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IT 13LAINA POLTC-E COUn'I: FRil-)AY. ,Before Dr.. W. E. WILLIAAI' -(in the chair. Mr. JA.Ilr?.S PHILLIP?,. A DUGEROUS CII.XLIAGTEIZ. Joh?z Bct,?-tl6tt, a youl.ig man, of B?laiiis' charged with ?arryi.Ag firtarins Nvitliotit ?, lic" on the 30th September.tNIr. T. Thomas, -,m visor Inlind Revenue, Abergaveiin?%r, Coll(] ,ndant? I I the prosecution, and stated tiiat defe others, went into a field, where defendaiit c menced loading a revolver and fired it, shooting a man named Henry, Mason through the 1c,— —Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined £ ], or 14 days hard lab6ur. COAL STEALERS.. f Elizabeth Hale, Fanny Jenkins, and Sanuel Smith, grown-up people, of Nantyglo, were charged with stealing coal, the property of Messrs. Barnes & Co., Cosibrookvale, on the 7th inst.—Mr T. G. Powell, solicitor, appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Company, and Said that he had been instructed to press the charge against the defendants, who were not children, but grown-up persons. As a rule, parents seti't their "children to steal the coal, -but now they had the real offenders before their worships—tf Evidence was given proving each case.—Halef and Jenkins were fined £ 1 eaeh, and Smith lOs^F A SERIOUS OWMCE. David Edivards, engine-dnver, Blaina,{ John Cum7ning, stoker, Blaina, were each ?-liarigoci with a breach. of the colliairv rules by slec?i-,Ig when in charge of en e and boilers, at t-ie, ii gin Nokth G ffin Pit, Blaina, the prope-ty of Messrs. Lanea,,iter & Co.-Mr.,Fred Gar(ir?er, solicitor, Abergavenny, pro.ecated on bebalf of,. the Company, and expiaii3ed that defendin-sl were found by P.C.'s Jone?s aud Cotte?r,-L?. fast asleep in the engine.-hoiise on the 31st October duty. The constables called o-ut,t.0 whilst on defendants, but were obliged to go in and shake them before they were able to wake them. n- Company had conceded the enginemen an • hours shift, and it appeared that defend?' only been on duty about two hours w. condition was foudd out. The Company ki.- desire to unduly press the charge, but "L to let the men understand that the must s LiZ reap; when on duty, and havi4Lg si b?gtpy as the?e daendants had, upon them.-Pk-'? Cotteral gave evit lence, stating that at 11.45 p. on the 31st Octolier, he, in company wilth lP5. Jones, who was now sick, found defendaii fast asleep.EclwgLxds pleaded guilty, but C mii?s stat6d ?hat he was reading the? paper at t time, and shouted back to the constable's caIL' Defendants were fined X2,each.' STEALING WOOD. William Lee, of Abertillery, was charged with stealing a quantity cf wood at Six Bells, Aber- tillery, on the 7th November, the property of Messrs. Lancaster & Co.—Mr. Fred Gardner, solicitor, appeared for the Company, and staled that the Company were sinking two new pits at Six Bells, and of necessity had to keep a layge quantity of timber about, which they were not able just yet to protect.—P.C. Ppwell proved, the case, and defendant was fined 10s. AFFILIATION CASE. Wm. Jones, collier, Blaina, who failed to ap- pear was charged with being the father of the illegitimate child of Lizzie B. Jeffries, single woman, of Blaina, a deaf mute.—Mr. Donatd Maclean, solicitor, Cardiff,Jappeared on behalf Jbf the complainat, representing the National Vigilance Association also Mr. Benj. Busseil, as interpreter for the Glamorgan andMonmouth- shire Deaf and Dumb Missions.—Defendant ad-, mitted the paternity, and an order for 3s. 6d. a? week and costs was made. wm. A I)IsRr.VU.TAaE LOT- Davim, Georqe iSmit)?, Thomas,sulliva,-t; .,Johni Kemzy, John W4Llio?ms,, George Afakin, Wm' Johnson, and John- Bi-ow.a (in oul;tody). we'r4, gmiicy by s eep'ng 11 with v? I the ?workt, itt-.L 'andavel, near Ebbiiv Vale, oil the- 2OLh ingt. and having no'visible m?ans of sub?i-stence.