give a Varied Selection of Sacred, Classical, and Popular Music. Pianiste Miss FANNY TYE. CHAIRMAN R. G R E E N W A Y, ESQ., J.P.. Who will be supported by DR. EDWARDS (Principal of the Baptist College), the REV. J. B. GEDYE, the REV. R. LANG, and other Gentlemen. In the course of the Evening, THE REV. R. BEVAN SHEPHERD, B.A., Of the Children's Home, London, Will give Facts illustrative of the Work of the Institution. Admission by Ticket, which may be obtained of several of the Friends. Doors open at 7 Concert to commence at 7 30. On SUNDAY, November 29,1891, CHORAL SERVICES Will be held in the WESLEYAN CHAPEL, To commence at 2.30 and 7.15, when the Children will sing, and Addresses will be delivered on the Work of the Children's Home. A Silver Collection on behalf of the Homes will be made at the Choral Services on Sunday and at the Coh- cert on Monday Evening. St. James's Church', Pontypool. AN ORGAN RECITAL Will be held in the above church on THURSDAY EVENING, DEC. 10th, AT 8 O'CLOCK, BY Mr. M.W. Griffiths, Mus. Bac. (Organist of the Parish Church, Dolgelly), Assisted by the Choir and Friends. Proceeds to be devoted to the Building Fund of St. James's Classroom. TICKETS, ONE SHILLING EACH, To be obtained of the Wardens, Members of the Choir, and Mr. W. H. Haskins, Music Warehouse. Board School, Upper Cwmbran. A GRANb CONCERT Will be given on MONDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 30th, At the above place, when the following Ladies and Gentlemen have kindly consented to assist Miss Polly Rowlands, R.A.M., Pontypridd Miss Louie Howell, University College, Cardiff; Miss Poulton Misses Bumford and the Misses Mends Mr. Parkman and Mr. Tremellen, New- port Mr. B. V. Davies, Tredegar Mr. Alfred Mitchell and Mr. H. Smith, Newport; Mr. John Edmonde, (Alaw Gwent); Mr. Ricketts. Accom- panists: Mrs. Southwood Jones; Mr. F. Bumford. Doors open, at 7.30, to commence at 8 prompt. ADMISSION, 2s. and Is. [CIRCULAR.] PROPOSED VISIT OF THE H EREFORDSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY TO PONTYPOOL. DEAR SIR, You are invited to attend a Meeting on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 27th, at the TOWN HALL, PONTYPOOL, at 8 p.m., to consider the offer of the Herefordshire Agricultural Society, to hold their Show in Pontypool in June next. Yours faithfully, ALFRED A. WILLIAMS, W. P. JAMES, W. H. DAVIES, T. TAYLOR, E. FOWLER,, LEWIS E. WEBB, T. WATKINS, H. TANNER. 23rd November, 1891. N.B.—The public generally invited. TREVETHIN CHURCHYARD. HE Vicar and Cburchwardens of Trevethin again find it necessary respectfully to call T the attention of the Public to the fact, that for obvious reasons it is inconvenient to receive FUNBRALS at a Later Hour than 4 o'clock p.m. during the Months of November, December, Janurary, and February, or than 6 o'clock p.m. during the remaining Months of the Year. Persons haying the charge of Funerals are earnestly desired to co-operate with the Vicar and Churchwardens in giving enectto this Regu- lation, which, it is hoped, will conduce to the public convenience, and to the more decent per- formance of the Burial Rite. In no case, where pntcticable, should ?M than 24 Hoara' Notice of Burial be given to the Sex- tons. CHARLES E. T. GRIFFITH, Vicar. ALFRED A. WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HA8KIN8. Churchwarden. Nw.25th.l891. In Parliament.-Sossion 1892. Pontypool Gas and Water Company. (Additional Water Works Compulsory Pur- chaise of Lands, Common or Commonable llnds., Takin!gpf Water &c Sale, Lease, or E ,h ge of Surplus La"; Extensi,)nof Time for Purchase of Lands for and for Completion of certain Works and Abandonment of other Works Authorised by the Company's Act, 1890; Application of funds Repeal ■<w Amend- ment of Provisions -of that Act and of other Acts.) OTIC, E is hereby given that ;application is N iiat6ended to ix made to Pmiiament in th, ensuing Session by,-or on behalf of, the Ponty- pool Gas and Wafer Company (in this notice called the Comjsany") for leave to bring im a Bill far effecting the purposes, -or some of the purposes following, that is to say the Company to make and main- taiaa the waterworks, and other works and con- veyances following, or some of them, or some past or parts thereof, all in the parish of Trevethin, in ithe county £ Monmouth, that is to say '(L) A resep?oir (to be called the GarnClochdy Reservoir") to be made on certain common or comxssonable lands known asMynydd Garn Clochdy by means of an embankHaeat, com- mencing at a distance of 23 chains or there- about, measured in a southerly direction from a^spring of water on the said Mynydd Garn <Clochdy, known as Gam Clochdy Spring, and 26 chains or thereabout, measured in a south-easterly direction from the farmstead known as Havod Eneck, othezwise IE[afod- y-wen, and terminating at a pT' 28 chains or thereabout, measured in a -westerly -direction from the farm- steat known as Pen-y-ddougae, or 30 chains or thereabout, measured ina southerly direction from the said Gam Clochdy Sprang, together with a filter bed, or filter beds, m connection therewith. (2.) A catchwater or conduit, (No. 1) com- mencing at or near the said Garn Clochdy Spring, and terminating in the said intended Garn Clochdy Reservoir. (S.) A catchwater or conduit (No. 2) com- mencing at or near to a watercourse on the said common or commonable lands, at a point thereon 18 chains or thereabout in a north- easterly direction from the said HavodEnock Farmstead, and, 18 chains or thereabout ™ direction from the said Garn and terminating at or in the said intended Garn Clochdy Reservoir. (4) A catchwater or conduit (No. 3) com- mencing at or near to a watercourse on the said common or commonable land at a point thereon 21 chains or thereabout, in a north- westerly direction from the farmstead called or known as Pen-y-ddougae, and 34 chains or thereabout, in a southerly direction from the said Garn Clochdy Spring. (5.) A line of pipes (No. 1) commencing at and in the said intended Garn Clochdy Reservoir, and terminating at or near to the existing filter beds of the Company at Nant- y-Mailor. (6.) A lines of pipes (No. 2) commencing by a junction with the said intended line of pipes, No. 1, at a point in the Highway adjacent to the existing Nant-y-Maiior Reservoir of the Company, 2i. chains or thereabout, measured in a north- easterly direction from the northernmost corner of the said existing. filter beds and opp-osite to a gateway forming the entrance to the said Nant-y-Mailor Reservoir, and terminating in the said Nant-v-Mailor Reservoir. Reservoir. (7.) A line of pipes (No 3) commencing at and in the said intended Garn Clochdy Reservoir, and terminating in Varteg Hill Village by a junction with the. line of pipes (No. 3) auth- orised by the Pontypool Gas and Water Act, 1890 (hereinafter referred to as the Act of 1890 "), at a point in the highway leading from Talywam to Blaenavon 4 chains or thereabout meaaured in a southerly direc- tion from the south-eastern end of a row of new houses on Ae said Varteg Hill, known as" Salisbury Ttrrace." And it is proposed, for the purposes of the intended works, to take certain lands being, or reputed tc be, common or common- able lands, which are situate in the parish of Trevethin aforesaid, and are known by the name of Mynydd Garn Clochdy, and of which it is estimated that the quantities included within the limits of deviation for the proposed works will be 45 acres, and the quan- tity proposed to be ta- will be 13 acres. To authorise the Comp -ny to deviate laterally from the line of the intended works within the limits shown upon the plans hereinafter men- tioned, or to such extent as may be prescribed by the Bill, and to deviate vertically from the levels of those works shown upon the sections herein- after motioned. To enable the Company to collect, impound, take, and divert by, and in the intended works, and to use and appropriate for the purposes of their undertaking the waters of all such streams, including the Garn Clocdhy spring aforesaid, and ai 8Uc^1 w»ters as will or may be intercepted by the proposed new works, or as may be found in, upon, or under any lands for the time being be- longing to the Company, or which they may &0 quire under the Bill, or over, or in respect of which they have or may acquire easements. The ^'d Raters, or some of them, flow into the Nant- y-Mailor Reservoir of the Company and River Llwyd, &nd thcncc into tli€ Bristol Oh&niidj and thence into the sea. To authorise and empower the Company to purchase and take by compulsion or agreement, and to take leases or grants of, or to take by com- pulsion or agreement easements