-The Bench committed them all for 7 days imprison- ment. LEXIENCX TO A TH?BF. Alice Tibbs, married woman, W" ebargod wifh stealing four yards of flannel, value,ts., ?i Abertillery,. the property of M'X.. H,trmabn Harris, pawnbroker, on the 7th idst.; al$o h stealing a boy's jacket, value 4s. 6(1., fk?m 1-. shop of Mr. Caselberg, Outfitter, Abertil ry-, on the same date.-Prisoner 'd h )icked'kp t]6e- sal s ie flannel from off the gro ad Nid ngA ku und, a kw to whom it belongect, As to the jackf't, ghe, plgaded guiliy.-Evidence was given as,:to'the ownership of articles, ttncl alio- Of tw,goods! being pawiied.-The Bench said that t i,being the prisoner's first4olonce, they would O.'?el-iielat with her, and bound -her over' in her o,?? nizances, to rppear at PI-I 'Migigtrates' -The mean's ii. bel you w?ll hear ii-o- =arc??-i? will be punighed"fb Coll David Baldoin,'collie?r, working at the'Sotith Wales Colliery Cwmtillery, was charged with having au unloaed lam I IIls possession in the above colliery on the th iiist.?-T-be i,?ase was proved, and defendant was fined £ 1 and costs. Joseph Bowler, collier, was charged with like offence on the 14th inst.—^Defendant denied the charge, and said he did not tamper with the lamp, which bad dot been properly locked.— Morgan Powell said he found the defendant with his lamp unlocked. — No evidence was given proving the lamp to have been given to defend- ant properly locked, and the case was dismissed. George Rogers, haulier, working at the same colliery, was charged with leaving a door open after passing through it, on November 9th.— Fined 10s. Wm. Woodicard, another haulier, was charged with allowing a boy to ride on a journey of coal trams, of which he had the charge^ on the 14th November, contrary to the rules,of the colliery. —Mr. Daniel Lewis, colliery manager, appeared on behalf of the Company in each case and in respect to this case said that the boy who was riding on the tramv had his leg broken by so doing.—It seemed that no witness had been brought to court to prove seeing the boy on the tram, and the case was adjourned for a month. A VIOLENT CHARACTER. John Giles (in custody), Ebbw vale, was charged with being disorderly and refusing to quit the Belle Vue Inn, Ebbw Vale.-Prisoner pleaded Lruilty and in defence &%id he was so drunk thit he did not know what he was doing. -Mr. Wm. Harper, landlord. gave, evidence, and Prisoner was fined 91 and costs, or 14 days.- Prisoner was then charged with asmultin P.C. .9 102 on the same day.-Evidence. was given of prisoner's violence, and a fine of £ 2 and costs was inflicted, or 14 days. BEGINNING EARLY.. David Francis 13 years of age, livingat Blaina was charged witb stealing a vest, value 4:s. 6d., from of Mr. '[I J. Gwillim, Outfitter Blaina, on the 14th insi.-i-Ar- Gwillim stat,? that the vest wus hun up inside the doorwar Mrs. Solomon, pawn'troker, lain&, adnl,: receivine the vest from the def nt into I —Dr. Williams (to Mrs. Solomon): Do you that a pawnbroker should not take any p from anyone under 14 years of age ? A mons will be taken out against you for so d —Mrs. Solomon said the boy appeared to that age.-Defendant was ordered to be r sqned for 2 days and receive six strokes wit/ birch. ASSAULT CASE. James B. Kiley and John Kiley, labourers Aberbeeg, were charged (in custody) assaulting William Walsh, labourer, of the s«.0 place, on the 14th inst.—Complainant stated that he and the prisoners were working on the new railway works at Aberbeeg. prisoners were not working on the day in question they had been drinking, and afterwards came and assaulted hiru in a violent manner.—A signalman on the rail- way gave evidence aa to seeing prisoners beating the complainant.—They were committed to Usk gaol for 14 days. v,








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