over, lands, houses,.springs, streams, waters, and other heredi- t&rneiits iix the parish aforesaid, or elsewhere "within their extended limits of supply, for the purposes of their existing or intended new works or of the Bill, and the application of their funds for that purpose, and the Bill will or may vary or. any rights or privileges connected with any such lands, houses, springs, streams, waters and hereditaments, and will or may incor- porate with itself, and apply to the works to be thereby authorise?, and the Company in respect thereof, the provisions or some of the provisions of the Paiiway Clauses Consolidatioin Act, 1845, with respect to roads, and with respect to the tenipot-ary occupatioil of lands near the raia- way during the construction thereof. To erapoiv-er the Company to lay down, main- tain, take up alter'repair aiict renew mains, pipes, culverts, d other works for the distribution and supply f wai?er to and within their extended limits Of water suppl3,, and to open, break up, cross, divert, ater, or stop up, whether tem- rarily or -manently, all such turnpike auu uuier TO; it highways, streets, pipes, sewers, canals, navir ,ti >ns, rivers, streams, bridges, rail- way% and ram ways, within the parish and places aforesaid, or any of them, as it may be necessary or convenient, to cross, divert, alter, or stop up, for the purposes of the Company, for or in connection with the objects of the Bill. To au+l se t), of, or let -,Compainy to sell and dispose 1 e, ?xcbange, or, otherwise, trom time to tirne ai3v land, houses, and property for the time be'i?g belonging to the Company, and to exempt such iands, houses, and property, and the Company m respect thereof, from the provisions, or some of the provisions, of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, with respect to the sale of superiluous lands. To repeal, in whold or in part, vary, or amend, njo lify, or alter the j)r 1 and extend ovis* ons of the respect*"?e periods limited by Section 10 (conditions as to t3torage, &c.) of the Act of 1890, or solneof those provisions, or to declare that the execution of the works proposed to be authorised by the Bui, or some of them, or some part or parts thereof respectively, shall be deemed to be a compliance with, arid satisfaction of, those pro- visions or some of them. To authorise or require the Company to d rp-liriquish the construction of the abandon an work, authonsed by Section 6 of the Act of 1890, and described in the IFit 2nd, 3rd, and 6th sub- I)ar,zmphs of the saicl Aection 6. To extend the time limited by the Act of 1890, for the roulPulOOrY Purchase of lands for and for the WOLPletiOll Of the works there by autho- rised or rlich of thern as are not to be abandoned Bill, or some Of those works respectively. by the To enable the Company, for all or any of the purposes Of the Bill, to apply their corporate funds and revenues, or some of them. To vary or extinguish all rights and privileges now existent or which '9rould in way in- 'he objects of the Bill, any terfere wittit and to confer other rights and privileges. To alter, amend, enlarge, or repeal so far as may be necessary or expedient tor any of the purposes of the Bill tne provisions or some of the provisions of the Pontypool Gas and Water Act, 1873, the Act of 1890, and any other Act or Acts relating to or affecting the Company or their undertaking. ,t v And notice is hereby also en, that on or before the 30th day of .'Novemiter instant, plami and metiong of the works Propwd to be authorined by the Bill,.showing the lines and levels thered, the plans showing kloo the lands intended to be compulsorily taken under the powers of the Bill, with, in each case, a book of reference to such plans, and a copy of this notice as published in the London Gazette, will be de- posited for public inspection with the Clerk of the Peace for the county of Monmooth, at his Office, at Usk, in that county, and with the parish clerk of the parish of Trevethin aforesaid, at his residence. Printed copies of the intended Bill will be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons on or before the 21st day of December next. Dated this 17th day of November, 1891. BYTHWAY & SON, Pontypool, Solicitors for the Bill. REES & FRERE, 13, Great George Street, Westminster, Parliamentary Agents. BLAENAVON. DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. MESSRS. STRAKER & SON will sell by auction at "The Rolling Mill" Lint Blaenavon, on MONDAY, the 30th day of NovTgjj £ BER, 1891, at three o'clock in the afterItoon precisely, in the first instance in one Lot, and, if not sold then, in the following or such other Lots as may be deter- mined upon at the time of sale, and subject to conditions of sale to be then produced and read., the following VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES viz.:— LOT I.-A DWELLING HOUSE, situate and being No. 23, Hill-street, Blaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. Jones, as monthly tenantt LOT 2.-A DWELLING HOUSE adjoining the last lot, situate and being No. 24, Hill-street, Blaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Patfield, as monthly tenant. LOT 3.—A DWELLING HOUSE adjoining the last lot, situate and being No. 25, Hill-street, Blaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Manley, as monthly tenant. The houses are let at the very low rent of 12s each per lunar month, and have for many years past been let on the same terms, not- withstanding the great demand for houses and, increase of rents in the locality. The above Properties are held under a Lease dated the 25th September, 1866, for the residue of a term of 999 years from the first day of October, 1866, at the ground rent of £ 2 9B, per annum, which sum will be apportioned equally between each of the lots. The Houses are most eligibly situate, always command good tenants, and may be viewed oa applying to the respective occupiers, and a ground plan may be inspected at the offiees of the solicitor to the Vendor. A considerable portion of the purchase moaej may remain on mortgage at £ 5 per cent. per annum. For further particulars apply to Mrs. Gwenllian Goode, 17, Princes Street .Blaenavon, the Auctioneers, Abergavenny, or to Mr. H. JEFFREY JONES, Solicitor. Abergavenny and Blaenavon. ROCK VILLA, VARTBG, NEAR PONTYPOOL (About oae,mile from Varteg and Talywain Stations, L. & N. W. R.), INTORTA.INT I'O'PARTIES FURfSH14-;G,. SPOYTTS- ME.N, AND OTH RS. I HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE SALE OF EXCELLENT MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, SUPERB PIANOFORTE, WATER-COLOUR DRAWINGS, &c. MR. J. G. HEDGES Has been favoured with instructions from T. Wilkinson, Esq. (who is leaving the neigh- bourhood), to Sell by Public Auction, on the premises, ON THURSDAY, DEC. 10th, at ONE o'clock in the Afternoon precisely, the CONTENTS OF ROCK VILLA, VARTEG, iteaR PONTYPOOL, COMPRISING J In Drawing Room.-Elegant walnut suite in 'Turkey saddle bags; extra lady and gent.'s chairs in cretonne walnut cabinet, with three bevelled plates walnut octagon table superb trichord cottage grand pianoforte, in walnut and old case (80 guinea model), by Schreiber, urlin, with patent 11 Dur)lex Bordine attach- W ment two folding easy'cbairs, upholstered in crimson plush bamboo and cane and fancy rush; five o'clock tea tables very fine pier glass in gilt frarr,e, 5ft. x 5ft. 6in.: very handsome black marble presentation clqck; repousse6 brass jar- diniere choice collection of water-colour draw- ings and bric-a-brac; statuary and oil paintings; solid brass fender fire brasses and dogs; nearly new Brussels carpet and velvet pile hearth rug; lace and tapestry curtains ornamental Indian grasses, &c., &c. In Dining Roont.-Massive mahogany suite in real Morocco; elliptic-end telescope dining table, with two insertions, in dark English oak 3-tier oak dinner waggon magnificent Early English oak sideboard, expensively fitted and elaborately carved, 7ft. long and 7ft. 8in. high very old black oak cabinet, quaintly carved W. &. G. 5 o'clock tea service and tray American birch rocking chair lady's fancy easy chair in rush and cane brass-bound walnut writing case; oil aintings bronze and other Ornaments a?rt,sp tic photographs (framed) grand mantei clock, in black marble and granite case maho- gany pole and ring curtains brass fender :fire brasses and dogs Brussels carpet skin and other rugs, &c. Hall.-Oak umbrella and hat stand, with marble slab and large mirror oak hall ebairs oak pole and rings portiere large lamp linoleum stair and hall carpets, rugs, &c. Breakfast Room.-Mahogany suite in leather mahogany table mahogany bookcase, about 300 volumes books wicker easy chair pipe-rack and smoking table; black mantel clock framed photographs pictures cornice pole and rings curtains brass rail fender fireirons rug and tapestry carpet. Nursery.—Pitch pine table chairs baths clock pictures fender fireirons &c. Pantry.-Dinner service tea set; glass com- ports tumblers and wine glasses; cheese stands; sets of jugs odd ware, &c. Bedrooms.—Massive brass and iron bedsteads feather and flock beds; wool and spring mat- tresses palliasses 15 pairs bath, merino, cloth, and Witney blankets quilts and counterpanes 1 11 bed hangings; mahogany and birch duchesse tables and marble-top stands mahogany, birch, and painted chest of drawers and wardrobes very handsome sets of toilet ware and trinkets night commodes and pedestal cupboards; Brussels and Kidder. carpets towel rails swing toilet glasses birch, mahogany, and other cane-seated chairs child's crib cradle carpets and rugs pictures paintings various ornaments &c.,&c.; also, the contents of servants' bedrooms. Kitchen.-Lat-ge pitch pine table; chairs; crockery fenders ifreirons patent mangle steps wash-tubs and cooking requisites. j/<H<:ellaneous.—Knitting machine central-fire br • ch-loading gun (12 bore); 18-ft. Greenheart ,,a on rod 4 ,-inch check reel and spare top; 2 1 -inch 2?7, 't Grleenheart Alnwick trout rod, 212 ree; and spare top another trout rod fish creel, with fly-book and spare tackle set of carpenters' 10. drawing board and three T squares, &c., &c., &c.; and many other lots too numerous to particularise. TIME AND ORDER OF SALE. There being upwards of 300 Lots, the Auctioneer requests punctual attendance. Lot 1 will be offered at 1 o'clock p.m. sharp. The Sale will commence with the kitchen and miscellaneous lots, and proceed to breakfast room, dining room, drawing room, nursery, and bedrooms in the order named. Goods on View Morning of Sale. THERE WILL BE NO RESERVE. For further particulars apply to the AUCTIONEER Dated, The Pontypool Auction, Estate, and Insurance Offices" (Regd.), Bank Chambers, Pontypool, November 35th, 1891. N.B.—Mr. J. G. Hedges GUARANTEES that-all Furniture and Chattel Sale* entrusted to him shall be willed for w/uH within hours qf the fall of the hammer on the toe hot. Telegraphie Address—"Auctioneer, Potnypool." 1 AAA BILL HEADS to order, red cash columns iVW Cream Laid Paper, assorted, in., 8 in 11 in. lonti Go. 6d gQQQ BILL BBADS, as abor eA=ortPAleo. ABERSYCHAN AUCTION ROOMS. REMOVED for absolute Sale, with instruc- tions to Mr. H. JACOBS to Sell by fj^lic Auction on MONDAY, November 30th, 18J1, to commence at 5 o'clock p.m. sharp, most useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, also, Walnut Cheffioneer Organ, with stops, in good condition; a Capital Diamond frame Cushion-tyre Bicycle, with all requisites also a Quantity of Ware, China, &c., &c. Dated, Auctioneer's Offices, Abersychan and Pontypool, Nov. 23,1891. ABERSYCHAN (Monmouthshire). ELIGIBLE COPYHOLD PROPERTIES. IMPORTANT to Brewers, Spirit Merchants, ^Capitalists, &c. Sale of Valuable DOUBLE-LICENSED PREMISES AN1> GROCERS' SHOP. MR. HENRY JACOBS Is favoured with instructions to Sell by Public- Auction at the RAILWAY INN, ABERSYCHAN, ON MONDAY, DEC. 7th, at 4 o'clock p.m. sharp, subject to the conditions ot bale then and there produced and read, the following VALUABLE PROPERTIES: All that old-established and splendidly situated Double licensed Premises, known as the "RAILWAY INN," situate in Station-street. Abersychan, together with the GROCERS SHOP adjoining thereto, in the respective occu- pations of Mr. Thomas Jones and Mr. John Churchill. The premises are most centrally situated in one of the principal streets of Abersychan, are also near to the Great Western Railway Company's passenger station and where a respectable and successful licensed business has been carried on for a number of years. Both premises being sold in one lot, renders extension of the licensed portion very advantageous. The properties are copyhold of the Manor of Wentsland and Bryngwin» The licensed premises are sold subject to a lease thereof to Messrs. Buchan & Co., Rhymney, which expire the 2nd day of February next, 1892. To view, and for full particulars, apply to the AUCTIONEER, Abersychan and Pontypool, or to Messrs. BYTHWAY & SON, Solicitors, Pontypool. Dated, Nov. 21st, 1891. PONTYPOOL. No. 28 AND 30, GEORGE STREET. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. MR. JOHN YOUNG has been favoured witb instructions by MR. E. HUTCHINUS to Sell by Public Auction (subject to the Common Form Conditions of the Monmouthshire Incorporated Law Society, and Special Conditions incorpo- rated therein, to be read at time of Sale), in 1 or 2., Lots, Two SUBSTANTIALLY-ERECTED AND CENTRALLY SITUATED. FREEHOLD SHOPS, DWELLING HOUSES, AND PREMISES, Each with 21 Feet Frontage and Private Entrance, being Nos. 28 and 30, George Street, Pontypool, in the County of Monmouth, and which adjoin each other. LoT 1. Is in the occupation of the Ownerr and contains in Basement-Commodious Cellars, Bakehouse, Kitchen, w.c. On ground Floor,, large Double-fronted Shop, with heavy Plate- Glass Windows, Flour Room, Parlour, and Offices. On first Floor, large Sitting-Room- Bedroom, and Box Room. On Second Floor, £ Bedrooms and Box Room. LOT 2. Is similar to Lot 1, with the excep- tion of tne Bakehouse, and is in the occupation of Mr. W. Gunn, draper, at the low rent of 15G per annum, subject to a lease which expires in June, 1892. The Premises have entrances from the New K i Boad leading1 to Pontnewynydd. over a piece °f Land rented from J. C. Hanbury, Esq., at 1 Guinea per annum, with the offer of a Lease and are splendidly situated for business pur- poses, beinjr in the main thoroughfare of the town, most substantially built, and tho- roughly drained, and are in every respect I most desirable for business and residence. I The steady development of Pontypool and dis- F trict, and its greatly-improved prospects | warrant the earnest attention of business men and investors to this desirable Property A large portion of the purchase money may remain on Mortgage. THE SALE WILL BE HELD AT THE CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOL ON THURSDAY, DEC. 10th, 1891, At 4 for 5 p.m. sharp. For further particulars, apply to the AUCTIO- NEER, at his Offices, 7, Tredegar Place, Newport or to MESSRS. BYTHWAY & SON, Solicitors, Pontypool. ABERSYCHAN LOCAL BOARD.. NOTICE OF AUDIT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ACCOUNTS of the Abersychan Loca Board, for the year ended the 25th day of March last, will be AUDITED by G. H. BRETT, ESQ. at the Club Chambers, Pontypool, on Thursday r the 3rd day of December, 1891, at 10.45 o'clock in the forenoon. And Notice is also Hereby Given, that seven clear days, at least, before the day fixed for such Audit, the Rate Books and all other Accounts of the said Board, made up and balanced to the said 25th day of March, will be deposited at the Offices of the Board, High-street, Abersychan for the Inspection of Owners and Ratepayers E.iCOOKE, Clerk to the Board. Dated November lOtlL, 1891. ——— t IS BANKRUPTCY. In the High Court of Justice. NOTICE. NO., 1356 of 1891. Re MARTIN EDWARDS ately of Pontypool, Mon mouthshire, bu t whose present Residence is unknown to the Petitioners. RECEIVING ORDER, 13th November, 1891. -AJDJXJE>ICA.TION, 17th November. FIRST MEETING, 1st December, 1891, at 11 o'clock, at 33, Carey Street, W.C. PUBLIC EXAMINATION, 17th December, 1891, at 11,30 Creditors must forward their proofs of d6bt to me. All debts due to the estate must be paid to me. H. BROIJ GHAM, Official Receiver, Carey-street, London, W.C. FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND To be SOLD, or LET On Lease; situated on the rlppr road between Pontypool and Pontnewynydd For terms, apply to Mr. G. J. JEE, Pontypool. FOR SALE BY TENDER (The highest or any Tenders not necessarily accepted.) HE Ma rial8 in, Nos. 6 to 14, inclu'sive, Hen- sbaw ?t'-treet, Abersychan. The Contractor T to caref uII3- take down, clear, and remove same and level the ground at hi, own riiik an? e nse within Olle month from the acceptance of ITis t?nder, and to sign an agreement to that effect. TENDERS to be sent on or before the 28th inst., to T. WATKINS, Solicitor, Pontypool. TENDERS ARE INVITED for the ERECTION of an IRON CLASS ROOM, on land adjoining St. James' Church, Pontypool. Plans and specifications can be seen on appli- cation to Mr. TREVOR WILLIAMS, Architect and Civil Engineer, Commercial-street, Pontypool. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders, addressed to the Vitar and Church- wardens. to be sent to Mr. Lewis E. WEim Solicitor, Pontypool, on or before the 5th December.